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657 comments to “Sarah Palin Tweets About Obama And The View

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  1. 401

    Re: GeorgiaJules
    Let be clear I DO NOT need nor do I seek your permission to post whatever I choose. I have no problem with disagreement with my views, I will asked you to back up a claim you make with fact and present my own facts to dismiss whichever point or charge of yours I disagree with (should you actually make one).
    I respond to you on the basses of your post you chose to be a rude bitch to my friend you got the rude truth back! Songbird has presented facts and questions to you which you have refused to respond too.
    NO one is heard on a blog it may BE READ though lol
    You really can't stop playing the victim can you ? You are not the victim you are the perpetrator.
    Now I know it must get confusing with all those personalities but take the time and read back over this topic and look up at the issue Palin is harping on about this time in this post. You will see why this statement you made is bullshit: "quit harping about another topic" both topics are blended so stop being foolish. If you are to lazy just scroll up!
    I could NOT give two shits if you are sick of me or not again that's NOT my problem its yours!

  2. 402

    Re: Southern belle 12 – 400
    No one need prove you are a KKKUNT,
    When you write a post like that full of all that racist stupidity and hate. Your parents clearly failed with you!
    Only one sick fucking racist douchebag would write this:
    'Nancy Pelosi marching into the capitol with that gavel and having all those black leaders following her was a joke. If they would haved only realized that they looked like slaves following their mistress!!"
    Only a sick kunt would equate the leader of the US house marching on to the capital along with black members of the US house of reps with slavery.
    The black leaders that had fought for equal rights and then went on to become some of the most powerful people in the country and still in your mind they look like slaves…. you are a sick fuck!
    The march was a march for coverage of healthcare for all people. It should not be a luxury to have healthcare no other developed nation has any where near the crazy system the US does. No one in any other country loses a house because they got sick.
    Your write: "They are the only race that has not better themselves as an entire race."

  3. 403

    LOL@Southernkkkuntbelle 12 showing her true trashy country colors.
    It seems to me that much of this racial tension comes from a way of thinking that is binary, finite and zero sum. By which I mean, all things are black and white, so to speak, all resources are limited and no one can get anything without taking it from another. With this world view, every benefit comes at the expense of something else, terms like 'Social Justice', or even "Amnesty" gain a connotation among low intelligent hicks such as southernkkkuntbelle 12 & GeorgiaJules as code for taking from white people and giving to whatever minority group they feel most threatened by that week. If you are not a white flag wearing bible thumping male, you will find yourself a target at one point in time or another. They know they're racist deep down inside, but it is no longer vulgar to them since they feel justified in "protecting what they feel is theirs. The logic of the unevolved. They are just not capable of seeing the whole picture and how they are only fools & tools. cont.below

  4. 404

    Another example is Marriage Equality, (which goes hand in hand with this type of train of thought) the opponents of which naturally assume that you can not 'give' equality to someone else without 'taking' equality from someone else. If gay marriage is elevated, straight marriage is diminished, despite the fact that marriage, as a concept, is not a finite thing. The owners of this country have good reason to divide the lower classes and have them squabble over the crumbs to distract them from taking the banquet above their heads. They feed us a steady stream of race wars and culture wars and other distractions to keep us from engaging in the class war that they would lose as surely as King Louis and Marie Antoinette lost their heads to the French Revolution.

  5. 405

    I should add that most of these people are from the older generations of white "Americans", and you would think that they would have learned by now. That being said the only thing funny about it, is that these people don't see how obvious they are. They think since they are not literally wearing a sheet over there head while their spouting their hate, that it does not equate to bigotry. They don't know that they are the bad guys. It will be very interesting when we are the minorities, will these same ignorant fucks be expecting the ones they are opressing today to forgive the social debt we are all incurring right now? I wish more intelligent whites would stand up and speak out against them. Untill then I'll continue to defend the rights of my fellow American, and before even that my fellow man. No mater if it's popular or not.

  6. 406

    Re: Aussieone – Right On!!
    I could not have said it better!

    "You really can't stop playing the victim can you ? You are not the victim you are the perpetrator." post 401

  7. 407

    Re: Southern belle 12 – Well there's isn't much more to say now..that post 400 says it all!
    I knew what was on your mind the second I saw your first post bigot!
    Which is why I called you out for hating the president because he is black!
    Ha-works everytime-vague anger and Fox excuses=RACISM!
    You really are a disgusting kkkunt and now everyone who reads that will know what kind of racist pig you really are.
    You are nothing but white trash-a redneck, fucked up greedy bigot who cares only about yourself and what is yours!
    World's coming aroud bitch-better look out…
    your bumpkin ass will be left behind just like your vote!

  8. 408

    Re: GeorgiaJules – Ha ha the more angry you get the more obvious it becomes!
    I can read right between those lines and see you are the same freak!
    Same ridiculous points like Obama not really being black, your hateful obsession with illegal immigrants, picking on people's spelling and grammar…
    Anyone who is paying attention can read what you write and see you are the same as Eldridge Cleaver.
    I told you before that you are just not smart enough to pull that shit off!
    You keep getting caught because you are a fucking idiot!
    You are the same racist scum as that Southern Belle kkunt too.
    Just terrified that someone non-white might get something you aren't getting!
    Wake up it's 2010 your disgusting kind is going the way of the dinosaurs!

  9. 409

    Re: Southern belle 12 – CNTD:YOU ARE A PIECE OF SHIT!

  10. 410

    Re: supersongbirdRe: dontfeellikebeingcreative
    Hi I wasn't being rude it just refuses to let me complete my cntd message!
    How are you both ?

  11. 411

  12. 412

    Re: supersongbird
    whats going on ?
    hey did you know: MarioMonjack = kissmyassobama ?

  13. 413

    Re: supersongbird – Did not know that-kinda don't care either!
    What's up?

  14. 414

    Re: Kodes100 – Actually it's YOU that is Un-American. You should leave the country if you think she is wrong on this point.. she is dead on.

  15. 415

    Re: supersongbird
    Going to bed in sec had a really good night ;) with the exception of this site pissing me of with that post lol (and the massive delay in just posting)
    How about you babe ?

  16. 416

    Re: Aussieone – working… :(

  17. 417

    Re: supersongbird
    I feel for you lol Ive brought a shit load of work home I'm not going in today..
    K going to sleep now, night babe xox :)
    Re: dontfeellikebeingcreative
    Good posts above! Right on back at you! :)

  18. 418

    Re: Aussieone – OK- sweet dreams xo

  19. 419

    Re: Aussieone – Just checking in to say hi-going out for dinner now…
    Probably check back later tonight!
    So-Hi! :)

  20. 420

    Hey Supersongbird & Aussieone, come on the Elena Kagan Is The 112th U.S. Supreme Court Justice thread cuz,

    SHITS– ABOUT– TO– GO– DOWN, lol!!

  21. 421

    Re: Southern belle 12

    Thanks for the reminder about the idiots here. I honestly am just flabbergasted by the fact that there are people who behave like that! It's a good example of what is wrong with the youth of today.

    You have valid points about numerous issues and I am glad to hear them, even if the idiots aren't. Debating with them isn't really a debate, because they don't try to help you to see their point of view anyway. They just make people angry from their insults and hatefulness. I also know better than to think that they could possibly open their minds to another persons point of view either!

    Take care!!

  22. 422

    Re: supersongbird

    You don't make me angry at all, just sad. You call other people racists, when you are the one pointing out color and constantly throwing around the word Bigot? Sounds like you have a HUGE chip on your shoulder. I am just sad to know that there are people in this country, like you, who think that they have the right to persecute people for being successful. Whiny ass, aren't you? Keep standing on your soapbox and demanding that the "haves" give to and provide for the "have nots". Just know that your opinions are the minority in this country. Some of us choose to work hard and earn our way, not stick a hand out waiting for someone to GIVE us something.

    Stay on your soap box, but know that your delivery causes NOBODY to listen to you, so even if you had something valid to say, nobody would hear it over your nasty and hateful antics.

  23. 423

    Re: GeorgiaJules – I love it!! And you are so right. I am sure he will come back with kkkkunt or bitch or some other deragatory term. They are idiots who are telling each other " I am going out tonight and bringing work home so I am sooooo busy right now". Losers, all three of them which is why they can't wait for more federal pay offs!!!! Hey Sweetie, what part of Georgia are you from???

  24. 424

    Re: dontfeellikebeingcreative – I have to ask what part of the country you live in????

  25. 425

    [re=5257125]Re: Southernkkkunt belle 12[/re
    MICHIGAN. One of the most financially DEVASTATED STATES in the UNION.

  26. 426

    Re: GeorgiaJules – My opinions are not the minority in this country-In fact where I come from it is the vast majority-
    You hate the US constitution, Mexican people, Obama because he's black and you have never supplied one fact to support anything you post EVER! NEVER EVER!
    AND YOU ARE BOTH FUCKING BIGOTS-your posts and the KKKUNT's posts prove it!
    I work for everything I have. Certainly you are the one receiving "hand outs" surely your on some kind of "assistance" lol LOSER!

    I live a happy productive life and know what giving and self-sacrifice is all about so don't go there with me fuckhead! YOU KNOW NADA!
    You are the nasty sad one with no life, no friends and no job-on the contrary for me! You want to see sad look in the mirror you FREAK!

  27. 427

    Re: GeorgiaJules – Omg this made me laugh so hard-
    "Debating with them isn't really a debate, because they don't try to help you to see their point of view anyway."
    Aussie and I provided fact after fact after fact all you do is ignore them -no rebuttal just same load of delusional crap! Your whole argument never had any basis except your hate, bigotry and disdain for our constitution!
    Meanwhile kkkunts "good points" included only arbitrary hate for Obama-we know what that's all about- and the horrible racial slurs it used in post 400.
    You would agree with that you disgusting racist pig!
    Go fuck yourself fool -lol really!

  28. 428

    Re: GeorgiaJules – Everytime you um "debate" with us lol
    YOU LOSE! No matter which/how many screen name(s) you are using too!
    Why are you still coming around stirring the pot and making a fool of yourself?
    You'll never be anywhere near as smart as we are you jackass!
    So like Aussie said-Stop playing the victim-You are the perpetrator!
    It is your ugly point of view and your bigotry which makes you such!
    ┌∩┐(◣_◢)┌∩┐ Fuck off and die racist scum!

  29. 429

    Re: supersongbird
    PWD Hi ;)
    Re: Southern belle 12
    I smile when I read your posts……
    because I know you are old, YOU WILL DIE SOON and the young, they don't think like you. You are so poisoned with hate and fear of difference and change! We welcome it and push it along… WE WILL NOT GO BACKWARDS! Your time has come and gone….
    Tic Toc Tic Toc :)

  30. 430

    Re: Aussieone – LOL you mean "pwi"?
    What's going on? I'm on the Obama birthday page bitching at birthers!

  31. 431

    Re: supersongbird
    Night babe pwi is not good lol
    have a good day:)
    Re: dontfeellikebeingcreative
    Hi Ive been blocked from posting on that Elena Kagan page I keep trying but it wont work sorry :(
    That guys a jerk its a blog not a spelling fuck'en test!

  32. 432

    Re: Aussieone – I know it isn't lol! -429 too funny!
    I just got home and have a bunch of stuff to do then go out I hope.
    Maybe check back and TTYL-
    Good night/morning?

  33. 433

    Re: Southern belle 12

    I know, they are a sad bunch, aren't they? I didn't know that anyone could harbor that much resentment and hatred. They have HUGE chips on their shoulders. They are just babies, so they can't help that their brains have not fully developed yet! lol This is even harder for them, since the 3 of them appear to share the same small brain! ; o )

    I'm just outside Atlanta. Are you originally from New Orleans or somewhere else in the south?

  34. 434

    Re: Aussieone

    WOW! You actually told a another human being that you want them to die? You are more of a piece of shit than I even imagined that you could be. What kind of vile and disgusting person would do that? You talk about someone being poison, but what does that mean about you??? You keep your disturbed ass in Australia, because this country doesn't need anymore scum like you and your friends! Based on your post alone, it is evident that you are a sociopath who is DEEPLY disturbed! You are also on a super fast track to hell, so you had better get prepared! I just PRAY that you don't have children, because it would be horrific to think of the amount of trauma that you would cause them!

    You are nothing more than a baby and need to shut your ignorant mouth!! You are not even as relevant as the shit that someone would scrape off of their shoe!

  35. 435

    Re: supersongbird

    You aren't actually worthy of any type of response, you piece of shit parasite, but I feel compelled to do it anyway. You are nothing more than a child trying to bully people. The problem is that you don't have enough brain cells or life experience to pass judgment on anyone else; especially when every word that you type is so full of hatred and juvenile language. You are a sad excuse for a human being! And as I have said before, you go ahead and enjoy the fact that you can HIDE behind a profile name, because you certainly wouldn't be running your mouth this way to a person face to face. You are nothing more than a coward!

    You have NEVER made a point. I have offered numerous points, but your dumb ass automatically chooses to resort to immediately calling names and labeling people as bigots and racists. Again, I think YOU are the racist or it wouldn't be the first thing that you call everyone who disagrees with you.

    You are a low life!

  36. 436

    Re: Aussieone – Sorry, but when I read your posts I don't laugh. I feel really sorry for you. You seem too young to have so much anger in you. I have let four of my kids that are in their 20's (29,26,24, and 22) read your rantings and they do laugh. They ask my why do I keep responding to such ignorance. So, I am happy to report that most of the youth of today is much more positive and straight. Once again, sorry to dissapoint but I am not that old. Hopefully, if God says the same, I don't plan on dying off anytime soon!! I hope you don't wish the same for your mother. Pray! Honestly, it will help the anger to go away. That is a sincere wish for you.

  37. 437

    Re: dontfeellikebeingcreative – Say no more! Finding out that you are from Michigan, explains all of your anger. I feel your pain.

  38. 438

    Re: GeorgiaJules – Hey girl! I was born in Augusta, but have lived in Louisiana since I was in 2nd grade. I live outside of New Orleans and even though we did not get the brunt of Katrina, we have seriously suffered the aftermath. We got the Katrina overflow. Unfortunately, our mayor/sheriff did not handle the crime situation as well as the Houston mayor did. So, we have a rising crime problem and a dropping real estate market!! It sucks. I made the mistake the other day of making a remark to a women who dumped a bag of trash out of her car on the highway. Phew! I got m'fed through 3 red lights!!! After being called every name in the book (preceded by the mf word) she tells me that it was her m'fing grandchild that threw out the trash!! The poor kid was in the back seat and heard the whole thing!! Bad example for her poor granddaughter. But one day she will wonder why the kid is like that and will blame racism for it. Crazy world!!! But it is alwaysgood to hear from a normal sane person like you!!! God Bless!!

  39. 439

    Re: GeorgiaJulesRe: Southern belle 12
    To be clear here it is you, That is a cancer on the earth filled with unjustified hate and fear of those that are not your color or in any way different. With your irrational belief that everyone is getting something you are not.
    Anyone who could write or agree with 400 is an asshole those views and the people who write them or agree with them, are a cancer who's time on this earth has came and gone.
    So ABSOLUTELY I smile knowing that you are old and will die soon. That's not wishing you death its stating a fact.
    Your kids may or may not be real but thankfully you didn't raise all the worlds kids so your poison has a limited reach. Your racist views are not shared by the youth of America neither is much of the rest of your hatred.
    As to why you keep responding, the answer to that is that you really have no other life. You know that I know that.
    I respond because bigots and hate filled cancers like you must be confronted. You have no point to make you have nothing of interest to share with any complete human being. You are broken and your posts just come off as a cry for help. Only you know why you are so broken what the root cause of your ugly being is. No one is coming to help you, no one can, that power lies only in you. I think it is to late and the clock is ticking…. tic toc tic toc…

  40. 440

    Re: Southern belle 12Re: GeorgiaJules – -
    So pray all you like my role in this world has been a positive one thus far. Know that you are a disgrace to the message of the myth in which you claim to believe!
    The childish myths messages which you have adopted and claimed as your religion, of love thy brother, do unto others and so on, you are an affront to them all. You should be thankful that it is all fake as where it true you would burn as quickly as gas.
    My mother is amazing so I hope for nothing but good for her she is the most intelligent, strong, compassionate and humane person I know.
    What your mother did wrong to you I don't know, what I do know is that your time is running down and with your end, the world becomes just a little bit better for those that remain.

  41. 441

    Re: GeorgiaJules – Ha ha what points have you made and where?
    I look back over the posts and see ZERO-everything you post is void of facts and full of hate toward a group of people or the president, but no facts nowhere!
    Well ok one-you are a bigot! That is it-the one point you have proven again and again many times here.
    And I hide behind nothing I have a life filled with real people and I have a great job,
    and fun and constructive activities to occupy my time. you do not, :(
    Other than that Aussie has said it all…so
    You can now go fuck yourself!

  42. 442

    Re: Aussieone – Hi :) Bwb today got a few going up and away this morning then more to situate. Lots of running around/work and stuff to do at home.
    I'll try and check back later to look for you say hi again!
    Let me know what you are up to!
    Sure you are out having fun-your Sat. night right now lol ;)

  43. 443

    Re: supersongbird

    Aren't you a sad little girl! Aww…. I'm so sorry that you are so angry and carry that HUGE chip on your shoulder. Your anger and hatred speaks volumes about what type of upbringing that you must have had. It's sad to think that you could have turned into a productive member of society who treats people with respect and love, but instead, you turned out to be a horrible, hateful, disgusting and vile person.

    You say that I hate a "group of people and the President", but what are you basing that one? The fact that I despise illegal immigration and disagree with the current President's politics and goals? WOW! Do you honestly feel that if someone disagrees with YOUR point of view that they are automatically bigots, racists and most importantly just WRONG? IF you truly think that then you have a HUGE superiority complex and should get that in check. YOUR opinions on these issues are absolutely NO MORE important than mine or Southernbelle's. That is the beauty of this great nation! We can vote and stand up for what we believe. I recommend that you spend your time focusing on that versus attacking people with opposing points of view.


  44. 444

    Part 2:

    Let me be perfectly clear and state my opinion about my views one last time.

    I believe that ANYONE who comes here illegally should be punished and removed. They are criminals, no matter what "bleeding heart" reason that they may have to feel entitled to come here. Coming her without proper documentation is AGAINST THE LAW; therefore it is not unreasonable that I would feel that there should be punishment involved. It is simple, I respect the laws of this nation and feel that they should be enforced; especially those that can have adverse effects on our national security and economic health.

    As for the President. I don't care what color he is, that has NEVER been an issue for me, nor have I ever said that it did. I disagree with his liberal agenda, which is exactly why I didn't vote for him! I dislike the "celebrity" that he feels is of greater importance that being respected as our leader. I disagree with the multiple bailouts aka stimulus packages and especially the bailing out of the automotive industry. Private enterprise should be able to sustain itself, if it can't then closing down is the price to be paid for doing business poorly! The government has NO place getting involved!


  45. 445

    Part 3:

    Our President should NEVER bow down to leaders of countries, which despise us and have openly stated that they want us destroyed! Obama has done it multiple times. I also think that the President should be in a position of leadership and respect. I don't need my President going on the view discussing pop culture with an idiot like Joy Behar! It is an issue of priorities and I can't imagine that being on a talk show would be in his top 500 of important things to be doing!

    I disagree with government controlled/run healthcare; especially when it includes paying for abortions! If people want health care then they can get it themselves. Either get a job that provides it or pay for it yourself! That is what most people do; however that is the people that don't want or expect the government to provide for their every need! This welfare society that we have created is destroying our nation and should be stopped! Welfare was NOT created to sustain the lives of generations of families!


  46. 446

    Part 4:

    I am a conservative and disagree with a tremendous amount of the liberal beliefs that our current President and the Democrat party are trying to force on everyone. In a nutshell, the only "change" that this President has brought us is that he has divided this nation due to his extremely far liberal agenda!

    So, I hope that you now have the ability to see that I am stating valid and legitimate points about WHY I am against illegal immigration and disagree with the President. You don't have to agree with me at all. I didn't state my thoughts to try to change your point of view. I came here to state my opinion and see what others thought on the subject.

    For the most part, the majority of people here are decent, but then I ran across three of you who have done nothing but be nasty, insulting and vile. You feel that your point of view is the ONLY one; therefore anyone that disagrees with you is racist and a bigot. That is just sad. Sad that you three are examples of your generation. I have siblings in their 20's and have worked for me over the years, so thankfully I know that you three are NOT the majority! Most young people are respectful and have the capacity to understand that they will NEVER get anyone to agree with them by attacking them!

  47. 447

    Part 5 (last one):

    So, what other names can you call me? How many nasty and hateful things can you say that you haven't already said? Come on, I'm sure that you can't reply without including as much vile hatred as you can muster. This appears to be the only way that you know how to communicate, so go for it. Get it all out of your system. Just know that it is sad that you feel that you have to. It say something about your character. It shows that you are broken in some way.

    I have faith that when you get older and have enough life experience, your views won't be exactly as their are today. I also pray that your need to treat people in such a rude and disrespectful way also changes, because, if it doesn't, you will do nothing but destroy yourself.

  48. 448

    Re: Aussieone

    You can read the 5 part post to Supersongbird, since you are basically one in the same.

    However, my only additional point, to be directed specifically to you, is that you should really take a long hard look at yourself. Anyone that says "So ABSOLUTELY I smile knowing that you are old and will die soon", has serious problems. It is a psychotic statement and you are likely very imbalanced. Maybe it is your lack of faith, maybe you are just evil, I don't know, but what I do know is that you are an awful human being! You say that Southernbelle and I are in fear of people that aren't the same color as us, but actually what I fear most is that there are more evil people like YOU in this world! The fact that YOU and your like are out there spewing vile means that wars will always be going on, because you are full of nothing but hate! You are delusional and think that you are superior to others who don't agree with you. What a sad thing. How awful it must be for you to live with that much hatred. You are misguided and angry and it makes me sad that you are so unhappy and feel the need to attack others in order for you to feel good about yourself. You know, and I'm being very serious about this, there are great doctors and new medications out there that can help you! GOD BLESS YOUR SAD LITTLE HEART!

  49. 449

    Re: Southern belle 12

    So you are a Georgia girl at heart! ; o )
    My husband is from New England and he says that he loves it down here, because people are strong and stand up for their beliefs! He also loves that we are hospitable and courteous to others. I guess that is because we were brought up to say "thank you, Please, Yes Ma'am and No Sir". Unfortunately the younger generations aren't getting that and it truly shows!

    I'm sorry to hear about the crime and decline in property values. Atlanta has seen some of that too, but it was mainly within the first couple of years after Katrina. There was a marked increase in the crime rate after the "displaced" came here.

    As for the woman throwing trash from her car. It's bad enough that she didn't respect the environment at all, but the way that she attacked you for pointing it out is sad. I shudder to think of what this world will be like if people like that become the norm! I just hope that this country gets back to its founding principles and beliefs. I sincerely believe that the lack of faith, that so many have, is the root of the problems that we face, but I do take comfort in knowing that people with morals and values are still the majority in this nation!

    I enjoy your posts, so don't let the nasty ones stop you from stating your point of view!

  50. 450

    Re: GeorgiaJules – Asshole-
    This made me laugh so hard I spit tea all over my screen!
    No shit!
    What makes you think that I or anyone else would be looking for a play by play of your backwoods,fucked up philosophy?
    We already know and none of us care!
    So, I hope you didn't put a lot of time into that lol…
    You really are that oblivious to the blatant bigotry in what you post aren't you!
    Your unpatriotic opinion above says it all!!
    Your disdain for our Constitution and our President!
    You favor the rich over the hard working middle class!
    You favor the wealthy and large corporation over the average American!
    You want to change the Constitution of our Founding Fathers!
    Now you're hiding behind that (wack) religion too :( Sucks to be you!
    This is a gossip blog! Get over your pathetic obsession/existence and find a life!

  51. 451

    "A conservative is a man with two perfectly good legs who, however, has never learned how to walk forward."

  52. 452

    “The care of human life and happiness and not their destruction is the first and only legitimate object of good government.” [Thomas Jefferson]

  53. 453

    "To live anywhere in the world today and be against equality because of race or color is like living in Alaska and being against snow. "
    -William Falkner

  54. 454

    All religion, my friend, is simply evolved out of fraud, fear, greed, imagination, and poetry.
    -Edgar Allan Poe

  55. 455

    "America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves."
    -Abraham Lincoln

  56. 456

    "Change will not come if we wait for some other person or some other time. We are the ones we've been waiting for. We are the change that we seek. "
    -Barack Obama

  57. 457

    Re: GeorgiaJules – Your racist, back of the bus, KKK- nostalgic, 1950's, white view of this country has come to an end!
    Welcome to 2110 where the young rule and you-old bigots with dentures drool…
    Your religious "righteousness" is backward and ugly- Shame on you!
    President Obama represents change, progress and the right direction our country needs to move in-FORWARD!
    Your stupid old ass and your vote will be left behind in 2012 -you PRIMATE!!

  58. 458

    Re: supersongbird

    LMAO… Should I cry, since you called me a whore? lol Do you seriously think that anything that you say could hurt my feelings? lol You give yourself FAR too much credit.

    Okay, so I told you my views and AGAIN you came up with a bunch of shit that I never said, nor implied! You are an absolute dumb ass! I mean ignorant to a level like none other!

    All I can do at this point is just shake my head and laugh at you, because your mental impairments are obviously serious. Of course, I should really feel badly about replying to you when you are incapable of really having any discussion like this. I'm sorry, I didn't mean to "out" you and your learning disability! Poor thing…

  59. 459

    Re: supersongbird

    Aw…you tried to hurt my feelings again, didn't you? God love it, you keep trying, but just can't quite get there! By the way, we'll see what happens in November and again in 2012! Now run along and play with the other children! IDIOT! Oh, and TRY not to reply, if you can control yourself! lol Of course we BOTH know that you won't be able to!

  60. 460

    Re: supersongbird – It's 2110? This is news to me!

  61. 461

    Re: GeorgiaJules – You have had such great explanations and legitimate facts you have posted. Anyone spewing hate and lies to you just knows you're right but can't admit it because they have no facts against you, because there are none! Bravo to you, for sticking it out this long and still posting your point of view to these liberal IDIOTS. I have argued with them, as well. It never ends. Take the high road while you're on top, because with the facts you have given, especially in your 5 part post, you are on top here.

    PS Supersongbird thinks it's 2110… look at one of most recent posts to you. Look who you're dealing with here ;)

  62. 462

    Re: GeorgiaJules – Literally, I have posted quotes from news articles online proving they are wrong, and they still act the way they do and deny everything. You're going in circles, my dear.

  63. 463

    Re: supersongbird – Guess what…my children are younger than you and have been raised correctly. So in a few years YOU"LL BE OUT IDIOT!!!!!

  64. 464

    Re: jerseygirl415

    Thanks! I have never seen people like them, who turn every conversation into name calling and insults versus actually talking about the topic at hand. I appreciate you supporting my point of view. I KNOW that what we believe is what the vast majority of people believe, so I don 't worry about them actually making any difference with their vile antics! Take care!

  65. 465

    Re: GeorgiaJules – You are psychotic and too stupid!
    I don't give a fuck if you laugh, cry or drop dead! Though I'd prefer the latter…lol
    No one was looking for your ridiculous, redundant, void of facts, 5 part dopey opinion so why did you bother to post it?
    Who cares? Certainly not I!
    All you have done is complain about and bitch against our Constitution the entire time- 4th and 14 amendments.
    Your posts prove you are an unpatriotic racist pig.
    You wrote you'd be happier to live in a fascist country who's constitution allows roadblocks to check people's citizenship papers!
    You are completely obsessed with your twisted nazi "fix" for our fucked up immigration policy although a judge ruled it unconstitutional in federal court!
    YOU PRAISED POST 400 you sick KKK bitch!
    You are the one can't control yourself-look back at 204!
    What is your sick obsession with me anyway? Get a LIFE!

  66. 466

    Re: jerseygirl415 – Oh the horror of a typo on a blog!!
    So my bad, my correction did not post…obviously 2010-though it would be 2110 before we make any progress with backward Republican agenda-
    So shall I go ahead and repost what's really on your mind Racistgirl415?
    It's all here in Perez history-all the deliberate ignorant posts you wrote about your disdain for Latinos-no mistakes/typos there…
    So, what made you decide to jump on the bigot band wagon this late in?
    You see a dumb typo and then come out of the woodwork?
    You forget you have been sized up and dressed down already.
    When have you proved me wrong and with what "article"?
    Re: I Hate Idiots – Just another screen name one of many-you fool no one, freak!

  67. 467

    Re: GeorgiaJules – AKA COPCHICK AKA jerseygirl415 AKA GeorgiaB AKA Eldridge Cleaver AKA I Hate Idiots AKA Southern belle 12
    Now to your so called "points" they read like someone who has been brain washed with crazy propaganda only a sad little ass clown could believe that any of it was a fact or a point.
    Its all just Fox News attack slogans:
    "liberal agenda" what is that exactly ?
    "the current President's politics and goals" and what are they again ? "
    "I respect the laws of this nation" NO you don't you want to shit on the 4th and the 14th Amendments you want to allow racial profiling all because you hate Mexicans.
    "President should NEVER bow down to leaders of countries" You mean like Reagan Bush Snr and Clinton and Bush Jnr bowed to world leaders ?

  68. 468

    "especially the bailing out of the automotive industry" It must pain you that Bush signed and passed the first auto industry Bailout and the car czar in Dec 2008. You must be very angry that Bush approved a taxpayer guaranteed $23.6 Billion line of credit for in Ford in Nov 2006.
    "Private enterprise should be able to sustain itself" Yes it should but when the banks are not lending its far better to give an industry loans THAT WILL BE PAID BACK rather then lose 3 million high paying jobs.
    "with the multiple bailouts aka stimulus packages" Yes and which leader from which party started the bailouts ? and which party deregulated the financial industry and created the whole mess ? YOURS!

  69. 469

    "This welfare society that we have created is destroying our nation and should be stopped!" You mean the Defense industry welfare ? Private health industry welfare ? The corporate industry welfare ? The banking Industry welfare ? You cant mean help for poor people because America doesn't really have welfare for poor people anymore America swapped that for a Privately ran prisons. Prison industry welfare ?
    "abortions" You disagree with abortions then don't have one! Problem solved now mind your own business! You do know you myth book says nothing about abortion right ?
    "government controlled/run healthcare" You don't believe in regulating healthcare ? Yes why should we have rules that a doctor wash his hands first or that a doctor has a license ? Making sure that all of America can afford healthcare is so evil your god would be so displeased!

  70. 470

    "your lack of faith…. means that wars will always be going on"
    Religion equals war bitch!
    war of religion: "My god is better than yours" Fights:
    The war on terrorism can be seen as a religious war as can Northern Ireland not forgetting the direct wars of religion
    Christianity: Crusades, French Wars of Religion, Thirty Years War. Taiping Rebellion
    Islam: Second Sudanese Civil War
    Hinduism: Indian Rebellion of 1857
    Taoism/Daoism: Yellow Scarves Rebellion, Five Pecks of Rice Rebellion
    Buddhism: White Lotus Rebellion, Sri Lankan Civil War
    Judaism: Jewish-Roman Wars, Sikhism, Sikh uprising (1982-91)
    Which all lead to the deaths of many millions of humans in the name of their gods.
    "I have siblings in their 20's and have worked for me over the years, so thankfully I know that you three are NOT the majority!"
    That sentence really doesn't make sense but you are talking about an unequal relationship most people don't have political arguments with their employer nor do they tell them they are ugly or an idiot… maybe your parents passed on the same poison to your siblings!

  71. 471

    "Immigrants.. have adverse effects on our national security and economic health"
    You lie you have been presented with the facts how many times ? Crime rates have gone down every where undocumented Immigrants are they grow the economy they work and pay taxes.
    "this great nation! We can vote and stand up for what we believe."
    You can in almost every democracy and in most others you don't need a permit to protest!
    "I am stating valid and legitimate points about WHY I am against illegal immigration and disagree with the President."
    No you are stating slogan and lies.

  72. 472

    Re: supersongbird
    Hey babe :) How is your weekend going ? I had a great one!
    I hope you didn't spend to like with the ass clown!
    I'm going jogging be back in an hour for a little while if your around!
    Can you believe this sad and sorry kunt !?! lol
    Id even exposed its jerseygirl415 alias lol

  73. 473

    Re: Aussieone – Hi! :)
    Busy weekend for me so far not much fun! Went out for awhile Friday.
    Was only one "on call" this weekend lol. 2 cc into last night made it through but :(
    Plus krazy kitten lol…More of the same today for me-nothing exciting!
    Glad you had fun! What did you do anything special or just lots of partying?
    Bozo is too ridiculous! It posted that whole stupid Fox shit like it is facts and like anyone cares what it thinks lol I cracked up when I saw it omg…It is one sad freak!
    I'll check back later on have to go over to the center for awhile.

  74. 474

    Re: supersongbird
    my bad = I hope you didn't spend to LONG with the ass clown! &
    IT even exposed its jerseygirl415 alias lol
    Yeah weekend was good and lots interesting things that I wont share here lol ;)
    "on call" that sucks but lives where saved so that's good :)
    Are you taking time off during the week ? Everyone needs some r&r!
    I'm going to have a sauna and a spa and Ill come back and check if you've returned.
    talk later :)

  75. 475

    Re: Aussieone – No, lol I didn't spend long on its bat shit. I was up and checked in couple of times to look for you and saw the dumb shit it posted!
    I know a LOT of stuff I won't share here either lol-but catch up on that sometime!
    No time off next week I don't think. I have a lot of vacation time I can take from work though after Labor day. I don't use much of it during the summer…
    Just checking in can't hang around long now. Got some new "incoming" soon!
    Back and forth today I feel like a ping-pong ball lol
    Maybe you are asleep now anyway?
    So I will check back and look for you later-love ya xo

  76. 476

    Re: supersongbird
    Sorry crashed out for a bit.. i said I'd come back :)
    Shit I can't write today lol Still drunk I think ;) Summer is the best time to use your time off!
    Ok going to bed now! Same back at you songbird xox

  77. 477

    Re: supersongbird

    Once again, you can only spew vile and hurl insults. You just aren't capable of an intelligent conversation, are you? Good Lord, you really are slow! I have to remind myself that it will never be a fair fight, since you have your obvious learning disability!

    Anyway, I'm proud that you managed to come up with a big word like "psychotic"; however you should really look up the definition, so that you can use it correctly. The Psychotic one is the one who enjoys wishing death on others. Sound familiar??? You are really a sick and twisted fuck, aren't you? Got any bodies buried in your yard from people who simply disagreed with your point of view? Hhmmm..

    You are nothing more than a stupid joke…LMAO

  78. 478

    part 2:

    As for bowing down, I mean PHYSICALLY showing subservient behavior like BOWING down, which Obama has done, you stupid fuck!

    Regarding the bailouts and stimulus packages: I don't support ANY party's decision to pass those. They were a horrible idea and packed FULL of pork projects that should never have gotten through! Why do you assume that I am a republican? I have NEVER said that I was, so that is just your stupidity showing through!

    RE: Bailing out the automotive industry, I do not support it having EVER taken place, but especially at the HUGE scale that has been done! Free Enterprise is all about businesses supporting themselves to grow and thrive. It they do business poorly, they run the risk of shutting down. That is the reality and government does NOT belong in the equation…PERIOD! That is just Gov't trying to get their sticky hands into anywhere that will give them more control! If that is not the case, then why does the government still hold interest in GM, even after their loan will have been paid???


  79. 479

    Re: Aussieone

    Evidently some of my posts didn't get on here and I don't care to repeat them, so I'll simply say that you are really a nasty person. You derive some sort of sick and twisted pleasure from attacking and insulting people who don't agree with you. Keep that up and one day one of them will end up knocking your stupid ass out! It will be WELL deserved, when it happens, unless it already has! lol

    I also find it humorous that you keep trying to convince yourself that I use more than one username on this site! I have NEVER used but the one that I am using now, so that just means that there are a LOT more people out that that know what a useless asshole you are! lol

    OH and you don't hurt my feelings either, but I'm sure you will keep trying, you desperate piece of shit! lol I've stated my views and won't bother to defend them again. I have the right to feel and see things as I do and you and your opinions are as relevant in my life as shit on the bottom of my shoe! I have to say that I find your personal Cyber relationship with Supersongbird to be very sad though! ; o ( You can't have a "real" relationship out there in this world? Poor thing. I guess that just proves that your nasty attitude probably mirrors your looks, which I can't say that I am surprised about!

    Now run along and play, you ignorant child!

    Oh and

    xxooxoxo FUCKER!

  80. 480

    Re: supersongbird – I have tried to post messages all along but they weren't posted. I finally got some posted. You are the biggest idiot I have ever seen. Insulting (or trying to) people doesn't get you anywhere it just gets people to hate you and gang up on you, much like what is happening now. You think you're upsetting me, us, but you're not. We pity you and your lack of debating skills.

    I dislike what happens to Latinos and minorities in this country, I don't dislike THEM. The Dems treat them like they're entitled to things, and they act entitled as well. They're not entitled. They must work, learn English, etc. like everyone else does. Enough with handouts for the lazy Spanish speaking people already. Maybe Ill respect them more once they follow America's rules that others have been following since Ellis Island (learn English, pay taxes, BECOME CITIZENS, get a job, etc…). So no. I am not racist. Just fair.

  81. 481

    Re: supersongbird – I will never be "sized up" by you, by dear. Ever. I try to ignore you, now, because you are such a dumb bitch, but this time I could not. And I posted a line from an online news article on here, it had something to do with Bush and immigration, and you tried to debate a fucking news article! HA. Shows how many facts YOU have to support yourself. You can't deny that minorities and the lazy poor get handouts - try to. Hell, my uncle is a lazy American white man who gets handouts from the gov't! So it happens. Go ahead. Try to tell me it doesn't. I'm waiting.

    And about the typo… it's called a joke! A little old 'making fun'. I thought you'd understand sarcasm like that, and wouldn't actually believe I thought you think it's 2110, but then again I'm not surprised you attacked me on that as well.

  82. 482

    Re: Aussieone – Wow. You're a cool person for thinking I'd actually create 5 different usernames on a fucking celebrity gossip site just to debate politics. I'm one person, dumb bitch. In fact, I have never even been to the south, like where GeorgiaJules is from. I would never waste by time being different aliases just to debate with a bunch of idiots. You're a funny one, you know that? hahaha Go keep trying to insult us.

  83. 483

    Re: Aussieone – "Id even exposed its jerseygirl415 alias lol"

    LOL You THINK you exposed me, but you're wrong. I'm no one but jerseygirl415, as I have said before I wouldn't waste my time with 5 different aliases on you liberal idiots! ONE name on here is enough, trust me honey. I'm now beginning to regret making my screenname on here because of the bullshit you guys spew…

  84. 484

    Re: jerseygirl415

    I still can't understand why they are so intent upon trying to link everyone, that disagrees with them, into one person using different identities. It is ridiculous; especially when most of their posts are nearly identical!

  85. 485

    Re: GeorgiaJules – They're trying to rile us up is all. And it's working! But they're still very sad, ignorant people.

    I doubt they really think we're one person.

    Because we have nothing better to do with our lives than to make 5 different usernames on perezhilton.com! LOL Sure. Sure.

  86. 486

    "I find your personal Cyber relationship with Supersongbird to be very sad"
    Why am I meant to care what you think ? I DON'T! As I have already told you I don't expect a freak like you to understand humanity nor do I care for your opinion on me or how you think I look. Songbird has a great mind and she is hot.
    "Wow. You're a cool person" I know!
    " I posted a line from an online news article on here, it had something to do with Bush and immigration" PROVIDE THE LINK!!!!
    "You THINK you exposed me" No you exposed yourself asshole so desperate for some back up you had to reveal another identity.
    YOU HAVE NOTHING TO OFFER! Replying to you has become so boring you have nothing to offer you are pathetic! YOU LOST LONG AGO!

  87. 487

    Re: Aussieone – Hi! :) You here?

  88. 488

    Re: GeorgiaJules – Oh no batshit, just look at you now you are cursing too lol…
    And yes, the only thing I have any desire to do where you are concerned is insult you. I have no interest in your point of view, no interest in what you think-of me or of the issues -no interest in you what so ever!
    In fact, anytime I see another one of your sad posts I can equate it only to stepping in a pile of dogshit.
    Those of us who are well educated in certain subjects need not look up the meaning a "big word". Psychosis is a mental disorder where one loses touch with reality,becomes delusional- not what you say it is lol.
    My job, extra work, fun and relationships with my friends and family all require me to focus on reality 100%. Meanwhile you sit in basement obsessing about illegal immigrants and creating more screen names for a gossip blog…You are the one who is psychotic, certainly not I!
    I'm young and my life is great- fun, full and rewarding- certainly no joke! Yours while sad and pathetic, I still laugh at because you are such a vile shit, a putrid racist kunt I can't help but find some humor in your misery!
    You are the only joke here, stupid MPD clown!

  89. 489

    Re: GeorgiaJules – Why do you care about my friendship with Aussie? Are you jealous or what?
    I have a lot of friends and I love them all-Aussieone included! There is nothing wrong with that you freak! People do become friends on the internet.
    How do you know what he looks like anyway? You don't so stfu-he is a beautiful person inside and out-you have no idea what you are talking about!
    I am quite certain he does just fine with whatever "real relationships" he seeks out! If he and I lived in the same vicinity he'd have no trouble at all getting a "real" date with me that's for sure!
    Like Aussie has already pointed out we don't expect you to understand humanity and caring about other people! You have no one in your life or even on the internet to love who loves you back-we do so fuck off!
    Re-read all of your posts maybe someday you'll see why that is!

  90. 490

    "find it humorous that you keep trying to convince yourself that I use more than one username on this site"
    I find it hysterical that you keep proving that you IN FACT DO have more than one username and even with them all you can't make a real point or use a fact in any "argument" you make. This jerseygirl415 has to be the dumbest one of all your MPD identities.
    "OH and you don't hurt my feelings either"
    Just as I don't believe you have your own thoughts or opinion or fact I also don't believe you have feeling!
    "stated my views and won't bother to defend them again"
    did you not write:
    "That is the beauty of this great nation! We can vote and stand up for what we believe."
    clearly you don't stand up to strongly then again when all you have to defend is stupid slogans why would you bother! cntd

  91. 491

    Re: GeorgiaJules – and all your asshole MPD identities
    "Evidently some of my posts didn't get on here" That's far from evident what is evident is that you lacked determination or confidence in the content to see your post through!
    "I mean PHYSICALLY showing subservient behavior" As do I all those I listed bowed to foreign leaders be they Kings, Queens, Presidents or religious leaders.
    "That is just Gov't trying to get their sticky hands into anywhere"-Right Hanity LOL
    "If that is not the case, then why does the government still hold interest in GM, even after their loan will have been paid???"
    08-05-2010 AP- GM expects to sell its stock in one swoop when it offers shares to the public sometime later this year, its CEO said Thursday. GM plans to sell ALL of the taxpayers 61 percent stake in the company by years end in what will be one of the largest IPO's in history.

  92. 492

    Re: supersongbird
    Hey babe how's things ?
    YOU HAVE TO LIKE HOW QUICKLy it turns back into Eldridge Cleaver when it loses!
    Weird how it posted backwards!

  93. 493

    Re: jerseygirl415 – Let me refresh your memory-
    You are a selfish, spoiled, upper-middle class brat who sorely lacks higher education, intelligence and compassion. You care only about your own little "tax cuts for the rich" bubble and have zero capacity to see the disgusting self-centered thing that you are from the perspective of the rest of the world.
    You completely lack regard and empathy for/have no concept of hard working poor and middle class Americans and for human beings who because of their dyer and desperate situations and our fucked up inept policies are living here illegally.
    You have complete disdain for anyone who speaks Spanish within your ear shot which makes you a racist, ignorant, intolerant, unaccepting little bitch.
    If you even qualify for a college education I suggest you go and stay there until your greedy, narrow, little mind starts to open up a bit.
    Certainly that would take quite some time!
    That pretty much sizes you up you stupid twat, does it not?
    When and where did you prove me wrong and with what article?

  94. 494

    Re: Aussieone – Hi! xo
    I know it is so obvious it's the same freak lol. It fools nobody Too funny!
    I'm having trouble posting stuff too wtf with this site?
    I meant to check back last night to look for you but was bwb all day and so tired I fell asleep kinda early.
    Thank you for all the nice things you wrote about me, a real compliment ;)
    What are you up to today? (night there I know lol)

  95. 495

    Re: supersongbird
    No problem just stating the truth… :)
    Yeah perez's Site has been fucked since he linked up with fb
    I understand completely I'm stuffed all wanted to do all day was sleep at work had to go gym after and then to dinner with friends (fun but hard to stay awake)
    It's such an ass-clown racist kkkunt that gave up on thought and let fox tell it what to think!
    Tomorrow hard workload then winning lotto and sleeping you ?
    If I stop replying its cuz I have fallen asleep lol xoxo just in case!

  96. 496

    Re: supersongbird
    No problem just stating the truth… :)
    Yeah perez's Site has been fucked since he linked up with fb
    I understand completely I'm stuffed all wanted to do all day was sleep at work had to go gym after and then to dinner with friends (fun but hard to stay awake)
    It's such an ass-clown racist kkkunt that gave up on thought and let fox tell it what to think!
    Tomorrow hard workload then winning lotto and sleeping you ?
    If I stop replying its cuz I have fallen asleep lol xoxo just in case!:)

  97. 497

    Re: Aussieone – That's ok go to sleep lol! You need it!!!
    I am working anyway and hope to get out of here early as possible.
    Have to run upstairs and then over to the other side… to do a bunch of stuff.
    I usually don't bother logging in over there-slows me down lol.
    Will check back before I go home and then later tonight when I get a chance.
    I'm sure there will be a giant pile of dog shit or 2 here to clean up at some point lol!
    So- sweet dreams, baby and ttyl xox

  98. 498

    Re: jerseygirl415

    Yes, they love to rile people up and when they can't deal with the fact that NUMEROUS people think that they are useless assholes, they start saying that we are all the same person using different names. It's insane, but I can't say that I am totally surprised, based upon how nuts they are! They are vile and hateful people, who are sad to have to have a personal relationship on this site! It is hilarious to see them say "babe" and "xoxo" on their posts. What sad sad people they obviously are.

    Anyway, I sent the 5 part message as an attempt to give their small, undeveloped minds the chance to reply with some sort of intelligent post. Instead, they resort back to their typical filth and disgusting behavior. I'm just glad that I KNOW that they are not an example of what the majority of kids in this country think or act like! Thank GOD for that too! I just hope that they don't get too weighed down by that HUGE chip of entitlement that they are carrying around on their shoulders. The funniest part is them calling someone else a racist and bigot, when all that they do is attack people, calling them names and telling them that they are worthless and should die. Good Lord, don't they have mirrors, so that they can see what hypocrites that they truly are???

    Sad…they are just sad. Bless their little hearts and little minds too!

  99. 499

    Re: GeorgiaJules – 498
    I replied with facts, points and information, to your fox news slogans and then your reply which contained new slogans and what can only be called crap. Every "point" (or slogan) you made was shot too shit!
    I had thought earlier that you had hoped that insulting our friendship would be hurtful… It wasn't! Now it seems more like jealousy and obsession.. That is truly sad!
    Racists and bigots have out lived their time on this planet they should be shouted down and attacked whenever they show themselves!
    hypocrites hardly:
    bigot: biased; strongly prejudiced; forming opinions without just cause
    Racist: a person with a prejudiced belief that one race is superior to others
    Both not applicable to either songbird or I. You may want to raise that mirror as you read 400 421 and so many of your other posts. You are the exemplification of both those definitions. TRY AGAIN SAD CLOWN!

  100. 500

    Re: supersongbird – Yup. You're totally right. BTW, I didn't read any of your post, I'm just gonna say yes to everything. I'm going to 'yes' you to death. :)

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