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Zacquisha Fails To Deliver

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Sorry, Zefron. Your movie is limp upon whipping it out!

Charlie St. Cloud came in at the #6 spot at the U.S. box office with a weak $12.1 million.

Inception stayed in the #1 spot in its third week, bringing in an additional $27.5 million. The Leo DiCaprio film has made a total of $193.3 million so far.

Dinner for Schmucks came in #2 with not-so-impressive $23.3 million .

Sources say that Charlie's audience fell 32% after Friday, which could possible mean that the film attracted mostly Zac and High School Musical fans who were waiting to see the film on opening day.

Doesn't look like Zac is quite the A-list Hollywood star just yet…

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87 comments to “Zacquisha Fails To Deliver”

  1. 1

    Thats weird! I saw it Saturday night and my theater was PACKED… I'm not a high school musical fan either…

  2. 2

    Your movie is limp upon whipping it out???


    Tweak much?

  3. 3

    I cannot believe it did that badly. With all of the advertising that went into it…sheesh.

  4. 4

    Perez - Where's the support?? Giving up on your man-crush cuz he didn't deliver the $$$??? That's sooo Hollywood of you.

  5. 5

    23 million = a fail?
    I don't think so bud.

  6. 6

    the film looks dumb

  7. 7

    maybe because there were so many dam commercials i alredy felt lik i saw the movie. wats gud about inception is tht i ddnt really kno any details of wat the movie was about

  8. 8

    When did 23.3 million become not-so-impressive?

  9. 9

    $23.3 mil is "not-so-impressive"? Hardly.

    Glad to see Inception is still #1.

  10. 10

    This makes me sooo sad! I love Zac Efron..Um Hello talk about looks perfection. I think he is a wonderful actor and the whole movie I just kept thinking "Its really ridiculous how hott he is"

  11. 11

    Proof that advertising in this site is the kiss of death.

  12. m.j says – reply to this


    Give it a break. Its up against heavy competition.

  13. 13

    I continue to find your obsession with underage boys/young men unnerving. Mario, find a qualified psychiatrist and PLEASE get some extensive help. Your pedophilia is not an attractive trait. I'm sure Zac, Bieber, etc. are not flattered by your very inappropriate sexual obsession.

  14. 14

    Wow, I think that's the only negative comment that you ever made about Zac Efron. According to you, this man is the best thing since your lame website came around. Just because the movie didn't open number 1 doesn't mean anything. He's still more of a star than you'll ever hope to become.

  15. 15

    Um, what did he expect?? For it to be a blockbuster sell out?? Please. He better go back to doing Disney films…

  16. 16

    the movie was great!!

  17. 17

    I wouldn't call that a fail but then again the trailer basically gave the entire story away. I thought the idea was cool but the trailer basically told me everything I needed to know about the movie. Nothing drew me in to see it.

  18. 18

    This piece of smelly shit could not even beat that awful "Cats and Dogs" movie. Imagine that - more people want to see fake animals than Efron the "Serious Actor"
    Some examples of Efron's excellent reviews:
    …. "You drown in sentimental, ghoulish nonsense" New York Times
    …. "Coma-inducing" Boston Globe
    …. "Maudlin and unintentionally hilarious" New York Post
    …. "Schmaltzy Sniffle" Newark Star-Ledger
    …. "A load of mawkish swill" Rolling Stone (who once put Efron on their cover)
    …. " Efron’s acting consists primarily of blank stares into space and reciting boringly ordinary dialogue" Sun Publications
    … " Maudlin, manipulative tearjerker…St. Jude, as the script helpfully explains, is the patron of hopeless cases, but even his presence can't save this picture".

  19. 19

    that was really a good movie tho… i don't get how it didn't make that much money… hmmm it was really packed when i went…..

  20. 20

    Sheeeeesh it even a bigger flop then Jennifer's Body,all this movie has to offer is zac efron Yawwwnnnn

  21. 21

    From Box office Mojo: "Dinner for Schmucks served up an estimated $23.3 million on approximately 3,400 screens at 2,911 locations, which was about the same amount as Funny People made on the same weekend last year. The opening was also a step up from I Love You, Man, Role Models and Get Him to the Greek, and it marked a personal best for Paul Rudd in a lead role, though Steve Carell has seen bigger starts. The two actors, who were at the forefront of the advertising (with an assist from lower-billed Zach Galifianakis), previously appeared together in The 40-Year-Old Virgin and Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy, though both pictures had greater attendance out of the gate. Distributor Paramount Pictures' exit polling indicated that 55 percent of the audience was male, and 54 percent over 25 years old."

    Perez you don't know what the fuck you're talking about.

  22. 22

    If a film costs 5 million to make and promote and it pulls in 23 million on opening weekend, it's a success.

    If a film costs 20 million to make and promote, yet pulls in 23 million on the opening weekend, it's a flop.

    Just the way it works. Now sometimes the studios can make back some of the cash on dvd sales. But I doubt this tween flick will do well on dvd. So chances are, Zefrons five minutes are coming to an end. His woman will probably drop him for an a lister a few years from now.

    I mean why waste time on a box office dud?

  23. 23

    That's a boss Zefron poster.

  24. 24

    Leo on the other hand, the man continues to thrive as an a lister. His films continue to bring in the cash.

    Leo was a teen hearthrob much like Efron, but the difference is, Leo can actually act. He's made films that are enjoyable for all ages, while Efron only attracts chicks and High School Musical tards.

  25. 25

    Doesn't surprise me, kid looks like a mongoloid.
    Seriously, what do you see in him?? Just a younger man? Is he a "gayface"?
    Not impressed.

  26. 26

    6th place is GOOD ! ! !

  27. 27

    the movie isn't doing well because it got awful reviews, as did Dinner For schmucks.

  28. 28

    give him some time…..he'll be a star…..and im not a tween nut job who just thinks he's cute…lol……(:0)

  29. 29

    They showed the trailer for this movie so many times it pissed me off. I refuse to go see it because they are shoving it down ppls throats.

  30. VGirl says – reply to this


    Who cares I'm sure it'll gain an audience (Maybe) But I wonder WHERE'S SALT? Maybe is third but when everyone else's movie is replaced in the forst spot (if ever got to first) by an older movie Perez slashes the movie. I know he's not a journalist and I know I choose to read this site but what's fair is fair.

  31. VGirl says – reply to this


    and BTW I loved him in 17 again

  32. 32

    What is with you always reporting on Zac. You seem to have a crush on him. He has a girlfriend, don't you know?

  33. 33

    This movie was awesome! I started crying though. ):

  34. 34

    WRONG PEREZ!!! I sat through a sold out theatre for this movie and the girls in the theatre were going crazy over Zac. There were a lot of families but mostly young Zac groupies. The movie was entertaining and the response from the crowd was huge!!!

  35. 35

    I thought this movie was really great! The theater I was in was packed and that was this afternoon. oh and Zac was so hot in this movie, but then again when is he not…??

  36. 36

    Re: Lula Mae Lou – -
    ha!! you said it, sister!!!

  37. ass says – reply to this


    "Your movie is limp upon whipping it out!"
    Why the fuck do you always have to turn your 'stories' into something gross? Grow up retard.

  38. 38

    How the fuck is 23 millions "no-so-impressive" what the fuck is wrong with the world these days. How is making 23 million on a movie not impressive. Oh and where's your support for zac, perez? That is so like you to just drop all support when something doesn't do well. That is really pathetic perez. Especially after all the nice things Zac said about you in that interview.

  39. 39

    Summer is the time for giant hollywood action packed block busters and comedies. Not whatever this is. And another thing, amazing how you bash is girlfriend every chance you get but when he has a less than stellar box office performance you're not very supportive.

  40. 40

    Re: Lula Mae Lou – You have the most entertaining comments…..If it is a Zac story, I wonder if you are here…..sorry Zac, but I'm an R-Pattz fan……this movie, I felt I saw it all during the trailers…..I'm actually more excited to see Water For Elephants.

  41. 41

    I thought the movie was really good! Zac Efron's acting was pretty good too! I am not a crazy teen girl either…a little bit older than that.

  42. 42

    the movie looks way too sad to watch

  43. 43

    hmmm..Well I saw it Friday (I'm not an H.S.M. fan…) and I really liked it a lot. It was a very touching story. And despite the heavy story line, there were also quite a few laughs…. I highly recommend it!!!!!!! Zac did an excellent job in this role (and so did the boy who played his younger brother in the movie!)
    GO SEE THIS MOVIE!! :) :):):):):):)

  44. 44

    Zac Effron… A-list actor? He Never was to begin with.

  45. 45

    The problem was in the marketing of this movie. Zac's people had him going all over the country to show himself to screaming 14 yr old girls who only want to see him NOT a serious movie. His PR people need to get savvy and start marketing this talented guy to an older audience. He is a damned fine actor. I did see this movie and Zac did an incredible job portraying Charlie.

  46. 46

    time for gay porn Zac, your true calling

  47. 47

    Life is for living….and this movie is for renting

  48. 48

    This was one of the BEST movies I have ever seen. Zac did amazing, and I am not a HSM movie fan either. Perez you should think before you speak, or is that what you get paid for?

  49. 49

    Well it did better than Selena Gomezs opening weekend. Lmao that movie only made 7.9 mill

  50. 50

    12.1 million is more than respectable… and speaking of NOT being on the 'A' List…

  51. 51

    Robert pattinson's Remember Me did way better than this. LOL

  52. 52

    Who cares ,just go to look at him.

  53. 53

    If you didn't read the book, than you wouldn't like the movie,,,its just like every other movie thats based on a book. I liked that they even used the same exact lines from the book it made it way better than mosts movies based on books

  54. 54

    The movie was awesome! I just saw it today and highly recommend it!

  55. 55

    Atleast it did better than Ramona and Beezus now that was a flop only 8 million

  56. 56

    Maybe the movie just sucked. He should do a movie with an A-list female costar.

  57. 57

    Whatever - as long as my honey bun LEO keeps rocking it and beating out everyone! TEAM LEO - Number 1 three weeks in a row!! Even beating out Whorealina. I want to see "Inception" again- great movie!

  58. 58

    Its a movie about death. I don't care who's in it, I want to be entertained and yes good acting on a serious subject can entertain, but good grief make me laugh, make me happy. Please

  59. 59

    Re: kdrzrbck – same! i saw it on friday and it was almost sold out! and i'm a fane of hsm but there were people in there high 20s and 30s there… i wish more ppl saw it, zac was amazing in it!

  60. 60

    6th place ? oh well guess is not going to celebrate again on the strip club

  61. 61

    I'll take my hat of to this kid - he seems to be branching out, trying different things. No doubt trying to break out of the 'High School Musical' association - good on him. He might not always get Box Office #1's, but that's not everything to a true artist. He's probably getting noticed more for his acting skills.

  62. 62

    ok yes the movie wasn't that great but u have to admit zac efron's acting was amazing in it so lets not dis him

  63. 63

    The trailers for this movie look so FAKE and disney!!! This is not a good way to raise the level of his career.

  64. 64

    Good movie.. but someone is right that the trailer gave away the film. But still check it out.

  65. 65

    movie looks dumb

  66. 66

    It might also mean that 11 years have passed since "The Sixth Sense" and by now we've seen enough lame rip-offs to give the He-sees-dead-people genre another chance. It also might mean that people actually read "Charlie St. Cloud's" reviews, which scathed pretty much everything about the movie except Efron.

  67. 67

    Of course it only attracted High School musical fan and other tweens. What has this guy ever done to prove that he was a legit actor that adults would want to go and see? There's mire to acting than being a pretty face.

  68. 68

    I liked it, could have been less of him taking his shirt off. But I thought it was a step in the right direction.

  69. 69

    so im personanlly not a huge fan of highschoolmusical and all that jazz, but i gotta admit i just saw charliestcloud and it was AMAZING. the reason why most people arent seeing it right now well i think is because its the long weekend therefore his demographic are all away on vacation and such. so dont judge it so quickly, i thought it was great and would recommend it to anyone :) those old cranky reviewers dont know wtf is up anymore.

  70. 70

    23 million is actually pretty impressive for a movie like Dinner for Schmucks.?

  71. 71

    The first thing Universal did wrong was to create that poster with Zac's face about ten feet tall on it looking up at the sky. They have way too much make up on him, including lipstick. Does that tell you who they were marketing the movie to? Little girls who like non-threatening males. Now, if they'd messed up his hair in that poster and had him with stubble and looking not so pretty, it might have attracted more older females as well as guys.

    And I agree with whoever said it, all those trailers gave away too much of the story. But I think Universal was running by the seat of their pants because they moved the release date from Oct to Jul and they were not prepared to adequately market it. I don't think throwing all those trailers out there lured any non Zac fan into the theater. If anything, people felt they'd seen enough of the movie and didn't need to go see it in the theater.

  72. 72

    He sucked and so did the movie…..

  73. 73

    Shut up about Inception because Charlie St Cloud has only opened in the US. Totally unfair to compare the two. Zac still has Europe, UK, Australia….

  74. 74

    It should have done better maybe ur exaggerating

  75. 75


  76. 76

    Re: PolishChick18 – its deffenatly a fail compared to his peers of people breaking out of disney like Miley Cyrus who is A list. and other successful people dakota fanning and venessa hudgens

  77. 77

    Who is this ZAC kid & why would anyone go see his cheesy movie?

  78. 78

    It's already ONLINE and people are REFUSING to download if free also!

  79. 79

    yes Leo delivers again….He's just such a star and such a good actor….

    poor zac, there was so much hype…maybe if it came out another weekend…

  80. 80

    It was actually quite good. I think it was just released at the wrong time.

  81. 81

    inceptcion finally saw it this weekend OMGZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZz

    epicz leo has turned into the best actor in hollywood and the script holy fuckin shit the screenplay =oscar

    i wuold say special effects also but tron will own all this xmas

  82. 82

    sorry zac, it takes more than OK looks to make it as an a-lister ;)

  83. 83

    the movie was good but sad,
    i had to see it twice to understand what happend
    the first time i was just confused.

  84. 84

    i saw it, and i thought it was really good.

  85. 85

    Re: Vampireluvah23 – Uh no it didn't Remember Me only made 8.3 million it's opening weekend while Charlie St. Cloud made 12.1 million that is almost 4 million more…so suck on that!!!

  86. 86

    Re: Deviancy – St. Cloud is definitely a flop because the millions in promotions costs to generate publicity for the movie is not included in the production costs. Further, public disinterest at the box office does not bode well for DVD sales. Zac has typecast himself as the goofy prettyboy teen—unwittingly narrowing his fan base to 'tween girls. He's going to have to work VERY hard to shed that image if he wants to be seen as a serious actor—and he seems to be doing exactly the opposite of that.

  87. 87

    Zac Efron is really not that bad of an actor when he is not in al those crappy disney movies.