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More Hell In Gordon Ramsay's Kitchens!

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He lost another restaurant! Another! What does this make now? 7? 8? 102?

We've just lost count! (Probably as fast as he is losing money!)

The One & Only Cape Town hotel is was home to Gordon Ramsay's Maze restaurant. The joint had a grand opening just lat April, with such distinguished guests as Nelson Mandela enjoying it's opening dishes.

But put on lid on this one because it's finished. After learning of it's poor turn around, Gordon Ramsay Holdings announced they were no longer managing the establishment and handed over the property to the hotel. There are still four other Maze restaurants throughout the world, but at this rate, the only place you will see Gordon Ramsay's name grace a dish is in the FOX fall-line up.

Speaking of which, Gordon has ANOTHER show coming up, this time an American Idol-esque competition show for home cooks.

Won't that just be… ZzzzzzZzzzzz!

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7 comments to “More Hell In Gordon Ramsay's Kitchens!”

  1. 1

    His New Show Is Called "Masterchefs" (I Think that's the name) It Already Aired in Canada and I think it's Great!

  2. 2

    The show started last week. He owed over 26 restaurants across Europe so there is bound to be some losses.

  3. 3

    Not everyone shares your opinion … he is great tv entertainment.

  4. 4

    …but if that twat Gaga was hosting it'd be "faboosh". Fuck you, fatty, and your atrocious media critiques. Just keep it to posting when one of the Kardashians is getting pounded by another pro athlete.

  5. 5

    I LOVE Hell's Kitchen and Masterchef! But hey, we can't all share the same opinion.

  6. 6

    Weid! I like Gordon - I LOVE the UK version of "Kitchen Nightmares." Running a restaurant is probably one of the hardest things to do - u have to know a lot about a lot of different things- trends in tastes, pricing, purchasing, decor, atmosphere, etc. No wonder so many restaurants close within a year of opening!

  7. 7

    I'm with the rest of the folks here Perez…I LOVE GORDON RAMSEY and ALL of his shows. He's absolutely hilarious!!!!!