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Pam Anderson Helps Pups Displaced From The Oil Spill!

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A big heart lurking behind those big tittays! You just gotta love her!

PETA's fave perky protestor, Pamela Anderson, is doing some good in the neighborhood. In New Orleans, there are many lost and abandoned animals affected by the Gulf oil spill. In an effort to help, Pamela went down to Louisiana this morning to assist in the move of 48 dogs to Virginia, where they will be relocated to an adoption center.

Not only is she down in New Orleans help to prepare the pups for their journey, but she covered all the costs to get them into the local shelter, including flea treatments and spay and neutering services. She told sources:

"Everywhere you go, there are far more dogs than good homes, but the crisis in Louisiana is prompting people to open their hearts and doors to animals in trouble. The oil catastrophe has made things worse for many animals, but our shelter, like shelters everywhere, is always full and will be until people spay and neuter."

Poor little guys! Our hearts go out to them in hopes they all find good homes!

[Image via WENN.]

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16 comments to “Pam Anderson Helps Pups Displaced From The Oil Spill!”

  1. 1

    Anyone who helps defenseless animals is STYLISH in my book.

  2. 2

    GOOD job Pam!!! Thanks for helping those poor defenseless dogs. Much love!!! XOX

  3. 3

    Those lips. Those breasts. Wish I had a dog in distress.

  4. 4

    She does so much for animals! GO PAM!

  5. 5

    Dogs live in the Gulf and swamps? Lol! Ooook

  6. 6

    It would be nice if these celebrety air heads would check out the truth before they jump on their own bandwagon & give $ before they know the truth. Come on down to the coast & check out how nice it is for humans & dogs. You won't see many strays, except Hollywierd trying to do a photo op.

  7. 7

    A good bit of the Mississippi and Louisiana coasts have seen better days. You're right, though… from Louisiana all the way down into Florida, the tourist areas are largely minimally affected. Most of the majorly affected areas are away from major traffic… tourist and otherwise.

  8. 8

    Go Pam! I think that is great.

  9. 9

    Hope they're helping the people first. Why do they always promote spaying and neutering? My dog isn't and we don't have puppies - imagine that - responsible pet owner that decided not to mutilate my dog.

  10. 10

    ughhhhh okay i am sorry to say this Americans!! but you guys overplay this animal shit. I understand wildlifes in the oceans and forrest because they help human and the environment. But pets like cats and Dogs!! you have human dying and starving… the pet will be the last thing on my mind. Like that lady gaga video telephone.. the animal dies along with humans in one scene and some damn girl said.. aww the animal died. ARe you fucking kidding me now? Mils of people died and you care about a damn dog? what is it with you Americans?

  11. 11

    There are homeless and suffering dogs in EVERY single city and town in every country in the world. Why those? 200,000 dogs were shot in Bali this week, to control rabies: it didn't work, but at least the dogs aren't living in misery any more. Why use petroleum to move dogs from one state to another???? There are idiots flying dogs from Haiti and the Middle East to "rescue" them, while other dogs are sitting caged and miserable in shelters a mile away.

    Is that leather (aka dead cow) she is wearing?

  12. 12

    How is an oil spill in the Gulf affecting dogs? They live on land and don't drink salt water.

  13. 13

    WHY does the country insist on complete disinterest in any natural disaster in the Gulf unless it believes New Orleans is the main victim? They are not! They didn't get the worst of it in Katrina nor are they getting the worst of this oil spill. It's a COASTAL disaster. Not a NO disaster. I love NO…go there all the time, my family is from there, I live an hour outside it. But damn. The celebs only want to give face time for trendy NO cuz the rest of us who are REALLY affected aren't so cool as Bourbon Street.

  14. 14

    One of the few celebrities who not only contributes money to animal rights organizations, but rolls up her sleeves and does the "dirty" work herself right alongside the volunteers. Cheers to Pam and her extreme generosity of heart and spirit in her efforts made on behalf of these helpless animals. Love you!

  15. 15

    Thank you, Pam!

  16. 16

    Re: Chicken Love – spaying/neutering your pet is NOT mutilating them, nor it is only to prevent unwanted puppies/kittens - it's helping protect them against the various diseases/illnesses they can get if they are left "intact". there are anal tumors (cancer) that affect males, mammary tumors (cancer again) that affects females as well as pyometra that unspayed females get which needs emergency surgery to treat, otherwise they will die a slow and painful death unless you opt for euthanasia to prevent their suffering. Basically their uterus explodes and they haemorrhage to death. Just thought I would let you know the possibilities of not "fixing" your dog.