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Real Housewives Of New Jersey Going Off-Broadway!

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We applaud them for doing this for a good cause - but can these ladies act outside of their scripted reality show?!

Sources have exclusively told PerezHilton.com that the ladies of Real Housewives of New Jersey will be joining the cast of the off-Broadway comedy My Big Gay Italian Wedding for a select number of performances in September 1st!

Housewives Teresa Giudice, Jacqueline Laurita, and Caroline Manzo will portray the Wedding Officiater, Toniann Naso, and Angela Pinnunziato!

Jacqueline's infuriatingly dense daughter, Ashley Holmes, will portray Connie Scuccifuffio, and Caroline's daughter Lauren will play Maria Pinnunziato!

Former castmember Dina Manzo, who produces the play, will be making a special introduction before each of the four perfomances, and says:

“Just when you thought the hair couldn’t get any higher and the yelling couldn’t get any louder, here come the housewives. Everyone has a so much fun at this show. Audiences laugh out loud, it’s got an important message for everyone and the money raised from the ticket sales for these four performances will benefit such a terrific cause. So when I asked the ladies to be a part of it, they were thrilled to come on board. This is one wedding party you are not going to want to miss!”

A portion of the proceeds will be going to Marriage Equality New York organization, which supports gay marriage!

We actually think this is pretty cool! And if they suck, it will probably still be the kind of bad that you have to see for yourself - AKA just like every episode of their reality show!

And we're glad to see that Prostitution Whore Coke Fucking Whore Jafar from Aladdin Danielle Staub will not be terrorizing gracing the stage with her sociopathic presence!

Your talents are better suited for the sex tapes, bb!

[Image via (c) 2010 Moises De Pena.]

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16 comments to “Real Housewives Of New Jersey Going Off-Broadway!”

  1. 1

    I'd like to let the rest of the country know that New Jersey is not solely comprised of Italians.
    "The Sopranos" and "Jersey Shore" and now this "Housewives" crap notwithstanding, NJ is diverse and has plenty of Black people, Asians and other groups.

  2. 2

    They're not even interesting. Same petty BS, different day. At the risk of upsetting The Family, the Manzos are as boring, hollow, and obviously fake as the sculptures in front of their restaurant.
    That emaciated Danielle bitch is boring, too. But at least she has the underdog thing. Give the whole damn show to Danielle's daughter.

  3. 3

    Lets leave Ashley alone k thanks

  4. 4

    Hey, hey, hey Ashley's a sweetheart.

  5. 5

    I can't believe your famous for this… Bad mouthing EVERY person who's famous.
    I'm going to make one where i bash on you
    yep sounds good

  6. 6

    This Fame whore Manzo family , Can't stand any them , and that broke ass Teresa needs all the money to pay for her bankruptcy lol…Ashley acting shit
    she is so fat she needs to lose some weight before she goes on stage…
    And for all those haters out there who don't like Danielle and I'm talking to perez atleast she is the sane on the housewifes. She makes the show, she showed kim G tonite who had class, I hate to say it I would rather them cancel this housewifes and give danielle her own show so I don't have to see the manzo family again…

  7. WTF! says – reply to this


    WTF!! I have to agree with uwcollege, except Danielle does have mental issues, but clearly she was not the cause of the country club debacle. I have seen her try and change and she has been doing a good job. Her kids are well behaved. As far as Teresa's broke ass…how D fuck are they opening up new businesses after filing for bankruptcy to get out of paying their debts!! The IRS needs to investigate their asses because I think that is bullshit. Get a real job you morons living outside your means. Next, the Manzos. I didn't have a problem with them until Caroline opened her big ass mouth and said the country club fiasco was Danielle's attempt to take down their pathetic family. WTF!! The woman didn't even start the shit. Next is Jacqueline's ignorant ass…nuff said. Her daughter? Complete moronic douche bag broke lazy silver spoon in her ass bitch.

  8. 8

    AWESOME CAUSE!!! The best part is: NO DANIELLE!!! LEAVE THAT STANK HO SCUMBAG OUT OF IT!!…lolz…Thank you, Perez…YOU ROCK!

  9. 9

    Team Danielle! She made her mistakes 25 YEARS AGO! How many of us are the same person we were that long ago? She seems like a great mom, her kids are well behaved and beautiful. Can't stand Jaqueline and her daughter Ashley "I'm a size small-medium" haaaa more like a size Large- XL!

  10. 10

    I bet they'll have a great time — but this show? My Big Gay Italian Wedding?? It's pretty painful. I saw it out on Staten Island a while ago because the SUPER SEXY and TALENTED Scott Evans was starring in it. And Scott was fantastic (did everyone else know he can sing? I thought I was going to stop breathing!) but the show wasn't that great. I don't think I'd pay money to sit through it again. Even for the housewives. Unless they bring Scott back too… Hey Perez — work your magic and make that happen!!

  11. 11

    Did you see that broke ass Teresa aka Planet of the Apes faux RT'd you! What a desperate skank. I can't stand this woman. She needs to pay the architect and the lumber store that she owes $100k to. Plus, Neiman, Bloomingdale's, etc. credit cards that are owed +$100k. I guess she needs to start bringing in some cash. Faux tweeting is not beneath her. Barf.

  12. 12


  13. 13

    You people who seem to hate the show know a little too much, Lol. (It's a hate/obsessed relationship).

    Its a good show, they're are good people who do and say some pretty true or idiotic things… Like every other human being.

  14. 14

    This is so RAD!!! Nice comments about the Sociopath, luvs it! Believe me stereo types are funny. They have to come from some where. I'm from Texas and we aren't all Republicans wearing cowboy hats. Take it for what it is -pure fun!

  15. 15

    Re: caroaber – exactly, and people who pull hair like that catch charges here in jersey, so Ashley better count her dumb ass very lucky, because any other way, she would have served time, or at the least probation for pulling some shit like that. not everybody sits at home waiting for the camera crew, jersey is for real…unfortunately, this show is not… even the cast members of the show wouldn't show their ass if the cameras weren't there, so…

  16. 16

    yea well some of us dont beat people with guns and kidnap and pretend like it was an innocent mistake then take hair from a hair brush and pretend like thats the clump of extension. and SHE DIDNT EVEN GO TO JAIL FOR KIDNAPPING AND BEATING SOMEONE SO HOW IS THAT LEARNING FROM A MISTAKE? shes lucky to be alive. its obvious danielle uses people and caroline herself makes a great point. how could they have looked her up and found all of it out? i mean she didnt even go under the same name. so they had to have heard it from someone else first. besides she was sitting at the same table as JOES LAWYER'S WIFE so yea if bringing up her home being in foreclosure wasnt a tiny dis that she KNEW WOULD START SHIT then i dont know what is. I mean its just like wearing the ENGAGEMENT RING from her ex husband JUST BECAUSE ITS NICE in front of the new wife. BULL SHIT it was to try and cause drama and make a statement. DAnielle is no victim. if people cant see that she does put herself in these potions then your dilusional. dont forget atleast teresa was defending herself and not using a MAN AS A WAY TO INTIMIDATE A WOMAN.