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Glee Stunt Casting Celebrity Guest Star Round-Up!

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It's official!

After months of speculation, Glee creator Ryan Murphy has confirmed that the Scottish Sensation that's sweeping the nation, Susan Boyle, will be making an appearance on the smash series' very special Christmas episode!

And apparently, Kurt will be giving her a make-over.

BARF. Of course Kurt is giving her a make-over.

He reveals:

“Susan is on the same label as us and is a fan of the show. She’s coming out with a Christmas album, so the story I want to do in our Christmas episode is to have Kurt give her some sort of fantastic makeover and have her sing a song that’s from her album on the show.”

He also is still unsure on how the eff he's going to throw Javier Bardem into the mix. You know, probably because there's no seamless way to throw this many giant names in as guest stars without compromising the integrity of the story.

He says:

“He requested it. I think he bought the first 13 episodes on DVD and became obsessed with it. He said it was like crack. And he’s such a ham that it totally makes sense to me that he would want to sing and dance. I think he’s going to play some demented Spanish rock star substitute teacher something, but I don’t know — we haven’t figured that out yet.”

However, we ARE excited to find out yet more details about the Brit Brit episode, as well as the upcoming Rocky Horror Tribute airing around Halloween!

And best yet?! Jonathan Groff will be back for two episodes in the Spring!

On Britney:

“She is arguably the most important female, other than Lady GaGa, of the last ten years. Many of the kids on the show went into singing and dancing because of her. Also at the heart of it, it’s a show designed to show off the skills of Heather Morris, who plays [Glee's cheerleader] Brittany. I just think that Britney Spears loves what the show is about, that the show’s about paying tribute to pop culture in a very loving, respectful, kind way. She responded to that.”

On Rocky Horror:

“My favorite thing to do is to torture the boys and claim that I don’t know who’s wearing those gold lamé briefs, because now they’re all on diets. They’re all in terror that I’m going to tell them that they’re the one who has to get naked.”

Yum! Well, maybe the show hasn't COMPLETELY jumped the shark!

And let's hope that our beloved Puck gets to wear the gold undies!



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22 comments to “Glee Stunt Casting Celebrity Guest Star Round-Up!”

  1. Maio says – reply to this


    Great!!! Well great twice for Jonathan Groff!

  2. 2

    Glee is terrible. Hopefully this will be the last season.

  3. 3

    I like all of the except for Javier Bardem. I think he is a great actor, but it just doesn't make sense. And if the writers don't even know what they are going to do with him, then why are they just adding him in like that? Whatever. The Britney episode is obviously going to be amazing, but instead of seeing more Brittany, I want more Santana.

  4. 4

    sorry but lady gaga is nothing compare to britney, and my guess is perez add that little bit to the quoet. apart from that i agree about britney. cant wait for the ep

  5. 5

    They are slowly ruining this show with all these guest stars. The back 9 episodes were horrible. Get it together Murphy!

  6. 6

    Ryan Murphy is always blabbing on and on about gay rights, yet the gay character on his show is such a flaming stereotype its not even funny. Sorry but gay men don't run around giving makeovers to people. I'm sick of it…

  7. 7

    J Groff is going to be back! Yay!

  8. 8

    No doubt Lady Gaga's ascent has been quick and record shattering, but to insist that she's one of the biggest U.S. female artists of this decade is to ignore Beyonce's considerable achievements. And that's unacceptable.

  9. 9

    Re: caroaber – i agree i think britney and beyonce are the biggest female pop stars of the decade.lady gaga has not accomplished as much as britney and beyonce.lady gaga has been milking the same 1 1/2 albums for 3 years now.

  10. 10

    Re: caroaber – Yes, but she hasn't changed the 'game' the way Britney and Gaga have.

  11. 11

    This is like the third or fourth post today mentioning Ryan Murphy. Why don't he and Perez just screw and get it over with… they are perfect for eachother.

  12. 12

    Dear Perez -

    Even though I don't always agree with some of your criteria, I know that you above all else appreciate decent cinema, music and television. With that being said, I really find it disgusting that 'Glee' has now become so corporate - what i mean by that is after the show hit it big, Glee sold out to accomodate guest stars and big names (even though I adore Lady Gaga more than anyone else), and with that in mind I feel it lost it's footing in regards to how it began. I'm really tired of muscians and actors cashing in something that made a lot of buzz in the beginning and now are running away with it trying to duplicate the same success - Glee is not the same as the first few episodes that aired - I am sicked by the new direction. I guarentee you that this show will not last as long as most believe because it's losing it's authenticity - how disconcerting when the show seemed so promising. I know you're smart and just trying to pay your rent as well, but c'mon, you know better - Glee has sold out and is just trying to make a quick buck - FUCK GLEE.

  13. 13

    I DO NOT AGREE that GAGA is successful in the LAST TEN YEARS???? where was she 5 years ago? unknown!!! britney and beyonce are the most successful female artists of the LAST TEN YEARS!!! i doubt that gaga could ever accomplish everything that beyonce and britney had. and take note…the two queen Bs did not have weird, scary, lame outfits and make ups just to be interesting and get attention. just PURE POP/RnB MUSIC

  14. 14

    oh please, just because lady gaga dresses like a lunatic and has successful songs RIGHT NOW, doesn't make her one of the "most important females" of the last ten years!
    we went through highs and lows with Britney, Beyoncé's been mesmerizing us not only as a solo singer but also in destiny's child for as long as I can remember and even Christina Aguilera played a huge role in pop music history, though she was just a copy of Brit with a better voice.
    And Lady Gaga? She's been around for how long? 2 years? You can say she is that important when she's still significant in 5 years. IF.

  15. 15

    the only good thing is that jon groff will be back but only 2 episodes? I WANT MORE! and I don't want any of those celebrities to eclipse by beloved lea

  16. 16

    I'm really sick of this show. They had a contest to pick three new cast members for specific roles on the show and then they canceled that (a month or two after the contest submissions had closed and people voted) and decided to pack the show with celebrities. It really gets me pissed off that Glee did this to the fans who spent time, money and energy making the videos - and I can't believe no one has organized a backlash yet. They obviously do not care about their fans very much.

    And no, I didn't apply for the show - just know a lot of people that did submit videos through the contest - and think it is a pretty shitty way to treat your fans!

    PS: the second half of last year sucked - even though it was filled with "celebrities".

  17. 17

    Would watch it if Javier Berdem did play a psycho Spaniard music teacher. Alejandro! Hot hot.

    Hey…what about an episode with Donna Summer teaching everyone exactly HOW IT IS DONE! That would be kewl.

  18. 18

    Eee ghads, after reading the other posts I need to comment about the lack of math and logic skills of several people: When someone says that Lady GaGa is arguably one of the top influences in Pop music over the last ten years, they don't mean to imply that Lady GaGa came on the scene ten years ago. Also, by someone saying that Lady GaGa is influential, they are not implying that Beyonce and Brittany were/are not influential.

  19. 19

    Re: Diva-Babe – britney is epic. but lady gaga is better then her. she writes (and co writes) all her songs. shes creative, shes all about art, fashion, making a difference.
    britneys great dont get me wrong. but gaga is not only great, but shes inspirational. thats what i love about her..

  20. 20

    Re: ilongga – your stupid. im guessing your not american/native english speaker. (not because your stupid- but because you didnt understand what he said)
    he ment- in teh last ten years to come- there hasent been any one mroe succesfull then britney and gaga, someone thats caused such a rucous liek those two do.
    yeah lady gagas been around 2 yrs, but shes been one of the most (if not the most) succesful artist to come around. idthink youve realized how GREAT gaga is. sure- you may not like her, but SOO MANY PEOPLE DO AROUDN THE WORLD.

  21. 21

    Re: Vinicius – oh really? I bet that REALLY succesful artists like madonna, michael jackson, the beatles, prince, elvis, queen etc would disagree. You can't say she is one of the most successful artist after two albums. period. If she is still as successful in 5 or ten yeas, then yeah definitely. But remember the backstreet boys? they were as successful in their time as gaga is now. but you would not consider them "one of the most succesful artists ever" would you
    noone says gaga is not successful. it's just stupid to praise her as if she was teh biggest thing that ever happened to pop music, because she is not.

  22. 22

    Re: Vinicius – oh and PS: if you want to insult someone, the term is "you're stupid" not "your". Even I can tell, and I'm NOT a native english speaker.