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New Taylor Swift!!!!

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The first single off T-Swizzle's upcoming album!

The song is called Mine and it sounds like a huge hit! HUGE!

We love it! Love it! Love it!!!!!!!!

Check it out (below).

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153 comments to “New Taylor Swift!!!!”

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  1. 1

    Love it! She has another hit!

  2. 2

    I like it :)

  3. 3

    Perez, you do realize that the song was ILLEGALLY leaked and is not supposed to be out until August 16th. If you had any respect for Taylor and her career, you should take down this link.

  4. 4

    This song is crap! It sounds just like her other songs! She needs to quit music and go away!!!!!!!!

  5. 5

    Not my type of music but the song does has a catchy chorus. I'm sure it will be a big hit.

  6. 6

    Oh if only she could sing… cute song though.

  7. 7

    This song sounds exactly the same as the songs from her previous album.

  8. Teggs says – reply to this


    I hear nickle back not taylor ????

  9. 9

    great song :O cant wait to hear the rest!!

  10. 10

    Mark my words, this is not a hit. Though it will make it to top 10.
    Couldn't make it through the whole song.

  11. 11

    Love it! wish it was on itunes. Kinda sounds exactly like other things on the fearless album though

  12. 12

    Oh and her songs chorus sounds all the same!

  13. Teggs says – reply to this


    nevermind DUH!!!

  14. 14

    it's not the best and but it's taylor swift so of course it's going to be huge with all the little kiddies!!

  15. 15

    LOVE IT!!!!

  16. 16

    I can't wait for her new album!!!

  17. xSaam says – reply to this


    Absolutely incredibly so totally AMAZING. Taylor Swift is one of the best most wonderful and talented artists. not to mention the best song writer posibbly.. ever. i love you Taylor and Perez forever and alwaysss.

  18. 18

    Love it. Another hit from the Swift !

  19. 19


  20. 20

    I totally called that at the end of the song the guy would say the exact thing that she sang for the first part of the song!!!!! I don't even listen to Taylor Swift and it was still that predictable.

  21. 21

    sounds like all her other stuff.

  22. 22

    i do like fifteen, by TS but i'm not sure i'm ready for round 2 of TS… as long as she's not everywhere i'll be fine…

  23. 23

    Sounds exactly like everything she's written. Ugh, can she write about anything else that doesn't have to do about a boy and girl, seriously.

  24. 24

    yawn. this sounds like all of her other songs. Let's get something new going tay tay.

  25. 25

    It sounds exactly like every other song she's ever sang. Girl needs to get some variety.

  26. 26

    475+ people like the fact that Perez Hilton does not matter the copyright and offers music downloads. Taylor Swift like it certainly not. Btw: The song is terrible.

  27. 27

    i'm bored.

  28. 28

    The song is boring to me…not liking it!

  29. 29

    love it!

  30. 30

    Dude teenage country music fad is over!

  31. 31

    I LOVE it! Everything she does is gold!

  32. 32

    Take this down NOW!!! This is a leak you idiot!!! You are no fan of Taylor's just a piece of crap!

  33. 33

    It sounds exactly like all of her other songs. Will it be a hit? Yeah. Is it good? No, it's generic pop.

  34. 34

    Am i the only one who think she sings quit mediocore??

  35. 35

    omg this is amazing! cant wait to see the video now!

  36. 36

    BORING and unoriginal as usual

  37. 37

    This song isn't good and it was boring sorry Perez didn't like it at all.

  38. 38

    OMG! Sounds like every other shitty song she has released. I literally can't tell a difference, between this song and her other one…I'm not even going to make that plural because they all sound like the same song to me….all equally awful.

  39. 39

    I am so sick of people that complain her music is the same. And this is coming from a non Taylor fan. News flash, most artist sing about the exact same thing. And all genres have a topic that everyone in that particular genre sings about. Country sings about love and heartache, pop about how they are breaking free or know one understands them, r&b and rap about hooking up and going partying or people being killed. Yet know one says anything about that. Also, at least she writes her own music unlike a lot of celebs out there today.

  40. 40

    How do you guys not like this? Its so catchy and she is such a great songwriter! I wish it was on iTunes :/, but still, this song exceeds my expectations! And for all you nay sayers…hush up.

  41. 41

    LOVE IT!!! I seriously couldn't wait to hear this and I screamed when I saw it!!! I LOVE THIS SONG!!! I

  42. 42


  43. 43

    PS: I love how this has more of a country sound to it than some of her other recent material. It really doesn't matter though, I love her either way.

  44. 44

    sounds like everything else she does.

  45. 45

    Why are her song always sound the same?

    Boring, it made my daughter ( 10) puke.

  46. 46

    lol :D

  47. 47

    I LOVE THIS!! anyone know how to download this song from the site?

  48. 48

    Whoppee! I just came in my pants, 16 yr old girls just rock my world, GROW UP PEREZ!

  49. 49

    I'm not loving it. Her old stuff so much better. "Mine" is even more pop than some of the stuff on her second album and it gets so old. It's all about love in every song. And the vocals, even with computer engineering sound like shit.

  50. 50

    this wasnt officially released. it will be officially released on AUGUST 16TH. when i will THEN listen to it. whoever leaked this is a horrible tswift fan!

  51. 51

    Her vocals are bad. Couldn't studio magic help her out?

  52. 52

    She can write about whatever she wants, this is about her not us, shes is doing this as a therapy like every singer does, and perez… this is not right this was going out on the 16th and now its over, you sucks!

  53. 53

    love it

  54. 54

    You don't have to wait for this song on iTunes - Perez just leaked the full mp3 for you. Look in the sourcecode and download it from this super excellent piracy site!

  55. 55

    You don't have to wait for this song on iTunes. Perez just leaked the full mp3 to you. Look in the sourcecode and download the whole mp3 from perez' high quality piracy blog!

  56. 56

    I love it! But isin't this posted here illegally? It's not supposed to be out ti'll the 16th.

  57. 57

    Another great song from Taylor. Was hoping she would have changed up the style a big from the previous album but still a fan!

  58. 58

    Her voice sucks, this song is generic and sounds exactly like the rest of her shitty fairytale songs and of course it will be a hit because all the little teenyboppers will eat it up.

  59. 59

    I don't like it as much as I like her previous songs, but it's not bad, not a hit though…

  60. 60


  61. 61


  62. 62

    her country accent is suddenly so thick again. odd

  63. 63

    Well at least she's staying true to herself.Boring personality,boring music.

  64. 64

    For those people who don't like Taylor:
    Please, take your bad words and put them in your asses!!!
    Taylor Swift is the best singer ever! Her style is country-pop so, you don't have to insult her!

  65. 65

    This song sounds just like her other songs and its boring. I couldn't even get through the whole song. C'mon Taylor, dig down deep in there and write about something you've never written before because we're sick of the whole fairytale love song shit. A real artist is diverse and writes about many different topics.

  66. 66

    You hear one Taylor Swift song, you hear them all. I seriously loathe the stupid people who buy into her "music", it just makes her come out with more UGH!!!! I could only listen to the first few words, she makes me want to rip my own ears off.

  67. 67

    Absolutely horrible, Taylor Swift has made 1000 other songs that sound like this. She needs to retire before her horrifically overrated music actually gets listened to by people and they all realize how generic it is. How is this any different from any country song made in the last decade? And her lyrics are, for once, bad, which even she usually avoided (minus Today Was a Fairytale, the crappiest song of 2009).

  68. 68

    Looks like she still hasn't recieved any vocal lessons. Flat as usual. My ears are bleeding. I can't listen to much of this. No talent ass pop singer.

  69. 69

    WOW. I like it!

  70. 70

    eh its not that bad shes a lot better than gaga, better song writer, presence and they both sing just so so but at least Taylor is a decent role model for little girls.

  71. 71

    Re: SwedishSweetheart – Just like lady gags music

  72. 72

    i like how taylor swift doesn't change her music according to the popular genres around now, she's sticking to her roots which while I might not really enjoy her music, makes me feel alot of respect for her as an artist because she hasn't changes her style for anyoone, unlike others like miley cyrus etc, which is good.

  73. 73

    Perez this song isnt supposed to be out until the 16th and was illegally leaked. I know you like taylor and out of respect you should take it off. Taylor doesnt deserve this so stop being a fucking dumbass and messing around with everyone's business.

  74. 74


  75. 75

    This is total crap. It is the same old same old as her other albums, and shows no artistic growth at all. It is not even catchy and lacks a catchy hook. The lyrics are generic and clique, and the beat is boring. Overall, very unremarkable and more pop bubble gum rubbish. The mere fact that she sings about college does not mean she has shown growth as an artist. lol It is so obvious she was trying to convince people she has grown up by using that line about college, but she is no closer to being a real artist or singing on key then before. Thumbs Down.

  76. 76

    This song is about as "country" as Madonna. She needs to stop pretendinig to be country and be honest with herself that she is dying to just be a pop artist. Just be a pop singer and be done with it Taylor ! You don't need to sing on key for pop music so you will fit right in! and by the way, the song is total crap.

  77. n3lky says – reply to this


    love it !!!!

  78. 78

    I really like it and YES her songs are always about a boy/girl relationship and YES they kinda sound the same but Taylor IS a girl and goes through those experiences so its only predictable that she writes songs about them. I guess every artist has their own style of writing and Taylor has made clear what her style is. Now even though I liked the song I kept thinking why it sounded SO familiar, for me the beat/tune of the song sounds like "I'm Only Me When I'm With You"

  79. 79

    I like the girl, but once you've heard one Taylor Swift song, you've heard them all. I managed to get through 45seconds.

  80. 80

    Her singing hasn't improved one lick. In fact, it sounds worse then ever.

  81. 81

    Whoever said that this bubble gum crap is better then Gaga is insane. Gaga's lyrics are so much more deep and substantive, and she has a GREAT voice. She is a real artist, whereas Taylor is an over-hyped, overrated bubble gum pop drivel who can't sing a note on key to save her life.
    Boring song, terrible voice.

  82. 82

    This song is now available on I-Tunes!…. someone put it on there early!

  83. 83

    What i really love is how taylor swift haters write that this song sounds like every one of her other songs. i didnt realize that when you hate an artist you listen to every single one of there songs. dont say something like that when you dont know the facts…taylor swift is amazing and so is this song

  84. 84

    Hey everyone complaining about it being out early! It is up for sale on iTunes which makes it LEGAL. So SHUT UP!

  85. 85


  86. 86

    It's out on itunes? I'm really confused! Great Song though:D Cannot wait for the album!!!!!

  87. 87

    I LOVE this song, she has the same sound in all the songs, but I still like her…
    can't wait for the album

    haters please don't leave rude comments :)

  88. 88

    Love this song and I love Taylor Swift!!! I think this album is gonna be huge, possible bigger than Fearless. I went to her Fearless Tour and it was amazing so I cant wait to see what she does with the next tour. I cant even handle how excited I am for Speak Now. Definitely gonna be a hit!!!!!!

  89. 89

    Imma marry this girl

  90. 90

    Are you listening to the same song because my ears are hurting from listening to this crap. If this is her lead single I wonder what the worst one sounds like. I say it's lame at best. It definately is not Love story and i thought that was juvenile

  91. 91

    LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!!! im sooooo glad she put it out early!!! i love her soo muchhh! shes amazing!!!!!!!!

  92. 92

    Re: allybally2012 – its not leaked… she put it out early

  93. 93

    Same old,same old. I was really hoping for something a little more mature from her, but it's the same old teeny bopper BS. Grow up Taylor. The song really sucks

  94. 94

    Well the song is fine i guess but i have to agree that it sounds like pretty much everything she's ever sang .. I absolutly adore taylor and i think that her writing is breath taking just for the fact that is sweet and says everything we kinda all feel or felt at some point in our lives and she takes ir to song gracefully and that screams TRUE ARTIST .. Her only problem is that the songs all sound the same :/ hope she realizes it ..

  95. 95

    i hate it its boring i couldnt make it through the whole song

  96. 96

    okay i listened to the whole song wtf like seriously taylor step you game up

  97. 97

    I agree with allybally2012. Perez this was illegal! You should have more respect for a singer more talented and famous than you will ever be. You are just messed up. First Miley and now this!!! You should be arrested. I actually BOUGHT the song legally and its amazing but what Perez the bitch of gossip did was wrong!!!

  98. 98

    yep! another hit! love taylor swift! i smell a Grammy baby!!

  99. 99

    I love Taylor Swift! I absolutely cannot wait for her new album!!

  100. 100

    Nobody is making you listen to Taylor - if you don't like her old songs than you probably won't like this either. For those of us that love her - we are excited that Perez posted the song - I loved it! For the rest of you - shut up

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