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New Taylor Swift!!!!

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The first single off T-Swizzle's upcoming album!

The song is called Mine and it sounds like a huge hit! HUGE!

We love it! Love it! Love it!!!!!!!!

Check it out (below).

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153 comments to “New Taylor Swift!!!!”

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  1. 101

    Tho I am not a Taylor Swift fan, I have listened to most all of her music before to give her a chance before I critique the songs. While I still feel that over the past 3 years her voice has not improved, her creativity and songwriting also still remain the same. I understand that she is in that time in her life where she is young and having fun dating, but seriously? to have 3 FULL albums with EVERY single song being the same, come on! and every song sounds the same too, musically and lyrically. I am studying Music Business in Nashville currently and everyone in town even know, Scott Borchetta, head of her label knows taylor doesnt have talent but is a money-maker! Also the fact that she writes every single song on her album herself is only because the label SAVES thousands-millions of dollars b/c they dont have to negotiate a deal with the only publishing company or pay the co-writers. All I ask is for a new sound if shes going to continue her career! But please, lets hope this hype around her dies out soon and she is done with having a career in the music business!

  2. 102

    Taylor Swift never had a hit song. She doesnt have any #1 song on the billboard hot. SHE CAN'T SING. SHE HAS NO TALENT. HER SONGS ARE MONOTONOUS. ONLY A RETARD WOULD LISTEN TO THAT. HER VOICE SUCKS.

  3. 103

    It's not illegal, it got leaked last night so she released it early. There happy, stop hateing on people! Taylor is Amazing, and Perez is awesome!

  4. 104

    Re: CarrieRox
    Don't hate cause Carrie is FUGLY. Seriously, look at that giant forehead of her's. BARF. Not to mention she's completely self-centered. You need a life. Carrie will never have sex with you. Even if you are a girl you're still grossly obsessed with her. Get a life besides stalking Carrie you complete loser. P.S. Carrie isn't REAL country either you twit. And she should try writing a hit song by herself FOR ONCE. LOL Never gonna happen!! Love Story= hit song written solely by Taylor Swift. Being an artist isn't all about the voice. Without her writers Carrie would never have done shit!

  5. 105

    This sounds very… subdued. I'm not feeling it at ALL.

  6. 106

    and yet another annoying tween song with a cliche melody and even more cliche lyrics created by a singer who cant sing on pitch to save her life. fantastic.

  7. 107

    Re: allybally2012 – maybe you should get your facts straight.. it's on itunes. and itunes doesnt have leaked music, they get it directly from the artist.

  8. 108

    this song is good, but not love story good. isn't the first song suppose to be amazing im kinda worried about the album as a whole now. and its not a leak its on available on itunes!!

  9. 109

    Re: HushMimi – um maybe you should get your facts straight…shes had MANY songs on the billboard charts.this song is currently sitting @ number 1…and her other songs arent on the charts now because her last CD came out 2 years ago..but they were on the charts for the first year,etc. and if you look.. fearless is still on top 10 country charts. Your an idiot..please never speak again.

    Taylor swift is the most caring/talented artist of this generation. she deserves everything shes getting these days..go to one of her shows and youll realize she has ALOT more talent than youve ever imagined. And yes everyone..her songs are all kind of the same..bcus she writes about boys/love/relationships…SHES 20!! thats all she knows at this point! a few years frrom now..shell have more mature songs when her relationships mature. seriously..shes not 40..shes 20, shes gonna write the way she did 2 years ago when she was 18. get over it. All of her FEARLESS shows sold old in minutes… She will be around for awhile.period.

  10. 110

    YESSSS! Time for Taylor to rule 2010.

  11. 111

    she looks so pretty!

  12. 112

    Disappointed Taylor fan. Shitty music. The end.

  13. 113

    Though I don't think her voice is that great, her music is indeed refreshing.

  14. 114


  15. 115

    it's nice, but its nothing new compared to her other music.

  16. 116

    Its good but it songs like all her other songs….I think Katy Perry is the only artist switching things up these days,not saying its such a great thing either but at least shes attempting to have some variety

  17. 117

    For me, all 200 songs on the Big LIst, first all world new music list, are better.
    There is a difference between making music, and manufacturing it. This sounds manufactured to me. Time for a revolution in popular music.

  18. 118

    For me a real hit song is three things: it's a major hit for the first person who does it, it is covered by about a hundred other musicians cause its that good a song, and it covers more than one genre. By this definition, we haven't had many real hits in the last 3 decades. Time for a change in the music business.

  19. 119

    Okay, listen up people.
    1. Taylor Swift released this song early. It is not leaked and it is on iTunes so this is NOT illegal. Figure out your facts.

    2. Those of you who are saying Taylor can't sing, well let's see you do better. Obviously, a lot of people love her voice and music and I think she sounds perfectly fine in this song.

    3. Those of you who say this song sounds the same as her old songs, well in some cases it does and in some cases it doesn't, but take a look at all the other artists, most have the exact same problem. Taylor tends to write for her younger fans and so if you are older you may not se it the same way younger girls do. Country music is often about love, so that is what Taylor writes about. She has also written songs about friendship and her mom.

  20. 120

    lovelovelove. beautiful. its funny that it came out when it did bc its the exact same situation with me and my bf.

  21. 121

    sounds the same as every other shit song shes inflicted on the world

  22. 122

    sounds gud :)

  23. 123

    Re: robyng – Because it leaked

  24. 124

    Re: allybally2012 – It wasn't released illegally, her record label released the song early. I bought it off of itunes last night.

  25. 125

    i'm not really a taylor swift fan, though i do respect her…but for everyone complaining that it's "the same shit as her old album," think about this: if what you recorded has won you multiple grammys and made you multimillions, would you change your style? probably not. if it ain't broke, don't fix it…just sayin'.

  26. 126

    She may be a money maker because of her image but lets all be honest, the girl cannot sing. If you think she can you're simply buying into the gimmick, because thats all she is.

  27. 127

    it does sound a lot like all her other stuff but i think its because her voice is so distinct. I think if someone else sang it nobody would say it sounds exactly like TS. Her lyrics are gold. xx

  28. 128

    She fucking sucks.

  29. 129

    ok -_- this song is amazing

  30. 130

    Love it!!!!!! Go Taylor!!!!!!

  31. 131

    Re: allybally2012

    The song is already on Itunes, dumbshit.

  32. 132

    This sounds exactly like 90% of her other songs from her Fearless album, and is her voice getting worse, something sounds odd? Anyway couldn't get through it. Only teenagers who have never heard music talent could possible appreciate this.

  33. 133

    Sounds life a typical generic Taylor Swift song, i.e., all of the others.

  34. 134

    the beat it's pretty much like her other songs… but the lyrics describe exactly what a girl feels. She's awesome!

  35. 135


  36. 136

    This is one of her bests songs. I'm a huge Taylor fan! I'm obsessed with her and i know all her songs! I'm proud of you Taylor, seriously :D

  37. 137

    Re: devilish girl – it is on itunes right now! #1 :D

  38. 138

    Absolutely love it!! Taylor is fantastic!! And to those people dissing her music and talent, jealous much?? She has more talent and personality in her little finger than u do in ur entire being!! Stop being sad sacks and get a life, or at least die trying!@!

  39. 139

    lmao everyone who is here hating on her.. do you think she gives a damn that some people don't like her, or some people don't like her song. she's making millions of dollars with all of her music, and marketing herself. She isn't pretending to be anything she isn't (ala Lady Gaga). She's a 20 (almost 21) year old woman who writes songs and sings about what she knows. If you don't like it, I don't really think she cares. Thousands of people do. She writes all of her own music, which I think takes true talent, even if her voice isn't the best. Although, I saw her a few years back, and I saw her again last year, and there was significant improvement in her voice quality, as well as stage presence. She is only 20, so give the girl a break.

  40. 140


  41. 141

    are her sounds are the same
    sound and meaning wise

  42. 142

    ** ahh i ment songs

  43. 143

    Crap. It'll make her tons of money but it's still a terrible song. Everything she sings is the same

  44. 144

    Re: SnowWhite77 – they are all equally awful? So that's how she's rich and famous and you're…not?

  45. 145

    Re: xcalibur – Lets see you try to do better than swift. Have any vocab words besides "shit"?

  46. 146

    Re: xcalibur – Lets see you try to do better than swift. Have any vocab words besides "shit"?

  47. 147

    Re: Mandy223 – lol I loved the comment you posted for the Swift haters. I really don't get if they hate her, how would they know what each song sounds like

  48. 148

    Re: Nashvillegirl – I agree with you on her voice. However, her song writing is brilliant and only few people can write catchy hooks and tell stories in a song the way she does. Her songwriting is pure talent. Yes, her looks contribute to sales, but she didn't have those sales before she got signed with Scott. There are thousands of other girls just as gorgeous as Taylor around Nashville with talent and if Scott didn't think she had talent, he wouldn't have signed her.

  49. 149

    Re: HushMimi – she's never had a hit song? Do you live under a rock?

  50. 150

    Re: Lafemme22 – not true. Teenagers know what musical talent is. Her voice is not amazing, but it's the lyrics. She makes teenagers feel as though they have someone to relate to when they have no one to turn to. That's why they appreciate her music.

  51. 151

    Re: SwedishSweetheart – i totally agree i dont think this song will do what they are expecting its not what im used to from her and i dont like it and if it comes on the radio i will probably change the station

  52. 152

    i love this song so much andd i love taylor swift. if you are a hater then why are you here? yeah i thought so.

  53. 153

    I'm a Taylor fan and I really love Mine, but I do have to admit I was hoping for something new or a little different. I was hoping for a really EPIC first single, and this isn't really "epic". Again, I love it, it's just not making quite the splash that I think Love Story did.

    Also if they "pop" remix this I will be so annoyed. Not necessary… it's barely country to begin with.

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