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Own A Piece Of Lost!

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The show may be canceled, but it doesn't mean Lost is gone forever.

In honor of the series' rabid fans, LOST: The Official Show Auction & Exhibit will take place in Santa Monica on August 21st and 22nd.

Items to gawk at include Hurley's camero, Locke's wheelchair, Kate's passport and Dharma beer.

The memorabilia would be a great conversation piece - if you could explain it!

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18 comments to “Own A Piece Of Lost!”

  1. 1

    The show wasn't canceled.

  2. 2

    Actually Perez, the show was not cancelled. The series ended because it has an actual plot. Not like any of this crap like the Jersey Shore or Real Housewives of New Jersey. Get your facts straight man.

  3. 3

    It didn't get canceled. The guys working on it knew that it would end this year.

  4. 4

    what's to explain? just say it's from the show with the most retarded ending ever, of all time.

  5. S86 says – reply to this


    "camero"? Seriously?
    And it didn't get "canceled"; that implies it was forced to end due to lack of interest. It just ended, because it finish its story.

  6. 6

    I was an AVID LOST fan. Watched all the seasons TWICE. I told everyone I knew how great this show was and that they should watch as well. Then I saw that ending………….. WOW NO WORDS. It was fucking God awful. Instead of answering all the questions of the island that made the show UNIQUE and COMPELLING they distracted us with a "They were all dead in the flash sideways but the stuff on the island was still real. We are just not going to answer your questions because the island wasn't important the characters were." BULLSHIT. If I wanted character development I could have watched a soap opera! That last scene with them going into the LIGHT OF HEAVEN was so cliche and stupid. So sad that this show had the potential of having an amazing ending. SIGH.

  7. 7

    this show should get lost

  8. 8

    fuck you it dint get cancelled…

  9. 9

    Re: Judge and prop 8-This is NOT a "gay issue". It's an issue of a judge going against the voters and having a dictatorship. That is very dangerous.

  10. 10

    My pubes would fetch more $$ than this shit

  11. mmdc2 says – reply to this


    The show was not canceled. Rude.

  12. 12

    Another fine example of Perez NOT doing any sort of fact checking.

    How it could ever be confused that LOST was cancelled is just plain silly. I only watched episode a few years back and even I knew that the show wasn't cancelled. Its like the retard in chief here doesn't remember the hub bub a few months ago about the final episode…. fucking moron.

  13. 13

    Oh, god I would love anything from Lost and can explain it all. California here I come. Of course I prefer anything from Sawyer, Jack and Sayid. Then Kate,
    Jin, John and Hurley! But just about anything would do.

  14. 14

    The show was NOT cancelled! The series ended. Get your facts right before you post something for millions to read!

  15. 15

    the show wasn't bloody fucking canceled!!!! it's OVER. it finished
    that's not the same thing as Canceled…

    to even say that is RUDE

    and I fucking NEED Hurley's camero

  16. 16

    “Those with eyes to see and ears to hear…” seems to be the name of the game with many movies. Over the past few years more movies have emerged that contain gems of truth, which has both pros and cons: On the plus side, they are catalysts for awakening; but on the flip side they serve to discredit the people who believe in these subjects and who are aware of these truths. “Oh, you watch too many movies!” or “Yeah, I saw that…in a movie. Come on! It’s just a movie, it’s not real.”

    hmm. It’s just a movie……or is it? ;)

  17. 17

    "Camero" again? Idiots.

  18. 18

    cancelled? are you fucking kidding me? abc wouldnt cancel one of their most popular shows. check your facts.