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The Duggars Would Welcome Baby 20!

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19 isn't enough?!

The Duggars were on The Today Show talking about their 8-month-old daughter Josie who was born 3 months premature.

They also said they would welcome another child if God "sees fit."


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141 comments to “The Duggars Would Welcome Baby 20!”

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  1. 101


  2. 102

    I'm surprised her vajayjay is still intact???

  3. 103

    Yikes. Seriously?? That's too much. How do you properly take care and nurture that many kids? It's impossible.

    And to that idiot who wrote they should sterilize the mentally incompetent… eugenics is not ethical.

  4. 104

    prolapsed vagina. Gross. I wonder if they could name all their children and all their favourite colours. Probably not, thats sad….

  5. 105

    Re: HollieSpirit – Hey, as long as all the kids are being raised properly, I say go for it

  6. 106

    gross! Sterilize these nuts immediately!

  7. bb44 says – reply to this


    Ummmm, hate to break it to you people, but the Duggars were independently wealthy way before TV came knocking.

    Not only that, it isn't like they had the kids to make money. They had 17 kids before they ever appeared on the Discovery Channel. (Which happened because a producer met them while they were on vacation… they didn't seek out the limelight, it came to them). They also live a ZERO-debt, cash-only lifestyle while supporting and educating 20 children in what seems to be a very loving home. That's pretty awesome if you ask me. And they lived that way long before TV.

    FYI, there is no difference in someone who opposes abortion and someone who calls for people to be sterilized. If you want someone to have a choice about their own body, it is a two-way street.

  8. 108

    what a stupid..and creepy..ass family.

  9. 109

    I don't understand why most of you are so negative about their family. They were able to afford supporting their kids before the show, so it's not like they didn't have enough food on the table. Also, the kids are very well behaved. As for the person that made a comment about the way they dress and not being rich enough to afford clothes .. it's called FRUGAL LIVING. Materialistic much?

  10. 110

    hows paying for all the kids..us

  11. 111


  12. 112

    i think if they can afford to look after their children and provide them with love - then why not have lots?
    theyre hardly overpopultaing the world on their own!

  13. 113

    This woman is a hoarder!!!! and what she is hoarding is children!!! they honestly just make me sick. You don't believe in birth control? fine but there is such a thing as knowing your ovulation week and not having sex then! These people are just fucking creepy

  14. 114

    The whole idea of what they are doing is completely disturbing to me. I have watched their show in the past, and yes they seem like very nice people, but at the same time, nice doesn't fix ignorance. It is not possible for 2 people to give the essential time and love to each one of those 19 children. To me, I feel like it's almost a form of abuse. Jim Duggar is no better than a cult leader. God is not making those children, they are. It's scientific fact. Also, Christian natural family planning, shouldn't even have the word "planning" in it. Hence, you get The Duggars. Also, does anyone find it hilarious that they do not allow their army of children to watch tv, and yet they plaster them all over it, even the ones who are too young to consent? I hope that at least a few take off and try to lead normal lives. I can't even imagine the culture shock those kids are going to experience when they actually have to go off into the real world. I really feel for the girls…it's disgusting to think that they are being raised to have absolutely no control over their own bodies. Take these people off the air, in hopes that it might lessen the fuel for them to have anymore children. Because in the next few years, they will most likely be a family of 20-something children, with no mother.

  15. 115

    I would say stop, they seem like descent parents. The father isn't using any protection and that is why she is saying if God blesses her. The only thing I am concerned about is her age, this last one was premature, what happens if one of them dies. Will they think again about bringing another baby into this world is one passes away?

  16. 116

    Having 20 kids is CHILD ABUSE! Her older kids are raising her younger kids. wtf kind of parenting is that!???????????????????? It should be illegal for her to have another kid.

  17. 117

    Since when did having a belief and raising your kids to fear god be a bad thing? I think its pathetic people choose to hate on this family. They may not live the life you choose to but you don't see them being RACIST, ADDICTED TO DRUGS, PARTYING, NEGLECTING, OR LIVING OFF THE GOVERNMENT DO YOU?…. Clearly if you watch or KNOW ANYTHING…. they support themselves. They aren't all caught up in hollywood! It's people like them who even if you don't share their same belief, they love their fellow man and try and raise their kids to do the same. Like it or not, agree with it or not..for those who continue to scrutinize them should maybe REALLY think about it. And…P.S to " GabeGetsYouHigh"…. you are pathetic. Your comment is unintelligent and furthermore TRASHY!!!… It's know it alls like you who make people scared to procreate!!! Funny how you think MORMONS should stop having kids….i bet you are ALL FOR young teenage pregnancies!! KIDS WHO HAVE KIDS!!!! why not? it doesn't matter, everyone makes it seem sooo glamorous. THOSE dang mormons and having kids… they aren't even mormon you delinquant!

  18. 118

    Re: Erin McGinnis – Their kids are most definitely well cared for…because they, the parents, pimp them out via interviews, books and videos. It's not like Jim Bob (seriously?) and his zombie puppet of a wife are WORKING for a living. Their children ARE their source of income!

    These two parents, both of whom are obviously indoctrinated to the point of retardation, USE their children to sustain their lifestyle and they use their older children as built-in babysitters for each of the siblings younger than themselves (robbing each of them of a childhood and appropriate parental figures).

    How much quality time do you think any of these children get or have gotten from their mother and father? Very little, I would wager. As a matter of fact, I believe that I read somewhere that the parents required their kids to schedule time - WEEKS in advance - to speak to them. Yeah, that sounds like exemplary parenting to me!

  19. 119

    To those of you who claim that the Duggar children are well cared for…they are, at least financially. Because they have been pimped out by their parents in order to sustain their lifestyle. The parents use the many, many books, videos, seminars they have spewed forth to capitalize and profit from their children. It is not as if either of them actually WORK. The father quit working when he finally spawned enough children to a) make himself noteworthy and b)to make them profitable.

    I read once that these two people actually required their children to schedule - WEEKS in advance - time to speak with either of them. Quality parenting, no? And the older children are required to take care of - act as parental figures - to each of the children younger than they are. These people are nothing more than opportunists, the father especially (if you've ever heard/seen the mother speak, she is CLEARLY a puppet and repeats, likely verbatim, the rhetoric provided to her by her "master") and have provided themselves with a very comfortable life, a more than adequate income, as well as a house full of nannies, maids and zombies.

  20. 120

    Re: Natanya
    The most sensible comment on here that I've seen in days. Amen.


  21. 121

    BITCH needs to keep her legs closed, they don't need any more "CULT" followers

  22. 122

    Re: gabegetsyouhigh - umm they aren't Mormon dumbass! They are just Christian that believe in the Quiver fold tradition.

  23. 123

    They have no debt. They own their own businesses. (amazing in this world today) the kids seem well adjusted and un-spoiled. Go for it. I wish I more kids. I love kids. PS–They are not Mormans or Catholic.

  24. 124

    Stop the insanity!@!!!!!@

  25. J-Ray says – reply to this


    These people are absolutely disgusting.

  26. 126

    These people need to be neutered.

  27. 127

    Get a clue people! Your body is too old to still be having children! Why do you think your last one was premature? Give it a rest already, the world is overpopulated enough!

  28. 128

    The baby BARELY survived and the mother's life was also at risk. What's WRONG with these people?! Tell Jim-Billy-Bob-Redneck to keep his schwanze in his pants! Put Krazy Glue on his zipper!

    I watched the show one time out of curiosity and it was so schmaltzy as to make me want to barf!

  29. 129

    Thanks a lot for over populating MY world!!
    PUT A CORK IN IT ALREADY! enough is enough.

  30. 130

    Re: HollieSpirit
    sit here, read the comment that you posted and REALLY think about it. hopefully a light bulb will switch on eventually.

  31. 131

    I think if someone had the finances to have that many babies and can take care of them then they could have as many as they want, but the problem I have with the Duggars is that the way they raise their MANY kids is that the older kids are responsible for the younger ones. Therefore the older girls mainly are responsible for these young little babies, holding them and feeding them and all the other baby details–not really giving the girls or boys the chance to be normal kids, not only can they not do the things they may want to do but if anyone has kids out there they know that by always holding a baby that can lead to back pains and saggy boobs..the poor girls have to deal with that stuff early on and its not even their damn kids!! Michelle and JimBOB should hold all their damn kids and do everything for them! How SELFISH of them to want to have sooo many kids for their OTHER KIDS TO RAISE! INSANE! yea so I hate that fact!!

  32. 132

    ok, so they dont feel its right to take birth control, and want to live by the bible, but when tax payers are supporting your family its enough. if your so against birth control DONT HAVE SEX YOU HORNY PIGS. you wont have any more crazy kids, that are probaly brainwashed to do the same fucking thing as their dearest mommy and daddy, disghusting

  33. 133

    As a mom who recently gave birth to a 3 month premature child, I would never want to put a child, my family, or myself through that again! Her body was telling her enough!! She needs to sit down and think about what caused her to have her daughter early and realize it will happen again. Hopefully they are lucky and Josie is well. Next time mom or baby won't be so lucky and then who will take care of her other children who need her.

  34. 134

    they seem like a happy family that doesn't live beyond their means — i don't get the religious obsession, but it's their choice

  35. 135

    wtf duggars. this is getting old

  36. 136

    Thats NUTS! Im sorry but seriously they should have stopped at 10!

  37. 137

    and people like the Duggars look at childless couples like us (by choice) with scorn, sympathy or like we are selfish. What a bunch of holy hypocrites there a million homeless children out there without parents needing loving parents.. Instead of breeding for publicity (truthfully that's what it is to keep your ratings up) adopt or foster children who need the love you can offer……

  38. 138

    For those of you who are saying that they have money and can provide for their kids; therefore there is not problem…

    What about their emotional needs? It is nearly physically impossible for ALL of these kids to get the relationship needed from their parents! With 19 kids, all I see is that the older kids end up taking care of the younger kids. How is that fair? Those poor kids aren't allowed to live normal lives, instead they are having to grow up to act like adults WAY too fast!! It is irresponsible of the parents and very sad for the kids!

  39. 139

    Their latest daughter, Josie, is YOUNGER than her niece (son Josh and daughter-in-law Anna's baby). It's time to stop.

  40. 140

    Re: GeorgiaJules – I once watched an episode where some of the younger kids got sick with a flu, and the older siblings were the ones there for them when they were vomiting, taking their temperatures, etc. It's sad that the kids don't get the attention they deserve from their parents. Especially sick children.

  41. 141

    Re: jerseygirl415

    I know! These kids aren't living "normal" lives and being allowed to be kids at all. They are care takers, which is so sad. The mom and dad keep having kids and expecting their older kids to take care of them. It is just plain irresponsible! I still say that if they just want another child, they could easily adopt from foster care and take in a child that has NO other options!

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