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Drink Up With The Beckhams!

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We love the concept, but we'd rethink the partnership.

Sources say that David Beckham is looking to open a pub in El Lay called The Queen Vic.

Aww! It's named after his wifey! Cute!

The ideas for the place sound really cool and authentic to his homeland of bloody old England, but insiders say that David is looking to open the pub with Gordon Ramsay!

Um, how about no Becks? Have you not been reading our site?! The man owes money every which way and most of his restaurants have CLOSED! He's probably going to swindle you big time!

How about you just keep this venture in the family? It maybe fiscally safer that way. Just saying.

[Image via WENN.]

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18 comments to “Drink Up With The Beckhams!”

  1. 1

    Its called The Quenn Vic after the pub in the English show Eastenders.
    Not after his wife.

  2. 2

    It isn't named after his wife, the Queen Vic is the name of the pub in a british soap opera called Eastenders

  3. 3

    Its called The Queen Vic after the pub in the English show Eastenders.
    Not after his wife.

  4. 4

    LOL, Perez is so clueless. I thought you were an "anglophile"

  5. 5

    or it could be named after a very famous pub from a very famous uk tv show which david and victoria are obsessd with. just a thought

  6. 6

    It's actually the name of the pub in a famous English soap called Eastenders!

  7. 7

    And the Queen Vic in Eastenders was named after the real Queen Victoria. Did Perez fail history as well as his acting classes?

  8. 8

    the queen vic is in easties lmao

  9. 9

    You stupid fuck! Just because you write it here does NOT mean it's true. Note to all, Mario feeds the publicity machine. That's all he does. He knows nothing of the truth. His opinions are shit. His taste is up his ass. I am waiting for the day someone sues his ass for printing a lie he can't take back simply by sayin' "my bad". You're on borrowed time Fat Boy. Hope you enjoy it while it lasts.

  10. 10

    Ya bc he's going to take business advice from you. Just report on celebs and keep your little opinions to yourself, thanks.

  11. 11

    what the fuck do you know? gordon ramsay is one of the greatest chefs alive. his michelin star record is amazing, his restaurants are critically acclaimed, and he's passionate. what are you good at? nothing?

  12. 12

    also, who gives a shit if david beckham is opening a restaurant. no one is going to go, because who cares?

  13. 13

    Fail. It's called the Queen Vic as a nod to the pub (The Queen Victoria) in the soap Eastenders, which is always called the Queen Vic in the show.

  14. 14

    OMG You or the intern-that-pretends-to-be-you are so stooopid. It's not named after his wife. Do some research.

  15. 15

    Wow, Perez/Mario, you really got caught not doing your homework on this one didn't you? HAHAHAHAHA!!!! You and you entire staff are so stupid. By the way, have to agree with the previous poster in defense of Ramsey — the man may have gotten caught in the economic downturn, but if you haven't noticed, his restaurants are still around and his TV shows are hits — jealous much?

  16. gritz says – reply to this


    SOME of his restaurants have failed, not MOST. Have you no idea how many restaurants he has and what the fail/success rate is for a restaurant? Gordon is a very respected chef and is friends with the family, you dope!

  17. 17

    Gordon Ramsey is a complete TWAT! Why would anyone,especially someone with a name (Becks) want to have any association with that LOSER. Just because he's a chef doesn't mean he's not a DICK-which he is.Hate his stupid show and his wrinled face and ass-GO AWAY!!!!!!!!

  18. 18

    wow new writer you fail at life