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49 comments to “GaGa Writing A Song About Equality!”

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    COMING OUT '11..UGH!

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    Booooooooooooring! Used up ideas, theif of other peoples creation and images. IT'S ALL BEEN DONE BEFORE!!!!

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    Boooooring! Most of the gays I know don't care about Prop 8.

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    PROP 8 ISN'T DEAD! This Gay Marriage fight isn't over, so maybe she should hold off until the Supreme Court makes its decision. Because in all honesty, as EXCITED as I am that the ban got overturned, there are still many bigots out there who will fight to the death before they see gay ppl get married.

    And BTW, she will never have the skill set to do a 1960's esque song about peace and love…she's all about flash, bang, and shocking people. I mean..peace and equality are all good, but i guess coming from Lady Gaga it seems really insincere!! I feel like her goal is to just be as loud and edgy as possible. But she is so fake (self-admitted) that I don't know if people can take her seriously. I know i cant. I also don't think she really helps the gay movement. As glad as I am that she is on my side, the struggle a lot of gay people have is trying to convince others that they are normal people, who don't always have glitter in their hair! I kinda feel like she re-enforces a lot of negative Gay stereotypes….maybe she should just stick to singing songs about dancing. IDK maybe i am just sick of her.

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    Didn't take this famewhore long to take advantage. I bet SwedishSweetheart (Perez) will show up suddenly now to proclaim she's a God.

  8. Dale says – reply to this


    yet another coat tail for her to jump on! im so sick of her!!!

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    STFU.What a pair of imbeciles.

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    Cool. Looking forward to it.

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    Last time she did something for "the gays"(as she calls them) she came out with the music video for Alejandro…….idk about you but offensive religious themes, and horny men running around in high heels and fish nets doesn't look like it'll change the mind of those who are opposed to gay marriage.In fact, it just made them say…"this is exactly what we DONT want".

  13. china says – reply to this


    jumping on another bandwagon?
    but wait!
    "begin" being the operative word here. like in: lalala?
    you`re not able to write a decent tune, caca, and you know it.

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    That's my girl!!!

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    Funny how you never mention how a couple of times a year she does coke. Hmmm

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    I totally want to see where she'll be stealing the concept from!!!

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    shut up whore

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    of course she is shes gotta take advantage. and let me guess…its gunna take 2 yrs before anyone hears it?

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    PEREZ/Swedish! WHERE IS YOUR RANT ABOUT HER ADMISSION THAT SHE DOES COCAINE????? If it was dam neare anyone else you would have dragged her over the coals. She admits to still doing it, this is not even about her past, it is still going on… and from you, nothing, not a peep!! VERY interesting given the way you go after mere pot smokers….how very transparent of you.

  20. 20

    Yet another reason to hate Lady Caca.

  21. china says – reply to this


    let`s just run for a while with the theory that perez makes a post only every second time, this skank announces it`s "writing new music" - on tour, on holidays, right now and whenever…
    shouldn`t there be at least two new albums out by now - what with all the creativity outbursts and all this shit?
    imagining two more caca-albums makes my skin crawl but makes me wonder, too what brings on the third try to milk a dead cow instead.

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    Oh good, where would we be today without Lady Caca's response? :l

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    The more artist like lady gaga put their polital opinions out there the more i cant stand them. I listen to your music because i like your music. I dont give a crap about your polital views! Between this and her little speech on the SB1070 law Im liking her less and less and pretty soon i wont be able to stand hearing about her at all.

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    What with the recent news of her continued recreational drug use, one might have thought she'd start doing covers of Eric Clapton's songs Cocaine and maybe After Midnight.

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    Americanos? the puppet is tryin to stir the pot again.

  26. 26

    I hope she includes in it that it was a REPUBLICAN that overturned Prop 8 and NOT Messiah Dumbama and his DO NOTHING democratic con artists! ROTFLMAO!

  27. ass says – reply to this


    Oh god, this just shows how fake Lady Gag really is. If this were any other artist Perez, you'd be saying how fake they are for trying to gain publicity by doing a song like this.
    You really need to grow the fuck up.

  28. o2bme says – reply to this


    you people preach "equality" but only if everyone agrees with you. hypocrites

  29. 29

    Yet ANOTHER reason for her to get publicity… And of COURSE you would think it's "amazeballs"… Dammit, Mario… We're glad Prop H8 is gone, but PLEASE stop posting shit about your beloved Gaga!!!! Not ALL of us LOVE her!!!!

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    Re: mattyvoyager – So because it's been done before, she can't do it again? What logic you have there.

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    I hope we get another song like Future Love :)

  32. 32

    HOLD THE FUCK UP WITH THESE COMMENTS. Celebrities are real people who have real feelings and care about real issues. What is she going to do? Shut up about these issues because people think she's only doing this for attention? Why is Gaga out of the dozens of other celebrities who tweeted about this the only one who's getting shit? Damn. Anyways….future love 2.0., por favor

  33. 33

    I cannot believe some of the comments in this post.
    I for one am glad she is using her platform to promote equality.
    You guys are seriously never happy, it kind of infuriates me. She has written a song about equality before, so she isn't jumping on anything. Seriously. She's been an ally to the gay community since before she even got big.

  34. 34

    Re: ass – No he wouldn't. He'd probably love them for it. I remember when Miley Cyrus said she was all about equality, and he loved her for a few months.

  35. Genn says – reply to this


    The fact that she does what she can and uses the forums available to her (her songs, her shows, her music videos, etc.) to discuss this issue is wonderful to me. This fight is far from over, and alienating allies is just the opposite of what we should do.

  36. Genn says – reply to this


    Re: mattyvoyager – Look around. You won't find much originality nowadays. Even the most original people had to get their ideas from somewhere. Everything's been done before, this isn't shocking at all.

  37. 37

    Yay gaga! :) And lol I love her melodrama. Anyways, I know I was spazzing out about it and messaging my friends and I'm not even from California. People here need to chill out. She isn't the first one to write about this, and won't certainly be the last.

  38. 38

    Perez!! "Amazeballs" is a word you took from Jessica and Hunter. Ask permission before you use that! Just saying. They have a video about you using it and how they hate it.

  39. 39

    Re: 7kimba8 – he posted her info about her admission that she did cocaine IN THE PAST!!!! You morons focus on the most ridiculous shit.. she admitted that to show the lowest point she ever sank and to inspire others to rise above addiction.. she was illustrating what it is like to hit rock bottom.. At least she is honest about her past unlike all these little starlets who pretend they have never done wrong..
    Can't wait for this song.. she is good at dance music but i prefer her ballads.. like "speachless" best gaga song in my opion I bet this song will be like that

  40. 40

    Yay gaga! :) And lol I love her melodrama. Anyways, I know I was spazzing out about it and messaging my friends and I'm not even from California. People on this site need to chill out. She isn't the first one to write about this, and won't certainly be the last.

  41. 41

    Re: Genn – shut up u are LYING there is plenty of original artist out and the corporate music industry jacks their style always coz a lot of underground artist ARE original and sing about real life, and have thought provoking lyrics, gag is a joke a make blv character.

  42. 42

    She's a real gag

  43. 43

    Every time she speaks I swear she must be mildly retarded.

    "BUBBLE DREAMS FOREVER!" and "SCREAM LOUD AMERICANOS!" make me think that she has had some head trauma or maybe some oxygen deprivation in the past. I'm glad they overturned prop 8. (for the moment) but I HATE gaga and all the stupid bullshit she says. Maybe if she laid off the coke….

  44. IVIV says – reply to this


    The reason people call her out on copying is because she is trying desperately to appear unique & crazy & weird & inventive, does not give credit to who she copies (unless she's called out like when Grace Jones called her out on copying her) & all the little monsters act like gaga invented THINGS THAT SHE DID NOT INVENT. THAT IS WHY PEOPLE HAVE A PROBLEM WITH IT!! & them accusing other artists who have paid their dues & established their credibility of copying gaga, it's gaga this, gaga that, gaga invented music, that's why people come on here & say she's a copy cat because her fans refuse to see she didn't invent ANYTHING & they try to talk shit about artists that don't deserve it, disrespect their careers & think you can only like gaga & if you like any other female artist they have to attack them & put them down & praise gaga. Gaga's whole appeal is her wanting to come off crazy & creative. When she is neither. THAT is why people care.

  45. 45

    Scream loud Americanos? Jesus, you stupid bitch…it's AMERICANS!

    On the brighter side of this no talent whore…other things that make Lady GagGag instantly begin writing music:

    * Finding a traffic cone to staple to your head and wear as a hat
    * Beating homeless people unconscious for their clothes
    * The look on people's faces while she stands up at a urinal to pee
    * Cocaine. Lots of cocaine. Lots.
    * Thinking about all of the fashion possibilities you have with a roll of bubble wrap
    * Cocaine…did I mention cocaine?

  46. 46

    Re: IVIV – Couldn't have said it better! The freak seriously needs to go away!

  47. 47

    HAHAHAHA! Bubble Dreams Forever? What an absolutely stupid snatch. Yeah you are just so cool and smart GAG. Americanos?

  48. 48

    Re: scarlett4ever – Lady Gaga has admitted she is bi-sexual so I'd say she has every right to get involved with gay issues. To turn your comment around, does someone being famous mean they have no right to political opinions? "What, the land of the free? Whoever told you that is your enemy" (Rage Against the Machine, Know Your Enemy). You have every right not to pay attention to hers or anyone else's political opinions but she has every right to express them. Then again, I live in a civilised country (UK).

  49. 49

    omgsh,gaga is absolutly the best,i love her,you know guys i'd like to sing with her.gaga the best.bye.