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40 comments to “Kim Kardashian Tweets Tittay Pics!”

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    The problem with overturning Prop 8 is that one judge vetoed the votes of 7 million people. That is very dangerous for America. This is not a "gay" issue. America is a democracy not a dictatorship. A judge can come along and decide, like in Islamic countries, that we should punish people for having gay relationships. Would that be ok? Of course not. We have laws in our country and we vote. The people voted no. Sorry about that. One judge should not have the authority to overturn that.

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    What kind of dog is that? I want one!

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    I remember when she was a natural beauty! Like 6 months ago. What she did to her face is just wrong. Oh, love the dog! The one she is playing with.

  4. YUCK says – reply to this


    correction, her big ol paid for lady lumps, congrats kim you are the definition of gutter trash.Re: longjewishlegs – shut up, I dont believe that two gays having a wedding is really a marriage since marriage is legally defined as being between a man and a woman. but it really shouldnt matter to the rest of us if these people want to pretend like their "married" or if the states even give them the same rights. let them do whatever they want, I am pro happiness and if that is what they want to do so be it. the bible does not state to go after these people and make their lives miserable. get over it and stop wasting time and money on this crap, money that can be used to help needy people instead of campaigning on a lost cause.

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    I loved Kim before she became all "Hollywood" I thought she was a breath of fresh air and I began following her carrer when Keeping up with the kardashians first aired. latley though she's become annoying and press hungry! FYI she also needs to lay off the botox, or whatever other crap shes doing to her face! She's starting to look like she cant show emotion with her face anymore!!! Honestly she was so pretty, now she looks freaky if you ask me!!! Bring it down a notch honey!

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    She has no talent or skills (please no mention of the sex tape cause that doesnt count). so sick of worthless trash like this. Need to keep them out of the public eye so we don't have to be nauseated seeing them at the grocery counter every week. Mom and her both have columns in tabloids thus the weekly appearances in bathing suits on their covers.

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    WHy does someone her age have to wear so much makeup??
    I mean - has anyone ever seen her without big fake eyelashes to go and get her nails done or in the middle of the day??

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    The dog is a boxer - have had them all my life! Best dogs around!

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    why is she 'famous'??? does she act? sing? dance? sport star? newscaster? NO!!! a CRAPPY CHANNEL NAMED E! keeps making people famous who have no business being on tv. AND YOU, MARIO, COMPLAIN ABOUT THE GOSSELINS.

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    Everyhting about her is fake. Fake hair, fake nails, fake boobs, fake butt, fake personality. Why is this girl famous. She isnt that pretty and she seems very winy and bitchy. That poor dog he looks horrified!

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    A 30 year OLD attention whore? no one cares

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    Her lady lumps may be real but those eyelashes and @phineinphilly OMGE yess STOP THE BOTOX its grosss!!! Gots to go!

  15. 15

    And why are we supposed to care about Kim KarTRASHian?????????

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    Re: Shelleilei – looks like a boxer.

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    Re: longjewishlegs

    It is evident that you listen to Rush and swallow it hook, line and sinker.


  18. burf says – reply to this


    her mother/pimp must have made her do it.

  19. 19

    What the hell is wrong with her face—she looks like Jiminy Cricket

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    that is a pretty cute dog, oh and the Boxer's not bad either. sorry that was just to easy.

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    @longjewishlegs: So it's be okay if 7,000,000/a majority of Californians voted to make it illegal for Jewish people to get married?

  22. 22

    Re: Shelleilei – It's a Boxer! So cute, my BFF has one, her name is Jasmine and she's very playful and sweet.

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    please stop making this trash relevant, because shes NOT! ugh someone is INTO themselves…

  24. 24

    I don't care what anyone says about her. She's beautiful, sexy, AND cute. So few of us can pull that off ;)

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    WTF - she makes fun of hte girl wanting to look like her - but WTF is with her eye lashes. is she even 30? does she not take a pic wihout the fake lashes? does she have any of her own left? it looks like two huge roaches (the insect) sitting on her eyelids in that first picture. she reallyh needs to dumb it down and be natural. she looks freakish in picture one.

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    This girl has issues. What a media whore…

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    Re: MadDogM13 – Yes, if that's the law….

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    Re: YUCK – This is not a bible issue. Leave religion out of it. I have no issue with gay people getting married….. I have an issue with one person being able to overturn what the People voted for.

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    Re: concerned4mygirls – sad to see that you don't.

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    Great implants - Cool Dog!!

  31. 31

    now jealous women are going to bash her. thanks perez

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    awwww! i have a boxer too! cute.

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    That's Reggie's dog. IF anyone believes she has a dog at her house, than she's really got you people fooled. This is an old boob pics w/the dog. She only posted these pics to try and make Miles jealous seeing how he hit it and quit it. Aint no man gonna wife her up. Reggie moved on to his latin lover, so the pics are for Reggie too. Like he really cares, LOL! Boo, he's moved on. Go check out Radar

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    Who else does stuff like this? Im beginning to like the fact she takes pics of herself all the time, it makes for a good laugh. Can we say, conceited?
    Right, she is not fat, not ugly…but the things she does makes her an ugly person. Lies & sells sex for money…kinda like a prostitute

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    how in the fuck did we ever allow people to become famous by simply releasing a sex tape? what a fucking whore this bitch is

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    this chick will do anything for attention. and no, her "lumps" are NOT real. they are bought. as much as she wants to deny it, the truth is so obvious. aren't whoredashian's 15 minutes of fame up yet?

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    Re: ladylove909
    Lately?? she's always been press hungry! hence she leaked her own s*x tape, but denies it till today!

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    I would love to see her without ALL of that make-up! She looks unnatural!

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