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Whoopi Accused Of Hitting D.C. Housewife!

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Whoopi Goldberg claims she did NOT hit the Real Housewives of D.C.'s Michaele Salahi while she was on The View on Wednesday, although we wish she did.

Salahi accused Whoopi of hitting her when she just nudged her to continue speaking about crashing the White House State Dinner. Then, Goldberg got PISSED when she found out what Salahi was saying.

"I didn't f—-ing hit you! Did you say I f—ing hit you?" screamed Whoopi at Michaele backstage.

Salahis' lawyer, Lisa Bloom, said:

"The producer went to get Ms. Goldberg, who then yelled a long series of profanities at Mrs. Salahi (yelling the word "f–k" or "f–king" at her dozens of times in a loud voice), accusing her of accusing Ms. Goldberg of 'hitting' her.

Mrs. Salahi said she'd never said that, got the producer back in the room, and the producer admitted that 'hit' was her word, not Mrs. Salahi's. Ms. Goldberg continued to verbally berate Mrs. Salahi, refused to apologize for her language or her on set behavior, and left the room."

Michaele insisted that Whoopi "grabbed her arm" and claims to have been in tears backstage. She found the whole experience of being called a party crasher "degrading and demeaning."

But The View is defending Whoopi!

The show's rep, Karl Nilsson, said:

"Whoopi lightly touched Ms. Salahi to get her attention and said to her 'Excuse me, can you get back to the White House, please,' meaning could Ms. Salahi return to the original subject of the conversation. After the show, Ms. Salahi and her husband accused Whoopi of hitting Ms. Salahi.

As the broadcast clearly shows, the accusation was completely unfounded and erroneous. After the show and after being told she was being accused of hitting Ms. Salahi, Whoopi proceeded to defend herself verbally from this baseless claim in a heated exchange with the Salahis."

Whoopi is set to talk about the matter on Thursday's show! Can't wait for her to put that trash in her place!

[Image via WENN.]

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52 comments to “Whoopi Accused Of Hitting D.C. Housewife!”

  1. 1

    I would pay BIG money to see Whoopie bitch slap that stupid famewhore

  2. 2

    Salahi is an anal cyst on the body of humanity. I hope she get's what she deserves for her evil ways. She must be a RepubliKKKan.

  3. 3

    It's a shame Whoopi didn't knock that worthless attention whore out.

  4. 4

    This effing loser has bleached her hair one too many times and it has made her delusional to say the least. I am so annoyed that this idiot is on a tv show now gaining more publicity for doing nothing but stealing money from charities and pretending she is something she is not. Go away no one cares about you and I wish Whoopi would have kicked her ass but good!!!

  5. 5

    that plastic surgery loving idiot is full of bullshit! i was watching the show yesterday & whoopi came out & nudged her b/c she kept avoiding the subject

  6. 6

    I saw the tape, 1st, why did Whoopi butt in, by coming onstage, during an interview with the 'housewives of….' and sherri and joyblowhard' ? No, she did not hit her, but she did touch her. And why did THOSE STUPID PRODUCERS BRING HER BACK TO THE SALINAS after they accused her? The husband recorded her on his phone and will without a doubt on their website. WERE THEY ALL TRYING FOR RATINGS???? WHOOPI should have let the producers, lawyers, whatever handle it. She knew it was on tape. ALL RATINGS, ALL FOR RATINGS. ALL BULL, ALL CRAP

  7. 7

    Whoopi just showed other camera angles. It looks like that interview started to steer into a direction nobody wanted it to (those ladies were fighting over something I guess a Housewives viewer would understand) and Whoopi touched her and told her to get back on topic. Seems pretty simple, nobody cares about their scripted stupid drama.

  8. 8

    Umm, Whoopi could punch this bitch in the box and I wouldn't give a shit. We have enough dimestore hookers that have reality shows. Good riddance, whore.

  9. 9

    I just watched what whoopie said about this gutter trash. They even showed a video of her just giving her a nudge. I wish Whoopie cuffed her in the back of the head though.

  10. 10

    WHoopi should have given that stupid bitch a beat down East coast style. I think she'd get a congressional medal of honor for it.

  11. 11

    This woman is an attention seeking piece of shit. She IS a white house party crasher, and no one fucking cares if she likes the title or not. Vile.

  12. 12

    I like Whoopi, and Ms. Salahi was a poor choice to even be invited onto "The View." She and her husband have been under criminal investigation, and she is a party crasher. She should not be rewarded for her misdeeds.
    However, even when the guest is avoiding a topic, it's intrusive, even impolite, to touch or "nudge" that person. Respect her personal space. I watch the BBC and this is NEVER done.People should keep their hands to themselves. Many are sensitive about this, and Whoopi dropping the f-bomb didn't help matters any.

  13. 13

    what???? our whoopy talks swears like a truck driver ???? noooooooo

  14. 14

    Just watched the show and you can see what really happened. THe DC househore and her DC househore husband will do anything to be in the press.

    It was interesting because she wouldn't talk about what happened when she crashed the white house. She kept saying it will come out in a book. If you and I were accused of doing something like that we would shout and scream. She sat and smiled with her legs crossed and kept saying it will come out in a book. What an idiot.

  15. 15

    God knows how bad i wish whoopi would beat the stupid out of this nasty tranny. Her and her husband are worse than Heidi and Spencer. They are such famewhores that they dont even have any smarts to know that the view is filled with cameras and it will prove she was lying. Haha i hope someone kills those famewhoring morons!

  16. 16

    Whoopie is an absolute self rightious bitch. She has been lucky to get a career resurgence on the View. She was such a has been until then and forgets herself. She was the same with Jake the batchelor - her usual cheeky bitch self. I don't see her saying much to Elizabeth about her start in reality tv land. No, she even said that Elizabeth was in an "adventure" series, oh is that so. Still reality tv to the masses. She is full of it, sack her already, please ABC!

  17. 17

    Lisa Bloom needs to be "BITCH SLAPPED" too. Its a$$holes like Lisa that keep these losers in the news. Lisa has no morals and will represent anyone stupid enough to pay her.

  18. 18

    How dare Whoopi give her a "nudge", touch her in any way or hurl the F word at her. This is grounds for termination in 99.9% of workplaces. You people who are urging Whoppi to give her a "beatdown East Coast style" are just an example of how low our society has sunk. Whoopi needs to be shown the door just like Rosie was for fighting with a pregnant Elizabeth.

  19. 19

    Classic fame whoring. Who does this bitch think she is! The only thing this bitch has done is threaten our National Security by crashing a White House Party….seriously. The way she put the president and other officials in danger like that is 100% unforgivable and I think she should be in prison. She obviously has some kind of mental illness that keeps her from understanding the world around her. So I REFUSE to watch this show, I REFUSE to ever watch Bravo ever again. (because essentially they are the ones who put ratings above the safety of our president) Fuck this bitch fuck her show. She is ugly, clearly retarded and a disgusting, gutter licking fame whore of the worst kind…

  20. 20

    A woman lost her job because of what this jackass and her husband did. Whoopi should smack her.

  21. 21

    Re: DaRockz – You are so right another Spense and Heidi.

  22. 22

    Way to defend yourself Whoppie! Wish she would have really hit her, though.

  23. 23

    I wish somebody really would hit her and her husband. Preferably in the head with a baseball bat. Repeatedly until they are no longer moving. After that, please do the same with the other "housewives" of DC then move onto NY, NJ, Atlanta, OC, etc…

  24. 24

    Why are Lisa Bloom and her mother (Gloria Allred) always representing the lowest of the low when it comes to famewhores?

  25. 25

    Ms. Salahi is an embarrassment to the DC area. She is seeking fame, attention and money in an absolutely ill-mannered and classless way. She is not respected in the Dc community and is a poor representation of the hard working women of the District and surrounding areas. She is disgusting.

  26. Marm says – reply to this


    Looks like we have DC's answer to Danielle Staub, albeit prettier….

  27. 27

    I am so sick and tired of ALL these no talent, slimy nobody's getting on these so called reality shows, rehab shows etc. The time as come to throw them all off the air and start hiring some good writers and get back to a few great drama's, comedy shows with real actors. Even a good night time soap would be better than the bullshit of these so-called reality shows ENOUGH!

  28. 28

    Any network that gives air time to this woman and her a-hole of a husband should be ashamed of themselves.

  29. 29

    Salahi is a worthless, no good, liar. These people have no shame. Pathetic!

  30. 30

    I'd like to hit the blond whore

  31. 31

    Obama was on the View and now Salahi. Any questions?

  32. YUCK says – reply to this


    I actually watched the view yesterday and throughout the interview this salahi bitch was very caustic. very defensive, you can tell she is going to be the mental case on the show.

  33. 33

    But aren't they "party crashers"? What else is it when people show up ininvited? Under what illusion do these people live?

  34. 34

    That woman should never have been cast. I can't believe they rewarded their stunt by giving her a role in the show. They effing messed with the President's security, for godsakes.

    She's an opportunistic bitch, but then aren't they all?

  35. 35

    Don't watch the View, WON'T watch this Housewife show with her on it. She looks like she is hiding something, prolly that she was born a he….

  36. 36

    Pathetic jew!

  37. 37

    she is a fame whoring party crasher! Whoopi should have slapped her when she had the chance.

  38. 38

    I miss Meredith. She knows how to do a classy interview regardless of her opinion of the guest. Whoopi should have kept her ass on stage for the interview since she felt Sheri was incapable of doing it to her liking. Whoopi was WRONG to return to the stage behind the guests back and TOUCHING the guest and startling her. Whoopi was wrong ranting and cussing at the guest after the show!!Will Mel Gibson support Whoopi's rants that were caught on tape like Whoopi supported his?

  39. 39

    These delusional pseudo-celebs are just plain trash. That they were invited on The View is sadly, no credit to the program, but having said that, I love that this bleached blonde tried to make a situation out of her 15 minutes with Whoopi. No only is this idiot a dumb blonde, but she makes the others look like rocket scientists. Someone get the pooper-scooper and put that woman and her equally noxious husband in the trash with the rest of the used litter.

  40. 40

    Michaele Salahi is disgusting. Whoopi never hit her, but probably did cuss her out, as would I. I watched the entire show, and I would have been pissed had I been one of the other "housewives" on the show. Their entire couch time to promote the show was spent talking to Michaele and her gate-crashing the white house (which she and everyone else knows full well she did). I would NEVER watch the Housewives of D.C. show BECAUSE she is on it. She is a rude and insolent person, in addition to being a liar.

  41. 41

    Another housewife following suit and keeping it classy!

  42. lck says – reply to this


    why would they even have this fame whore on the show, did they expect someone with scruples or something.

  43. 43

    Its true, i saw the clip, she just lightly touched her and requested to get back to the topic at hand since the girls were starting to be bitchy and catty with one another. Salahi, get off your fucking high horse, you are not the center of the universe and not as important as you think you are. She touched you, boo fucking hoo, get over yourself. You're not so fucking fragile that you'll break your ribs the second you are touched gently. Oh and honey? You can insist all you want that you didn't crash that party, but you have not presented a single shred of proof other than your word which after today just cements how worthless it is, you and your husband are nothing but famewhoring liars!

  44. 44

    If Whoopi hit her, she'd still be out!

  45. 45

    Not a huge fan of the View…they seem like a bunch of bullies for the most part, but Whoopi was completely justified in going after this $#@!##! I really wish that talk shows and entertainment news shows would stop covering the Housewives,the hills,the kardashians etc….it only keeps encouraging the development of more and more of this garbage. I realize that these shows are cheap to produce and generate larger profits but it truly diminishes the entertainment industry.

  46. 46

    Why have this nasty bleached blond skeeze on the show in the first place?

  47. 47

  48. 48

    Wish Whoopi bitched slapped her. another famewhore for doing nothing. Lisa Bloom another famewhore like her mother Gloria they are lawyers give me a break.

  49. 49

    Wow! I missed this!

  50. 50

    Salahi is a crazy sociopath. She is going to make Danielle Staub look stable.

    Where do they find these so-called 'real' housewives?? Do they wait outside Psychiatric hospitals for the ones being discharged still mentally ill??

    Her and her husband are disgusting, annoying and pathological liars. Just a note BRAVO, most of us would PAY to see these two knocked out!

  51. 51

    Re: boston61 – I couldn't have said it better.

  52. 52

    Re: redmond