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New Eminem & Rihanna!

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We still hate its message and the lyrics, but we love the song and we love the video too!

Check out the just-released vid for Love The Way You Lie, featuring Megan Fox and Dominic Monaghan, above.

What do U think???

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200 comments to “New Eminem & Rihanna!”

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  1. 101

    Honestly, didn't think eminem and rihanna would ever collaborate..but both have dealt with domestic violence so it makes sense that they did this type of song together

  2. 102

    Re: nangelaw – Umm try listening to the words of the song and REALLY watch the video and then explain how this sends a BAD message. Stop parroting what other people say when it's obviously wrong.

  3. 103

    Re: poorlittlerichiegirl – How about it's never ok to hit someone, period - but if you do, expect consequences? Seriously man, don't expect a free pass just for being female…

  4. 104

    Awesome song, awesome video…they are both incredible artists…moving!

  5. 105

    The combination of the lyrics, collaboration, casting and the video… it's all awesome. Well done!

  6. 106

    Re: JadedGemy – -
    he picked Rhianna because only she matches his Z-list status - both of these idiots are soooo over

  7. 107

    I had to look twice. I was thinking..Is that Megan Fox??..lol
    I wish the Em and Rihanna were the ones playing the couple.

  8. 108

    Re: PinkyTuscadero – The kinds of relationships where it's highly likely that the man will end up murdering the woman, aren't the crap depicted in this stupid song. Go to any domestic violence message board - 95% of the women are so psychologically destroyed and terrified of their partners, they wouldn't DARE provoke him by initiating something physical. There would be no "pull each other's hair" and whatever Jerry Springer bs is shown in the vieo (which I haven't bothered to watch)

  9. 109

    Re: coco smithh – That's the only line in the song that sounds about right.

  10. 110

    Dom was an interesting choice but a surprisingly good one!

  11. 111

    Re: JadedGemy – Shut up, stupid. I was responding to the woman who said that the difference is incomparable. And we're only comparing male-female violence. Women take the cake when it comes to parent-child murder/violence.

  12. 112

    Re: JadedGemy – Why is no one outraged over what Rihanna did then - considering she has a history of being violent herself? Because she got the worse beating? In no way am I on Chris Brown's side, but imo that's what you get when you think you can go beating on people. You never know if that person is going to go fucking psycho and beat the crap out of you, whether it be a guy, or a big ass woman three times her size. People need to take responsibility for their actions. A guy fighting back when a woman attacks him, is totally different from the disgustingly isidious nature of a true abusive relationship. They both might qualify as "domestic violence", but that's it. Chris Brown and Rihanna were two violent bad tempered brats, end of story.

  13. 113

    Why does Rehana "curl" her lip every time she says the word "hurt".. it's so annoying.. I'm sure she learnt her tricks from her her gold digger father who sent her here to be a victim of abuse and make tons of money.

  14. 114

    Rehana you are not a good actor.. stop twitching and curling your lip as if you are in deep pain now.. you ruined Chris Brown's career, you ruined your own career, no point of sulking now, it's too late.. so go back to your greedy family and gulp alcohol after alcohol… Thank You!!

  15. 115

    Thank God Eminem saved Rihana's dying career for now.. she is so yesterday, .. !!

  16. 116

    i thought it was amazing…..eminem is never one to candy coat reality…..alot of peoples reality. what i took from this is…..its more than getting hit and sometimes its more than one person with the problem….love and violence make for some crazy shit sometimes that cant be explained or put into a box of 'abuser and victim'…..and OMG….thats one sexy ass hobbit!!!!!

  17. 117

    OMG…I didn't think it was possible, but Megan Fox is even hotter in this video. Love Em..been a fan of his since high school. Love the message and lyrics in this song. Especially the line "guess that's what happens when a tornado meets a volcano" it reminds me of my relationship. Amazing video and phenomenal acting by Megan and Dominic!

  18. 118

    Re: Mrs. Palin-Carmody – Nonsense. With all the safety-nets available to people these days, anyone in an abusive relationship is a willing participant. If there are kids involved, the "victim" is also guilty of neglect. Your perceptions of domestic abuse are primitive and outdated. Many victims of abuse actively seek out abusive partners. There are victims of violence, yes. But if you go back to someone who harms you, you are a willing participant.

  19. 119

    I was not a really bi fan of this song until I watched this video!!!
    I like Eminem, but it is always sooooo much hate in his lyrics, that I got a little tired of it. And it is always about his ex wife.
    But, this video is amazing!!!

  20. 120

    I agree the lyrics are really awful, but the music and video are fabulous. Like a great commercial but a terrible product.

  21. JuNoZ says – reply to this


    Kudos!! To Megan and RiRi for making the video interesting.

  22. 122

    although i can't relate to the song/video, i think it's really well done. good job eminem/rihanna!

  23. 123

    hate the message? its not saying the domestic violence is a good thing, it just tells a story about it. you make it sound like hes tell people to go and knock thier partners..the song and the video are real. theres alot of people who are able to relate to this. and the songs probably already help some people out.
    i dont get how some of you dont see that.
    Re: VanMora – umm the video just came out last night.

  24. 124

    Absolutely amazing!

  25. junk says – reply to this


    That was an amazing video. It gave me chills. I really don't see how this gives a bad message..it's showing an abusive relationship. The acting was great. Its a scary thougt but its the truth and it happens everyday around the world. How can this be a bad message.

  26. 126

    … he's more convincing as a hobbit.

  27. 127

    fucking love it. i can really relate to this song. its all behind me now thank fuck. and megans acting wasnt as horrifying as i expected

  28. 128

    this video was a joke. they tried so hard to make it deep and meaningful, I thought it just came off as trying to hard and commical

  29. 129

    megan and dom really do make this video watchable. because em and rihanna were boring. and rihanna did the same crap when the camera went on her.

  30. 130

    I HATE that Rihanna is the poster girl for domestic violence. No woman should ever hit a man and expect not to get hit back PERIOD!!! She plays the victim, but she did her share of the abuse.

    If the media didn't blow this incident WAAAAY out of proportion she would still be with Chris Brown. I'm not a Chris Brown fan, he is very annoying, but I hate women who try to play the victim when they are equally responsible.

    In any case, love the song and love the video!

  31. 131

    are you that thick that you still don't get the message of this song!?!?!

    I pity you Mario.

  32. 132

    This is the best song/video of the summer! Em is one of the most talented artists of our generation! People who don't like him are people who likethe lady gagas and the Britney's! Eminem is an artist with actual talent! Unlike these pop "stars" who are famous for being mediocre!

  33. 133

    Re: Mrs. Palin-Carmody – You need therapy if you feel that strongly about a music video.

  34. 134

    entertaining video…not a fan of pop culture glamorizing domestic violence tho!

  35. 135

    Intense and amazing. I think you only hate the lyrics if you don't really get what they are saying. They are basically telling people "hey this is why I go back, because I love them so much I can't leave" I lot of people can't always understand abusive relationships and I think this puts perspective on it. Rihanna and Eminem both have a history of bad relationships and a lot of questions were asked about them in the past, but this video and song pretty much says it all. Sad and heartbreaking and incredibly emotional. Plus the song flows so well that you have to love it.

  36. 136

    how can you hate the lyrics but love the song, that doesn't make sense. i think you should actually LISTEN to the song and think about it then you will see how important the message is.

    i thouhgt the video was amazing and really suits te song well.

  37. 137

    they are all amazng and this video is sick, but will get so censored to fuck when its played! Rihannah is well hot and i don't see why everyones hates her

  38. 138

    The lyrics alone are amazing but this video just puts it over the top. Great video. Megan and Dom did very well. It felt very dramatic. I love it.

  39. 139

    this is why so many young kids have fucked up relationships

  40. 140

    was waiting for this vid for so long, pretty damn awesome. i expected a little more of rihanna, but the overal vid was great!

  41. 141

    I'm guessing you didn't understand the real message of the song. But I know that using your brain is a department you're not familiar with, so that's okay.

  42. 142

    the song blows, and it doesn't help they gotta play it on the radio 50,000 times a day.

  43. 143

    i think that the both of them are not trying to give domestic violence any justification but trying to show the people who havent experienced this why it is so hard to walk away. it definatly hits a nerve with me, i have loved like this. i understand the pain of staying, also the pain of leavin…..giving up on someone you love. tho there is really only so much a person can take (male or female) no matter how many times you fight hurt each other break things say nasty stuff you still feel like there is this magnent pulling you two back to each other. you really have to live it to understand. this is a look into an toxic adictive realtionship.

  44. 144

    LOVE IT!!!

  45. 145

    Re: ba-buttons – You're an idiot. Z-list, really?

  46. 146

    SICK AMAZINGLY SICK!!!! Love it!

  47. 147

    I think that considering the song sends such a strong message, the video was tastefully done. It still gave me goose bumps because it is a very powerful message. I think they did an amazing job on the video, i would only change 2 scenes and put the part of him attacking the other guy in place of where he punched the wall next to megan. I feel those two parts were sort of backwards in referance to the lyrics but still a greta video with a powerful message!

  48. 148

    megan looks amazing and acts it out perfectly! eminem is awesome.
    rihanna, i like her — but i dont like that red hair and that stupid TICK/lift of the lip she does when she sings. just one part of her top lip goes up.

    those little things get on my nerves.

    and PEREZZ, im gonna say it again. youre a fucking hypocrite. u used to bash eminem. now u like him? and if u dont like the message and the song, why even watch the video?
    and its JUST A SONGG!! its poetry formed into a song.

    youre so annoying.

  49. 149

    Em is not CONDONING this type of relationship, he is simply stating what he went through. Unfortunately, this is how some people are. I really didn't like Megan until I saw this music video and then I was blown away. i will never forgive her for making crap again now that I know what she's capable of. And some people have said the music video ends on a positive note and that's horrible - NO it ends right back where it started, with them in bed together - a cycle of violence they find impossible to break. Why do people always think Eminem condones the worst things?! He has a 14 year old daughter, for chrissakes. This is simply his experience with violence - and Rihanna can obviously relate otherwise she wouldn't be in it.

  50. 150

    Fuck you Perez.
    The message is more intense than anything you could ever understand.
    You have no idea how many girls can relate.
    Go to hell.

  51. 151

    Very powerful.

  52. 152

    that's an incredible video.

  53. 153

    I actually really like this video. I'm not a real fan of Fox but I think she was great in this.

  54. 154


  55. 155

    Amazingg :) x

  56. 156

    Re: stargirlz – good idea!! :D

  57. 157

    Re: jerkstore – U are a scary person. I bet u hurt women a lot. I am proud to be a feminist and I am already aware women cause a lot of the problems but U can't act like men don't abuse women in every little thing they do. Rape, womanizing, degrading, beating, its not just men but don't act like women ain't abused for every little fucking thing dick!

  58. 158

    I think you get it wrong, Perez. In french, we say it's "second degré"(second degree…but I don't know if you have the equivalent in english): you are supposed to see it like "denunciation", not like "praising"!!!

  59. 159

    hmmm best thing in that video was miss megan fox !

  60. 160

    Re: england-nick – I know right? Rihanna is amazing.

  61. n3lky says – reply to this



  62. 162

    Watching this video and being a victim of domestic violence, it shows the story that too many people deal with. I didn't put up with an abusive spouse, but while still in high school I was the victim of verbal, emotional, and physical pain. I was stabbed and pistol whipped in my living room and nearly left for dead two months before I graduated. This video simply tells the masses, who do not deal with this, what it really IS like. I do not see endorsements for the violence, just story telling, which is what artists do.

  63. 163

    Dominic and Megan really make this vid. And I LOVE the message. Just because you don't experience domestic abuse doesn't mean it doesn't exist. It's out there. It's real, and it looks something like this. What's wrong with the message in this song? Do you even listen? Oh yeah - you're just about the beats.

  64. 164

    Re: dirty_couture – Eminem had a message to put out with this song. Rihanna wanted to be a part of it. Get it?

  65. 165

    Re: jerkstore – I command you for putting yourself in the line of fire by speaking on the issue of domestic violence from another perspective. For far too long, society has been propagandized to believe only women are victims of abuse. People also assume that a man is always physically stronger than a woman, but that simply is not the case in every situation. I have seen the results of domestic violence against men and it's a pity that they hardly have a voice, because so many people can't even fathom this type of situation - but it's real!

    You're obviously a smart & brave person for speaking out on behalf of them and I just wanted to thank you for taking a stand. Keep it up!!

  66. 166

    I think they could have shown the pain and agony of a dysfunctional relationship without showing a glamorization of domestic violence. I think its a dangerous thing for young boys and girls to see who dont have the thought process to interpret it metaphorically yet. It shows pretty people, poetic imagery and punches. If it was two unknown, unattractive actors, who actually showed blacked eyes and missing teeth, we might not think the video was so great.

  67. 167

    Re: Mrs. Palin-Carmody – You're kind of retarded…. either that or a rich spoilt girl who has neveer had to deal with reality…. The song is EXACTLY like my current relationship… letter by letter… I'm not proud, BUT it really is what keeps us together as we love each other so much that we would rather live like this than without each other (BUT please be aware that he hes NEVER hit me, we have a very abusive VERBAL relationship, mentally destructive)

  68. 168

    are you kidding?
    these lyrics are beautiful
    espically the chorus.

  69. 169

    Re: medii – I AGREE COMPLETELY WITH YOUR ENTIRE STATEMENT! But if you leave it to the media (people like PEREZ HILTON) they try to make it seem as if eminem is in full support of domestic violence. =\
    That is far from the actual truth.

  70. 170

    Re: Leahishot – Im glad there are other people out there besides me that think Perez is being a total jackass about this song and about a LOT of other things. WTF does he mean by "we hate the message"???
    PEREZ needs to stop being an asshole and hating on people just for the sake of hating…

  71. 171


  72. 172

    OMG! this video is so amazing and so HOOOOT.

  73. 173

    How can you hate the message and the lyrics but love the song? Perez, your a dumbass. This video and song is amazing! 90% of the world can probably relate to these lyrics, and the video just brings them out even more. Eminem is back and better than ever, he doesnt rap about dumb shit that he has nothing to do with..he raps about life, and more importantly, his life.

  74. 174

    Loves it, Megan and Dominic make the perfect trailer trash couple!

  75. 175

    I wish they would release this as another song with only RiRi singing it. I love her parts on the song.. Beautiful tune… Sounds ok with the rap, but would be oooo much better as a singing single with Ri…

  76. 176

    The message kinda reminds me of U2's with or without u, except more gritty and blatant. I don't get all the hate for the song, he's just trying to express his life through music, you know, how a lot of artists do? And making lots of money doing it. Why did he want rihanna specifically for this song anyway?

  77. 177

    rihanna looks like a clown and her expressions are f'n stupid! someone needs to punch her again.

  78. Bloom says – reply to this


    Love how everybody is a critic. It's a good song, I believe it shows Em's past dealing with Kim.

  79. 179

    ahhhh this way to commercial for what everyone used to be known as "eminem"
    "will the real slim shady please come back"

  80. 180

    This is good…VERY, VERY GOOD!

  81. 181

    Re: dirty_couture – Rihanna was beat up by Chris Brown….Ummmm last time I checked that's called domestic violence. I say her part in the song AND video makes perfect sense and makes the message much stronger.

  82. 182

    ever heard of irony fatso?

  83. 183

    This song and video in no way glorifies abuse and anyone that thinks so (PEREZ) is ignorant and clearly unable to appreciate its creative meaning. They've both been there, they are coming from an honest and damaged place and are using their negative experiences to try to make people aware of the dangerous and addictive cycle of abusive relationships. If it were glorifying domestic abuse, that would mean it would make it look appealing, like something fun and glamourous…doesn't look like fun to me. This stuff happens, it's reality. Stop harping on artists when they're honest and deal with real issues.

  84. 184

    I like people who are hatin' and insulting people who are successful, stop crying tbh and get your life together lol, Europe > America

  85. 185

    Ri ri kind of reminds me of eve circa love is blind in this video. All she's missing is the paw tattoos across her chest.

  86. 186

    Re: Sid Dithers – I didn't know that there was a third person in the car that night?

  87. 187

    Obviously Perez and anyone else who "Hates the message" does not understand the lyrics and are too shallow to get the message. Sad.

  88. 188

    How the f**k can be a video/song as controversial as this one commercial? You're kidding, right?
    Eminem just does what he does best. He writes song that are meaningfull and have a message. If you don't get that message.. well I don't think anyone cares. Especially Eminem. And btw, he can be proud to create such controversy without being naked in the video or simulating gay sex. Yep, I'm refering to L. Gaga.
    I'm glad his back, I like his mature-self and I love the fact that I can listen to songs with a real message again. I was getting tired of all that "ra ma ra ma ma" bullsh*t.

  89. 189

    i'm not surprised that perez hates the song and the lyrics and the message. you have to have experienced this situation to truly understand this song.

    this video gives me chills. it's amazing.

  90. 190

    hate the message? what? it reflects the difficulty of getting out of a poisonous relationship and the pain that goes with it. how is that a bad message? obviously a lot of people can relate if the song is this popular. maybe you should actually LISTEN to the lyrics?

  91. 191


  92. 192

    but it was too much!

  93. 193

    wtf is with your reserve psychology BS mario? you hate the message of the song and the lyrics but you like the song and the video? what?? yeah thats not weird at all! how does that even make sense? you either love it or hate it!

  94. 194

    If you never have been in an abusive relationship than maybe you dont get the videos message…Its truly haunting…and so close to the truth….amazing. I think it was well done.

  95. 195

    You hate its message and lyrics?

    Whatever, for? It's a heartbreaking, disturbingly poignant glimpse into domestic violence/abuse. The lyrics are phenomenal; I can understand why Rihanna wanted a part of this. It was probably carthartic for both of them to release this part of themselves. The cycle of violence continues for a reason; open your ears and really listen!

    Eminem nailed this one. and Rihanna sealed the deal. So proud of both of them; they have a new fan in me.

  96. 196

    wow the viedeo was really good…intense

  97. 197

    i forgot that megan fox could act. and hobbits could be sexy

  98. 198

    Re: 7tizz – I was thinking the same thing. Eminem is looking pretty gaunt. Its obvious he's still on drugs. Him pairing up with Rhianna was a good marketing gimmick. He has the #1 album on the charts, but something is definitely different about him now. He's 'bouncing' just like Whitney. Kinda like the back half of the Titantic bobbing on the surface for a while before plunging to the deepest depths forever.

  99. 199

    chris brown didn't just punch rihanna once or something like that. he fuckin beat her face in and choked her until she passed out. rihanna is not innocent, but he took it too far and deserves everything he gets and more.

  100. 200

    how can you really HATE the message of a song and LOVE it, though ?!
    why does perez always hate or love everything .. ever heard of the word 'like' and 'don't like' ?!
    fat shit!

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