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Bill O'Reilly Vs. Jennifer Aniston!

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We may not like her that much, but we're with Maniston on this one!

Bill O'Reilly
is calling out Jennifer Aniston for her recent comments surrounding single motherhood and that women do not necessarily need to settle down with a man to have a child.

According to Bill, this statement is "destructive to society!"

The times are changing, Bill — get with it!

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108 comments to “Bill O'Reilly Vs. Jennifer Aniston!”

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  1. 1

    Bill's right and Jennifer's an idiot - it's quite obvious she doesn't think before she speaks and if she does, she just plain plum dumb.

  2. 2

    Jennifer Aniston is a loser who doesn't even want kids because she is so obsessed with her figure and continues to smoke cigarettes most likely to stay thin. Kids do need a father and deserve to have two decent parents in their lives no doubt about it. Most of the kids in jail and the ones I see at the schools I work at who are in trouble will tell you that they either do not know their father, dads in jail or just doesn't give a shit. She really needs to be careful about what she says.

  3. 3

    I have noticed lately that Jennifer Aniston is looking more and more like the very popular Snooki from Jersey Shores. Put them side by side, and you'll see!

  4. 4

    Idk about "destructive to society" but studies have shown that children without fathers, and children in single parent homes in general, do have more problems than children with two parents present in their lives.

    There are enough fatherless children in this country, why add to it?

    A child needs more than money to be raised well. Plus, when Jen is off making movies who takes care of the child then?

  5. 5

    Really perez? Times are changing?

    Are you advocating young girls to think its okay to not have a father to their children? O'reilly brings up an excellent point in that fact. There is a huge difference for Jennifer Anniston not to have a man because she is worth millions. She is giving the wrong idea to young girls though. Stop trying to be such a cool liberal perez. You're such an idiot.

  6. 6

    "Any man who leaves his family is not a man"
    I totally agree.

  7. buck says – reply to this


    O'Reilly is absolutely right…liberals crack me up and Anniston is just trying to sell her latest movie.

  8. 8

    …and by the way, I'm with Bill O'Reilly on this one. This woman can't get over losing Brad Pitt. She never really appreciate him much, kind always making jabs at Pitt liking large and complicated houses (architecture). I never saw affection or respect from her to him…so she lost him. Get with the flow. There is something STRANGE in this woman not having hooked up with SOMEBODY and gotten married. She could have a lot of choices; people not in "the business," but attractive men of substance, intelligent, older than she, that kind of thing. There is something strange about her situation. And wanting to be a mother? Why doesn't she just SHUT UP about it. She doesn't look the maternal type to me AT ALL! It seems that I've grown to dislike her.

  9. 9

    For ONCE OReilly is right–Statistics on children raised by Single Parents do NOT lie.
    1. In 1996 study, 70% of juvenile detention center inmates were raised by single moms. 72% of juvenile murderers, 60% of juvenile rapists came from a single parent home.
    2. A study cited in the Village Voice a few yrs back cited that over 70% of teen pregnancy's are from single parent households.
    3. 2008 Study by Georgia Univ. found that single mothers cost the U.S. tax payer $112 BILLION annually.
    It may be a woman's "RIGHT" to be a single mom–but it obviously in most cases is not the best thing for the child and/or society. Unless you have a partner to raise that baby with–it IS irresponsible to purposely plan to have a child by yourself.
    Jennifer Aniston is just plain ignorant to the reality of facts.

  10. 10

    Jennifer says the word "women" and then Bill O'Reilly starts talking about 12 and 13 year olds. He is a moron.

  11. 11

    "The times are changing, Bill- get with it!"….please! It's comments like this that are destructive too. Just because times are changing doesn't mean it's for the better of society. Who wrote this ignorant, unenlightened comment on the Perez staff? I am not a huge Bill O'Reilly fan, but he has a good point. I am tired of men portrayed as insignificant trolls in our society.

  12. 12


  13. 13

    For ONCE OReilly is right–Statistics on children raised by Single Parents do NOT lie.
    1. In 1996 study, 70% of juvenile detention center inmates were raised by single moms. 72% of juvenile murderers, 60% of juvenile rapists came from a single parent home.
    2. A study cited in the Village Voice a few yrs back cited that over 70% of teen pregnancy's are from single parent households.
    3. 2008 Study by Georgia Univ. found that single mothers cost the U.S. tax payer $112 BILLION annually.
    It may be a woman's "RIGHT" to be a single mom–but it obviously in most cases is not the best thing for the child and/or society. Unless you have a partner to raise that baby with–it IS irresponsible to purposely plan to have a child by yourself.
    Jennifer Aniston is just plain ignorant to the reality of facts.

  14. 14

    I HAVE To say this
    i got dumped by my ex the same time as jennifer i saw another woman sitting on my exs couch and i rammed his fence he had been seeing her for 2 years behind my back 2-3 months later she moved in has been there ever since and now they have a kid not 7 kids one kid

    i cried for 3 days when i found out then cried for about 2 years on and off so i can relate to some of the trauma mine wasnt in the public eye noone gave a sh** they all just said move on move on

    i didnt move on but now its been 4-5 years my exs kid isabout 2-3 i dont know yearz old and im with a younger male whos basically living with me .. hes a internet nerd whos not ugly like a internet nerd a john mayer one day ill pay type…

    i watch jennifer waiting for brad and i know she doesnt love him anymore she just wants justice she wants them to hurt like she got hurt i still sometimes have thoughts about this too but the reality is life goes on shes had a few really nice guys interested in her i didnt have that just a couple of young men hanging around

    jennifer needs to let go of her desire to even the score and find someone and have a kid before its too late…
    jen says she loves brad i sAY MY EX CAN BURN IN HELL

  15. 15

    Re: ashloG1228 – There is a huge difference between a 40 year old successful and educated woman having one child vs some slut having multiple kids out of wedlock. Just look at Sherly Crow. She seems like a great mom and has even said that her kids have male role models.

  16. 16

    wtf? jen only said that women can now have children without having to find a man to do the job. which is true, thats what a sperm bank is for. Jen did not say this is a great idea or that she would do it, or tell people to do it. get off your fucking high horse and leave the woman alone. i was raised by a single mother and so were my three brothers. and we all turned out just fine thank you. you can get a father figure from an uncle or their grandfather.

  17. 17

    Re: buck – Yeah, no shit. She was just promoting her movie. It must have been a slow news day for Bill to make a big deal over that quote.

  18. 18

    Bill O'Reilly = Archie Bunker.
    who can argue with this?

  19. 19

    Im on the fence on this one. I do know the last person who's opinion I put any value in is FatBoy. There aint know way some one as screwed up as him had any type of upbringing.

  20. 20

    Bill is right. Children clearly do better when there are a mother and father in the home. That's what is wrong with society today…. too many hippies from the 60's and 70's screwed up. Nobody can make the committment anymore to stick with it for the long haul. If they did, we'd be better off.

  21. 21

    Sorry but I agree with Jennifer. Is it not "destructive to society" when a man up and leaves their wife and kids for someone else or just because he doesnt want to be a father anymore and never pays child support either, just leaves his family? That is destructive. There are alot of single mother's out there because a man does not want to be bothered with the responsibility of a child. Jennifer is not saying it is right but a woman can have a child on her own if she wants especially if she cant find a man to settle down with and she's of a certain age.

  22. 22

    I really hate to say this. But Bill is actually right for once.

  23. 23

    Bill is a hundred percent correct in his statements. And what makes him more well rooted is the fact that he does not compromise his views in front of those 2 bumbling idiots that couldn't come on with a response, they fumbled their answers. There are fundamental thruths that do not change, even if the times change, because those are the things that act like glue in society. I'll say like he did say, If Jennifer wants to response to this argument, come into his show and argue her point. Just because someone don't accept something or someone it don't make it less true or real.

  24. 24

    You have no idea how much I hate saying this, but. . . I agree with Bill. Just because no one HAS a dad anymore doesn't mean they're not vital. The donor of those other 23 chromosomes are irreplaceable in a person's life. Raising your kid telling them, "It's okay that you don't have a dad! I planned it this way" isn't going to wave off all the psychological needs they have for a father. Step 1: Start holding men accountable for more than just showing up for little league games as a society. Just read a human growth and development book! Sorry, feminists. It's Science.

  25. 25

    O'Reilly is probably the only person who needs to be punched more then perez.
    a single parent home may not ideal..but there are lots of people raised by a single mother and they've ended up just fine in life. or look how many dads are around and do nothing anyways and its just like being raised by a single mother? and i know there are single dads out there too, and i dont want to take any thing away from them. but shes not saying anything wrong, its true and women realized that along time ago. just because you dont agree with it..doesnt make it wrong
    besides Jen said WOMEN dont need a man for a kid..not 12 or 13 year olds.

  26. 26

    "That's b/c she is a 41 year old women who has never been married" (what a bitchy women) even though we know she married Brad Pitt which was corrected ironically by Bill O'Reily lol. Dad's are important to a child's life but sometimes the dad leaves or the dad's in the family aren't good fathers. So being a single mother might be a better choice or not a choice in this situation. And it is her opinion so she can say whatever she wants this after all is a free country until you don't see eye to eye on the same issue then its or you're an idiot etc.

  27. 27

    Yes, it is a problem.
    Times are changing but not necessarily for the better. Too many self righteous, self serving people.

  28. 28

    Bill O'Reilly's Sexual Harassment Suit
    bill o'reilly sexual harassment suit audio

  29. 29

    Bill O'Reilly's Sexual Harassment Suit
    bill o'reilly sexual harassment suit audio

  30. 30

    Bill is a moron. What about mothers who are married who have husbands who don't help? Have other priorities? My husband had never changed a diaper, fed one of my children, or gotten up in the middle of the night with either one of them…. never. He says it's "MY JOB". He has spent a total of 4 hours alone with both children combined- and they are 7 and 5. If I ask him to watch the kids so I can run to the local convience store for a loaf of bread he tells me he "doesn't have time to babysit". Gotta tell you, there are times when single mothers (which I consider myself one, even though I am married and living with my spouse) get a bad rap. Why shold she be denied the privelege of having children JUST because she's not married? Women can, and do it on their own every minute of every day- and not just the single ones. Sorry men, but we are stronger than you think.

  31. 31

    As a general statement I think Bill is right, the family is the foundation of our society. BUT, almost all single women who decide to have children whether adopted or natural, do so because they haven't found the right person or because of their age. They almost always preface their desire for having a child with "Of course I'd prefer to be in a relationship but that hasn't happened for me." Who are we to deprive them of loving a child and being a great parent? My personal preface is for a Mom and Dad but there are plenty of singles and gays that can make wonderful parents. There are sucky parents in every orientation. A child just needs GOOD parents!

  32. 32

    She is not saying its okay for teenagers she means people in their late thirties to early forties who are alone and want children. I also think you should have said Blonde Bitch vs. Jennifer Anniston because she was the one being uber crazy. O'Reilly was just kind of telling it like it is.

  33. VGirl says – reply to this


    Oh please! I saw the interview. She just said that today there are more options and it doesn't have to be what is "normal" in society anymore, but she even said she will like to go the "traditional" route!

  34. 34

    I wouldn't say a woman having a child through a sperm donor would be destructive. If a woman would go through such lengths to have a child in the first place, then she would probably take the extra steps to make sure the child has some sort of male figure. (Whether it be an uncle, friend or grandfather.)

    In my opinion, the kind of single family that destroys a childs life is the kind that had no intentions of being single in the first place. Whether the man up and left her during pregnancy, or the woman got pregnant from bar hookup #408… These children don't have a stable upbringing because the parent in question was never given the time to prepare one for their child. Of course, some turn out alright, but the mother in question can't really be blamed if it takes a turn for the worst.

    But like I said, this is just my opinion.

  35. 35

    He's the biggest pin head there is….

  36. 36

    it is actually sad, she cannot a decent guy and so she is rationalizing her lifestyle. And I am 100% that this is true, I remember her speaking about kids and marriage in interviews in a very positive light and how she wishes that in her future.

  37. 37

    I have no problm with Aniston, but she is not a mother~ so I think she needs to STFU and you to PEREZ!

    BILL is 1,000% right.

    How selfish of a non parent to say this. NO YOU DON'T NEED TO have a father but a child beneifts by both their parents, why set your child up if you don't have to.

  38. 38

    Bill is 100% correct. You are wrong - no one can ever make a valid argument that a child is better off without a father (as long as he is decent).

  39. 39

    Re: melissamomof2 – you husband's a prick and your an idiot for staying with him.

  40. 40

    Bill O'Reilly is a douchebag and publicity-whore who will say anything to keep his face on television. I am dismayed and appalled - but unfortunately not surprised - by the number of comments by people who agree with him. WTF?

  41. 41

    Re: Jenny2 – But statistics can be misread. Compare those single parent statists to the statistics on poverty. It is poverty that results in criminal behaviour - not single parenthood. Unfortunately, single mothers often suffer financially due to dead beat dads, and that is a bigger factor in maladjusted kids. Jennifer Aniston doesn't have to worry about that, and I'm sure if she has a kid, she has enough friends and family to provide suitable male role models.

  42. 42

    I can't stand Bill but I have to agree with him on this one. I'm not knocking single mothers, but I think children deserve to be raised by a mother and father.

  43. 43

    If a woman is single and unmarried and wants to have children, than she should be allowed. Esp someone in Jennifer Ainston's situation. There is no doubt that she will be able to provide for the child and love it, so whats the big deal?
    If your single that doesn't mean you can't have children. More power to her for wanting to go it alone.

  44. 44

    seriously people are you even listening to everything jen said? bill the ignorant biggot is taking her words out of context if a woman is able to provide the same love and foundation and financial support of two parents why can she not have a child? jen is not advocating welfare cases or teen moms… you people are total idiots!

  45. 45

    It would be so much harder to raise my kids IF my hubby up and left. But I would do the best I can. I agree with him when he says dads don't get a lot of credit. Fathers have so much influence on their kids if they stick around. Fathers are just as important as Moms imo. However, my hats off to the single moms, the single dads too and anyone who is raising a kid by themselves (grandparents). I'm sure its tough, but having both parents is probably the best in most cases.

  46. 46

    No Bill, single mothers aren't destructive to society, these fuckin nitwits on we make famous on reality tv shows are destructive to society.

  47. 47

    Re: melissamomof2 – Sounds like you need to get a new husband. Mine damn sure changes diapers and watches them whenever the hell I tell him to. Sounds like you need to grow a pair. Stop being a freakin door mat to your asshole husband. Not all of them are like that. Mine damn sure isn't. He is an amazing fucking father.

  48. 48

    So when Angelina starting adopting kids without a husband (Maddox's adoption wasn't even completed before Billy Bob left and she was already in the process of adopting Zahara when she met Brad) it's okay, but since Jennifer made one comment she's evil, bitter and resentful? Please, anyone who listens to celebrities and Bill O'Reilly is "destructive to society".

  49. 49

    you have to understand. Jennifer cant keep a man, so she has to raise the child alone.She is no Princess Anjelina!

  50. 50

    Re: miss chloe – although she (Jen) could financially provide for child, one parent cannot provide the same love and foundation as two, dumbass……

  51. 51

    Bill O'Riley is a moron. Seriously, he is sick. We should put him out to pasture, shoot him then feed him to Glen Beck. Then after Glen Beck poops him out, I say we force feed the poop to Beck. Then put Glen Beck out to pasture, shoot him, and leave him for the vultures. (Real vultures, not media vultures! Real ones, with beaks and feathers). The image is…beautiful.

  52. 52

    Regardless of what you say fatso society is better off when children have a mother and father. Your a loser fatso Perez and the change for better starts in November when we vote all these liberal bastardsout.

  53. junk says – reply to this


    Well Jennifer is right there are a lot of single moms out there that have adopted or gotten a sperm donor. Who cares as long as they can provide love, and the care the child deserves.. What about lesbian couples who adopt or get sperm donor? Times have changed. People focus on such stupid stuff..you know whats really "destructive to society" ? This economy, the oil spill..etc. Some kids get more love with a single mom than others do with a mom and dad..sad but true. Sandra Bullock is doing fine right.

  54. 54

    Times are a changing Perez!!! Jen Aniston's comment about women not needing a man is so sexist. As a single father (as in the moms not around because she rather stay drunk than be a mom) I am so fed up with the lack of respect that single fathers like myself or fathers that do pay child support and exercise as much visitation as possible get. We need the woman to have the baby but we dont need the woman to raise it either. Now I would rather have a child with both mom and dad but that didnt happen. Jen Aniston needs to wake up and notice that dad's can do the same job if not better than women these days.

  55. 55

    Re: Aussieone


  56. 56

    Bill is one of the biggest douch nozzle blow hearts on television these days, he is a sexist pig. Men are underestimated because most of them do not participate in 20 percent of the work it takes to raise a child. Women need to take stock and tell these idiots to go pound sand.The world would be a much better place if all women were sperminated and the male species were terminated.

  57. 57

    Perez, I have to point something out. In your description of this video you kind of make it sound like Bill is trashing single moms, at least that's how I took it. As the result of a single FATHER home, I am by no means against single parent households in any way, but I have to agree with Bill, two parents would be a preferred situation I would think. I don't think this is because you need that to have a well rounded person in the end because I think my dad did an amazing job (if I do say so myself) and I admire him, but raising 2 kids pretty much on your own, that is a HUGE undertaking. I think I'd prefer having a teammate there to tap me out when I need, it would just make for a lesser load on ONE parent, remember, it takes a village.

  58. YUCK says – reply to this


    yes times are changing pigz but it doesnt mean that its right a child gets a sense of balance from having both a male and female parent. why do you think there are so many more young girls out there having sex by the time they hit 12 now, because more than likely they didnt have a father and so many absentee dads because more than likely they didnt have a dad. look at your nasty gay ass, you are a bitter hateful gay because you didnt have a dad, I know other gays that had both a mom and a dad and they grew up to be pleasant beautiful people. there is a sense of balance you get from having the two raise you and instill values, oh well its nothing you would ever know about. as a rule I will never date anyone who didnt grow up with both, I find them to be more balanced and to have a more realistic approach to relationships. hmmm relationship—something with another person gay or straight you will never know of.

  59. YUCK says – reply to this


    Re: melissamomof2 – honey let me tell you, you picked a winner. I am sure you knew what an asshole you married before you married him. Everyone should get to know the people they marry before marrying them, at the end of the day YOU PICKED HIM!

  60. 60

    Kids need time and love!
    It doesn't matter how many parents one, two, three or more
    It doesn't matter the sexual make up of the parent/s or the sexuality of the parent/s.
    they just need love and a presence with time and interest!
    Fuck Bill fuck fox!

  61. YUCK says – reply to this


    Re: Mimi the Magnificent – thank you! my dad in the 60s and 70s and even 80s he changed diapers, cooked, cleaned, went out and worked and brushed our hair and this is why a child needs a father, if it werent for my dad I would date bums that didnt treat me right or help out around the house and still help me bring home the bacon. I love good men. and shitty men must sense this and keep their distance from me. it takes a strong man to be with a strong woman and vice versa.

  62. 62

    I must say that I see both sides of this situation: On the one hand, Jen is right because if a single woman desperately wants a child, she shouldn't have to wait till she settles down with a man, especially if she is financially stable. On the other hand, Bill makes a valid point about a child's innate need for a father (figure) in life.

  63. 63

    most people these days just simply have children and don't raise them anyway………

  64. 64

    Bill's right! Women who are whores do not deserve to breed children!

  65. 65

    She's throwing the message to 13 year olds that it's okay to have babies without men? That's so stupid! She's saying that women whose biological clock is running out don't NEED a man to have kids!

  66. 66

    Re: rosebud99 – #41
    One or Two statistical studies could be misread but NOT dozens.
    FACT: 36% of U.S. births are to single moms.
    FACT: Over 70% of juvenile detention center inmates come from single parent households
    FACT: Children from single parent homes are ELEVEN times more likely to exhibit violent behavior due to isolation & loneliness. In a medical study in Sweden, children from single parents were 3x more likely to commit suicide then children from a 2 parent household. The psych profile showed again that it was due to feelings of loneliness by the teen. (This was NOT about poverty)
    FACT: Poverty does NOT create criminals, lack of guidance to teach someone right/wrong creates them.
    CONCLUSION: Due to the OVERWHELMING studies & evidence showing that raising a child in a 1 parent family is harmful to the child & society–it is SELFISH to PURPOSELY CHOOSE TO DO SO as MISS Aniston celebrates. There is a difference between having a child & being abandoned by the other parent to raise the child alone & PLANNING to child rear independently from the beginning therefore fighting statistical probabilities.

  67. 67

    Re: like!!!COLON!!! whatever!

  68. 68

    In many homes, even when there is a father, he is not involved. I know so many men who wanted children, but they never do anything with their kids. The wives/mother's do it all. It's like these guys like the idea of having children but they spend no time with them. It's not just because they're working because the moms also work and do spend time. On the other hand, I know some wonderful full time, single father's, there's just a smaller percentage of them.

  69. YUCK says – reply to this


    Re: April 20th – you're so right, they sit them infront of the xbox or bluray player. hire nannies and give them money to go to the mall by themselves. they probably dont even eat dinner together. I am so glad I grew up before this poor generation. my parents would get home from a long day of work cook us dinner and then take us out to play, jump rope, monkey bars, run all things that help your mind aswell as your body.

  70. 70

    Agree with Bill O'Reilly 100 %. Children need a mother and a father. If by some twist of fate, you end up being a single parent, you do the best you can. But to start out that way is foolish.

  71. 71

    Who are those two dumb blonde bitches? They look like porn hookers. And Jennifer Aniston can have as many kids as she wants. She has the money to hire a nanny. But I get what Bill is saying as well…

  72. 72

    Re: Jenny2
    YOU are wrong!
    FACT: Poverty is the key factor in youth crime -DOJ 2000

  73. 73

    I don't think a father figure is necessary. Maybe beneficial, but not necessary. A smart, independant woman can raise children successfully. I am reading a ton of statistics about kids in juvie not having a father figure. Well I'm sure if you do more studying, you'll find that the mom is dumber than a box of rocks, and you'd be hard pressed to find one that has a higher education than 8th grade.

    This also works both ways. I've known people who have no real mother figure either. And they turned out fine. You really only need ONE strong parent to guide you.

    For example. Dad isn't going to teach me how to deal with pads or tampons, and my dad for sure doesn't know anything about sex apparently. He told me to have my guy at the time wear two condoms at once. And after that, I never told him anything again.

    My parents have been divorced since I was 7. Never been in trouble, never been to jail, never had any problems whatsoever. I go to college and have graduated high school on time.

    Quality over quantity here people.

  74. 74

    1. In 1996 study, 70% of juvenile detention center inmates were raised by single moms. 72% of juvenile murderers, 60% of juvenile rapists came from a single parent home.
    It is taken from the book by Wade Horn, “Why There Is No Substitute For Parents" turns out the New York Times could find no actual evidence to support any such FACT!
    2. A study cited in the Village Voice a few yrs back cited that over 70% of teen pregnancy's are from single parent households.
    Your source is Chuck Eddy, “The Daddy Shady Show”, Village Voice, Dec. 31, 2002 no evidence to support or quote of any source was given for this "fact"!
    3. 2008 Study by Georgia Univ. found that single mothers cost the U.S. tax payer $112 BILLION annually.
    The study was not done by the University in fact they have a made point to state it is the private work of economist Benjamin Scafidi from Georgia State University.
    So perhaps you better do some more research!

  75. 75

    Re: Jenny2
    You may want to inform everyone you are copying your information from:
    Fathers Battling Injustice
    A website for: "Fathers rights in canada free forum for divorce custody and shared parent."
    Not exactly an unbiased site nor a reputable source of fact either!

  76. 76

    This all cracks me up. For one, anybody who's anybody knows Jenny is a lesbian, she's just a very closeted one. And one who refuses to have a very "SHAMitted" relationship with a beard. Hence why she's always "dating" her male costars and they never really go past the 1st dating stages….Her recent comment however, are making me think she might want to come out of the closet, that or she's just playing with fire since her movie career (as much as it pains me to say this) is tanking…Oh, well, maybe when shes in her 50s/60s Jenny will pull a Meredith Baxter Birney

  77. 77

    what a ridiculous human being. if a woman has the time, money and support to have a child alone then why the hell shouldnt she? what an outdated belief. id rather have one loving mother than rowing parents. they are so full of shit

  78. 78

    Aniston used the word "woman", you fools. Specifically referring to adult females, not 12 year olds. For someone that thinks he's so clever and well-educated, O'reilly always seems to overuse every logical fallacy in the book. Aniston would NEVER go on the O'Reilly Factor. Only in Bill's wildest dreams. He probably just wants her on there so he can stare at her boobs in person! Creep. All of his guests laugh at him, and he never realizes just how ridiculous they think he is, because he's too busy with his eyes squinted, hearing himself talk.

  79. 79

    Re: SingleDADnTN – Yo, you don't get props for doing what you're SUPPOSED TO DO, paying child support and visitations. You'd be a dirt bag if you didn't, but that doesn't earn you respect, it just earns you a "decent human being" title.

  80. 80

    Re: bryanlizza – O'Reilly asks questions and interrupts people before they can complete their answer…he does this every show. Why ask a question if you're not going to allow an answer? He tries to manipulate his program to maximize the boosting of his ego. Respectfully allowing a proper response would not boost his ego, so he undercuts and jabs.

    And the stupid crazy teapartiers like you love him for it. Americas pot shot to hell

  81. 81

    You all are fucking nuts. Bill is an asshole. you all need to take that shit back to the 50's

  82. 82

    Re: rosebud99 – OMG thank you took the words right out of my mouth.Re: Aussieone – Right on!!!!

  83. 83

    Cause Lindsey Lohan parents did such a bang up job with her when they where married Lol.

  84. 84

    just bc times are changing Perez doesnt mean values have to…

  85. 85

    I can see where Bill is coming from, but I think he's taking Jen's comment too seriously. That seemed like more of a "fuck off" to some people (Perez) who are assholes and keep making fun of her for not having a man in her life. And she's just letting everyone know she's fine with it, and if she wanted to I'm sure could become a fine single mother, and she has every right to be one.

  86. 86

    Re: lufflyness – But is it her right? Having a child for your own needs without thinking of what the child will need is selfish.

  87. 87

    Oh please, enough will all the 'children NEED a mother and father in their lives to feel fully loved', what a bunch of nonsense. How many parents these days both work fulltime and only have the time to see their kids for an hour in the morning and an hour in the evening + during the weekends and have a nanny or daycare do the rest? Yes, that's a BUNCH of love from ma and pa! Besides, I think all parties are better off when it is a planned single motherhood than a rushed marriage that falls apart 2 weeks after the baby is born and leads to a possibly nasty divorce.
    Aniston just stated that it is now possible for women (not teens, women) to fulfill their wish to have children, even though they haven't found Mister Right yet. And this has been possible for some time, I don't understand all the fuss.

  88. 88

    Society surely is changing, and it's going straight to hell. Having a mother and father is just natural, at the least. It's selfish to purposely have a child in any other situation, and the child will probably suffer more from it.

  89. 89

    Bill O'Reilly should be the poster boy for legalized abortion.

  90. 90

    This is coming from a perv who plays with a vibrator while talking on the phone to an underaged girl.

    O'Reilly sex scandal - Google it!

    He's also a racist who has no problem referring to a Mexican as a "wet back."

  91. 91

    Bill is a sexist sob

  92. @v@ says – reply to this


    Baby daddies and guys that fly the coup are destructive to society. Great numbers of decent maternal women are unable to find a stable man so this is the next logical option. Jennifer is correct. A woman doesn't have to settle down with a man to have a child. Particularly when they're worth the money she is.

  93. 93

    Re: The Eyes Have It – No shit Im much better off without my deadbeat dad of course Id loved a father but hell it wasn't my fault he was a prick. Luckily I had my grandfather and I have a wonderful husband. I think Bill is just ridiculous.

  94. ml456 says – reply to this


    just because times are changing doesn't mean its better for children. kids thrive more when they have two parents. As a mother, kids are a lot of work and need the financial and emotional support that a father can give. studies have shown that the more time children spend in single parent homes, the less schooling they are likely to finish. (this is especially true for boys)
    that being said, im sure that there are plenty of single mothers who raise wonderful, healthy children, but I also doubt that most of these mothers chose to be single parents or wanted that as their plan A in life. Its not exactly what most women want for their kids.

  95. 95

    BILLO the clown is an idiot…. If a parent is STABLE…. and can care for a child as a single parent…. there is NO REASON WHY the child would not be FINE…… The problem with SINGLE parents is that usually it is people in poverty that are single and have many children between multiple fathers….. bill o riley is a womainzer idiot….

  96. 96

    I think that children fare better in a two parent household, but also that single men and women can have children without a partner if they choose to. I think with this statement she was just trying to convey that women don't need to wait around for "Prince Charming" to have the baby they may have always wanted.

  97. 97

    Well, he's right that it sends the wrong message to YOUNG mothers (or would-be mothers) to say "Don't worry, you don't need help, it's doable on your own!" What bugs me is his ideological views, that there should be one man and one woman, no exceptions. Even if there's abuse or neglect. He is so ignorant.

  98. 98

    i love him

  99. 99

    Bill DOES have a point. Yes, it's ideal to have a child in 2 parent household, but Jennifer is the right one in this situation. I grew up in a single parent household, and I'm a junior in college and have every intention of going to grad school and having career. And I'd have to say, I'd prefer it if my mom went to a sperm bank. It's way less hurtful for a mother to say, "I wanted a child, but could not find the right man, so I went to a sperm bank," than a child to think they had a dad who didn't love them enough to stick around. And while that may not always be the situation, it definitely hurts when you KNOW you have a father, but he isn't in your life.

  100. 100

    Jennifer Aniston is not diminishing the role of the Father. She is giving credit where credit is due: To single Mothers.

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