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Bristol Won't Shut Her Hole… About Levi!

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This morning, Bristol Palin took a moment to comment on the recent news that her former BF, Levi Johnson, is running for the mayor of Wasilla. Her reaction was exactly what you would have expected: totally scripted! She told sources:

"I never knew he had political aspirations…I'm glad that Levi has not given up on completing his education and is looking for steady employment."

Translation: Maybe, finally, I'll get a damn child support check!!!

Don't poo-poo this just yet, bb! There maybe a role in the reality show for you! Think of all the "acting" you could do on that!

[Image via AP Images.]

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22 comments to “Bristol Won't Shut Her Hole… About Levi!”

  1. 1

    She's a slut like her mother. LOVE LEVI!!!

  2. buck says – reply to this


    ….And in other news Hilton won't shut his hole about Zac Efron

  3. 3

    You are such a piece of sh!t Mario.

  4. 4

    How in Hell did these two become celebrities? Kind of shocking. Please stop covering anything to do with these two.

  5. 5

    With Chelsea's wedding last week, July 31st,
    Hillary wanted to play the perfect Mom…
    She asked Chelsea…"have you had sex with Marc?"
    Chelsea said…. "Not according to Dad!"

  6. 6

    so basically mario and bristol have something in common…………

  7. 7

    Get off of her case! Levi did her wrong. Someone asked for her opinion….. Why don't YOU shut your hole….

  8. 8

    We should then proceed to fill her holes. With cocks.

  9. 9

    This is from a whore who can't keep her legs shut? How can she get paid so much to speak about abstinence when she already has a kid?!

  10. 10

    Wish that bitch would go away and take your mother wih you…….

  11. 11

    This does not appear to have been reported in the American media, but the Spanish media reported (translated):
    It's looking like all the MSM fuss about Michelle's extravagant vacation in Spain, just might be a distraction to cover up a much more sinister reason for her trip.
    Brugmansian uncovered the following article in EL MUNDO and the last paragraph is of specific importance.
    No confirmation that this happened or it didn't happen. So many secrets covered up by our Journolists.
    Several Arab Royal houses also spend their summers in Marbella for years. Thus, there will be an encounter between Michelle Obama and Prince Salman bin Abdul Aziz, Governor of Riyadh and brother of the late King Fahd of Saudi Arabia; … another meeting of the first lady with … son of the Interior Minister of Qatar and member of the Royal family Qatari, Abdullah Al-Thani.
    Now the circle will be complete with a mosque at Ground Zero.

  12. 12

    Are you kidding? Bristol's gotten several child support checks, including five figure ones.
    That pit bull/mama grizzly/hockey mom sicced her expensive lawyers on Levi, a h.s. dropout from a broken home, who was forced out of the one good job he had up in Alaska.
    Bristol doesn't lack any of the essentials. She newly switched her ethnicity from white to native (father Todd has Inuit ancestry) to qualify for taxpayer subsidized healthcare for herself and her son. Levi is WAY poorer than she is.

  13. 13

    She is soo cute.

  14. 14

    If she could keep her fu(king holes shut she wouldn't be in this mess!!!

  15. 15

    Re: 4skin nv – Good one!

  16. 16

    Why should she shut up? She wasnt putting out unsolicited press releases like he would. She was asked a question and she gave about as dignificed an answer as one could give, in light of the circumstances. What amazes me is that anyone cares about either of them.

  17. 17

    Everytime I've seen this guy on tv, he strikes me as being full of himself and incredibly arrogant. I can't believe he's running for mayor since he didn't even finish high school! I think he's way too immature and inexperienced for something like that. I think he more or less thinks he can just ride on his looks and seemingly overnight fame. It's amazing how famous this guy and Bristol Palin have become simply beause she's Sarah Palin's daughter and all the publicity they get over thier relationship. I don't recall any other well known politician's daughter or son getting this much publicity or interest in thier personal lives. What's with the fascination? Cause they're both considered good looking? Celebrity status seems like its becoming more shallow and cheap all the time.

  18. @v@ says – reply to this


    Is that a sideways snipe inferring that a man without an education shouldn't be running for mayor?!? Slick if it is. She doesn't have one either, and I haven't seen Levi zinging at her little money making efforts. If Levi does well, she gets her $upport. Someone doesn't appear to want him to accidentally win.

  19. 19

    Look at all you ignorant people…. calling this girl a slut because she had a baby. Can't keep her legs shut? BECAUSE I'M SURE MOST OF YOU HAD SEX OUT OF WEDLOCK, so don't come with that bullshit! At least she kept and is raising her baby not like most girls who get pregnant young. Somebody asked her opinion and she gave it! A pretty mature response if you ask me. So all you hypocrites go back to pretending you lived model lives when you were young.

  20. 20

    For someone who accuses Levi of wanting to be in the "limelight", she sure talks to the press alot.

  21. 21

    Re: Minoah27

    Shut the fuck up, cun*t.

  22. @v@ says – reply to this


    Re: luvs2tango – Remember when BushieJr flew that planeload of Saudis out of L.A. post 9-11 when the F.C.C. had shut down all federal air space? Business as usual.