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Whaaat??? WB Doesn't Want Ry Ry For Deadpool Anymore?!

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Big mistake, boys! Calling it right now!

Sources say that the WB isn't too happy about Ryan Reynold taking on the role of Green Lantern when he already had a superhero franchise in the works with them. Seems Deadpool's creator, Rob Liefeld, decided to confirm that speculation with this very interesting tweet:

"Warner Bros. just trying to protect their investment. They don't want Ryan Reynolds playing Deadpool AND Green Lantern. Interesting 2 watch"

Well, why the hell not?

Sure, it maybe a conflicting interest sort of thing, but no matter if he is the villain or the hero, people will show up in droves to see him on the big screen. Don't you want to benefit off of his seksi looks???

[Image via WENN.]

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35 comments to “Whaaat??? WB Doesn't Want Ry Ry For Deadpool Anymore?!”

  1. 1

    God please send all idiotic judges, lawyers who press for sin and queers trying to pretend theyre married in a horrible earthquake into the fucking sea immediatly

  2. 2

    thats like hiring Christian Bale to play Superman. I didnt know WB owned the rights to Deadpool? anyways one is DC comics, and the other is Marvel. Obvious conflict of interest… duh.

  3. 3

    They are idiots.
    They better keep him for Deadpool.

  4. 4

    one is DC the other is Marvel. WB does not own the rights to Deadpool, do your homework. That's like getting Christian Bale to play Spiderman… obvious conflict of interest

  5. 5

    WB's decision makes sense to me.

  6. 6

    As hard as he might try he will always have that goofy look on his face. Even if he tries to look menacing he looks funny.

  7. 7

    No. I liked him as Deadpool.

  8. 8

    Ummm….WB, RR played Deadpool before he signed with you, and also Deadpool was being written before he started filming with you. You might want to do your homework before hand.

  9. 9

    Well he won't be able to do it because he signed up for back to back green lantern movies it's not the creators fault, so just because you wanna suck Ryan Reynolds cock don't judge if you don't know the facts you fat arsehole

  10. 10

    Fox owns the rights to Deadpool. Of course a competing Studio (WB) would not want the star of thier franchise in another film. Perez way to go on screwing this one up. Please do not post comc book/ superhero movie news unless you get the facts straight.

  11. 11

    I don't see what the big deal is.. they have Chris Evans playing Captain America, when he's already played The Human Torch. Besides Ryan Reynolds kicked ass as Deadpool. If they tried to replace him, it'd probably be with some ancient past their prime action star, that would make it suck.

  12. 12

    What's the big deal?? It's unlikely they'd do a crossover movie with these characters anyway since Deadpool is Marvel and Green Lantern is DC. The more RR the better!! Not all ladies are into comic books like me, and having RR in the leads will get 'em out to the theatres and sell more tickets. Don't be stupid, WB! RR makes a GREAT Deadpool. He was great as Wade in Wolverine, even though they put some other dude in as the completely INACCURATE composite Deadpool. No one can play him like RR can!

  13. 13






  14. 14

    well that and Deadpool isn't a villan, fuckhead. But I will be pissed if RR isn't deadpool. I don't know anyone else who could do him actual justice.

  15. 15

    …it is time for all superhero comic movies to just die already…they are just overdone already…boring…GL is going to tank fast….

  16. 16

    one is Marvel the other is DC ( I have sons I HAVE to know) and I think it is a HUGE mistake! I like Ryan as Deadpool. I think he would do a fantastic job. and what about Chris Evans? Isn't he doing Captain America while he is already in the Fantastic 4 franchise? They are the same way…one Marvel the other DC…..so what's the big deal?

  17. 17

    ryan reynolds is not that good of an actor.

  18. 18

    Perez, are you losing chromosomes or something? You get dumber by the day lately.

  19. 19

    Re: kittiesomething
    If you were really a comic book fan, you would not have written this. Perez nut-hugger.

  20. 20

    I'm sure Warner Bros is very happy Ryan has taken on the role of Green lantern. Because WB owns Green Lantern!!! They don't own Deadpool. Why are you so stupid? Your readers know more about Hollywood than you do!!

  21. 21

    i've been saying this ever since it was announced he would be green lantern months and months ago. it was an absolute idiot move on his part. in what way did he think it would be acceptable to play BOTH a dc character, and a marvel character…. it just does not work.

  22. 22

    well, deadpool wears a mask, and his body's all burnt up or whatever anyway, so i don't see why it matters if he's green lantern. he'll wear a mask in both movies lol

  23. 23

    Lame. He was badass as deadpool

  24. 24

    Re: zaniac01 – Captain America and Human Torch are both Marvel, idiot

  25. 25

    Ry Ry? Are you fucking kidding me?


  26. 26

    wait what?! is there some sort of comic law saying one actor cant play two superheros?! ryan is amazing, he will be great in both roles. chill WB

  27. 27

    and true about chris evans, the human torch in the fantastic four, now he is captain america!

  28. 28

    Morons! Idiots! Ryan is awesome! Why do these idiots make such stupid decisions? And why is this tool Robe LIEfeld tweeting about it? STFU LIEfeld.

  29. 29

    Re: kissmyassobama

    Oh, look, another nutbag conspiring with his imaginary friend.

  30. 30

    This is stupid. Why can't he play them both??? Why do DC and Marvel have to be so competitive all the time? There's enough room for both and it's fine if the same actor plays two superheroes.

  31. 31

    don't forget Halle Berry as Catwoman and Storm

  32. 32

    WB just doesn't want Fox to get their mitts on him for the Deadpool movies…it just pisses me off that this dick-waving contest between studios is going to fuck over all the fans who are DYING for a Deadpool movie.

    hell, the jnew he was signed to do both 2 YEARS ago, but they waited until the Lantern hype got big to try and force him into a 3 movie deal with WB.

    i dunno how this will work out…Ryan is a huge Deadpool comic fan and has wanted to do that movie for years, i'm sure he's not thrilled it might not get made now. he's the only one who can play DP!

  33. 33

    Re: lil miss lisa

    lil miss lise, Fox doesn't have a problem with Chris Evans playing the human torch and Thor b/c both are Marvel characters and as such Fox owns the movie rights to both of them.

    the problem here is WB owns Lantern (DC comic) and Fox owns Deadpool (Marvel), so this is just the studios fucking with each other over money and disappointing the fans.

  34. 34

    Perez, you are an idiot. MARVEL wants Ryan for Deadpool, but WB won't let him do it because of Green Lantern. You're story is all mixed up, but what else is new.

  35. 35

    Re: lil miss lisa – Casting Chris Evans as those two characters was an issue in itself. I'm sure they won't have any problem finding a better actor to play Deadpool. There are plenty out there.