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Kelsey Grammer's Wife Could Get Half Of EVERYTHING

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Divorce can be good for business!

Just ask Frasier Kelsey Grammer's estranged wife Camille Donatacci.

After learning of Kelsey's new young PREGNANT girlfriend Kayte Walsh, sources say that Camille could make as much as $30 million in the split.

Not only will she get half of the syndication money from Frasier, but she also owns half of of his TV company, Grammnet Productions, which produce shows such as Medium and Girlfriends.

And since Kelsey is reportedly worth $85 million, that could equal out to a lot of ca$$$h for Camille.

Who says divorce is such a bad thing??

[Image via WENN.]

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22 comments to “Kelsey Grammer's Wife Could Get Half Of EVERYTHING”

  1. 1

    How does it feel to be the only one who knows that you're right, FATSO?

  2. 2


  3. hehee says – reply to this


    haha that's what you get for cheating :)

  4. 4

    She deserves it. She stuck by that pompous ass through all his drinking and drugging. And then he knocks up some whore. Clean him out.

  5. 5

    Love!!!! This so much !!!!!!


  6. 6

    she's deserved every penny, she's had to work with those shriveled up old man parts for years now, making the most of their raisin-y quality. Now she can go fuck a decent looking guy with hair and muscle tone and cougar the neighborhood up cause she's a hot piece. Kelsy's new piece is a homely bitch too, more his speed.

  7. 7

    GOOD FOR HER!! Kelsey's a right-wing douche - GET IT CAMILLE, GET IT!!!

  8. 8

    Looks like KG wasn't as smart as Tom Cruise, who dumped Nicole before all the big money kicked in from the prenup.
    California is terrible to men in the court system.
    So many men are so broke after encountering it.
    It's not right men lose everything.
    I read somewhere she was fucking the help, but she had her work cut out for her, since he's so ugly.

  9. 9

    I wonder if years ago when she first met him and thought 'hmm if I spread my legs a coupleof times maybe he can make me rich some day", $30M was running through her mind.

    I'm surprised that's all he's worth

  10. Bree' says – reply to this


    He is worth a whole lot more than $85 mil. He made that much in just his last 3 years on the Frasier show alone.

  11. litzi says – reply to this


    Camille Donatacci will hopefully take the horn-dog to the cleaners and get EVERYTHING…

  12. 12

    I hope she takes him for everything she can get! What a scumbag! As far as I'm concerned, Kelsey who? Frasier who? I will never watch anything or pay into anything he does ever again. What is going on in the world? I'm starting to think there's just no point to marriage anymore and yet, over the last few weeks, all these new marriages? All I think is, Tiger Woods, Jesse James, Kelsey Grammer, Charlie Sheen, etc…Divorce! It's going to happen so why marry?!?! All this fight for gay right's to marry, we should be fighting to ban marriage for ALL people as it just doesn't seem to be right for gays or straights! This is ridiculous! Myself inculded!

  13. 13

    good for her-she deserves it for putting up with his addictive asshole self all these years.

  14. 14

    So she gets half of his money because she enjoyed his riches for years? Only a moron would get these days, especially moronic if you're a wealthy male.

  15. 15

    Good for her! His ass should have gotten a divorce before knocking some other skank up!

  16. 16

    good for her!

  17. 17

    Please! He has to be worth more than that! He was on Frasier for 11 years alone!

  18. 18

    Good, I hope she takes this hypocritical Republican Family Values douchebag to the the cleaners.

  19. 19

    He's an idiot. Can he be that blind to a gold digger girlfriend who gets herself knocked up?

  20. 20

    he is ugly & disgusting, she deserves the money just for screwing him, not that she's any prize, but i would have insisted on doing it doggie style with that fugly mess.

  21. 21

    Good for Camile! I hope she nails his fat ass to the wall.

  22. 22

    I'm so sick of these cheating spouses! Especially, the ones who knock up the mistress! Even the ones who have multiple mistresses. Why marry? If you want to play and have fun, then either don't marry or if you are married, just divorce and then go have all the fun you want and guess what…there won't be no scandals and there won't be nobody taking and fighting you for your money that you don't think they are entitled to! My God! He goes and knocks up the his mistress and his wife wants half and he says "no"? Are you kidding me? He doesn't think she deserves it after what he did to her? To betray her?