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Oh, Boo-Effin-Hoo, Dina! Orange Oprah Felt "Ambushed" On Today Show

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Can't handle the fire, stop fighting so hard to be part of the heat!

This morning, Dina Lohan was on The Today Show with Matt Lauer to talk about, what else, her daughter Lindsanity.

But whereas Dina thought Matt was just going to give her 11 minutes to rag on Judge Marsha Revel for treating her daughter "unfairly", Matt was inclined to do actual journalism and ask her the hard hitting questions - like about the scrutiny over how she raised her meal-ticket child!

Now, Dina is claiming that she was "ambushed" by Matt with all those "tough questions"!!!

Oh please! You think you are the first person to be interviewed! We know how this goes! You were briefed before hand about the questions you would be asked, but rather try and face them, you acted stoopid (which isn't a stretch) and tried desperately to divert the answers (which you were no good at. Again, stoopid!)

And to top it all off, after her harrowing experience at Rockefeller center, Dina canceled her other scheduled interview for today, citing "exhaustion."

What kind of fuckery is that, LOLhan?! We always thought Lindsay took after her father in the "making up bullshit" department. Now we see she might have gotten a touch of it from you too.


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38 comments to “Oh, Boo-Effin-Hoo, Dina! Orange Oprah Felt "Ambushed" On Today Show”

  1. 1

    You are full of shit Mario, I heard the interview, she handled questions easily and she is beautiful

  2. 2

    you are going to die lonely Perez

  3. 3

    To Mario's sister: get a makeover.

  4. 4

    The apple doesn't fall far from the tree. We can clearly see why Lindsay is the way she is. Dina is a lame parent. She actually isn't a parent. She's an enabler. Matt should have been even tougher on her!

  5. 5

    He wasn't by any stretch "hard hitting" with her. He should have pressed harder. She is delusional. Go home and stay there, dumb ass.

  6. 6

    Linday Lohan would have been better off if she had been raised by wolves. Dinah is taking a play from the Sarah Palin playbook. Imagine journalist asking questions?

  7. 7

    I wish Dina Lohan would hurry up and OD. I hate her face.

  8. 8


  9. 9

    dina needs to die. poor lindsay.

  10. 10

    I would say gimlet123 hit the nail on the head, but I will go one step further and say Dina isn't just an enabler she is a cheerleader too with this business of all of it. She ENABLED Lindsay to blow off her drunken driving classes and then now with the coin that Lindsay is going to earn off of all these interviews I am really starting to believe that they want to be the most hated people in America to more of the US will watch and that will keep Lindsay relevant and she can still continue to be so even if she can't get herself together for another few years. I could be wrong, but she must be some really dumb lady if I am.

  11. 11


  12. 12

    AMBUSHED????? Lauer let her get away with most of the questions…… and SHE GOT PAID TO DO THIS BS!!!! and to compare her daughter to Julia Roberts!!!! (and I don't even LIKE Julia) is purely delusional. People in Hollywood have to stop going on about Lohan having talent based on a few teen movies and stop giving her and HER FAMILY any air time, INCLUDING YOU MARIO.

  13. 13

    Fuck off, Dina. You're an imbecile.

  14. 14

    Dina Lohan = delusional enabler. Sad situation.

  15. 15

    Tough questions - I was cringing at Matt Lauer, I expected him to really press her. Goodness knows Meradith would have, Katy Couric too. He let her off very easily, why, who knows! Eat it up princess Dina, crawl away and don't surface again this year. Now that would be a good start!

  16. 16

    like mother…..like daughter. lied about the judge being fired. lied about the number of times in rehab. lied about how she came to say two times in rehab because if you go yourself it doesn't count like if you were ordered to go by the court. lied about her being the reason the kid went to rehab the first time. but that didn't count anyway because it wasn't court ordered. what a joke. the best thing was she thinks she's so important that matt would just throw soft questions at her. she showed how small league she is and then played the i was ambushed card. boo fucking hoo. laugh out loud. the kid is fucked because this poor excuse for a mother didn't fess up to any shortcomings of her own and excused her daughter from doing any wrong. start the pools again to see when the kid falls off the rehab wagon after her early release.

  17. 17

    The Lohans are a disgusting bunch of cun*ts. I despise Lindsay and, after watching this old twat, HATE Dina even more. I hope they all drive off a cliff and straight into hell.

  18. 18

    PS: I think this old cun*t was on drugs during the interview. She kept repeating herself over and over again (regarding the judge being "fired", her having charges against Michael, etc.). I hope her rancid pu$$y rots off and falls off.

  19. 19

    Dina needs to diddle her clit while eating Carvel ice cream.

  20. 20

    Dina said Only one true thing….."nothing's changed" truer words have never been spoken………

  21. 21

    Stop giving these people press. They've done nothing to deserve any kind of fame and are uninteresting.

  22. 22

    Dina did NOT even answer the first question let alone the so-called ambush questions!
    Poor Lindsay!

  23. 23

    She should be prepared for those kinds of questions.

  24. 24

    She made an absolute fool of herself on the Today Show - excusing Lindsay's actions by blaming the judge and the media. There was an excuse for EVERY SINGLE thing LL has done. Matt Lauer should have asked tougher questions.

  25. 25

    she have the voice of a boulimic on coke that poor woman

  26. 26

    She is ridiculous. Matt was 'spot on'. She didn't even know how old her kids were, or how many times her 'child' was in rehab. She could hardly articulate a sentence.

  27. 27

    I laughed at how she kept calling her daughter "brilliant". She's had a few ok acting roles as a kid. PERIOD!! What is she brilliant at? scoring drugs and fame whoring? This so called mother is happy her daughter is in the headlines so she can get some attention for herself. I honestly think if LiLo OD'd this woman would be off getting a facial and her roots done so she is ready for her TV time.

  28. 28

    This dumb BITCH!!! Needs to be in rehab for denial. I saw the interview and she blamed all of Lindsay's issues on the Judge. This crazy women only wanted to talk about the strong arm of the Judge. Which I think Lindsay needed and she does not need to leave rehab early or they have failed her again. I heard Dina wouldn't even do the interview unless she got paid. Don't know if the Today Show paid her but, I think Matt ask so good hard questions but took it a little to easy on her.

    Dina start being a MOTHER and stop trying to be your children's friend.

  29. 29

    She looked uncomfortable after the introduction. I liked Matt's questions. He asked the right ones. She was stumbling and being repetitive though.

  30. 30

    I wish the court would order both of Lindsay's parents to stay away from her, not contact her in any way, and not to talk about her publicly for the next five years. They are toxic for Lindsay and will ultimately destroy her chances for recovery. Dina was out partying in clubs with Lindsay when Lindsay was underage so her parenting "skills" were obvious then. Lindsay came into this world with two handicaps: her mother and her father. They are both pathetic.

  31. 31

    Perez, I think you are about the only one that thought Lindsay's father was one responsible for Lindsay's problems. Her dad certainly does not win any "father of the year" awards, but at least he is aware Lindsay has serious substance abuse/ mental health issues. That Dina is a real trip!

  32. 32

    Ambused? Bulls**t.

    The producers would have told her what questions would be asked in advance.

  33. @v@ says – reply to this


    It's just terrible when you sign up for lucrative interviews and they have the gall to ask you questions. It's so unfair. Honestly, the whole clan could open up a 'Victims R Us' and then try to convince the whole world that they were railroaded into doing it.

  34. 34


  35. 35

    Please post her 2nd interview that day on The Today Show. In my opinion, Dina is a very manipulative person. Examples: look how she turns questions to Matt's children, avoid questions, responds by not answering the questions, interrupts the interviewer, shifts blames to everyone and everything else, cannot admit there are any problems/issues, becomes defensive, and starts to push blame (make a villian of) on someone not there to defend himself. She is not interested in Lindsay getting help–she is disillusioned, stubborn and has no critical thinking ability, nor an ability to self-reflect. Humility is what is needed now.

    Michael is the only one making any sense. Lindsay would be better off healing a relationship with him and keeping her mom at arm's length for awhile. Neither parent, nor family member should be kept on her payroll or involved in her businesses. They should be family only.

    This is my opinion only. But I am very grateful I have the mother I do (and not Dina).

  36. 36

    I heard Matt had to be de-loused after Din's interview — apparently her vaginal drool is filled with such syphilitic and spray force that his skin had open sores everywhere, to say nothing of the disintegrated chair cushions.

  37. 37

    she always looks like she just smelled a bad fart

  38. 38

    Re: suckshitpig – you must be Ali