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Papa Lohan Fires Back At Orange Oprah: "You Go To Rehab!"

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Dina Lohan was on The Today Show this morning and it took Michael Lohan all but a few hours to respond to her crazy!

It's always really hard to listen to one of these poor excuses for parental units criticize the other, but when they do, we think it really gives a glimpse into how Lindsay got so messed up!

After her interview this morning, Michael basically called Dina an outright liar and suggested that maybe she should go to rehab for her "denial, lies and other 'things." He called her out on lying about just about everything, from how long they were separated to how her family has deep Hollywood roots.

Then, he brings the focus back to him, which is really the only reason he is bothering to comment on her interview, repeating that he feels that the family needs to go to group therapy together, but that Dina "won't" hear of it. Michael claims:

"It's all about money and controlling Lindsay and my kids to Dina, when she has failed miserably and it should be about our children's well-being. Dina and I caused this and WE need to fix it (AS PARENTS). It's sad that Dina would continue on this course."

We don't doubt that for a minute…we just could say exactly the same thing about you. And then some!

Finally, Michael backtracks from his original pleas to get Lindsay into a rehab treatment center to insist that her stint at UCLA won't do her any good.

Maybe your right, but any time she spends away from you and Dina is just fine by us!

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28 comments to “Papa Lohan Fires Back At Orange Oprah: "You Go To Rehab!"”

  1. 1

    I get it, no one likes this guy. At least, he has tried to communicate with Lindsay and admits he has been a shitty father. When is the last time you head Dina Lohan admit TO ANYTHING? She seems glad that Lindsay is getting out of rehab early, (which is not wise), and pouts to Matt Laugher for being up front and honest.

  2. 2

    I agree, thing is. Michael Lohan might be all the things his detractors say, but he's been dead right about Lindsay all along. He's the only one in her family who isn't enabling her behavior and calling her and her mother out.

  3. 3

    Good for him! Dina is her enabler.
    Perez- stop picking on him!

  4. litzi says – reply to this


    Michael Lohan is an a** BUT he's right on track about his daughter. He admits that both he and Dina screwed up with Lindsanity and should attempt to rectify their mistakes…

    Let's hope that they do a better job with Ali…so far, it doesn't look too promising.

  5. 5

    It's no secret that the entire family, including the father, are all fucked up. But at least he's on the right path to trying to get her help, so back off Perez.

    He's trying to do the right thing.

    I watched the mother's interview this morning. She's a complete idiot and made a total ass out of herself. The entire family thinks they are somehow privileged. And they are so dysfunctional it's unbelievable.

    Everyone in the entire world knows it except them it seems. Very sad.

    I'm glad I grew up without idiot parents.

  6. 6

    So sad. I don't normally pay too much attention to these folks but I watched the video of Dina's interview and "in denial" is an understatement. She's defensive, self-absorbed, whiny, overprotective, and delusional. Poor Lindsay. She doesn't need family therapy. She needs therapy to teach her how to separate more thoroughly from her family and build a healthier life on her own. I could hardly watch that smug, preening woman (Dina) all the way to the end.

  7. 7

    He's totally right. At least he is taking responsibility for his actions and refuses to sugar coat his daughter's situation - unlike her mother. I don't know if Dina is even in denial or delusional…..I think she knows good and well how messed up Lindsay is, but is afraid of the financial consequences of stepping in. I think that makes Dina the worst one of the two.

  8. 8

    They need to let lindsay blohan out and put the parents in REhab for 89 months
    Then should attend an opaitent program for 40 days and 40 nights.Then they should go on the dr drew show and live together in the same room.Finally both should go back on the ORCHA WINFRIES SHOW and tell everyone what they learned about themselves!!

  9. 9

    The two losers that are Dina and Michael need to die soon and rid the world of their abject nothingness.

  10. 10

    What an UGLY and disturbed man.

    It will take years of therapy and a COMPLETE and CONTINUED seperation from ALL of her family if she is to ever be able to function as a somewhat 'normal' human being.


  11. 11

    He's a crazy f**k, but at least he admits that he and Dina are at fault for the way Lindsay turned out.

  12. @v@ says – reply to this


    Unfortunately it's long past his proposed solution, and always will be. Dina wants nooooo part of him, and that's her perogative. What part of divorced and restraining order does he not understand?

  13. @v@ says – reply to this


    He said 'my' kids. He should have said our kids.

  14. 14

    Bat -Shit Crazee…But at least he is owning up to some thinngs. Dina, not so much. Dina - Your daughter is a fuck'n drug-addicted coke snort'n WHORE who would seek out the alcohol from a bottle of LYSOL ! Deal ! Don't Deny !

  15. 15

    I actually believe Michael Lohan is the only one spot on with Lindsay's issues. I also think he's right on with Dina. What he does with his personal life is his business. Lindsay IS his business. Kudos to him for not walking away from her, despite all the negative media surrounding him!

  16. 16

    These two are a very poor excuse for parents.

  17. 17

    This tool bag has one agenda and one alone.. He makes money off his kid plain and simple. The more fucked up she is the more he can go on tv shows and other blog sites that PAY him for his ridiculous rantings. It is NO wonder this chick is so fucked up. With parents ( or lack thereof ) like these two she never stood a chance. The other kids needs to be removed from the home asap.

  18. 18

    After the Today Show interview with Orange, it's easy to see why Lindsay is so effed up. Enuf said.

  19. 19


  20. 20

    The guy may want his 15 minutes in the spotlight but at least he also tries to be a father to his kids. All Dina wants to do is party with them. The reality of it is only Lindsay can help Lindsay now. If she wants to clean up, she will. If not, no rehab in the world will help her.

  21. 21

    Re: @v@ – Why should he say "our" kids? They have been divorced for 15 years, and Dina seems happy that her children want nothing to do with him. A more mature woman would want her children to have a relationship with their father even if she no longer does.

  22. 22

    I don't recall seeing any other 24 year old actress whose parents are constantly speaking for her that way. They need to back off speaking for her…

    Dina IS an enabler… A REALLY bad liar. If she thinks she is helping her daughter then she fails.

    And if Lindsay refuses to see her dad, maybe he should stop pursuing her publicly and try behind closed doors. Maybe then he will seem more sincere and less like a fame whore.

    Lindsay is an adult, she needs to face the consequences of her actions as an adult and want to really take responsibility.

  23. 23

    I don't know…I think he is kinda hot…for an older guy.

  24. 24

    Why does everybody blame the parents? Hohan's a big girl, she wasn't f'd up when she was doing Disney films. She turned to drugs just like a lot of people do. Her parents didn't shove it up her nose. Sure they are two jackasses, but at what point do we stop blaming other people for our self inflicted problems?

  25. myjah says – reply to this


    Maybe YOU'RE right. Maybe YOU'RE right. YOU'RE not YOUR. didn't you go to NYU Perez? You write for a living and don't even know basic grammar????

  26. @v@ says – reply to this


    Re: NegativeNancy – It's because both parents inject themselves into the mix publicly when neither of them should. They both appear to get off on the satellite limelight, (fame, or rather, notoriety by association) rather than staying out of camera range and out of print and instead talking to Lindsay behind closed doors.

  27. 27

    This SOB is as nuts as it gets. No wonder LL ended up like she has. This dude needs to be put into check. It's a wonder somebody has not killed this freak.

  28. Ee78 says – reply to this


    They both should take a few steps back and give LL a chance to prove herself. So far, she is batting zero. However, maybe this time away has made an impact on her. I know some people who change after doing one day in jail, yet alone a UCLA rehab program. Maybe she is done. The docs seem to think so. Remember, Michael is not a professional therapist. Therefore, he needs to rely on some pros who do this type of thing for a living. I still think LL should have taken the prison minster's offer and do 12-months in a faith-based program. It seems to be the only type of rehab that works. The stats are in its' favor. Secular … 3% success. Faith-based - upwards of 85%. It is a no-brainer for those who really want to get to the bottom of their problems. If not, kick that old can down the road to deal with it again at a later date. Hello LL… what … not one more year of probation? Good luck.