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Katy Roars!

| Filed under: AustraliasticKaty Perry

We think this is her best TV performance for this new album!!!

Check out Katy Perry performing Teenage Dream, live on Australia's Sunrise, above!

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68 comments to “Katy Roars!”

  1. 1

    well, despite that there is a huge backing track she is singing along to…yeah, its good for that

  2. iCR says – reply to this


    She sounded great in the beggining and throughout the whole song! Vocally it is her best TV Performance for this new album, but not the most entertaining.
    But she still did great and sounded awesome! ♥

  3. 3

    she's a joke.

  4. 4

    Umm, the show is actually called Sunrise. FYI.

  5. 5

    I like her voice but still I WISH SHE COULD MOVE PROPERLY.She doesn't know how to dance & it's a shame cause appearance counts.She is a pretty & talented voice but moving your ass back and forth doesn't help through such songs.

  6. 6

    =( she can't sing live =(

  7. 7

    Well, to be completey honest, the start of the song is at such an odd pitch it is near impossible to mimic it w/o computers.

  8. 8

    she is really, really dumb.

  9. 9

    great vocals :D

  10. JuNoZ says – reply to this


    Keeping in Aussie spirit I’m digging the kangaroo dress.

  11. 11

    Why Is she still wearing those cheap stupid hooker wigs? It's bad enough the music is crap but this get up makes her look as lame as Mario's unfunny Lindsay Lohan Barbie doll videos.

  12. 12

    she sounds fucking awful

  13. 13

    Teenage Dream?Give it up ya talentless fraudster.That was probably the most generic,insipid,listless piece of crap ever posted on this site.What the fuck is wrong with you Mario?Have you no shame?

  14. 14

    Lol Sunset wth!?!? It's SUNRISE, get it right, yeesh.

  15. 15

    It's Sunrise :-)

  16. 16

    she's a disgrace to the industry
    and looks like a smurf whore

  17. 17

    where is the voice?

  18. 18

    Let me start by saying the show is called Sunrise not Sunset. I give huge props to Katy Perry. So many stars come out to Australia and treat the media and interviewers like shit. Katy has been a breath of fresh air. She has been gracious and generous in every interview I have seen and she seems to have really embraced the aussie spirit with that dress. Anyone who gives a live performance gets a huge thumbs up from me because they really don't have to.

  19. 19

    LOVE HER!!!
    805 BITCHES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. 20

    It's Sunrise you dumbf@#k

  21. 21

    errr its Sunrise. retard

  22. 22

    she is singing along to a backing track. She doesn't sound bad.. but it just means she has a weak voice

  23. 23

    The vocals are good, if you're using Katy Perry's standards (and the people who like her). To the rest of us, however, she still sounds pretty terrible and talentless. Tacky appearance too, as usual.

  24. 24

    Terrible. She's a rank beginner as a singer and has no style or power. Dream on Perez, she'll be Zlist in about three yaers.

  25. 25

    Re: #1mileyfan – name one pop star that dont use a back track almost all pop stars use a back track

  26. 26

    shes stupid

  27. 27


  28. 28

    Awful awful voice. There are so many artists who can sing live but she is not one of them. This overproduced self proclaimed diva sounds awful.

  29. 29

    Re: robert26101 – Pink. She's one pop star that doesn't use backing tracks. Then again, Pink is an incredible singer and doesn't need one.

  30. 30

    it's called SUNRISE dumbass! get your facts straight

  31. 31

    why do people on this site hate katy perry so much? she's fun, her music is great to dance along to, and she's gorgeous. anyways, i really like the kangaroo dress but i wish she'd wear a different colour wig!

  32. 32

    OH MY GOD her body is absolutely smokin hot!!!! And she sounds good as well. She is definitely my girl crush!

  33. 33

    Re: robert26101 – Demi lovato! She never has playback, and doesnt need it

  34. 34

    She doesn't sound too good, but she does sound better than usual…. Sorry Katy.

  35. 35

    Is Dat A New Tatoo I C?? (like at 1:53 on her left arm wen she raises it)

  36. 36

    Truly awful - she absolutely cannot sing.

  37. J.Ann says – reply to this


    I was watching her perform live the night before in a showcase in Melbourne. I was pretty surprised she actually sang well! Had tons of fun! And she was really hot! ;)

  38. 38

    Re: DemilovatoFan4309 – yeah Demi is amazing in concert! Miley doesn't use a backing track either. I have scene both in concert

  39. 39

    It's SunRISE you good-for-nothing idiot.

  40. 40

    Re: lacey1 – THANK YOU. I agree completely! Pink is an amazing singer who doesn't need back up vocals to make her sound amazing, while Katy sounds like shit no matter what she does…

  41. 41

    It's called SunRISE Perez! :)

  42. 42

    Hey when your good, your good. This is one beautiful Babe! I wouldn't be afraid to take her home to MaMa, but I'd be afraid PaPa would try and nail her. Looking good.

  43. 43

    It's Sunrise, moron.

  44. 44

    god that was bad.

  45. 45

    She stinks. Every performance of hers that I've seen, she appears to struggle - vocally - from start to finish. She will have her disposable radio hits, but there's no future for her as a major touring act - and that's where the real money is. Oh, and the person who inquired about all the Katy hate on this site: We hate her because she's talentless, but the corporate music machine has the nerve to tell us she's a serious artist, which is bullshit and Katy is a hypocritical bitch that believes some topics should be off limits to other artists, but she can exploit gay and lesbian culture to appear edgy, which is the modern equivalent of black face. Hate her guts.

  46. 46

    It wasn't her best, not that entertaining she just walked around and the back up singers voices were kinda annoying.

  47. 47

    you got the name of the show wrong it's sunrise, trust me I'm australian:)

  48. 48

    Why does her management team keep insisting she sing live?…she can't do it. She never has been able to do live performances. She sounds better than usual, but she still sounds terrible, and I don't get why this continues to be acceptable.

  49. 49

    Re: robert26101 – Freddie Mercury never used it

  50. 50

    Re: Batgirlbeyond – FTW!!!! AMEN SISTER! (not sista ;)

  51. 51

    Guys if you don't like it Don't Fu*cking listen to it, simple as that. And you poor haters nothing better to do then whinge

  52. 52

    God yeah, she actually sung in tune for most of that, which is new for her! I kinda like that dress though!

  53. 53

    She's SO much better in sets like this, without a bunch of bullshit backup dancers around her.

  54. 54

    This girl is becoming a two-dimensional cartoon right before my very eyes. She's not really what I'd call an artist, but more a conglomeration or coorporation.
    It's too bad. I liked her. But with that Travis McCoy song she'd done… well, let's just say if Travis punched her tits flat, I could see why.
    Good luck with Russell, baby. Just keep the Valtrex handy.

  55. 55

    her voice is amazing and im addicted to the song. Can you say second number one song in america.

  56. 56

    Re: #1mileyfan – thats laughable miley and demi both use backing tracks i saw miley perform cant be tamed and it was done with a backing track and as for demi is she even relevant.

  57. 57

    Re: sarahmargeurite – You mean besides the fact that she's phony, arrogant, obnoxious and her music is over rated? Gee I have no idea!

  58. 58


  59. 59

    Re: michsaphmatt – Oh shut up! Quit trying to suck up to this talentless cow!

  60. Booma says – reply to this


    WHat BACK TRACK are you guys talking about!?!?? It's a LIVE F&**&ING BAND!!!
    You can TELL she's SINGING that shiz!! Plus, it's not a GREAT range but she has a quirky voice! I don't think she's the best in the world, but she CAN SING!!! Check out her BBC Live version of Electric Feel! It's AWESOME!! She's hot, sweet, and she is writing this music for the people who do like care free dance music! She has been working her ASS off for over 14 years singing as well… so the "Corporate Machine" crap i kinda dumb as well!

  61. 61

    hmmm,,, backround singers a little pitchy…..intro idea stolen from ga ga…..

  62. 62

    i'll admit it, she was off at the beginning. Still love her though! go Katy! I love her first album, this one probably wont' be that, but i'll still listen. And dance to my anthem "California Gurls", cause we're fierce period. Currently moved over to the East Coast but I'll be coming back soon for sure.

  63. 63

    Re: DoubleECupMagus – there are no singers today that can hold a candle to freddy. there are no bands today that can even hold a candle to queen. why ?? you can thank mtv and pro tools. all we get now is flavor of the month,eye candy, computor music, no talent necessary, all sounds the same caca. what a shame.

  64. 64

    YAY!!! I was there right at the the end of the runway wearing the bright blue shirt and cap. She was sooo amazing and so nice!! Love you Katy!!

  65. 65

    thats not really good. i dont see whats special about her.
    theres nothing that turns me on to her

    her voice isnt really that good.i agree with the demi lovato comments. she is an amazing performer.
    and if you havent read my screen name yet, christina aguilera is pretty fucking good live too(;

  66. 66

    umm that "huge backing track" she's singing along with would be the two back up singers behind her. Plenty of artists have back up singers. In fact most do. She sounds awesome. Love Katy Perry!

  67. 67

    Her voice doesn't sound as bad as usual and she's pretty, but. I mean, so many other people are better! And in the beginning of this she seemed half asleep. Not the worst, but Katy Perry at her best is mediocre.

  68. 68

    Re: M.t. Dickinson – hahahahahahaha you are fucking funny, you really are I mean yeah I am sooooooooooooooo trying to suck up to her?!!!! I am mean like what the fuck!!!