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Zsa Zsa Gabor Asks To See Priest

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Zsa Zsa Gabor has reportedly asked to see a priest and receive her last rites.

The actress was readmitted to the UCLA Ronald Reagan Medical Center on Friday to have two blood clots removed.

Gabor was recovering from hip-replacement surgery she had in July, but had a problem in her recovery.

Her publicist John Blanchette spoke with her Zsa Zsa's husband Frederic Von Anhalt on Sunday about her request to see the priest, stating, "it is very sad."

So, so sad.

We wish her family the best.

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101 comments to “Zsa Zsa Gabor Asks To See Priest”

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  1. 1

    Asking to see apriest now won't make up for a prviledged life of treating people like dirt and acting like a ho! Ur going to hell missy! other stoppid celebs take note! xx

  2. 2

    I think she knows :( Sad.

  3. 3

    Her husband's been planning the party for months now!

  4. 4


  5. 5

    Awwwwwwwwwwww…..God Bless, Zsa Zsa.

  6. 6

    I'll Pull the Plug on that Original Hollywood Hooker!

  7. 7

    Wow @ the hurtful comments!!! Apparently I know less about her than I thought. She is an icon though. Very sad.

  8. 8

    apparently her mother lived to be a 100

    love her name there will never be another Zsa Zsa :(

  9. 9

    =[ Oh no.

  10. 10

    So, so, sad!! Whenever the time comes I hope she rests in peace.

  11. 11

    How shameful. She's Jewish!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Call in a rabbi, Zsa Zsa!

  12. 12

    Goodbye to the last of the Good-Whore sisters. Eva and Zsa Zsa Goodwhore.

  13. 13

    Re: Toronto_girl – Her mother was of Jewish descent. That does not necessarily make Zsa Zsa Jewish.

  14. 14

    Being mean toward someone who is dying is as low as you can get. Doesn't anyone realize they will be on their deathbed one day and would they want all these awful things said about them? No one is without sin.

  15. 15

    Matt, there is no hell. Organized religion rules by fear in order to control people. Young souls… (tsk tsk)

    Anyway, back to Zsa Zsa. I just hope that phony Prince Frederic Von A-Hole doesn't decide to inseminate some young golddigger after she's gone.

  16. fiona says – reply to this


    Do you think the almighty powers care which cleric presides over death?

  17. 17

    I don't believe it. Ms. Gabor has suffered from severe Alzheimer's for years. She is way past having even a moment of clarity in her dementia.

  18. 18

    So what if she was born Jewish. People can and do convert, you know! Plenty of people who were born Christian have converted to Judaism and Islam, and vice versa. You do have the right to believe what you want. Maybe her husband is Catholic and she converted when they got married.

  19. 19

    oh thought she was a jew.

  20. 20

    Take a rest people, her mother was from Jewish origin,her father was not, you can't be sure what religion she follows, but it doesn't matter anyway. I hope she will get better.

  21. 21

    So sad :( Hope she goes peacefully.

  22. 22

    Re: mattvoyager – second that~

  23. 23

    Re: GothamGirl – Actually, by Jewish law, yes it does. Having a Jewish birth mother necessarily makes her Jewish.

  24. 24

    But she is 93 and had a long, exciting life. There should be a celebration of a long life.

  25. 25

    You people can make a rude comment about anything. A woman is dying and some of you are bad mouthing her deathbed decisions. You must have such sorry lives that you have to sit on a computer and talk crap about celebrities to make yourselves feel better.

  26. 26

    Re: My black circumcised baby! – No. A child is NOT Jewish if the mother is NOT Jewish. The reverse is not necessarily true. If Zsa Zsa's mother was Jewish but Zsa Zsa and her sisters decided to practice Christianity, then they are not Jewish. There is such a thing as free will.

  27. 27

    Zsa Zsa is a Hollywood icon and deserves utmost respect at this time

  28. 28

    Oh No the poor thang!!!! May God bless her and recieve her in Heaven!!!!

  29. 6one9 says – reply to this


    We all have to go sometime. Maybe she needs to repent before she goes to see her God. Good luck to her!! :)

  30. 30

    Whatever makes her comfortable that is very sad

  31. 31

    Re: GothamGirl – Hello? Logic much? I agree that a child is "NOT Jewish if the mother is NOT Jewish" - but that's not what I said. I said that if her mother IS Jewish then she IS necessarily Jewish by Jewish law. Now, her free will can allow her to call herself whatever the heck she wants, but she is still Jewish by Jewish law. I think the confusion here is that Judiasm is more than just a religion. There is a genetic component to it as well. Jewish people have semitic genes.
    Let me give you an example. If a black person (by their free will) decides to call themselves white, well…I'm sorry but they are still black. In their mind, they may be white but in reality they are black.
    Zsa Zsa can (via her free will) decide she is not a Jew, and can consider herself religiously a Christian, but but Jewish law she is a Jew and by genetics she is half Jewish. You need to educate yourself sweetie.

  32. 32

    If she's not Jewish, why the Hell was she "INVESTING" with Madoff?

  33. 33

    Re: HiHater_xo – I see. And what are YOU doing here? You do realize this is a celeb gossip site and most gossip is hateful? Right? Did you think you were on the Mother-Theresa-love-all-people site? A woman is dying. Oy vey. And? The woman in question is in her 90s and lived a priveleged and pretentious life calling everyone "dahling" while at the same time thumbing her nose at "the little people" and slapping policemen. It's not like she was opressed and abused and had acid thrown in her face for rejecting any of her 8 marriage proposals. Gain a llittle perspective sweetie. Everyone dies eventually. She's in her 90s for God's sake. How much longer would you like her to have?

  34. 34

    That's the way it goes: Elderly=Break Hip=Dead Pretty Soon. I'm thinking Last Rites kind of cleans the slate doesn't it?

  35. 35

    she slept with JFK

  36. 36

    Don't call me sweetie, you ANTI-SEMITIC Canadian PIG! Judaism is a Religion! There aren't genes associated with religion. There are Jewish people ALL over the world. They share a RELIGION! They do not share genes!

  37. 37

    R.I.P. (I know, not yet but, sounds like soon)
    Zsa Zsa Gabor, you will be missed. Mostly, for slapping that cop, lol. I laughed so hard when the news broke way back when, I almost peed my pants!

  38. 38

    If she does die it wont be a day before FatBoy is saying she abused her pain pills.

  39. 39

    Re: GothamGirl – tell them!!! lol

  40. 40

    Always colorful and spoke her mind. I wish her the best in recovering.

  41. 41

    Its sad that Zsa Zsa's husband Frederic Von Anhalt is still in the picture……….
    Re: HiHater_xo – You must be new here….

  42. 42

    Re: My black circumcised baby! – @ 31- That is the stupidest thing I've ever read in my entire life. The only people who care about this so called "Jewish law" are people that are Jewish. If she did convert who cares? It's not the same as a person of one race then wanting to convert to another. Genetics my ass.

  43. 43

    We wish her a speedy recovery… Cheers that she makes it to the big 1-0-0! ~*TJB*~

  44. 44

    but you stupid bitchess..just because she had a jewish mother dont mean she cant convert her religion..making fun of someone dyeing is wrong…specially when you make fun of there religion in there death bed…we dont give a fuck about youre know it all atheist opinion so shut up..

  45. 45

    how very sad

  46. 46

    wow some people on here are vicious.

  47. 47

    Ha Ha.

  48. freak says – reply to this


    Do you idiots have hearts?


    best wishes to you Zsa Zsa……

  49. Misa7 says – reply to this



  50. 50

    Just wait until she arrive in Hell; it'll be one huge gang-bang with all of her past husbands & Satan; I'm sure Jerry Falwell will want to get in on the action too!

  51. fiona says – reply to this


    religion freaks chill out.
    yours is not the only religion. *horrors*
    for thousands of years and millions of dead humans.

    We all belong to the same human history, our genes are derived from the same invertebrate being.

    religious affiliation is sooo irrelevant

  52. 52

    Re: My black circumcised baby! – only JEWS care about jewish law. That law was put into effect so a jewish woman wouldn't have a baby not accepted by her people, duh. A non-jew man could walk away leaving her alone, but having a jewish baby kept her in good standing with her peeps.

  53. 53

    I find it sad so many people call her and her sisters whores. That is what women had to do back then, fucking marry up. You had no opportunity for a job or to achieve anything on your own of substance. It was smart to marry a rich important man. Duh,,, look at our all-time National First Rate Whore - Jackie Kennedy.

  54. 54

    …also, I don't think the patient is ever the one who orders a priest be called, unless they do that after ordering a roomservice steak!

  55. 55

    actually thats not true. our God in an awesome merciful God! if she ask for forgiveness, she will be forgiven. dying at 93 is not sad. dying without knowing God is sad.

  56. 56

    Re: bich45 – Amen!

  57. @v@ says – reply to this


    Re: GothamGirl – You're going to feel pretty stupid for saying that after you do some research. Google Ashkenazi to start.

  58. @v@ says – reply to this


    Zsa Zsa once claimed that she was a good housekeeper because every time she divorced, she kept the house. She was married nine times, with seven divorces and one anulled. She was born in 1917, and was a singer, then later an actress; and she along with sisters Magda and Eva were all socialites. She's had a long life. I hope the Prince is holding up.

  59. 59

    Re: GothamGirl
    "Re: Toronto_girl – Her mother was of Jewish descent. That does not necessarily make Zsa Zsa Jewish."
    Actually, according to Jewish law, it does - unless she converted, which she did not.

  60. 60

    Re: @v@
    " hope the Prince is holding up. "
    Seriously? You hope he is holding up? The man has been waiting for this day for twenty years!

  61. 61

    Re: @v@ – Oh please educate me @v@! Judaism is a religion NOT a race. And by the way, many biologists don't think that race exists, do your reading before you call anyone stupid! Anyone who has 9000 hits on PH is already pretty stupid! Why don't you get a REAL life, instead of posting here EVERY DAY!

  62. 62

    Re: GothamGirl – Wow you sure are stupid….sweetie. All that hate and simply b/c you can't stand to be proven wrong. I should know what I am talking about as I am Ashkenazi Jewish myself. Jewish people share common genes.

  63. 63

    Re: Jazz-hands Chaz – No…"duh". You're wrong. That law was put into effect b/c it is always clear who the mother is (she gives birth to the child) but it is not always clear who the father is. Back when Jewish law was enacted they had no way to determine paternity…no paternity tests. Nothing about "standing" or whatever. What are you babbling about? "Marrying up"? What an idiotic thing to say. I bet you are a gold-digging whore too huh and trying to justify yourself. Sad. No wonder you say "duh" all the time. LOL….how dumb you are.

  64. 64

    Re: berrybaby – You need to do some research. Genetics are definitely involved. It does have similarities with people from one race wanting to convert to another. I honestly don't understand all the stupidity of people who don't understand this. I, personally, learned that Ashkenazi Jews share genes in common in my first High School biology course. WTF are you people being taught in those American schools? I mean just look it up. You are calling me stupid for stating a FACT. Not even an opinion. Common genes in Ashkenazi Jews are one reason why if two Jewish people have a child they should both be tested if they carry the gene for Tay-Sachs. Similar to how blacks are at a higher risk of Sickle Cell Anemia. Again, this is BASIC INOFORMATION learned in Biology 101. I *cannot* believe you don't know this. Sigh. You are ignorant and you call others stupid b/c you cannot understand their knowledge. Knowledge that you *should* have yourself. Do yourself a favour and google Tay-Sachs disease for starters. Ashkenazi Jews as well. And educate yourself. But if you can't…if you still remain stupid…at least keep the fuck quiet so people can't tell how stupid and ignorant you really are. LOL.

  65. 65

    She's 93. She'll be fine. Whatever the outcome.

  66. 66

    Re: My black circumcised baby! – You are an idiot. To be Jewish is a belief whether you convert in adulthood or it's in your families history. It has nothing to do with your genes.

  67. 67

    Re: stellagranos – What is Jewish law if you don't consider yourself to be Jewish? Jewish law only matters if you consider youself Jewish.

  68. 68


  69. 69

    Re: GothamGirlRe: @v@ – @V@: Don't pay attention to this dumb New Yorker - she's bitter and jealous as hell. It must be the low male-female ratio over there…she's passed over for all the prettier women so she takes her frustrations out on any woman she can. Sad.

  70. @v@ says – reply to this


    Re: stellagranos – He's taken care of her for YEARS.

  71. 71

    Re: berrybaby – Look it up you dumb C.U.N.T. Just fucking look it up before you idiotically call someone an idiot. And look in the mirror while you are at it…idiot. We are arguing about FACTS. Just fucking look it up. LOL!!

  72. 72

    Re: GothamGirl – Tell that to Hitler. Oh you can't, he's dead. OK, well tell that to Mel Gibson then.

  73. @v@ says – reply to this


    Re: GothamGirl – No need for sarcasm. Just trying to keep you from looking ridiculous. Educate yourself. Do your own homework. Why concern yourself with how many hits others have? If you don't know what you're talking about and so lash out by trying to get personal at something completely unrelated, you know your facts need research. I don't post a lot, as you will already know, but have been on for years, since the site's inception. There are months when I don't comment, but in the old days we got some pretty good threads going on articles that would get to be 10 or 12 pages long. Your communication style needs work. You call people names. You tell another poster to stop being ANTI-SEMETIC and then call them a Canadian pig. Twenty million sperm, and YOU were the winner.

  74. 74

    It is so sad to see her life coming to an end. She and her sisters were sure great in their day. God Bless Her and Her Family.

  75. 75

    I wonder if she'll decide to get cremated or buried ? My money is on her wanting to get cremated, considering how she fucked her way out of the Eastern Europe ovens instead of exiting through the chimneys.

  76. 76

    Sad????? Attractive, filthy rich, lives well into her 90's. What does she get… eternal life too? Nothing sad there. She had a good run.

  77. 77

    so sick that people are calling her names, etc. Seriously. Let her make her peace with God ( 0r whomever) and her family.

  78. 78

    Re: @v@ – I apologize @v@, I've always liked you. If I called another poster a "pig" it is due to many many posts not just this one.I guess I just take umbrage at being called uneducated, when the people reading the post should do some reading on the subject of Religion and Race.

  79. 79

    It's terrible that when people are at their mental weakest in their final hours, they resort to fairytales. Spend that time telling your loved ones you love them and bonding - not wasting your time on an invisible sky man because you're afraid.

  80. Davin says – reply to this


    People think that Zsa Zsa's diva behaviour and media image constituted her being a bitch. Actually, she was the kind who always spoke her mind without being disrespectful in the slightest. Anyhow, her character doesn't need to be defended when she's 93 and on her deathbed. She's an icon and one of the biggest celebrities of all.

    I hope she has a peaceful and pain-free death, whether it happens now or later.

  81. 81

    Re: GothamGirl – Yeah, starting with you. "umbrage"…LMAO at the desperate attempt to appear educated. What a fraud you are. Pretentious dumb as rocks fraud. Like most New Yorkers… which is why everyone hates you. Seriously, most people I know think that as horrible as those 9/11 attacks are…at least they happened to the greedy New York scum investment bankers and money managers and not to decent folk. Why don't you stab yourself with your stiletto while you wait for Sex and the City to happen to you? (Psst…it never will.)

  82. 82

    Re: GothamGirl – But you *are* uneducated. Your facts are wrong and instead of looking it up you call me names. Why is knowledge so threatening to you? Why are you so intimidated by knowledge? That being said…bring it on! It sure is fun to get my frustrations out on someone of your low caliber. Normally, I never talk this way with people so it sure is fun to role play with little morons like you who don't really count.

  83. @v@ says – reply to this


    Re: GothamGirl – Accepted. I could have worded my first comment to you in a better way. Anyway, this ' Is Judaism A Race or a Religion' thing, I found a Rabbi's response, but if you surf it, there are reams of responses, and many more (often confusing) articles discussing it. Rabbi Ari Enkin states: "The Jews are both a race and religion. Our religion is quite clear — see your nearest Biible. While a Christian is defined as one who follows the teachings of Jesus, a Jew is defined as one born from a Jewish mother or converted according to Jewish Law. That being said - a person remains a member of the Jewish nation for the rest of their life regardless of what religious practices that person chooses to follow/reject. And yes, as a nation we have our own culture, foods, land, and even diseases. I hope this helps, - Rabbi Ari Enkin"

  84. 84

    In Zsa Zsa's autobiography, "One Lifetime is Not Enough", she wrote that her ex-husband (the one who then married her sister, Magda) actor George Sanders ("Rebecca"), always wanted to watch Zsa Zsa have sex with a Catholic priest. Maybe that's why she called this one in? Following through on promises made long ago?

    Her mother was Jewish. But her father and his family were Catholic. But "rumor" always had it that her father's family had converted to Catholicism at one time since it was the only way for social climbing Jews to enter Europe's high society. It was the fashion to convert (if you were Jewish and needed to marry a Count). And yet, if her father's family converted for that reason, why then, would her father marry a Jewish woman? But Zsa Zsa was raised Catholic. Maybe that was the "secret" to Zsa Zsa's success? Having a Jewish mother who taught her about jewelry while her Catholic upbringing taught her how to go about getting it by giving incredible bjs? I mean, come on! We know she didn't learn oral sex from her mother. And you can bet that none of those men were giving her jewels and houses without getting an incredible BJ in return.

    Zsa Zsa has certainly lived in (and been of) the world. In the end, we're all just people. If she wants to confess, be "forgiven" or just be blessed as she heads onto the next world, well, such is a rather sweet, "holy crap here we come!" sort of gesture.

  85. 85

    Keep fighting Zsa Zsa!! God has his best intentions for you!!

  86. 86

    I don't care what this woman has done in her life, if she has done anything bad. As far as anyone can prove, we have one life to live. The end of a life is always a sad thing. Shame on you people making rude comments. My thoughts are with you, Zsa Zsa!

  87. 87

    You're wishing the family the best as if she died already… You should be wishing her the best as well…

  88. 88

    She has the right to request anyone she wishes to visit her. I wish her the best. I am sure she has been in a lot of pain. I know people that had hip replacements and it is not easy and they were 30 years younger than Zsa Zsa

  89. 89

    Does she really have Alzheimer's? That's so sad. But like others have said, she's had a long and good life and she deserves to die with dignity

  90. 90

    Re: iamawesomeRe: GothamGirlRe: kthanks – Y'all might rethink and consider you're getting ethnicity confused with religion. Just because she's ethnically Jewish doesn't mean she practices Judism.

  91. 91


  92. 92

    Re: My black circumcised baby!
    What s this rubbish aout "genes"?? NORMAL people don t CARE whate race or genes you are! If I, being German, would write /think the same shit and idiotry you re writing here, you d certainly call me RACIST/fascist, RIGHT?

  93. 93

    Re: My black circumcised baby! – You obviously combined by two posts to satisfy your own belief. How sad. You cannot tell from your fucking DNA if you are a jew or not. duh…… Your 'genetic components' are most linked to your eternal enemies. You are just too stupid to know you are nothing but the Hatfields and McCoys. ha ha ha ha ha You are more Islam than you are anything. You big hairy motherfucker. I bet you have a mustage and bush the size of a football. Put on a burka and cover that shit up. Or maybe you just get a date from your 'aunt' he drinks Pelligrino and you sip a coca-cola (only one), then he tells you how his mom runs the house and what he would expect from your sorry ass. After looking at most of you, why would you want to keep your gene pool 'clean' you are a fucking sorry sight.

  94. 94

    Re: My black circumcised baby! – Look at my post 52, that is what I said. Any jew whore could have a baby and it would be jew. The man could walk away, and she would still have her little jew for the family to love. What part didn't your stupid fucking ass understand. You disagreed with me then spouted the exact same thing as an explination. If you were here I would slapp the shit out of your whooly face.

  95. 95

    Re: Jazz-hands Chaz – and I HAVE Jewish friends, and I respect them, totally. I just think YOU are a fucking asshole.

  96. 96

    Did "Prince" Von Anal blow the priest????

  97. 97

    She had a great life, she deserves the best. Best wishes dear Zsa Zsa

  98. 98

    Re: German Duckie – LOL!! a righteous German. If that isn't a contradiction in terms. Why don’t you STFU and go learn about your history? Who mentioned anything about CARING what race or genes you are? YOU did. And that’s because YOU are a descendent of the Nazis. A descendent of people who tried to “genetically cleanse” the world, starting with eliminiating Jews. YOU ARE racist if you think the FACTS I have stated pertaining to Jews having certain genes in common paint Jews in a negative light. You dirty Nazi German whore. Why don’t you go and eat some shit? That’s what you Germans love doing after all right? Your people lead the world in shit eating. LOL!! Some “superior race” huh? The shit-eating superior race who feigns tolerance by saying “NORMAL people don’t CARE what race or genes you are”. LMAO!! Are you even AWARE of your ancestry you shit-eating Nazi?.

  99. 99

    Re: Jazz-hands Chaz – If "I were there" and your pathetic racist ass would so much as touch a hair on my beautiful body….I would defend myself by putting on some sterile gloves that do not leave fingerprints and do to you 100 times worse than what you would do to me. I trust I make myself clear, even to a mental midget such as you.

  100. 100

    Re: Secret Message – These people can't "rethink" anything because they don't "think" about anything to begin with. They just spout nonsense and feign righteous indignation to cover up their inherent racism. Thinking it makes them look tolerant and Humanitarian. TRULY tolerant people would realize that, not only what I am saying is true and supported by biological facts, but that it is not at all derogatory towards Jews.
    TRULY tolerent people would never say (as "Jazz-hands Chaz states) "Any jew whore could have a baby and it would be jew. The man could walk away, and she would still have her little jew for the family to love. " and then follow that up with "and I HAVE Jewish friends, and I respect them, totally." Right, sure you do.

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