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Mel Gibson's Mistress Threatened By His Bodyguards

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It seems that Mel Gibson had a mistress on the day of the actor's blowout with Oksana Grigorieva.

Violet Kowal claims that she was in communication with Mel about the events of January 6th - and she had been threatened to keep her mouth shut.

In the day following, Kowal received text messages warning her that she could "disappear" for a price and to keep the incident to herself.

She is now repped by Gloria Allred and claims to have phone records and text messages that prove their communication. Kowal also alleges to have an email from the L.A. County Department of Children and Family Services' Sensitive Cast Unit.

Yikes! Wonder what she has to hide.

[Image via Pacific Coast News Online.]

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12 comments to “Mel Gibson's Mistress Threatened By His Bodyguards”

  1. 1

    wow.. 36 hours late on this cut and paste Perez

  2. 2

    Too bad Perez cant get exclusive information anymore.. I find everything here on other sites 1-2 days earlier… Still though, I can't help but come back and insult all you gays (er Canadian girls/gays) who think this is your only source for info and believe every little thing Perez puts into your shallow little minds.

  3. @v@ says – reply to this


    Hiring lawyers and then allegedly holding horny rich men for ransom seems to be a promising career these days. Can't the justice system DO anythng about this burgeoning phenomena? I have to wonder if this woman and Oksana weren't working together from the start. Mel's no angel, but the amount of conveniently recorded negative dirt is so stacked that it looks to be orchestrated.

  4. 4

    Well before this is all done, a lot is going to come out about this guy and some of the terrible things that he has done to people. A lot of people have been fearful to come forward because of just this type of behavior and his amount of money but people It appears that some people have had it

    Now is the time for people to come forward and let it be known what this COWARD has been doing with his woman beating ways and hate for people of a different race.

  5. 5

    This wasn't how I interpreted the information when I read it on other websites 2 days ago. I never read that her life was threatened. I read that she was asked not to talk to anybody about it and that maybe she "should" disappear. As in leave town for a while. I am not saying that it was right of them to ask her to do that but it is a hell of a lot different than insinuating that Mel wanted to have her killed.

  6. mw says – reply to this


    he is a fucking animal

  7. 7

    Misogynist Mel and now, Two timing Mel, WOW. This guy is a monster of the worst kind. First of all, he treats women like they should wear a burqa while he is screwing around on the side behind their back. WOW! This guy is a piece of work. For hitting Oksana, he should be put behind bars.

  8. 8

    Re: Mergers – no, she deserved a hit in the face… and every man cheats… well 99% anyway, dont fool yourself b!tch

  9. 9

    It would seem like a conspiracy if we still lived in an age where one had to wire a tape recorder to their phone to record a conversation. But we all have cell phones these days, and most of them all can record our calls with the push of a button. Then you have the internet and every little thing said on the net is archived somewhere. I'm not surprised that Gibson is a misogynist, most racist men are. But what shocks me is that he was stupid enough to make threats over a phoneline and the internet.

    But we are talking about a guy whose deepest role involved playing a hairy dude who ran around in a dress swinging an axe.

  10. 10

    Re: suckshitpig – you're the pig that should suck shit out of mel's asshole. you are deplorable saying any woman should be hit. Also sorry but not all men cheat as you proclaim. you are ignorant to boot. maybe all your boyfriends cheated on you for being such a pig. sucks to be you! :p

  11. 11

    Mel sinks deeper into shit every day. One day, it might cover his entire body, head and all.

  12. 12