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Michael Lohan Keeps Yapping!

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He knows no other way to live than to continuously yammer on about Lindsanity.

It's really very irritating.

Coming off the news that his daughter may leave rehab as early as this coming week, Michael Lohan scrambled to the phone to line up a slew of interviews to give his two cents on the matter. Somehow, during one of his interviews, the gears shifted in Orange Oprah bashing mode and he decided to go after Dina and her parenting skills.

During her heartfelt interview with Matt Lauer on The Today Show, Dina explained that she had plans to move Lindsay out of Hollywood and back to New York. Michael seems to feel that won't do any good, if Dina is the only parent around. He says:

"Dina says that Lindsay is coming back to New York after rehab. The funny part is, every time Lindsay comes back to New York, she doesn't stay at the house like she should. She stays in hotels in the city, and that gets her in trouble. She (needs) a clean house to get away from all the people. She can't go to the same places she used to go to. She can't do the same things and go out and party at night. She's gotta change her life completely… (Lindsay might) come back (to New York) for a little while, but she'll get back out there (Los Angeles) again. She needs to get away from everything… I'd like to see Lindsay step out of Hollywood. I'd like to see her get her life back, then decide what she wants to do."

We agree with him on one thing: Lindsay needs to get away from everything.

Staring with YOU, Mike!

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13 comments to “Michael Lohan Keeps Yapping!”

  1. 1

    Com on Perez, stop ur man crush on this guy. This is the only web site that even reports on him. He is so far off his chain, he is nuts

  2. 2

    It's so sad that her own parents are in denial on issues. i think the chick really needs therapy…and a stint in rehab would help her as well. i think shes a cute young women with a lot of potential. Her mother and father are to blame because they let her go to Cali at a young age without any supervision..I really don't think Lindsay could go anywhere without coping drugs. i think that we should looking up these whacko doctors that prescribe drugs knowingly that the person has a habit..Im glad that I am not her parents..because my life would be a mess without the right guidance..

  3. 3

    If you don't want to hear what he says, stop reading it and posting it on your site, pig-man

  4. 4

    Seriously….is it so hard for you to fucking spell correctly?

  5. 5

    That girl will never get better as long as both parents are alive

  6. 6

    both parents are nuts and why would matt lauer or anybody give these two any attention???:(
    ENOUGH already

  7. 7

    1st of all, she and her father have not been together in years, so all this 'parental' bad advice, bad problems, etc. IS ALL ABOUT DINA. A lot of us keep telling different sites to stop the crap with Lohan. AND HER CRAPPY FAMILY. This 'person' did a few movies as a teen that did well and she is supposed to be multi talented young actress that is throwing her life away and everyone is supposed to jump in and save her. NEW ALERT: She did a few movies, a few of them okay. Talent is over rated.

  8. 8

    if you find him irritating then why do you keep blogging about him….you obviously can't wait to hear what he or what dina will say next. you are enjoying every minute of it. i happen to agree with him - lindsay need to go away for a long time. i happen to enjoy to see less of her.

  9. 9

    YOU, MARIO/PEREZ, other blogs, rags, 'entertainment shows' are keeping this virus family going. You all want headlines, so you all put them in the news. They are the equivilant of the swine flu. NO ONE WANTS THEM. How many other mothers of former teen actresses are on tv, blogs, etc. ALL THE TIME? I would not even recognize the mothers of other 'actresses' Or Fathers. Or ugly sisters who do nothing, including not go to school at 16.

  10. 10

    He's an ugly, wretched woman trapped in a piece of shit body of Michael Lohan.

  11. 11

    You ALL HAVE CREATED THIS DISEASE. You all took the bait and ran with it. Dina and Michael gloating in the limelight, no matter what it is doing to their children, not thinking about how they are going to pay any future bills, does not matter, because today, tomorrow, ' I AM GOING TO BE ON T.V.' (because my daughter is a washed up actress). Ali there, probably sits around thinking, 'I had my own reality show, I am special' But there she is, not going to school, supposedly dumb as a door, can't sing, can't act, and is quite unattractive. But, she too, has had a taste of Hollywood and will probably be out there trying for ANYTHING. And ANYTHING will probably be porn movies in 10 years. Dina's liver will be shot in 10 years from her drinking and Michael will either be in jail from abuse or will be dead from going back to drugs, joining Lindsay. Their 2 sons, hopefully will change their names and never, ever admit to being members of this sick sick sick family, unless……. it is tooooooo late

  12. @v@ says – reply to this


    Wow. She's 24 and he's never going to leave her alone. There are times to keep your mouth shut and give your adult child the space to prove herself. This is one of them. Fighting with Lindsay's mother in the press will push her to imbibe very quickly. STFU. STFU. Live your OWN life. If she wants his paid opinion, she'll ask for it. If he keeps this up, he might never speak to his own daughter again. Sad.

  13. 13

    Lindsay is screwed as long as her parents are alive. If they were my parents I'd be a drugged out alcoholic too. They're enough to make a saint become homicidal. I really do feel sorry for Lindsay because as long as Dina is in denial and Michael is a psycho she has no hope of ever pulling her life together. From what I've read she doesn't have anyone in her life who will tell her "no" or give her responsible advice. Her mother was her club buddy when Lindsay was underage and her father uses her to keep himself in the public eye as he tries to convince the world that he should be given a Father of the Year award because he's so "concerned" about her. It's all so sad.