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Nancy Grace Donates Book Proceeds To The Mentally Challenged

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We knew she wasn't that bad!

Nancy Grace announced that she will be donating the proceeds of her murder mystery novel, Death on the D-List, to Wesley Glen Methodist Ministries, a Georgia group that helps adults with mental disabilities.

She said:

"We all know I've been pretty mean in the courtroom and out, so this may be my only ticket to heaven," she said. "So please, I want you to accept this check. It's for $25,000, it's part of my proceeds, and God willing, there's more coming to Wesley Glen.

They provide a truly loving home to the mentally handicapped. I've been there myself, before I endorsed it. I've looked at the homes, I personally know the director, and I've spent time there helping them raise money and looking at Wesley Glen so I knew about it."


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27 comments to “Nancy Grace Donates Book Proceeds To The Mentally Challenged”

  1. 1


  2. 2

    trying to buy her way into heaven….

    Harrass much?

  3. @v@ says – reply to this


    She's not donating 'the proceeds.' She's donating 'proceeds.' You added a word above, and it twisted the meaning, and that's a huge difference. One means all of the proceeds, and the other means a portion of the proceeds. Re-read your own article you linked under the reddened word 'donating', above. She's given $25,000 so far, and that's still something.

  4. 4

    Wesley Glen is all mandatory Evangelical Christianity Insanity, using massive taxpayer paid funding , but mandating Christianity conversion to benefit from the taxpayer paid services!

  5. 5

    This poverty pimp packs the disabled into HORRIFYING prison-like cells to maximize the amount of money the can get from the government…..

  6. 6

    so that means she's going to keep it rite

  7. 7

    This is OLD NEWS, she's announced this like 10 days ago and every single night on her program for over a week

  8. 8

    it's nice that she's giving something back to her viewers.

  9. 9

    She is still a bitch, this is a big tax write off for her. big fking deal……

  10. 10

    hm, didn't know she had a mystery novel. Not my fave person but gotta give credit to where it is due, right? So…good job? =/

  11. 11

    Tax Deduction

  12. 12

    booze and hotpants!

  13. 13

    "Nancy Grace Donates Book Proceeds To The Mentally Challenged."
    Nancy, don't you think Flopbama has enough money, challenged or not?

  14. SeeMe says – reply to this


    Keywords, part of my proceeds.

    This means that after everyone (including her, her agents, managers, etc) get their money, if there is money left over, part of the proceeds go to the charity. Cheap.

  15. 15

    isn't that special

  16. 16

    This doesn't even come close to making up for her hectoring that poor Korean chick to her grave. She's trash.

  17. 17

    I agree with a few other posters. Big f'ing deal. Its rumored that she makes $50 million a year. Just do a google search on her salary. Even if this a rough estimate, 25 grand is a laughable donation for her "ticket to heaven" She is fake, just like her "tough on criminals" persona is. Why would she even tell anyone about this? Oh yeah, for the publicity for her book.

  18. 18

    There would be a lot less child abuse if Nancy were a judge. She would lock the criminals up for LIFE.

  19. 19

    I cant stand this bitch. If you dont agree with her she's rude and nasty..she wont even let you speak..EXCUSE ME!!EXCUSE ME!!!This wench is trying hard to hold on to her job.Go be at home with the twins you love so much like kate go$$elin!

  20. 20

    here ill be honest i hate this fake bitch.

    she is always trying to get you on her side.

    she is a horrible person she always trys to sell her kids as attention.

    i believe she trys to sell her kids so she can pretend they were taken from her.
    she is a horrible person.

    and should die

  21. 21


  22. 22

    As usual you're late and wrong. On her show she morphs into her "southern belle sweet personality" to hawk her new book which she is pushing to have made into a movie. She's been hawking her new book for at least a week.

    … and …

    For the record her "proceeds" was a check for $25,000, which I am sure her accountant told her she had to unload as charitable expense for tax purposes, and was probably only part of her retainer and never even touched sales.
    . . .

    Goodnight "frind"

  23. 23

    Of course she is. They're her biggest audience!

  24. 24

    so this is a Georgia group who helps mentally challenged adults named Nancy Grace?

  25. 25

    She's HORRID! She is nothing more then a person that takes a story and dry humps it till she's got some sensationalized piece of crap. Yeah she MIGHT have helped put sex offenders in jail (or other people did and she took credit more likely)

    What about that poor girl that was kidnapped? And Nancy had her mom on her show and tore her to bits so her mom killed herself. So not only did the girl live through being trapped by a sex offender (that supposably nacy grace helps stop) but when she was rescued she had no mom.

    She's a horrid person. And even with this I still think she is a bad person. She makes money on making people feel like crap for their hardships. She is the WORST

    And there is NO proof she's done anything for crime prevention just proof she's taken credit for it. And I thought Fox news was the worst

  26. 26

    For the record… I really didn't care for her until I met her. And I sat in on her show last night at CNN in Atlanta while she recorded all of her answers to viewer questions. Not only is she RIDICULOUSLY intelligent, she is also really funny, down to earth and couldn't be nicer.
    As far as her book proceeds- she verbatim told me (and there were literally only 6 of us in her studio at the time- I was there for work) that all she made as far as proceeds from her book was the advance. She is making NO money off of the sale of the book itself. So for her to donate $25,000 to anything is probably a HUGE chunk out of what she has made. Total. So before you go spouting knowledge as far as to how she is doing it for a tax write off etc… you're actually completely incorrect.

  27. 27

    LOVE HER!!!!!