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Angelina: To Play Marilyn Or Not To Play Marilyn

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We know she’s not a spy or an action star, but we definitely think you can pull this off!

Angelina Jolie is now expressing mixed feelings about starring as Marilyn Monroe in the film adaptation of Andrew O’Hagan’s novel The Life And Opinions Of Maf The Dog, And Of His Friend Marilyn Monroe.

Jolie said the following about the Marilyn role:

"This is a new rumour. I haven't heard a thing about it. I don't think. I don't know if I'd be the best person to play her."

Assuming she decides she’s up for the challenge, she’ll be starring alongside George Clooney as Frank Sinatra. She’s said that she wants to have a long chat with Clooney before making any decisions.

You know you can do this, Angelina. You don’t need his approval first. Evelyn Salt and Lara Croft would want you to make this call on your own. Do the right thing, bb!

Do U think Angelina Jolie should play Marilyn Monroe?

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105 comments to “Angelina: To Play Marilyn Or Not To Play Marilyn”

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  1. 1

    O.K. I am about sick of her. Time to let someone else play the role

    Scarlett Johansson much?

  2. 2

    No absolutely not!! Angelina Jolie is not the right choice for the role of Marilyn Monroe. Someone else should be considered before her.

    Check Out GenerationGossip.com

  3. 3

    she CANT pull this off. for one thing shes too damn skinny.

  4. 4

    do the right thing for once in your life, and TURN DOWN THE ROLE

  5. 5

    she is a good actress but SHE LOOKS NOTHING like Marilyn wtf!!!

  6. 6

    NO….as a matter fact …it's time this homewrecking b..itch takes some time off to dedicate to her six kids….

  7. 7


  8. 8


  9. 9

    Everyone who's every played Marylin has played the ilusion of the tragic movie star. It would be wonderful for Angelina to attempt a psychological portrait of her as a real vulnerable human being, Angelina certainly has the talent….

  10. 10

    Doomed for failure if she stars..she is nothing like Monroe and will never be voluptuous and curvy…or particularly talented

  11. 11

    i think scarlett johansson whould be better for the part.

  12. SS18 says – reply to this



  13. 13

    Re: semisweet65
    AGREED! Scarlett would be MUCH better in the role.
    Angelina would need BOOB AND BUTT AND THIGH PADDING, not to mention the talent to pull off a character who has an actual personality.
    (Playing action stars and kicking your skinny legs at bad guys while you purse your lips and try to look "tough" isn't much of a talent.)

  14. 14

    I think she would be amazing as Marilyn Monroe. She has the sex appeal for sure to do it and she also has the life experience where she could bring the bit of crazy, sad part of Marilyns life to believability.

  15. 15

    Inspired casting!

  16. 16


  17. 17

    I don't know if she can pull off that woman/innocent child conflict Marilyn had. She's way too calculating and not so innocent or victimy.

  18. 18

    no!!!! angelina is ugly as hell!!!!!!

  19. 19

    She's too effin skinny!

  20. 20

    Were Angelina my sister… I'd bone her too!

  21. 21


    A rep for Jolie tell Gossip Cop that reports of the Oscar winner playing Monroe are “not true.” And Clooney’s rep called the stories “totally fabricated.”

  22. 22

    Yeah, seeing as her look in "Life or Something like it" was kind of inspired by Miss. Monroe I would say Angelina could never look the part. To different beautiful women who I respect equally.

  23. 23

    Please, don't disparage the memory of Marilyn Monroe. She was an icon, a beauty and a true star. This little twat only has the humping other peoples husbands in common with MM.

  24. 24

    Sorry dog, but Santa Juanetes is not even close to the beauty Marilyn was. You can say whatever you say but this woman is not voluptious, sensual and feminine like this icon. Plus with all those nasty, bizarre tats she is better off playing the cast off beotch at a biker's party. I rather see Scarlett or Simpson or even Lilo than this skank. She better off staying home taking care of her international romper room and sucking Brad's leftover peen…

  25. 25

    ABSOLUTELY NOT! she's nothing like marilyn…i think i would almost prefer renee "sour puss" zelwager to gain 50 pounds/get to a size 14 (cause that's what size marilyn was!) and play her!

  26. 26

    I can not picture Angelina as Marilyn Monroe at all.

  27. 27


  28. 28

    Uh, no. For one, Marilyn was a platinum blonde AND she was somewhat bigger boned - wasn't she about a Size 16 or so?? Whorealina would have to put about 100 pounds on to that scrawny-ass Skeletor body of hers to even start to resemble Marilyn.

  29. 29

    AJ playing Ms. Monroe is ludicrous…….i wish she would just tell mario how much she can't stand his pimpled ass so he'd stop drooling about her……….

  30. 30

    No No No she CANNOT pull this off, what she should pull off is trying to stay home and raising her kids. God she makes me sick!

  31. 31

    I'm thinking Scarlett Johansson would be the best choice!!!

  32. 32

    Sorry, I like Angelina very much. But have you seen her last appearances for promoting Salt here in Europe?? No way, could she play Marilyn. Some good 30 pounds are missing on her bony skeleton.

  33. 33

    Absolutely NO! Marilyn Monroe was an icon in herself! She already has all the start power she needs even all these years after her death. Casting such a high-celebrity cast will only cheapen the story of Marilyn Monroe! Also, Angelina Jolie does not have the proper side of acting skills to achieve success as Marilyn. Yes, Angelina has some sex appeal to those who are attracted to gutter trolls and homewreckers, but Marilyn had a different sort of sex appeal, as well as she was CLASSY which Angelina has not ever been nor ever will be.

  34. 34

    NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO! id rather shoot myself in the face then watch that old nasty talentless hack try to portray lovely Marilyn. id rather watch Lindsey Lohan or Megan Fox try to act then watch this hoe.

  35. 35

    I think she would make an excellent Marilyn. I can totally see it.

  36. 36

    I think she lacks the talent - the true talent that meryl streep has for instance, that would allow her to portray someone SOOOO different and with a personality se opposite to her own.

    I do not like Angelina Jolie but regardless I do believe that before she lost all that weight to become a walking skeleton, she was the best action actress America had to offer. Obviously she can not do that either, now that she looks old and scrawny.
    She really needs to put on some weight and muscle tone…(remember the tomb raider era…???)

    So no, I do not think she is able to portray the feminine, luscious, insecure, childlike, WOMAN that Marilyn was.
    I truly believe that Lindsay Lohan would be a much better choice for the role…

  37. 37

    NOT!!! omg that would be a terrible choice! angie isnt even that good of an actor. My pick would be scarlette johanson or an unknown

  38. 38

    No! Marilyn was a fairly short, curvaceous woman, and Angelina is tall and thin! She's a wonderful actress, but can't they find someone else?

  39. 39

    Whao… for the people saying Angelina has no talent & are suggesting Scarlet Johannsen or whatever should play the role, can you tell me which of the two has an academy award. If you don't think Angelina has the talent I think you need to acknowledge ALL of her movies not just her favorable action flicks.

  40. 40

    NOOOO. Jolie isn't all that.

  41. 41

    No. Radically different type. Absolutely not a scintilla of Marilyn in her.

  42. 42

    Clooney and Brad and Angie are in real tight. She's such a fraud that Angie Voight.

  43. 43

    NO…. and I'm very big fan of hers. She is just not right for this part. She's exotic and seductive and Marilyn was cute and fluffy and voluptuous and sex-kitten-ish… let someone else have the part. When you're casting for a person who actually existed, it IS important to have some physical resemblance.

  44. 44

    Everyone saying that Angelina Jolie isn't talented or anything needs to get a reality check. The woman is one of the highest paid actresses in Hollywood and has one numerous iconic awards and nominations for her work. Now her in the role of Marylin Monroe is a stretch considering that both of them are physically built differently, however, if Jolie put on the weight, she could possibly pull it off, but I don't think so. Reese Witherspoon or Anne Hathaway, I think could pull this off. And besides I like the darker, skinny, and covered in tattoos Angelina, I think she looks hot like that.

  45. 45

    Yes, she absolutely should! She will need to fatten up, though.

  46. 46

    But, wait, I see Scarlett Johanson doing it. She fits perfectly!!!

  47. 47

    I love Angie, but no. She's not short, curvey, or resembles Marilyn enough. Marilyn was only like 5 feet tall and a size nine, woman had curve to die for!! Angie is gorgeous, but tall and too thin. Her face is not round like Monroes.

    I think ScarJo would ROCK this part!! She's got the face and the body.

  48. 48

    NOOOO!!! don't ruin Marilyn's legacy with that tramp!

  49. 49

    she looks nothing like her, i dont think she could pull it off

  50. 50

    Re: Impala – ummm, and George Clooney looks exactly like Frank Sinatra?? I think not. They are probably thinking of casting Anjelina Jolie in that role because any of the other suggestions that have been made for that role, at least on this site anyways, such as Scarlett Johansson, Lindsay Lohan or Jessica Simpson, CANNOT act to save their lives. Granted, ScarJo resembles MM the most out of all of these actresses but she is a TERRIBLE actress. I say go with the talent…makeup can do wonders!

  51. 51

    I can't think of anyone less suited to play Marilyn Monroe then her. Do we all remember how bad she looks with blonde hair in "Life or Something like it." Lindsay Lohan could probably do a better job

  52. 52


  53. 53

    that is the worst idea ever. she looks anorexic and marilyn had a normal body. plus, angelina has a man voice and marilyn didn't….

    soooo many things wrong with her playing marilyn.

  54. 54

    HELL NO AND NO AND NOOOOOOOOO! The skinny-bitch-sucker-lips should stick to her CGI shit!!

  55. 55

    Angie definitely has the talent to pull it off.. She would have to gain some weight but I don't think people should be so quick to say NO and underestimate her..

  56. 56

    Angelina Jolie is an absolutely TERRIBLE choice to play the legendary Marilyn Monroe. First of all, Jolie has NO curves. Monroe was known for her womanly curves and unfortunately, Jolie is lacking in that department. Secondly, they look nothing alike! Jolie is too skinny and cold looking. Monroe was always happy and bubbly. I just don't understand why someone would choose Angelina to play Marilyn. It doesn't make sense at all. Scarlett Johansson might be a better choice, but I just don't think anyone could ever measure up to Marilyn…


  57. 57

    Re: WMariah – there in the basement, making her dresses

  58. 58

    NO NO NO NO NO. NO!!!!

  59. 59

    Oh shit I hope not! If Angelina HOElie plays Marilyn I wont want to see the movie. I'd rather watch a dog puke up a tennis ball than watch that woman do anything.

  60. 60

    Re: curiousred – Thank Goodness!!!

  61. 61

    EASY-ROLE for Angelina…she wouldn't have to act….she's a real life slut.

  62. 62

    I think she'd do a great job, but she's got to put on some weight if she's going to pull it off… But as far as the acting I prefer her to Scarlett J or anyone else who'll just get the part because they've got curvy figures for someone in hollywood….

  63. 63

    Re: BodyCake.com – lol i thought the same fkn thing!!

  64. 64

    absolutely, she would be great! they're both home-wreckers and there's always been rumors circulating that jolie is a drug addict as well. perfect.

  65. 65

    angelina was hott when she was doing it in the back of a limo or playing laura croft!! NOT anymore!! shes not attactive at all!! scarlette is physically perfect, but idk if shes good enough!!

  66. 66

    Re: hellok1tty – lol thats the only thing they had in common

  67. 67

    so many errors in the first sentence…

  68. 68

    I am more concerned about George Clooney as Frank Sinatra. Frank had very noticeable blue eyes, while George's are a very dark brown. Frank's blue eyes were a big part of his popularity. George Clooney would look odd with blue contacts.

  69. 69

    everyone's saying that scarlett should play marilyn, while she does have the body and blonde hair, her face looks nothing like her.
    and you're forgetting the major thing, scarlett cannot act.

  70. 70

    This site is seriously full of haters who need to get a life. If anyone saw the movies she has done before the action ones you would realize she is really talented. Has anyone seen Changeling? She gave a chilling performance. I think she would do a great job as Marilyn Manson.

  71. 71


  72. 72

    Re: broadwaybaby29 – Marilyn was a size 14 and at her peak weight of 140lbs MAY have been size 16… but that was a size 14 of years ago, which is a size 8 in today's clothing standards. Not to say that you are doing this but I hate how people try to justify their self image by saying Marilyn was a plus size!!!

    Angelina COULD be for the part of Marilyn, but I don't think high-profile actors are appropriate for a movie like this.

  73. 73

    she is totally wrong for it, she is way too thin, and way too masculine/aggressive

    marilyn was a woman, through and through, a real lady
    angelina is not feminine enough to play marilyn, period.

    plus she would need to gain like 50 lbs

  74. 74

    Re: bobobobobobobobobobo – Uhm LOL it's Marilyn MONROE, not Marilyn Manson hahaha. And no, Angelina would be a horrible choice. Scarlett Johansen would be PERFECT. She has the perfect Monroe curves and sex appeal!

  75. 75

    um, angelina jolie's kind of a fish-faced ho.

    just sayin.

  76. 76

    While I love Angelina and Marilyn. Maybe they should take a risk and hire an "unknown" who would really be believable in the part. Scarjo would be good, but she'd REALLY have to work on the VOICE!

  77. 77

    this woman can play anyone.

  78. 78

    Wrong choice…..she is also way too skinny.

  79. 79

    noone can because the actresses are all too skinny

  80. 80

    NO….she has no curves or meat on her body. If they need an actress to play a sick anorexic model then they can hire her. I do really like her but she needs to eat and that's just tough love.

  81. 81

    No! They should find someone else.

    Angelina is the wrong kind of beautiful. Don't get me wrong, Angelina is beautiful, but she doesn't have the stunningly classic beauty that Marilyn had. Plus, she's WAY to tall and WAY to thin.

  82. Rose says – reply to this


    She is completely wrong for it and nothing like Marilyn Monroe…
    Also as beautiful as she is she just looks crazy when she's blonde, it brings out her inner schizophrenic. It's why it worked so well in Girl Interrupted.

  83. 83

    No, No, No, No, No, No. Marilyn was beautiful, soft and curvy. This twig can't act and isn't believeable in anything she does. No, no, no.

  84. 84

    I love Angelina, but I have to agree with those who say Scarlett Johannsen would be better suited for the role.

  85. 85

    No way!!!!

  86. 86

    I like Angelina Jolie, but she is so not right for this role. She doesn't look like her, and doesn't have any curves. Scarlett Johansson would be perfect.

  87. 87

    OMFG! Make it go away!

  88. 88


  89. 89

    ScarJo!!! This is HER role! Geezuz. Angie is way too skinny. Ha. You know Dina Lohan is probably on the phone with people right now begging to get Lindsanity in there. Crazies. She needs to give it up.

  90. 90


  91. 91

    That would be horrible casting. She is nothing like her and doesn't have that much talent. That lady from Nip/Tuck that played Kim would be a better choice than Angelina.

  92. 92

    Why are they even thinking they could find any actress to portray Marilyn? that's a joke.Marilyn was too beautiful,sexy, and had that special something that hollywood can't seem to find in all the wannabees that keep coming up.I guess if I had no choice but to pick someone for this role it would have to be Cristina Hendrics she seems the close pick.Scarlett is curvy but her voice is really deep.

  93. 93

    Re: viperbitex – marilyn was 5'5 average not short and she wore a size 10-12 jus tought you like to know.

  94. 94

    Marilyn Monroe was 5'5 in a half/ 115-130pounds depending on weight gain Angelina Jolie 5'7 105 pounds.Angelina is a natural dirty blonde like her father but the color doesn't suit her even though she is beautiful Marilyn was way more curvy and I really don't think they'll be able to ever find someone to play Marilyn the way she should be played I think she'd be turning over in her grave with the casting.Marilyn was stunning she had flesh impact which is very rare even for todays standards the camera and film loved her and lit her up.

  95. 95

    i love ange and monroe
    yes baby

  96. 96

    Angelina wouldn't be bad if she gained weight but I think my vote is for Rachel McAdams. She'd be a great Marilyn. She'd need to put on some pounds too but she's got that old school Hollywood beauty already. RACHEL! RACHEL! RACHEL!

  97. 97

    She doesn't have the bust or curves, and Angelina looks awful as a blonde…..

  98. 98


  99. 99

    Monroe wasn't skinny…. She was a full figure woman…. Are you kidding me??? I think Scarlett Johansson could be a good choice or Michelle Williams…

  100. 100

    Id pay to see it
    YES YES YES, she doesnt look like her but I bet she would do an amazing job, and when u think about her NO ONE looks like Marilyn

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