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Jersey Housewife On The Defense!

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So you know how we told you that Teresa Giudice of Real Housewives of New Jersey forgot she was bankrupt and instead of paying her bills went shopping. Yeah, her lawyer says that's okay.

So clearly, it must be, right?!

Teresa's attorney even flipped the table (pun intended) to even suggest that it was better to spend the money rather than pay off some of her creditors. We understand a lot of legal jargon, so see if you can make sense of what this putz is saying. Her lawyer says:

“That was the money she earned as an advance for her book Skinny Italian. Since she earned it after the filing, she was absolutely free to spend it. If she put it in the bank, they’d say, ‘Why don’t you pay your creditors,’ and the trustee might freeze the assets while he investigates whether she can spend it or not…Legally you are entitled to spend money you earn after a bankruptcy."

Uh-huh, sure. Is that what she is going to tell her kids when the creditors take all their furniture and their house and their car and then they have to cram themselves into into a one bedroom apartment in Newark, NJ?! Sounds perfect logical to us.

Now, if this guy and the Bravo people were smart, they would start Teresa right now in some good therapy. Why, you ask? Think about it:

Clearly she has an addiction…to shopping.

It's horrible. She can't stop herself. It's so bad that she is putting her family through hell. She is taking opportunities away from her children. It's so devastating, it needs to play out on the third season of Real Housewives. Perhaps, the only way to deal is with the support of the Bravo audiences…and a book deal. Possibly a dance single called Retail Is My Hell.

What an dramatic storyline that would be?! (You're welcome Bravo!)

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36 comments to “Jersey Housewife On The Defense!”

  1. 1

    This woman is a moron. If it can't go in the bank, hide it in a shoe box! Does she want her children to live on the streets?

  2. 2


  3. 3

    Teresa is only following Obama's economic policy to solvency, and that is to spend, spend and spend some more.
    Her problem is that she didn't spend enough.

  4. 4

    I hate Teresa with a passion. One would have thought that when it was known to the public that she and her husb is facing financially difficulties she would have curved her bad spending habits. Clearly, I dont have an issue with someone who has money and spend it has they see fit but I do have an issue with someone who is in constant denial and is blatantly living beyond their means in a sarcastic manner. Give Daniel her own show and forget about the False housewives of NJ, because she makes the show.

  5. 5

    Re: luvs2tango – Normally I wouldnt go there luvs2tango…. but… since u did… I will…. first let me say, I'm not the biggest fan of Obama so far…. BUT… really…. you must KNOW that the problem with our deficit lies with George Bush and HIS economic policy of the TAX cuts for the TOP 2 percent income bracket AND…. his 2 failed wars Iraq and Afganistan…. the 2 wars were not paid for and at this point are over 8 billion dollars…… stick to celebrity gossip…… Obviously YOU KNOW NOTHING ABOUT POLITICS>…..

  6. 6

    ok so im not a bankruptcy expert but I did declare at a point in time in my life.. and it doesnt matter whether you spend the money before or after you file.. if a judge sees you spending money that should be spent on paying crediors.. he has the right to deny your claim.. are these people just stupid.. get with the program and pay your damn bills..

  7. 7

    She looks like a troglodyte.

  8. 8

    Her husband's BUSINESS went bankrupt in the millions. Donald Trump has filed bankruptcy many times for a BUSINESS. Most of the things in Teresa's house were fake this and fake that. My stuff is more valuable than her house full. Her husband's sports car was RENTED. 60k is not a drop in the bucket to the millions his business lost. I do not think they should even take her personal junk in the house.

  9. 9

    Um, didn't Perez declare bankruptcy once upon a time? Hmm, I wonder if he went back and repaid all his creditors now that he has money?

  10. 10

    Re: alabama
    You obviously know NOTHING about Keynesian economics versus Supply-Side Reaganomics.
    You mistake your education with indoctrination.
    Tax cuts always bring MORE money into the Treasury.
    You're too stupid for me to waste an extra keystroke about this subject.
    Stick to commenting about ugly guineas in Jersey.

  11. 11

    Bankruptcy (depends on which chapter you can file) prevents creditors from coming after you (or suing you). This is why people file in the 1st place. DUH. So why bother paying?

    That said - this wacko needs to get help. Her family should come 1st & her kids could give a shit if they have $8.00 or $8000.00 curtains. She needs to get a grip.

  12. 12

    dude, that's how the bankruptcy law works. money you earn after the filing is not part of the bankruptcy estate, so if you have a ton of overtime the month after you file, it's all yours. on the flip side, for example, if you get sick after you file and have 30k in medical bills, you're on the hook for that.

  13. 13

    SHe should have spent all that money on a credit counsleor and a fianncai advisor so she llearns how to budget. . . And how is she writing a book called Skinny Italian when she is FAT?

  14. 14

    Re: alabama

    and obviously, neither do you! STFU!

  15. 15

    Re: luvs2tango
    As I said before, spend spend spend to keep loser rednecks like you in a job in the military on two useless fake wars.

    I bet if he said he was pulling all the military out of Afghanistan and Iraq tomorrow and pink slipping a bunch of you, you bitch ass would be crying and complaining.
    Sick of turds like you who have no education and no concept about economics.

  16. 16


  17. 17

    How about Teresa- save the money for her girls beauty school education!!!
    They need something to fall back on- PU LEEZE!

  18. 18

    Basically she is a irresponsible asshole who wont pay her creditors even when she has the money! Got it!

  19. 19

    This woman is as dumb as a cannoli. All that wasteful, gross, in your face over spending is just embarrassing. Those three flying monkey looking daughters are all horrid, horrid primates with bows in their hair. I feel sorry for the husband who's a bit of a knuckle dragger himself, but I think he's a good guy who can't say no and a bad business man to boot. Teresa, go to K-Maht and Wal-Maht and show a little humility already.

  20. 20

    Re: Babycakes!!! – She is far from Fat, she just had a baby and has 3 other kids and is in her late 30's. She has a great figure! People are seriously skewed in weight perception, no wonder eating disorders run rampant in our shallow society.

  21. 21

    She is ridiculously irresponsible! She should be paying her creditors for no other reason than the fact that she legitimately owes her debts! Whether bankruptcy allows for her to keep the money or not, it looks really bad that she is out shopping and carrying on like she has no problems. Maybe they could have paid their debts had she not spend $100,000, in CASH, on furniture! Who, besides gangsters and drug dealers, carries around cash like that? I smell tax evasion…

    She lives WAY above their means! Truthfully, their house is overkill and not very tasteful. She is over the top and gaudy with everything that she does, including those damn bows that her poor children have to endure!

  22. 22

    This woman is a selfish spoiled brat. Her face and voice are annoying too. Plus she needs to stop creating children, they are so ugly!

  23. 23

    You would rather these people die in Iraq and Afg., just to make a political statement against Bush.
    You stand for nothing but death. You are a sorry lot.
    The only thing that thrives in this country are the unions, Obama's ACORN thugs and all his political friends and appointees.
    He and Moochelle have turned back civil rights to pre-civil war status.
    88 more days till the November election!
    We're coming for you Commies to take you guys out and kick you to the curb.
    Obama the eunuch! Can't wait.
    I want show trials of you criminals.

  24. 24

    For reals! She's ruining her marriage and her family's future with her shopping addiction.

  25. 25

    That ridiculous and EXPENSIVE vacation to italy they went on was really indicative of how SICK they are. And the outfits she had "custom made" for her daughters?? I have NEVER IN MY LIFE ever seen anything so UGLY and ridiculous looking. She needs help.

  26. 26

    BANKRUPTCY……so EASY even a CAVEWOMAN can do it !!!

  27. 27

    to peeps who keep saying it was her husband's business that went bankrupt, read the fine details. She personally had $100k in credit card debt at stores like Neiman, Bloomingdales, etc. Why do you and I have to pay our credit card debt, but she doesn't? If you shop at any of those stores YOU are affected because they will increase interest rates based on how much they lose.

    Plus they owed close to $200k to businesses (architect and lumber co) that helped build their home. Why should those business owners (and their families) suffer?

    I refuse to watch or comment (on Bravo) about this show. These trashy NJ ladies and that WH crasher on DC don't deserve attention. I'd rather watch Jeff, Jenni and that fabulous diva Zoila on Flipping OUt!

  28. 28

    "Sounds perfect logical to us". Your constant inattention to detail (not to mention any sort of fact checking) really grows old. It marks your site as third rate. It's such an easy thing to correct, yet you do not. Perfect logical to you. LOL

  29. 29

    i LOVE Teresa she rocks! haters stop being bitches!!

  30. 30

    Re: luvs2tango – You really are delusional aren't you? How sad for you……

  31. 31

    I knew it. She has to turn her head sideways to look at you because her eyes are on each side of her head. Like a fish.

  32. 32

    I totally agree that this woman is a shopping addict. Did anyone see the RHONJ when they went to Italy and she was freaking out trying to find Chanel? She looked like a crack head looking for her fix. N when the store wasnt open she still found a jewelry store and had to buy something. It is one thing if you can afford it, but she is a phony, they cant afford shit and yet she still spends. I feel bad for her husband, this season he has been worried about money and is always talking about her spending to much. But yet she doesnt care and still spends, spends, spends. I hope NJ bankruptcy courts are watching and that she does get into trouble. Its not fair that they should just have all 11 million dollars absolved, because it is NOT all just joes bad business deals. Im tired of paying my bills and living within my means while other people get to spend, spend, spend and dont have to pay it back. Its fucked up and its people like Teresa who have put our economy in the shitter. Stop being phony and trying to keep up with the Jonses, be happy with who you are and what you have. I used to like her, but now it just pisses me off to know they filed bankruptcy and yet I still see her spend money like its water. I hope you pay bitch!!

  33. 33

    Re: LetttyB – LOL!I AGREE!

  34. syd3 says – reply to this


    Re: alabama

    I admire your stance. The Bush Brothers (Neil [, Jeb & Georgie) have all treated the governement (local, state, federal) as their own personal checkbooks. Of course, it's the modus operandi of the Republican party to create financial havoc via their overspending and it's sadly become the modus operandi of the Democrats to clean things up — and the cycle goes on and on. (Obama has never declared any type of bankruptcy; typical Republican ignorance). Our family has gone "I" — Independent … if only more Americans would take the plunge.

  35. syd3 says – reply to this


    I cringe more at this Teresa character than at Danielle (which is saying a lot). I look at simply just one of her children's outfits and wonder: "Good Lord! What must she have spent on that dress/pantaloon outfit (to include the hideous bows, purses and jewelry)!" The Manzos make fun of Danielle's outdated kitchen/home and ignore the glaring fact that at least Danielle does not spend outside her means. If Danielle spent like the Manzos they would be all over her. However, whenever a negative occurs within their (Manzo) group (e.g., Teresa's spending; Joe's drunken driving accident; Ashley lying as to why she pulled out Danielle's hair & weave) — BRAVO cues to Carolyn, who invariably states something inane like: "Oh! That Teresa! She spends so adorably, doesn't she (paraphrased)!"

  36. 36

    I agree with # 2
    # 11 I agree
    # 8 heehee LoL I am
    # 18 Way to go
    #25 For real
    #26 For real
    # 32 Honest / You Go
    # 35 You Go