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Nirvana Catalog Sale Lawsuit Settled

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Over two years ago, Courtney Love had to put down her crack pipe long enough to hear her lawyer explain to her that she was getting sued over the profits she got from selling off Nirvana's publishing catalogue. After remembering what year it was, she remembered that she sold a portion of her late husband, Kurt Cobain, band's catalogue for nearly $20 million and didn't share the profits with London & Co, the band's management firm.

Then, she got drunk, forgot all that again, lawyered up and went to court to deny stiffing London & Co their $$$. Today, finally, the lawsuit has been settled.

Court records show that London & Co, a management firm, and C. Love had settled a $1 million lawsuit out of court just last Wednesday. A judge was informed and the case was dismissed. No further details were given.

Well, you should never leave such valuable commodities in the hands of a woman who bathes in meth salts and who's daughter is ten-times smarter than she is despite her young age and years in a crack infested womb!

[Image via WENN.]

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23 comments to “Nirvana Catalog Sale Lawsuit Settled”

  1. 1

    That's a cute pic of her. Some of the stuff she says and writes is pretty hilarious.

  2. 2

    Crank…I mean Cake much?


  3. 3

    Really, Perez…you were kissing Courtney's ass a couple of months ago and now you're shitting on her. I hope the next time she sees you, she kicks your ass. You are seriously a piece of shit.

  4. 4

    Um Mario, how many years do you think Francis lived in Courtney's crack infested womb, exactly? Do crack addicts have longer gestational periods than us non-junkies?

  5. 5

    Perez, you know nothing of life, leave Courtney ALONE !!! (screamed like the 'Britney fan guy').

  6. 6

    Back to hating on her now are we?

    Also really, with the meth references? People in glass houses…

  7. 7

    so you're back to hating Clove I see? Fuck you, you're so phony, worse than the losers you write about! She'd kick your ass worse than Will I Am did you bitch!

    She looks amazing in this picture, way better than you ever will fatty :)

  8. emhay says – reply to this


    How long do you think pregnancy lasts, exactly?

  9. 9

    shut up, perez, courtney is actually so intelligent. sometimes it may get clouded but she is a musical genius nonetheless.

  10. 10

    She's a pathetic little jew.

  11. 11

    The worm has turned…no love from Courtney, asswipe?

  12. 12

    Re: Mad Dog
    Shut the fuck up, nazi.

    Courtney's probably one of the best artists out there (despite Nobody's Daughter) and weren't you just worshiping her a few months ago? Either hate her or love her.

  13. 13

    Fuck you for this Perez.

  14. 14

    "a $1 million lawsuit" that was settled and dismissed? LOL How much less newsworthy could it get?

  15. 15

    Why is she the sole proprietor of the band's catalogue? There were other band members. Did Krist Novoselic and Dave Grohl and later on not contribute creatively? Seems like they all 3 should be equal partners, with C-Love representing KC's interests.

  16. 16

    Perez, normally I love you but you've crossed the line. Make fun of the new lame'o's like Ke$ha and that 17 year old prostitot Taylor whatever her last name is. Courtney was the woman of the 90's! she was a phenomenal songwriter and truth be told she is still one of the most important women in the music business today. PLUS! Courtney is CLEAN now! please research a little more next time? Plus look at the woman, all that she's gone through in life and she's still breathtakingly beautiful!

  17. 17

    Not that I'm one to give a shit, but I've bet Courtney Love, and shes actually pretty rad. She is obviously fried… BUT she was funny and witty. I think that this is a LITTLE harsh… Cmon Perez.

  18. 18

    …not to mention she is ROCKIN still. She performed here and stole the show. I dont care how f'ed up you think she is…hear her story…shes been through some rough stuff and everyone handles differently. But she is one of the few "crazies" from the famous world who I have mad respect for. Give her a break and move on to someone who is a TALENTLESS freak show.

  19. 19

    despite her young age and years in a crack infested womb!….ummmm….Pretty darn sure she wasn't in there for more than 9.5 months there buddy, but good try!

  20. 20


  21. 21

    Perez didn't write this post. I mean, I don't like Perez Hilton, but I know that he has some amount of respect for Courtney having admitted to listening to her records constantly when he was a teen in the 90's.

    We don't know anything about Courtney's daughter, so that's kind of ridiculous saying that she's smarter. She actually just seems like a normal teenager. Courtney was heavily addicted to cocaine for a portion of this last decade and was completely incoherent at many times. However, in the 1990's Courtney was a feminist icon, a poet, her music was so great. She had a totally original point of view, and she'd write songs that nobody else was writing at the time.

  22. 22

    AND, her daughter did not spend "years in a crack infested womb" I BELIEVE COURTNEY LOVE WAS ONLY PREGNANT FOR 9 MONTHS and SHE WAS USING HEROIN BY STOPPED AS SOON AS SHE FOUND OUT SHE WAS PREGNANT. She has taken SO MUCH shit for that, even though she was the mother and she was the pregnant one and she STOPPED using while her husband was just the father, he wasn't pregnant so he was STILL ALLOWED to go off and score drugs and never get any shit for it.

    POTI and LTT were great records, and she spoke for a lot of people, a lot of women. She wrote chilling songs about rape, and she would scream them out with so much passion. She gave every bit of herself. REGARDLESS OF WHAT SHE'S DOING NOW AND WHAT SHE WAS DOING THESE LAST FEW YEARS, as she's been numbing herself with stupid material things and drugs, PLEASE show a LITTLE BIT of empathy.

  23. 23

    omg why are yous lamming her so brutally…you idiot a lot of people do drugs and some have problems with them…that doesnt mena you have to be so rude besides she never did crack when she was pregnant…and never did meth either…..WTF….you know people dod rugs for a reason because they're unhappy with reality and that means they have actual brains unlike you