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Target Helps Fund Anti-Gay Candidate For MN's Governor, Refuses To Make It Right!

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So unfortunate!!

The Target Corporation came under fire recently for, along with Best Buy, contributing $150,000 to MN Forward, an organization that has given quite a bit of money to Tom Emmer, the candidate for governor in Minnesota who believes in strict anti-gay policies!

In an even more deplorable move, Target recently announced that they stood by their decision and will make no corrective efforts to rectify the situation!

The Human Rights Campaign's Joe Solmonese says in a statement:

“All fair-minded Americans will now rightly question Target’s commitment to equality. If their initial contribution was a slap in the face, their refusal to make it right is a punch in the gut and that’s not something that we will soon forget. However, with full marriage equality hanging in the balance in Minnesota, regardless of Target, it’s important that we as a community send a message that we will work tirelessly to elect pro-equality candidates.

“Target and Best Buy have – and no doubt will continue to have – model employment policies for LGBT people. We will continue to support those efforts. But before they can regain that exalted status among their consumers, they need to make things right in Minnesota. The nation’s LGBT community has shown these two companies enormous customer loyalty. Now it’s time for that faithfulness to be returned.”

Agreed! Absolutely shameful!

Not to mention that to give that kind of money to an organization that blatantly ostracizes a portion of their consumer base is STOOPID!

Hopefully Best Buy will not follow suit! And there's still time to make it right, Target!

EQUALITY for all!


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67 comments to “Target Helps Fund Anti-Gay Candidate For MN's Governor, Refuses To Make It Right!”

  1. 1

    Target's CEO needs to be fired. Target has no business backing any political candidate of any party.

  2. 2

    Why are you trying to spin this to make it seem like Target (and Best Buy) have contributed large amounts of money to this guy's campaign based specifically on his politics regarding homosexuality? That is pure BS!

  3. 3

    I am so sick of the LGBT community or whatever it is called being so deffensive and so upset about every move made that doesn't directly support their cause. I am not a homophobe in the least bit. I believe people should be allowed to love who they want to love and marry who they want to marry…FREEDOM OF CHOICE….but yet this does not apply to straigth people being allowed to choose what they belive in and what they support. Target/Best Buy has the right to support whatever political canidate they want and support whatever cause they want. Anyone should! America is supposed to be a free country. People are supposed to be allowed to make their own choices. Like the way Miss California was ripped apart by PEREZ for stating what she believed….But yet gays expect everyone to just jump on board and be fine with their beliefs no questions asked….Isn't that a double standard?? Gays can scream from the rooftop what they believe and demand we accept them or they throw a fit. But if a straight person tries to express their feelings and they are humiliated and slammed in the media and called a bad person….that is definately a double standard in my eyes.

  4. 4

    I will NEVER shop at either one EVER AGAIN!

  5. 5

    this is why corporations should not be allowed to donate money to campaigns. All donations must be shown to have been from individuals.

  6. 6

    The first amendment only applies if they agree with you right Perez? Dipshit.

    You're not after equality because you have the same rights in California, you're after acceptance and you can't legislate that.

  7. 7

    I like how everyone is turning it into an anti-gay statement. They donated money to the candidate that was going to help big businesses succeed in small towns. Which is what Target does. The HRC is filled with a bunch of bullies and are always demanding that organizations and companies donate money to the causes they support. How unfair. Target is one of the most gay friendly fortune 500 companies. If they had donated money to the more gay friendly candidate then someone would have bitched about how Target was sponsoring someone who was pro choice. People just try to find something to complain about cause they find no value in their own lives. Who cares. I'm gay and I will continue spending the majority of my money at Target like I normally do. Fuck the HRC. Worthless organization who hasn't helped make any real movement in years.

  8. 8

    AND PS if you know anything about Tom Emmer he is also supporting an issue of lesser punishment for drunk drivers. Do you see MADD jumping all over Target and claiming they are supporting drunk driving? NO….So why is it the gay community gets so defensive right away and assumes that its because Target is supporting him because he is anti-gay marriage?? Settle the fuck down!

  9. 9


  10. 10

    Perez, not everyone is going to believe the way each individual believes…..it's called choice and you don't need to blast everyone who doesn't believe in your choice or cause. Gays are not the end all, be all….just remember that the freedoms this country allows is the right to CHOOSE. And just because not every single member of society isn't gay, doesn't mean they are bad. They're just different. You are the most reverse-homophobe I've ever heard about. If you were black, you'd be calling the race card each and every time. Get over it.

  11. 11

    You made it out its the only reason why they contributed.. but again i also see why its a big deal. I worked at target..you would think they want to lay low since they are loosing business. and i was shock when i found out business isn't doing great.. who doesn't love target?? well..now i guess the gays aahahha

  12. 12

    Who the f*&# cares….. I love Target and will not stopping there.

  13. sof says – reply to this


    They have every right to support whomever they want. It is a free country, after all.

  14. 14

    We are in a free country (for now anyway). Target and Best Buy can support any candidate they want. Don't forget the majority of the country doesn't support gay marriage. I am going spend money at Target and Best Buy to piss off Perez.

  15. 15

    how ironic. every time i go to target, i see lesbian couples all over the joint.

  16. 16

    Target can donate their money however they want…its their right. If you say Target has to "rectify" the situation, then all money given to planned parenthood needs to be matched to pro-family, etc. Your such a hypocrite Perez…calling a company deplorable for donating money to a cause they believe in…eff off Perez!

  17. 17

    This is a free country and they have the right to support whoever they want. I won't stop shopping at Target just because you and your militant gang of gays seek to control the opinions of the free world. I have no problem with homosexuality, you can love whoever you want, it doesn't affect me so why should I care? BUT, you do not have the right to slam others' opinions just because they are not the same as yours.

  18. 18

    This is why Perez should stick to making up things about celebs and not politics. Target gave money to MN Forward, not a candidate. The upcoming elections are going to be about jobs, not gay rights. Take a chill.

  19. buck says – reply to this


    Gays are such a miniscule percentage of the population that nobody really gives a fuck. I'm going to start shopping at Best Buy/Target because they aren't giving into this politicaly correct bull shit.

  20. 20

    Equality for all mario! That means people can support people who don't agree with your views.

  21. 21

    Target's CEO's have every right to use their money however they wish. Trying to use the media to force them into feeling guilty about it is just wrong. (and didn't work). Good for Target! Perez, if you were the ceo of a million dollar industry would you want people telling you how to spend it? NO. They backed the candidate they wanted. End of story.

  22. 22

    Re: ctry=_grl15
    I agree with you on that fact that Perez—and some other gay rights activists—are spinning this to not include why Target chose to support this candidate. It has nothing to do with gay rights; the candidate is better for big businesses. That said, when you mentioned that "gays expect everyone to jump on board with their beliefs," you are correct; and why shouldn't they?? It's a case of civil rights. People would be up in arms if Target supported a racist or sexist candidate and it is unfair to gays and lesbians who spend their money at Target.

  23. 23

    HELLA late reporting this! This happened over 2 weeks ago. Get with the program!

  24. J43 says – reply to this


    I love Target and will now more than ever shop there. I will spend as much money as I can there.

  25. 25

    Re: Dan1863 – very nice,well put

  26. 26

    Target better get its act together or its going 2 lose its customers

  27. 27

    I was going to the new Target in Harlem tonight. Not doing so now.

    The real problem is who these companies chose to be on their corporate boards. If I were the CEO, I would have a word with the old white rich conservative men chosen to lead the company.

  28. 28

    Re: ctry=_grl15
    aight ctry=_grl15, you don't know what it's like not to have basic rights. you would get defensive if you weren't allowed to marry your partner, adopt children or have legal pretections to your family. you would also get defensive if EVERY DAY you had to hear someone saying derogatory stuff about your people. we have the right to be defensive.

  29. 29

    Target has publicly apologized for this within the last week. As part of the LGBT community you should know that. You should listen to Dan Savages podcast and read every column he writes. I like your blog but you can be really ignorant sometimes.

  30. Wrenn says – reply to this


    Guess I will be doing more shopping at Target.

  31. 31


  32. 32

    I love Target!
    for real, better quality and clothing styles than at Walmart for basically the same prices.

    And anyways, how can Target not be gay-friendly when all the gay men I've ever known work there? It's like the gay bar where I live!

  33. 33

    Re: JembaBemba – First of all, can we learn how to spell I take it u meant shopping…lol…Well I agree THey should be able to support whomever the want..it may not be right but it is America after all.

  34. 34

    And yet their stock is up. Find a new bandwagon Mario. This one isn't something anyone really cares about. The LGBT only cares about a word. If they cared about truly being with their loved one and being recognized, then Civil partnership would be fine. Seriously….Noone really cares. What you do in your private life is your business. Why do you have to keep making it mine…AND HOW IS THIS CELEBRITY GOSSIP? There is only one reason you haven't gone into politics and that's because you know people think that you and your stupid one-sidedness done do shit for any cause. People REALLY don't care what you think.

  35. 35

    Target apologized for their "mistake" in only donating to one cause or candidate. Although I don't think that their decision in giving money to Emmer was based on GLBT standings, I do understand how that would come out, and be thrown around in the press. In fact, having worked for Target corporation, in Minnesota for a number of years, Target was one of the first large companies in the nation/world to offer health care and benefits to "life partners, and common law marriages," to couples of either and both hetro or homosexual partnerships. Target has also stated, to help make amends in the fact they acted quickly without thought, they will donate to a number of other candidates in the state, which strong support of same sex marriage.

  36. buck says – reply to this


    Re: hereiamnyc – old rich white conservative men know how to make money

  37. 37

    So Target didn't give money to the candidate directly, yet you will hold them responsible for somebody else's action…..ridiculous. Target gives millions of dollars away every year, yet you would ban them for someone else's actions.

  38. 38

    Buck is an idiot. Miniscule… really? Anyway, i personally don't think Target or any other large corporation should be supporting any political person or party.

  39. 39

    Re: ctry=_grl15Re: ctry=_grl15

    When you apply and Target and go through orientation they preach how they stand up for equal rights and diversity. Yeah right what a joke.

    and Ctry=_grl15, It would be different if the companies involved didnt preach how they are for equal rights. Plus when the LGBT community is in the midst of a fight to get rights it makes sense to complain about every little setback.

  40. 40

    your headline could not be more indirect!!! you'd have to connect the dots in a certain way maybe get a little tipsy to get a "target hates gays" message out of what is happening.

  41. myjah says – reply to this


    This is blown out of proportion–Target didn't give the money to the group BECAUSE the group was giving money to an anti-gay marriage candidate. That wasn't the intent, even though they should have known better… I worked in Target HQ for years and they are a good company, and very good to their workers. They give more of their profits to charity than almost anyone else… Plus, Tom Emmer will NEVER WIN, he is already extremely unpopular around here.

  42. 42



  43. 43


  44. buck says – reply to this


    Re: Silvercitypink – the 2000 US Cencus found that homosexual couples constitute less than 1% of the American households. The family Research Report says aournd 2-3% of men and 2% of women are either homosexual or bisexual. This takes into account those that are born gay, those that think they are born gay and those that are just plain fucked up. I hate when i have to do the reseach and pull of facts for idots btw.

  45. buck says – reply to this


    Re: Silvercitypink – what really cracks me up is when Gallup asked liberals what percentage of the Americans were homosexual the responce was about 22%, NOT THE ACTUAL less than 1%. Liberals can be real idiots.

  46. 46

    Re: Levib0o9
    This is not a setback for the LGBT community. They chose to donate to an organization/candidate that supports big business but who also happens to be anti-gay. Why don't you go and look up how much money Target has donated to other causes and organizations? I am sure they have given $ that has been used to help the LGBT agenda. Not all politics are about civil rights. If Target is listed as a LGBT friendly company and has always been fair and equal then what is the problem? The are not supporting this person because they are anti-gay…if that was the case then I could understand the backlash.

  47. myjah says – reply to this


    Also, I find it ironic that the democrat running against Emmer is from the Dayton family–the family that founded Target!

  48. myjah says – reply to this


    Target IS NOT anti-gay. Target was one of the first companies to give benefits to same sex partners. The Human Rights Campaign gave Target a PERFECT SCORE ON EQUALITY. Go see HRC's Corporate Equality Index and find out the truth–THAT TARGET IS ACTUALLY ONE OF THE MOST LGBT SUPPORTIVE COMPANIES IN AMERICA!

  49. 49

    My cousin Robyne Robinson ran for Lt. Governor of MN alongside Matt Entenza this year

  50. 50

    I currently live in Minnesota and Tom Emmer is a FANTASTIC choice to be our next governor. I find deplorable that you bash a person that you barely know anything about. You are completely judging him for one thing. It's like if I judged you and said I hated you because you are gay. That is exactly what you are saying about him.

  51. 51

    Shame on you, Target!

  52. 52

    Well spoken ctry=_grl15!

    Perez, is "DEPLORABLE" your new word of the week? You seem to use it a lot. You feel that gays should have marriage/adoption rights and be supported in the military and in the political arena. OK, that's fine. But when someone takes a stand against any of that, for whatever reason, that is THEIR opinion. In our country we are blessed to have the right to disagree and to state/debate that publicly. Those of us who don't support what you call "equal rights" are not shameful hatemongers. I don't support it because God says it is not right. That should not be any less a respectable personal belief than you saying "I was born this way" or some such thing.

    And, the fact that Target supports this candidate doesn't mean they support any alleged anti-gay measures. It just may be a candidate they believe in for other reasons.

  53. 53

    Some of you guys are pissing me off and are extremely homophobic. A lot of this has to do with the fact that Target goes around promoting products all the time to the LGBT community and pretends to be very pro-LGBT legislation. And then right after the Supreme Court decides that corporations can make campaign contributions, Target immediately donates to some group supporting candidates to hate gays? How are we overreacting for feeling betrayed by Target?

    Furthermore, if it's a free country and people can do what they want, as some of you said, then why don't gays have rights in 40 states? Why is it perfectly legal to fire someone or evict them from their apartment JUST FOR BEING GAY in over 30? Please think before you post your homophobic remarks and then claim to have gay friends.

  54. myjah says – reply to this


    Re: Kittt:] – LOL you think Tom Emmer is a fantastic candidate for governor… How much do you even actually know about Emmer? Are you brain dead?

  55. 55

    I'm going shopping at Target tonight and going to buy a HUGE bag of chocolate in your tubby honor, Mario.

  56. 56

    Are you serious with this? Other than the fact that this organization funded whoever this candidate is, you failed to mention what the organization is actually about. Who they give money to is one thing. Their mission and what they actually do as an organization is another. I'm sure that Target backs them for other reasons that have nothing to do with anti-gay rights or whatever you want to call it, and as a Target consumer and a Target employee, I couldn't care either way. But there is nothing shameful about it and nothing to make right other than your utter lack of information to spin a story in the direction you want it to go.

  57. 57

    Good for Target for noting backing down and standing by their contribution. I'm sure that the organization does MORE than just support this particular candidate. If the LGBT community targets (no pun intended) everyone who opposes their beliefs then they will be forever going after people! The polls everywhere show that the majority of Americans do not support Gay marriage, so you are fighting an uphill battle that goes against "the people". Sorry..

  58. 58

    Re: Occupent

    I'm sure you'll be sad to know that they won't miss you! Bye and tell Wal-Mart that they said Hello! lol

  59. 59

    Heard about this LAST week. You are quite behind on stealing your information from other sources

  60. 60

    guess what? nobody gives a fu#$ what you stupid a$$ fudge packers think! did target ask you what you thought about them donating money to this person? no, didnt think so. so what if you stop shopping there do you really think you will hurt them?

  61. 61

    I thnk that it's stupid that they're are supporting this guy, but it IS their right. For the record though, I don't think that corporations should be allowed to donate money to political campaigns.

  62. 62

    No more shopping at Target! As for the loser that is Tom Emmer, would someone just poison his next white-trash meal, please?

  63. 63

    Once again you have not done your research. Go to w w w. factcheck. o r g. The chief executive of Target DID issue an apology letter. This was dated on Fact Check on the 11th of august, a week ago! Target is one of the most friendly LGBT organizations, recognizing same sex couples. Why the fuck do you have to bash everything that is anti-gay? Do your fucking homework!!!

  64. 64

    Re: latinboi27
    First of all, relax. It was a typo as I meant to say, "I will not stop shopping there". I was probably multitasking at the time. I think everyone knew what I meant.

  65. 65

    MN Moving Forward also supports Terri Bonoff who works for more alternative learning programs like Teach For America to help close the achievement gap (which is quite large in Minnesota). Education for all? Deplorable!

    I don't support Tom Emmer nor do I support most of MN Forwards policies, but I do respect Target's decision to support a cause that they believe in. THAT'S called equality.

  66. 66

    Re: ctry=_grl15 – Totally agree and couldn't have said it better if I tried.

  67. 67

    This doesn't mean that Target's anti-gay, it just means they like this guy more than the other guy running. No need to read so much into very simple actions, Perez, just because the issue has the words "gay marriage" in it.