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Breaking Dawn Trailer!!!

| Filed under: Silly!Twilight

Oh Em Gee, Twi-Hards! Guess what?!

We've got the trailer to Breaking Dawn, even though they haven't even started shooting the movie yet!!!

Isn't that crazy?!

Not as crazy as the last effing storyline of the Twilight series!

Check out the trailer above to see what we mean! (WARNING - SPOILERS!)

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33 comments to “Breaking Dawn Trailer!!!”

  1. 1

    OMG! So freakin hilarious!

  2. 2

    that pretty much sums it up

  3. 3

    Wait. . . What?

  4. 4

    I can't believe her fourth book ever got published. It's ridiculous…. but this is REALLY funny! lol

  5. 5

    perez. you're stupid. if you would ever actually read a book you would know about this by now…but no, you're too stupid to pick one up and actually read the words.

  6. 6

    This is hilarious.

  7. 7

    Whoop whoop! Thanks PH!

  8. 8

    yay!! thanks perez xoxoRe: Dan Milano

  9. 9

    She's way more believable than that bipolar chick who plays Bella in the movies.

  10. 10

    Perez, I feel like you can't post spoof trailers mocking the stupidity of Twilight and advertise for Vampires Suck when you clearly love Twilight anyway.

  11. 11

    Wait… that shit actually happens in the book?? REALLY??? And people like that shit?

  12. 12

    "Werewolf falls in love with a f**cking Baby!!"

  13. 13

    hahaha uhmmm I think these guys act better than than the originals specially bella

  14. 14

    is it me or is the chick in the spoof way hotter then Kstew?

  15. 15

    i really don't see thing thing as being "funny" nor "hilarious". i think it's cheap and stupid. if you like the twilight saga, watch it or better, read the goddamn books! if not, ignore it. how can that be hard man??

  16. 16

    WTF hello paula? If you're a twihard you must be getting used to being picked on by now. Get over it. It's funny. Twihards are funny. The books and movies are hilarious. But not good. Not good at all. Bad.

  17. 17

    Yup, exactly the story of Breaking dawn explained in 1 min
    and they are gonna make it last 4 fucking hours

    but they forgot one big part, the part where the end is exactly like Harry Potter with the big fight but wait theres a twist: THERE IS NO FUCKING FIGHT AT ALL

  18. 18


  19. 19

    LOL this video made things seem out of control.. I'm sure the movies will be great though with Bill Condon directing them! And Perez, why do you keep trying to shove into our faces that you don't like Twilight? Nobody's falling for it. You were fucking obsessed with it just a couple months ago, poser!

  20. 20

    as much as hate to say they are pretty dead on whats coming for Breaking dawn, just did it in a real tacky way.. id like to thank the assholes who ruined this for Breaking Dawn..
    btw way this is NOT funny it sucks donkey dung…
    and yes jacob finally stops loving Bella, instead he finds a soul mate in her and Edwards child.. im sure its when shes older not as a BABY! remember the child is only HALF vampire, so she will age!

  21. 21

    Im with Manda.. SM went off the deep end with this one.. Its so far to the left its hard include in the series. She should have left Eclipse off with the wedding and been done with it. Damn those 4 book contracts.

  22. 22

    Lol I love how people are getting upset over this as if their mom wrote the books.
    And its true, the book was just summed up in 1 minute.

  23. 23

    HAHAHAHA. Now, when you put it that way, why on earth did I read them?

  24. 24

    I like the Twilight Saga, EXCEPT Breaking Dawn, STUPID!

  25. 25

    That was a very artistic adaptation:)

  26. 26

    Funny as hell.

  27. 27

    Relax! I have read the books and love them but I am not so uptight that I can't find it funny when someone does a really funny spoof. Why are you sitting there whining that Jacob falls in love with Renesmee when shes older, who cares! Obviously the makers of this short spoof where not super focused on being 100% accurate they were more focused on showing that a lot of crazy shit happens in breaking dawn. For God sakes get a sense of humor

  28. 28

    funny coz its true!

  29. 29

    Holy shit - I think I peed a little. That is pure genius. Who are these kids?!? The fast narration and Bella screaming "WHY??" were my fave parts. The storyline is fucked up, especially in fast forward, but I still think the last book was crazy awesome. Thanks for posting this!

  30. 30

    oh thank you whoever did this, it sums up the worst book ever allowed to be published. And a movie no less. They needed to stop at Eclipse, nuff said trailer said it all ;)

  31. mayi says – reply to this


    lol that sums it up. Although Jacob doesn't "fall in love" with a baby.

  32. 32

    yo this not right but it funny cause it soo true …

  33. 33

    Video was cool! however I think all the books are great! EVEN THE LAST! Some people may not… Its opinions. But for those who dont like the last one obviously has no taste or sense in movies.. because i bet if SM did stop at Eclipse everyone would be wanting to know what happens to the characters after the wedding and all that!! SM cant please everyone!!