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Franken-Heidi Starts A Rumor That John Mayer Wants To Date Her

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So a "friend" of Heidi Montag is telling people that John Mayer is trying to court her giant tittays.

And when we say friend, we assume that it's actually Heidi telling sources this for more attention! Because let's get real for a second - the man has had Sexual Napalm and Jennifer Aniston. Sure, he's a scuzz ball, but his peen has become accustomed to a certain amount of class!

However, according to this alleged "friend," John has been constantly "flirting" and asking Heidi out. Her reply:

"She's flattered, but not yet convinced. He's very good-looking and charming, but his reputation is a bit of a turn-off."

Ha! His reputation? What about your reputation?!

Boy, if ever there was a time for John to take to his Twitter, now would be it! Could you please put this rumor to bed, Johnny?!

[Image via WENN.]

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27 comments to “Franken-Heidi Starts A Rumor That John Mayer Wants To Date Her”

  1. 1

    Her plastic surgeon just killed himself because of her and she has no clue. IMO

  2. ynot says – reply to this


    maybe he just wants to slide his dominican between her melons

  3. Dusss says – reply to this


    That Heidi Whore needs to stop lying!

  4. 4

    Um no. I seriously doubt John Mayer wants anything to do with that trainwreck. Besides Mayer could get a real porn star instead of a wanna be fame whore that looks like one.

  5. 5

    No, this is definately a lie. John wouldn't go near this disaster.

  6. 6

    WHY NOT?

    smack em up, flip em up rub it Down OH NO!!!!!!!

  7. Daily says – reply to this


    I believe he is begging to screw her, he don't seem to have any class at all. If Heidi want to seal the casket on her career then mess with that douche. Jessica and Jen are still climbing out of the hole he put them in. Sure it's about time for Mayer to get a new Hollywood ho to showcase in front of the paps.

  8. 8

    I can't imagine the type of men she really attracts. All I can think are greasy old men. ugh

  9. 9

    John would never do that with such a low class person!

  10. 10

    Does anyone believe this? If she had the chance to get some paps attention by tipping them off about a secret date or rendezvous with someone as big as Mayer, you think her morals would have her say NO. I bet he tried to screw her, on the sly, and she issued a press release to get some more news from it.

  11. 11

    The only thing she's good for now is a tit fuck. She looks like a 40 year old washed up hooker but if her tits have any give at all it might be a good fuck. Then you can jizz in her face and leave.

  12. 12

    shouldn't she be on some 'housewives' show by now?
    fucking and slummin retards, thas wha momma whants

  13. 13

    shouldn't she be on some 'housewives' show by now?
    fucking and slummin retards, thas wha momma whants
    right new jersey? oh wait, the mommas ARE fuckin and slummin retards

  14. 14

    this sounds like something she would make up. even though hes dated around hollywood, i highly doubt he would go near this plastic bimbo trainwreck.

  15. 15

    perez your right.

    i would lose all respect for john mayer if his standards crashed that low and desprate.

    he was cute with jenn. heidi is just a famewhore

  16. 16

    Who's to say? John likes to drink. Maybe if she caught him at closing time…
    Tho she looks like she's bad in the sack. Like you might have to dust her with flour and hit the wet spot!!! Ha!

  17. 17

    Noesss! D=

    "She's flattered, but not yet convinced. He's very good-looking and charming, but his reputation is a bit of a turn-off."

    And I agree!
    I'd suggest she date SOMEONE ELSE…

    BTW, aren't some of these comments directed at the WRONG person…???

  18. 18

    Why everyone is so rough towards Heidi?She's cute.
    As for J.M.- idk…For some reason Ilike JM,and it's hard to believe that he is ""flirting"" with Heidi.I would prefer to think that he is an innocent guy (like me).
    Also,he has half of my heart.

  19. 19

    Re: Daily – "he don't seem to have any class at all."

    That is one of the most hilariously ironic statements I've ever read. THANK YOU for giving me the present that is that statement.

  20. 20

    What loser would dip his weiner where Spencer's rabid, drooling, VD-infested dick had been? Not even John Mayer is that creepy. Her plastic surgeon killed himself right after her check-up: He smelled her va-jay-jay.

  21. @v@ says – reply to this


    The eternal quest for more sexual napalm. Wouldn't surprise me.

  22. 22

    Re: Paulitababby – hahaha yeah right because John is such a classy act himself !!!
    He's a MAJOR asshole, have you read any of his interviews bimbo ?
    No woman with self-respect would go out with him.

  23. 23

    I believe this. Think about it, how much difference is there between Heidi and Jessica Simpson? Sounds like the perfect match to me.

  24. 24

    He also has had you, Perez. Remember THE KISS?

  25. 25

    if it wasn't for spencer thered be nothing wrong with her

  26. 26

    Re: old men are gross – Heidi is stupid and plastic. Jessica, no matter what a fraud is a TOTAL WOMAN'S BOD! I actually like that she has some thighs. As lame brained as she is, the fact JM didn't get another tits on a stick type was about the most interesting thing about her.

  27. 27

    I hate this PLASTIC bitch