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Santa Angelina Donates $100,000 To Aid Pakistan

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She's one of the few celebs who will put her $$$$ where her mouth is!

As we previously reported, Angelina Jolie was bringing awareness to the devastating flood in Pakistan. The UNHCR goodwill ambassador is now donating $100,000 of her own money to benefit the cause.

So generous.

[Image via WENN.]

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61 comments to “Santa Angelina Donates $100,000 To Aid Pakistan”

  1. 1

    Take the sub out of your mouth. You forgot a zero there

  2. 2

    Good for her. Now if only Angelina would eat a proper meal so she is not skin and bones…

  3. 3

    Whatever. I still won't go see any of her movies. Girl Interrupted was the last and will be the last movie of hers that I watch.

  4. 4

    The reason people aren't giving money is because Pakistan is corrupt. People are struggling, why should they be giving there money to terrorists and champagne sipping politicians?

  5. 5

    please 100k? she makes MILLIONS per movie! that would be like if we gave them 10 bucks

  6. 6

    why is she a saint? i don't get it for her 100000 is like 5 cents to us….

  7. 7

    the dress she is wearing in that picture is probably worth about 100,000
    thats chump change to her…and a tax write off as well.

    how about discussing how much she spends on a holiday for herself?? or one of the MANY houses she owns with brad? or how much they spend on, say, fresh flowers for their house….i bet its more than 100,000

  8. chlyn says – reply to this


    She buys multi-million dollar properties the way the rest of us buy batteries. I'd like to see her give way more than that.

  9. 9

    You're missing a zero in the number, Perez.

  10. 10

    a hundred grand? that's it? For her, that's like throwing a 20 bill their way.

  11. 11

    id like to know where santa angelina was when oil was leaking in our oceans? i dont remember her donating money or raising awareness. she may a saint to other countries but she certainly isnt in ours perez!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. 12

    Re: Tina4Life – Aniston is sitting on 110M. What about her. So ungenerous and unkind no wonder Brad left her.

  13. 13

    its her way of trying to make the public forget shes a serial homerecking whore

  14. 14

    $100,00 huh Mario? Hire an editor/download a spell check program.

  15. 15

    100,000? Seriously? Canada Donated over 33 million. I expect better from her.

  16. 16

    Hmmm, let's see. 70 & 40 million dollar mansions vs 100 k to Pakistan? Give me a break.

  17. 17

    How would you know what other celebs donate? I am sure plenty of celebrities give money and don't feel the need to let everyone know about it. Funny how whenever Ang puts her hand in her pocket its splashed all over the media. Don't even get me started on her 'humanitarian' work - that plastic, 'caring' face she pulls. Funny how the cameras are always there when she's visiting these refugees too - and again, pictures conveniently splashed all over the media. And really - for the money she and Brad pull in (how many properties do they own again ???) $100,000 is but a drop in the ocean.

  18. 18

    She puts a lot of things where her mouth is.. I hope she can buy her way into heaven.

  19. 19

    Why not a million? Brad spends that on a piece of furniture.

  20. 20

    well, to those who say "ah its so few comparing to what she earns bla bla bla" you should be aware that this isnt the only place/instituation she donates money. What about other celebrities? Are you guys serious? She is santa Angelina NOT santa!

  21. 21

    why only 100,000 when she can plunk $10M down on a bungalo?

  22. 22

    Re: Mordecai – she's not a fuckin' country.

  23. 23

    yeah and she probably leaks this info to the press…real humanitarians do not need the recognition for a contribution, this is just cheap press for her..she still makes me sick.

  24. 24

    Re: AliciaMay – LOL that's so hypocritical. Most "third world" countries are corrupt, it's not like Pakistan is the only one. Haiti is one of the most corrupt countries in the world and that didn't stop people donating! These floods are even worse than the Haiti earthqakes in terms of people affected.

  25. 25

    ok, so, maybe 100,000 doesn't sound like alot to you all considering how much she and brad have……..HOWEVER….the fact that she actually donates anything at all floors me………..i'm a Canadian, and have got a serious serious problem with these bastards coming to my our country, claiming refugee status, getting a minimum $3000.00 a month to do nothing except sponsor all these other jackasses to come into our country (yes yes, i know they do it in other countries)…but still, really, they come into our country, get free health care, all the govn't jobs cuz otherwise they claim discrimination and i'm supposed to feel sorry for them??? ya, i don't fukn think so……..let the little bastards suffer……tough shit - cuz u'll be here soon enuff i'm sure

  26. 26

    She makes $20 million a picture, that really is nothing.

  27. 27

    Re: Tina4Life – then why don't you give 10 bucks and shut the fuck up.

  28. 28

    that's it?….maybe…MAYBE i would be impressed if it was a million

  29. 29

    can she please eat? looking at her grosses me out…why you think she is a "saint" boggles my mind

  30. 30

    Oh God!!!!! Perez just posts crap about her to get more hits. He KNOWS majority of the people that come here hate her. The Same with Taylor Swift, he just likes to stir the pot.

  31. 31

    Re: michael89 – Yeah well I guess the terrorism factor is a bigger turn off, especially for Americans.. The Taliban is rife in Pakistan.

  32. Daily says – reply to this


    That's nice and caring. May be some of the haters here can donate some of their money. It does not have to be a lot.

  33. 33

    um.. no … the majority of people love her.. that's why her movies sell..
    she donates money all the time to all kinds of causes… she did donate to the oil spill, katrina, and she is a goodwill ambassador.. you poeple complaining that it's nothing to her are crazy.. it's still 100k morons!!!! Considering how many different issues she donates to that is a lot…
    and she should get great press for this.. she is bringing awarenes to the issues that our stupid propaganda filled news stations forget to mention!

  34. 34

    why the fuck would she do that?

  35. 35

    she could afford more.

  36. 36

    Re: AliciaMay – That's not the citizens fault.

  37. 37

    Hmmm, let's see….
    1 - shitty actress
    2 - homewrecker
    3 - cutter
    4 - made out with brother
    5 - treats own children like accessories
    6 - shitty actress (not a repeat, needs to be stated twice)
    ya, fuck you Mother Teresa you friggin' shriveled old hag - "Angie" deserves to be regarded as a saint way more than you

  38. 38

    okay that'll save about 20 people
    since they need 20 billion dollars

  39. 39

    okay that'll save about 20 people
    since they need 20 billion dollars
    oh and fox news will call her a terrorist

  40. 40

    Angelina bought an $18,500 tree for Brad on Valentine's Day, which they planted at their $60 million French estate (they also have a $40 million Italian mansion). So in Angelina's terms, her donation to Pakistan is equivalent to five trees for her yard. I think we can hold the applause for this donation.

    People should be judged not by how much they give away, but by how much they keep.

  41. 41

    oh yeah perez shes such an angel!!!! HOMEWRECKER IS WHAT SHE IS…but you adore her..yet trash talk leann rimes for doing the same thing

  42. 42

    Bitch , Whore , Slut… She may seem to love children from other countries but she is the GREATEST LIER of all times. She only wants married men or men that belong to some one else. FAKE !!! SICKO !!! and did I mention WHORE !!! If She loves children so much then why doesn't she give a child from AMERICA in a foster home a room in her MILLION DOLLAR PALACES !!!

  43. 43

    She looks worse than ever!

  44. 44

    How dare she give money to a good cause where people are dying and need help?!!?!?! You'd almost think she cared?!!?

    Seriously guys, it doesn't matter how much she gives because this will help. A lot.

  45. 45


  46. 46

    well £100,000 isnt that much for her, but then they give a lot of money away to other causes and through the joli-pitt foundation. That being said its great she gives anything at all as there are a lot of others in hollywood worth a lot more who give absolutely nothing. And as for it being a pr stunt and to those criticising her for having cameras when she visits refugess 1) she probably goes without them sometimes but you jsut don't know about it because there are no camera and 2) thats the point, shes a high profile celebrity her role as a goodwill ambassador is to publicize these causes.

  47. 47

    Re: AliciaMay – OR…..maybe it's just because everybody hates Packies.

  48. 48

    there's something yucky about her

  49. 49

    Yeey for more money wasted in this world.

  50. 50

    She makes me sick, a good head line would be Angelina say NO to movie to look after her kids, now that would be a shocking headline

  51. 51

    Why doesn't she donate some money to her own country??? Celebrities always out to help others but there are starving kids and people that need help in America!

  52. 52

    Re: MrsKitty – because america is full of spoiled little brats who are not helpless.. they have options they are just lazy!!!!!!

  53. 53

    dont give the money to the government however i think its sad people have been so slow to respond, dont take your anger out on civilians including children. and at least shes donating, people cant do anything good without backlash these days

  54. 54

    Angelina Jolie donates $100,000 to charities she is a saint. Michael Jackson donated $300,000,000 to charities the media called him a pedophile.

  55. 55

    Re: fiona1978 – because money doesn't excuse raping children.. are you fucking kidding me… you should not procreate.. i mean seriously wow… you are the biggest idiot.. you are worse than those religious freaks and angry fat housewives combined.. ugh gross

  56. 56

    She should invest her money in getting a head-to-toe makeover, a good wash, and a haircut. Eww.

  57. 57

    for all of you dissing her, just how much did you donate? at least she's doing SOMETHING!

  58. 58

    And the AMERICAN GOVERNMENT gives money to the Pakistani government which they give to terrorists.

  59. 59

    Re: michael89 – I never said it was the fault of the citizens, but why should I or anyone else give money knowing that a lot, or all of it in some cases, will go to funding terrorism? Especially for UK/US citizens who have a heavy military presence in the area, I don't want to pay to have my countries service men and women killed.

  60. 60

    Re: AliciaMay

    Funny, the American is more of a threat to the world than the people in Iraq, Pakistan and Afghanistan.
    Good read your American History.

  61. 61

    go read*