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Snooki’s New Romance Hits A Rough Patch - Already!

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Perhaps. Or perhaps some Staten Island fame whore troll is stirring up trouble where there is none, just so someone from the press will talk to her.

We're going with the latter. (Though, we still don't trust this guy!)

By now, you Jersey Shore fans know all about Jeff Miranda, the newest guido to steal away into Snooki Snicker's panties heart. Well, former Jersey Shore cast mate Angelina Pivarnick has some interesting accusations to throw around concerning Snooki and her new beau.

First, Angelina says that recently the two had a "huge fight," which Jeff feels "terrible" about. Then Angelina claims that when Jeff first met the Jersey crew down in Miami, it was HER he was after, not Snooki. She tells sources:

“Jeff used to try and hook up with me all the time after we were done filming in Miami. He really wanted to be my boyfriend. He would come to clubs and follow us around wherever we went…He was always saying mean things about the cast…he said Snooki was gross. He called J-WOWW a man and Ronnie a short loser…He never told Snooki that he tried out for Jersey Shore and now she’s found out and she thinks he dated her for the fame.

Hold up! Back up! Did you say "tried out for the Jersey Shore?" As in, this gorilla auditioned to get on this show, but didn't make the cut so now he is putting his pickle near Snooki to get on T.V.?!


And what's more, dude isn't denying it! When sources reached out to Jeff to explain himself and Angelina's hating, he spewed out some garbage about being in lurve with Snooki and then said:

“It is true that four months ago I received an email asking me to send in an audition tape. And I did. I admit, I did try out for the show. "

Yeah, right. Like someone magically found you in the world and sent you a personal email for the show. Like you didn't answer one of those open casting calls on MTV's website and never hear back from them!!!

What a creep! Seriously, Snooks, you don't need this guy! You are the world's most beloved Jersey girl!

Hear us and hear us good bb: DUMP HIM!

[Image via WENN & Pacific Coast News Online.]

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11 comments to “Snooki’s New Romance Hits A Rough Patch - Already!”

  1. 1

    Oh no!! I refuse to believe someone would not love Snooki for her pure heart! Oh say it ain't so!

  2. 2

    Really??? What a shocker!!! Like we couldn't see that coming!!!

  3. YUCK says – reply to this


    dont kill me, but for some reason I think he's pretty hot! weird.

  4. 4

    Come on, she looks like an idiot to think that this guy is'nt using her!! I feel like a bitch saying this, but yes, he's a big hunching guido head, bit he's way too good looking to be with Snooki. He at least does have a very handsome face. She has to be a total fool, but i'm sure she is very full of herself and finds herself very worthy. Ewww!

  5. 5

    poor poor girl !!! dump him!!!

  6. 6

    how is Snooki ever going to find true love when she doesn't know who's fake and who's real? I honestly feel sorry for the girl.

  7. 7

    I have a hard time feeling sorry for her when just last week, she made proclaimations that she was encouraged to act stupider because people were laughing at her and she thought it was funny. Joke's on her. This is where 'stupid' gets you.

  8. 8

    Angelina is so gross. Abomination to this world.

  9. 9

    Angelina is horrid. A total cock block and the wrost personality ever . . . However, SNooki is a fool to believe that guy is into her. He is WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYY out of her league. She is short and fat he is tall and handsome and in great shape. SHe must know he is using her.

  10. 10

    LIES. jeff has never even been to miami. nobody should believe anything the media or angelina says.

  11. 11

    If he didn't tell her he tried out for jersey shore then she also probably doesn't know he's attempted to create 3 of his own reality tv shows. To make it worse, he's not even italian, he is 100% Portuguese. He claims alot, but its not true. Funny that 6 months after his attempt with the 3rd reality show fell through, he dating snooki. He's looking for fame and he's using her for it.