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Big Brother Contestant Rips Housemate A New One For Homophobic Insult!

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This is absolutely inspired. We cannot get over how brilliantly this man tears that stoopid slam pig to shreds!

Check out this clip from last night's Big Brother, where recently-evicted psychopath/Vegas cocktail waitress/chemist(?) Rachel rears her ugly head for one last hurrah, and makes some pretty ignorant comments about contestant Ragan's sexuality!

Well, we'll let you watch for yourself to see this work of art in all of its glory, but let's just say that he did not take too kindly to her insults!

Amazing! And perfectly executed!

Her face at the end is absolutely priceless!

Between this and Lane jerking off in the shower, we need to start watching this show!


Kudos to you, Ragan, for telling that gutter skank what is what!


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150 comments to “Big Brother Contestant Rips Housemate A New One For Homophobic Insult!”

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  1. 1

    Are we supposed to take either one of them seriously?

  2. 2

    Your gay agenda is getting so old.

  3. 3

    What a fruit cake poof ball

  4. 4

    Rachel is confused. Ragan doesn't suck at BEING gay, what he sucks MAKES him gay. They both are a couple of drama queens, but kudos to Ragan for standing up for himself.

  5. 5

    OMG I saw this last night and he was EPICALLY AWESOME!!!!!!!! GO REAGAN!

  6. 6

    Reagan was so well spoken. His words are a testament of how you can play the game of Big Brother without backstabbing, burning bridges and shit-slinging.

    I am very proud of him. Just goes to show that some people use their education, while others do not.

  7. 7

    Blah, Blah, Blah, Yay for the gays, Blah, Blah, Blah, The gays are always right, Blah, Blah, Blah! I agree with mikeybigballs, yawn!!

  8. 8

    Clearly, Ragan's mentally unstable. He's a whiney little girl!

    Sorry, you sucked this one up, Perez.

  9. 9


  10. 10

    That was awesome… seriously that girl is a total piece, and as a real redhead, she really doesn't pull that dye job off! Good for Ragan, he's so right!

  11. 6one9 says – reply to this


    Try watching “` the live feeds to see what a bitch “ Regan really is!! CBS spliced a bunch of footage together “` for ratings!! He's the worst (gay) guy to ever step foot into Big Brother!! JMHO :)

  12. 12

    This isn't the full video, so it seems like Ragan is yelling at her for nothing, which he is not.

    Rachel enters the house by saying "HAHA, IM BACK BITCHES."
    Also, Ragan is not allowed to eat this week because he lost a competition and Rachel knows this, so she walks outside and says "Hey Ragan, Im making some big, soft, delicious cookies, do you want some?" and thats how it starts.

    Unfortunately, the clip is poorly edited. The fight is genius.

  13. 13

    this was one of the greatest arguments ever…ragan totally put her in her place and it was classy and well spoken and completely justified

  14. 14

    I watch the show…not only is Rachel a psycho but she's BUTT UGLY. They didn't show the part where Ragan says she look like an evil parrot from hell…LOL
    she does.

  15. 15

    Ragan makes me want to vomit every time he opens his fairy mouth and I AM gay. He makes gay people ashamed. I have been watching the feeds and he has attacked people on every personal level. Rachael is not against gay people she just said what she said because he insulted her on a very personal level over and over again. He is a self righteous over the top moron. Being gay doesn't give you the right to act like an asshole and then cry homophobes and bully to anyone that says anything back to you. He's an embarrassment to the gay community.

  16. 16

    That is just an edited version, they went at for a good 4-5 minutes more on the BB live feeds. And she stood there after he left for about 2 more minutes like a stone statue and then ran into what they call the DR for another 30 minutes.

    The reason why she went out there was because Ragan is on food restriction this week and she was taunting him with a bad of cookies.

  17. 17

    Go Rachel! Man that dude is such a bitch I've never even seen that show but his voice sounded like nails on a chalkboard….scrreeeeeeeeeeeeeech!

  18. 18

    yes go ragan! FUCK RACHEL, dumb bitch

  19. 19

    I thought Ragan stood up for himself in the appropriate manner and that Rachel needs to get off of her high horse. Yeah you may have a degree in Chemistry, doesn't make you any less of a bitch. Go Ragan.

  20. 20

    one of the best moments this season!!!

  21. 21

    HE IS A SORRY NASTY QUEEN….. I HATE RAGAN…….. I am gay, and he is a DISGRACE !

  22. 22

    You edited the shit out of that! That's not even close to what actually happened fuckwit. I hope she sues your ass.

  23. 23

    Love it, he rocked that nasty bitch

  24. 24

    Man. Whadda gay bitch! lol
    In all seriousness, when will chicks learn to not play the "gay card" whenever they're desperate to vent somethin' about somethin' lacking in their own lives or hearts?
    If people simply substituted "black" for "gay" in Rachel's dialogue, maybe they'd better understand how truly stupid and bigoted she sounds.

  25. 25

    Preach, Brother!

  26. 26

    Good lesson for you there Perez

  27. 27

    regan is as asshole watch the show rachel is telling it the way it is

  28. 28

    Ragan was like an oral surgeon the way he sliced and diced Rachel with his words!

  29. 29

    bitch deserved all that was said to her. so fucking good she was evicted.

  30. 30

    This fight lasted over 9 minutes and was edited last night to almost nothing. The full fight was a masterpiece. Ragan owned Rachel. Rachel has always been under the mistaken impression that if you cause extreme drama in the house, a la Evil Dick a few seasons ago, that you will stay and not be evicted.

  31. 31

    Screw teams Edward & Jacob. I'm Team Ragan

  32. 32

    I am pro Rachel myself…and that says alot since she was ultra-annoying but less whiney and girly than Ragan is. He is a disgrace to gays. I am shocked that anyone likes him. Self righteous hypocrite is what I think of him. I think all that stuff was staged…and remember, Rachel left Brenden a note to get rid of MATT and not Ragan…..sounds like CBS set that one up too so Matt could use the Diamond Veto on himself….lame, lame, lame. But, I will be watching the drama tonight! LOL

  33. 33

    Another homo against Ragan.

    Go Rachel!

  34. 6one9 says – reply to this


    Thank you Herman & rayMff. I'm so glad that you guys are seeing Regan “ for what he really is!! A little bitch!! :)

  35. 35

    OMG!! That was awesome!!

  36. 36

    Work Ragan! I watch the show and I really enjoy Ragan. I really don't enjoy her. Everything he said was spot on and I wish more gay people would stand up to bigots like that. That takes courage and I applaud him for not just letting her get away with those remarks. I love when people say I love gay people after insulting them. Sarah Palin has gay friends too! She said it yet she would be the first one to shoe her love my taking away rights just as Rachel would.

  37. 37

    Sorry but Ragan plays right into the bitchy queen stereotype to a T. They both are pathetic.

  38. 38

    Is it just me or does anyone else think Rachel was told to act like that and make those 24 hours hell?

  39. 39

    stupid slut is a raging narcissistic psychopath! was laughing my ass off watching regan rip her to shreds! and they didn't even put the more classic parts on it where he told her that she was a nasty parrot face from hell and should go and return all of her clothes back to forever 21! bahahahahaha! hope everyone shuns this pig when she gets out in the real world again. dumb bitch!

  40. 40

    i love the part on the show were he said "count all your friends in this house oop done already" haha it was so funny to watch everyone avoid her gaze as he said that

  41. 41

    Re: Herman – I AGREE 100% RAGAN, IS A SORRY SAD MEAN GAY ! i am gay also and DISGUSTED BY HIM !!! He is horrible and SO NASTY ! I wish people saw how nasty he is all the time, this clip doesnt even touch on why rachel threw those comments at him, HE DESERVED IT !!

  42. @v@ says – reply to this


    She's so unevolved that her lightbulb response to his statement about the bullying boyfriend is lashing out in cruelty and simply adding to her nasty fail pile by saying 'You can't even keep a boyfriend.' Next.

  43. 43

    Re: 6one9 – VERY WELCOME….. I watch AFTER DARK everyday, ALL RAGAN DOES IS CRY AND TALK BAD ABOUT PEOPLE….. He is SO NASTY and such a HYPOCRITE !!!! I wish GAY people would look past supporting him because he is gay and see him for the SORRY NASTY PERSON he really is….. He cried when he was on the block, yet all he did was make fun of Rachel for the same thing , EXCUSE ME RAGAN you CRY BABY - GET A LIFE and be a real NICE person like you claim to be…. HE MAKES ME SO MAD, I HATE HIM ! Oh and I am GAY !! So no need for any one to say I hate gays!

  44. 44

    Re: crazysillystupid – UM ENZO said he's like everyone…….. even tho he's two faced as well, at least he SAID SOMETHING !

  45. 45

    Number 1 rule…never argue with a Queen. Just sayin'

  46. 46

    This guy does not represent gay people, uggh, they always hire stereotypical queens on this show

  47. 47

    Re: Herman – Agreed - Kinda sounds a bit like Mario…hmmm I think we may have a gay sub (par)-culture starting up…

  48. 48


  49. 49

    This fight was a fucking masterpiece. Ragan drop kicked the SHIT out of Rachel. Without a doubt THE MOST AMAZING moment the entire damn season. This clip seriously does not do the entire damn thing justice, oh man, priceless. I just loved Rachel standing there like the bimbo she is, not knowing what to say. She fucking got what was coming to her. Not because of the "gay" thing but because she was such a damn bitch the entire time she was there AND during her 24 hour return.

  50. 50

    Hold on Perez, don't be calling Rachel Riley a gutter skank ho! she is really talented, and she played the game well but let her heart do the thinking, a heart filled with contempt for the other contestants.

    I like her a lot because she WAS a strong contender, but spiraled out of control.

    Regan made me Proud! when he eloquently defended his honor.
    Regan is definitely a top contender, he Brendon, who has a huge target on his back, and Lane. Only cuz he checked his hand to make sure he didn't have any jizz on it. Ha!

  51. 51

    this was hilarious to watch.
    ragan got her really good
    but yeah u should start watching this show its amazingg!!!

  52. 52

    Rachel is a putrid pig. She is such a disaster and truly an awful person.

  53. 53


  54. 54

    Perez clearly you do not watched the show, much less the live feeds since Ragan is a disgraced of a Person in the uncensored live feeds of the show!

  55. 55

    Don't try to argue with black girls, and don't try to argue with gays. YOU WILL LOSE! lol

  56. 56

    i don't watch the show, but daaaaaamn dude got her good.

  57. 57

    Re: mikeybigballs

    SO TRUE!

  58. Rozy says – reply to this


    Yes, kudos to Reagan for letting her ignorant self have it. She deserves to have someone put her in her place for making such ridiculous comments.

  59. 59

    um….I'm gay and he sounds totally whiney. I like her much more. why do other gays have to make us look preachy and righteous in a stupid way?

  60. JuNoZ says – reply to this


    O my he gave her a verbal lashing. Note to self tune in to watch the drama unfold next Wed nite.

  61. 61

    @Justsayin' She left him a message to evict Matt after she learned Ragan had won the veto, therefore Brendan couldn't do anything about Ragan…he was taking himself off the block. They told her all of this. That being said, I don't doubt BB didn't do all they could to make Matt use the Diamond Power of Veto.

  62. steff says – reply to this


    I'm so glad you posted this clip, but it left out the best part! He told her the only thing real about her were the zits on her chin! I've watched the show all season and she's a psycho and everything he said about her was spot on. She makes you want to pull an Elvis and shoot out your TV so I can just imagine what it must have been like to live in that house listening to her.

  63. 63

    "Do you have to be the biggest bitch because you're gay," and then at about 00:17, " I am a good person." Last I checked being rude and discriminating isn't part of being a good person.

  64. 64

    I was soooo proud of him when he stood up for himself and put her in her place. It was about time someone stopped kissing her ass and brought her back down to earth. She's a vile, conceited bitch and honey you are not cute. Ragan has been nothing but a sweetheart and he's one of the nicest people in the house. So I was surprised when he blew up like that, but he handled it perfectly and made Rachel look even more ignorant. She has the biggest mouth in the house, and after he was done fighting with her, she was silent. Everything he said about her was true, and being a big bitch isn't going to get her anywhere. Sometimes you need to shut up and learn something.

  65. 65

    Re: Peppsurf777 – Maybe you should try watching the show, otherwise you shouldn't speak. He was 100% right is is an evil BITCH who causes drama even when there is none! Every fight involves her being a nasty, witch to people in the house and her gross boyfriend she has been with for little over a month.

  66. 66

    Re: suebeas – I watch the show and Showtime after Dark and He is right, and she is so gross! She starts drama with everyone!

  67. 67

    You do realize that the show is edited and it didn't actually happen that way.

  68. 68

    GO RAGAN. I don't watch Big Bro but after seeing this clip , I'm gonna start watching. RACHEL looks like washed up Vegas trash! She's a lame ass chick! Is that all she could come up with?!!! If Rachel wants to draw attention to herself I say go the Franken Heidi route and get a total plastic surgery make over. Cuz Chi, that hook in her nose needs a fixin! Pickin on someone's sexuality and race shows how much lack of intelligence someone has!

  69. 69

    how do you suck at being gay? she's such an idiot! the basis for her attack is completely ridiculous. i don't watch the show and here's the reason why. what fine entertainment.

  70. 70


  71. losky says – reply to this


    Re: estebanito – honestly you make gays look bad just by saying that. i am disgraced to be gay because you stood up for yourself. ok? dont be gay then…

  72. 72

    so glad that bitch got evicted. shes such a botoxed, nasty, ignorant hoe bag. i love ragan, good for him for standing up for himself and not letting that trainwreck walk all over him.

  73. 73

    They are both out of line. Ragan is no better I watch BBAD and he says some pretty nasty things about Rachel. So the only difference is Rachel says it to his face where as Ragan says it behind her back. So he needs to take a look in the mirror. Why is okay for him to call her a whore, etc behind her back, they don't air that. I'm not saying what she did was right but he is no angel…..

  74. 74

    Re: Herman – well said, agree with you 100%

  75. 75

    that was fkg beautiful.

  76. 76

    Ragan took alot more abuse than was shown on CBS show..I have the 24/7 live feeds & not only did Rachel pull the "GAY" card, she also brought up his recently deceased father..In my opinion Ragan is quick-witted & normally never goes "below the belt" with attacks, but he has taken hers & Brendon's bullying for weeks..He lost it Thanx Perez for acknowledging Ragan's awesome defense against Rachel..Again, unless you have seen the abuse he's taken on the live feeds as I have many comments below might be a little different

  77. Fabu says – reply to this


    I love Ragan and I hope he wins. He isn't a backstabber and he's a wonderful guy with a huge loving heart. Rachel is the bitch from hell and she deserved everything he said to her.

  78. 78

    What she said wasn't near as homophobic as you calling Derek Hough "gayface". You would shit green bricks if someone called you that. Look what you did to someone who just said she didn't believe in gay marriage.

  79. 79

    One of my favorite Big Brother moments ever, and I have been watching since the beginning!!! Rachel IS a monster…..

  80. 80

    I know your busy and all doll…but you really need to do your homework before coming to any conclusions, especially on big brother. Just because your gay doesn't make you right, and ragan is no exception. Rachel and ragan were good friends until he got his panties in a wad after accepting the new sabatuer role. People are hating on rachel because she's lively, vivacious, beautiful AND smart. She's a great competitor and and most of those big brother houseguests are intimidated by her. They hate on her and her relationship with another houseguest, Brendon. Ragan is stupid…and doesn't deserve to be defended. He's made FAR MANY MORE trashy comments about Rachel than she ever had about him.

  81. 81

    Big fucking deal, he still gay and she is out of the show, boo hoo… this gay this, gay that is frigging boring, just like a nagging hag…..

  82. 82

    Fuck Rachel, how are you bad at being gay? Like wtf, that makes no sense, get this ginger out of tv please. Team Ragan :)

  83. uhhuh says – reply to this


    i fucking love ragan.

  84. 84

    Re: mikeybigballs – There is no "gay agenda" please inform me what the "straight agenda" is please.

  85. 85

    Ragan IS a bitch though. He seems all high and mighty here but if you actually watch the show you'll see that he does in fact bully people and talk behind their backs like a teenage girl. Trust me, I thought it was wrong for Rachel to say that, but Ragen should not get any credit to boost up his already large ego. He's scum.

  86. 86

    I watched the show…and i can't the either one of them…both are playing a bad game. Now, what I do not like about Ragan is that he feels he is better than Rachel. But, before that he was her best friend and up in her face talking strategy and we can take this game. So either you are my friend or not!

  87. 87

    Big Brother is the best show created! Ragan is absolute genius! He should be the one with the IQ in the 3rd percentile-Not Matt! For giving Rachel what she needs to hear-way to go! I was engrossed….I was literally PULLED in! It was so great. So great.

  88. 88

    Regan is a pathetic jerk. He whines about other people being honest then complains when someone dsone't take a deal he was planning not to honor. WHAT A HYPOCRITE. the gay comment by racnel ws nothing, regans hissie fit is absurd

  89. 89

    REALLY? You think he stated that he said "with class" how to maintain integrity and play Big Borther… after his comments to Rachel (not shown on TV but on Live feeds) He, Brittney, and Kathy were talking about Rachel reuses her tampons because she is so cheap! Yeah Ragan is so full of class (sarcasm). He has about as much class as my big toe!

  90. 90

    Re: Kim Simpson – Did he not sling shit and backstab when him and Britney were discussin how cheap Rachel is (LONG before her eviction and nomination)? They were sayig she is so cheap she reuses her tampons?? Yeah that's classy, and non shit slinging!

  91. 91

    Ragan is extremely good at being gay!
    Check out his podcast on iTunes. "Fox and the City" You will ROTFL.

  92. 92

    Do not listen to the idiot haters down below mikeybigballs, what kinda of stupid f-ing screen name is that. I have been waiting for you to comment on Rachel. Love it. She is an idiot that doesn't even get how offensive she is. I love Regan and him and Brit will be so excited you posted this. They have been talking about you and thought you would re-mark on Rachel. I was reading the 1st few comments and don't listen to these homophobe's don't they have a Indy car race to watch the Budweiser is getting warm and you turkey pot pie is getting cold

  93. 93

    I totally abhor Ragan, aka RATgan. He is giving gays a bad name. His holier than thou persona reeks. He overuses the term, "that's vile" "that's disgusting". Well I'll use them on him–because anyone that is so mean spirited to call someone a devil child, parrot face, and harp on someone "stress" acne is taking the low road. What a childish fight Ratgan! I hope he does loose his job–he isn't fit to call himself an educator.

  94. 94

    Ragan's comments toward her put a smile on my face. While she was throwing childish, school yard insults at him, he shut her up with the one thing that hurts the most: the truth. The blank look on her face towards the end shows that despite her bravado, she knew he was telling her things about herself that she couldn't deny.

  95. 95

    Team Rachel…not gay face.

  96. 96

    Anyone who thinks that Rachel was justified in anything that came out of her nasty mouth clearly doesnt watch the show, and clearly didnt see the whole clip..Rachel is a nasty, rude bitch who was voted off for a reason…shes constantly comming up with shit to talk about behind other peoples backs, and Raegan was playing the game pretty classy, Rachel is a mean-spirited whorish looking girl and got what was comming to her, GO RAEGAN!

  97. 97

    It should be said that Ragan has an IQ in the top 3% percentile-not Matt. He's a genius for having said these things to Rachel. Rachel is an absolute idiot.

  98. 98

    Re: kathie! – you're out of your mind.

  99. 99

    umm.. actually.. thats not why he freaked out at her… he freaked out at her for being an idiot and a bitch.. he just continued after she told him he sucked at being gay.
    However, it was probably my favorite moment of all BB history.

  100. 100

    epic!!!! team Ragan!! RAWR!!!

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