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Ne-Yo Stands Up For Rihanna's Big Head!

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You know, we never really noticed before, but now that it's pointed out…

Rihanna's got a big effing forehead! LOLz!

Though we still think she is gorgeous, there are some who have teased Miz RiRi about the size of head and so she needed someone to come to her defense.

Enter Chris Brown NeYo, who is telling the haters to quit hating! In a recent interview, he said:

"Everyone knows that Rihanna has a great big forehead! There's nothing wrong with it. It's just… Rihanna's forehead is two of yours! I can say that because I'm big brother."

Double Lolz! Well, at least we know someone is looking out for her.

[Image via WENN.]

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40 comments to “Ne-Yo Stands Up For Rihanna's Big Head!”

  1. 1

    she looks like tyra in this pic. they both have big foreheads. lol

  2. 2

    I don't know, I think that still sounds pretty insensitive and thoughtless. Women can be sensitive about looks and even if he is "big brother" that still can hurt. Oh well what do I care…these people have nothing to do with my life nor I theirs.

  3. CocoK says – reply to this


    You never really noticed? This is not new news, everyone knows that Rihanna has a fivehead.

  4. 4

    It's so sickening how the media and people in general always seem to find the most ABSURD thing on a beautiful woman to make fun of. It really only shows insecurity on the part of anyone making fun of them.

    Come on…Megan Fox's thumb?? RiRi's forehead?? BULL****!

  5. 5

    She is still a beautiful woman. I love her outfit! And lots of people have big foreheads and are still beautiful. LOL!

  6. 6

    She's hot, but she is getting trashier and trashier with all those stupid tattoos!! Other big forehead hotties are Christina Ricci, Marcia Cross, Franken Heidi, and Brit Brit!!

  7. 7

    She doesn't have a forehead…..it's a five-head =)

  8. 8

    nik richie would label that mess a sevenhead/7head….

  9. 9

    Oh no, that wasn't MORE insulting at all! LOL.

  10. 10

    Um, I remember him saying this before…. It's either he said it twice, which means he's being a total jerk or you just lied to me! I think you just lied to me Perez & I don't appreciate it!

  11. 11

    Re: dinkus – lighten up! it's only an observation. no one said she wasn't still beautiful. i find much beauty in what others might call 'flaws.' it's called being human. she embraces her flaws. kudos to her!

  12. 12

    For real, Perez, you just noticed this now? Everyone has noticed her forhead. She's still beautiful, though.

  13. 13

    This coming from a douch with the head of a coconut.

  14. 14

    She looks like a cute young lady in this picture.

  15. 15

    too bad there's no brain inside

  16. 16

    Hate and anger are natural emotions, as humans we wouldn't have humanity without it. and for all you anti humanity liberals who scream "hater" anytime someone doesn't agree with you, realize you are a part of the problem.

  17. 17

    I miss the old Rihanna…

  18. 18

    that is a beautiful photo of her. I wish she would leave her hair like that instead of that bull dyke cut she has been rockin. She is a gorgeous gal, and he isn't too hot himself.

  19. 19

    umm…i dont think anyone remembers neyo's forehead. HOLYCRAP! he needs to be quiet

  20. 20

    Re: bkfinest006 – I thought the same thing! He can't talk, seeing him without a hat is an image ill never forgot, WOWZA

  21. 21

    I remember reading this quote MONTHS ago. Way to stay on top of things.

  22. Merab says – reply to this


    haha…NeYo is dumb …who speaks like that?… "big brother" in his ass…
    It would be better to say nothing at all, then mention it like that..
    have he seen himself in a mirror,btw?

  23. 23

    That Ne-yo, again just keeps his big foot inside his mouth. He must love the taste of leather…I'm not a fan of either, but I know that her fans are not gonna like him talking down about her even if he's her "big brother" as he calls himself..at the end of the day he looses cd sales from her fans and other artist fans whom he talks down about. Ne-yo if you've not got good to say, try saying nothing>>

  24. 24

    Um we've always known she has a big forehead. That's why her photo shoots always have her hair covering half of her face (ie her forehead).

  25. 25

    yeah she totally has a huge forehead. she should do us all a favor & go back to the long hair w bangs plz. i think i'd still hate her regardless though. she sucks.

  26. 26

    Re: CocoK – Hahahaha!! This literally bought tears to my eyes - thanks for giving me a good laugh first thing in the morning

  27. 27

    God she was so gorgeous back then, before the ghetto tattoos and that awful hair.

  28. 28

    OK Rihanna has a tenhead of course but NeYo is BALD under his hat!!

  29. 29

    i hate her and it has nothing to do with her looks.

    i hate her because she started a fight hit a man that was driving then she claimed abuse when he hit her stupid bitch face back.

    his career almost got ruined . and then she played up a fake beating he smacked me she turned into he beat me and tried to kill me.

    fuck her i hope she gets the real beating she claimed happened to her.
    times 2 she claimes she was beat half to death.
    half to death x 2 is death

  30. 30

    She got a huge forehead and drake has a huge deformed looking head. They would have truly been a good couple.

  31. 31

    Of all people saying anything about a big head. There is no one on earth except maybe someone with some severe water on the brain who has a larger head than you do Perez.

  32. 32

    how the fuck did u not notice… its a damn planet

  33. 33

    Yeah I've noticed, but she is pretty all the same.

  34. 34

    large forehead = big brains :-)
    someone said that britany spears and heidi montag have large foreheads?? no way, heres some celebs with biggest foreheads:

    Tyra Banks obviously
    Pamela Anderson
    Carrie Underwood (take a look, she wears side swept bangs to cover it)
    Hilary Duff (nice wedding pics, but shoulda covered up the forehead)
    but the biggest of all is model Amber Valetta

    Angelina Jolies is pretty big, but her other features are also big (like lips, eyes) so it balances out

  35. 35

    But she still is really pretty so it doesn't really matter.

  36. 36

    god I hate how people always want to break down someone gorgeous. I mean, I have a big forehead and I'm kind of offended by those comments because if people already focus on her """big""" forehead and I definitely don't look like Rihanna then I don't want to know how people think about me!!

  37. 37

    Lmao :D

  38. 38

    dude, perez you gotta big azz head!!!

  39. 39

    she`s beautiful

  40. 40

    He should talk. He hides his big ass head under hats … What an ass!