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No Lady GaGa Performance At The VMAs!

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And sad!

Recently announced MTV Video Music Award host Chelsea Handler revealed this morning On Air With Ryan Seacrest that our beloved GaGaloo will NOT be performing this year at the event!

No explanation was given.


But we understand! Gurl needs to give herself a break!

What do U think?? Are U disappointed that there's no GaGa performance at this year's VMAs?

[Image via WENN.]

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149 comments to “No Lady GaGa Performance At The VMAs!”

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  1. 1

    the vmas are going to suck now..no britbrit and no gaga? what the hell the vmas get worse every year now. britney needs to come back and perform asap

  2. 2

    I am so disappointed…Sorry I'm told old for Beiber Fever. Still excited for Chelsea though.

  3. 3

    boo! :(

  4. 4

    no gaga…. no britney… no russell… im over the VMAS

  5. 5

    everyone know we need some real rockers "Like New Kids on the Block"and jenny on the block!

  6. 6

    Smart move. She's wayyy too over exposed and too much will cause a backlash.
    If it can happen to Madonna it can happen to anybody.

    Gaga needs to take a break from the limelight, and perform NEXT YEAR when her new music is out.

  7. 7

    thanks fucking God.

  8. 8

    I'm not disappointed. I mean, she's on tour. I saw her last week in LA and she was amazing. She does need a break. She's been busy. Albeit I would love to see her perform, how about she just enjoys the show and wins the awards for once?

  9. 9

    I'm not sorry at all, after the shit she made last year.. oH, Shocking with the paint faking blood, lame!!! She's just a poser, I love her music tough, but as performer, she could do better.

  10. 10


  11. 11

    So, so sad :(

  12. 12

    (monotone on)Oh no. Whatever will we do?(monotone off)

  13. 13

    omggg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thats so devistating

  14. 14


  15. 15


  16. 16

    I could care less. I'm actually a little excited I won't have to listen to Alejandro again. That song blows.

  17. 17

    I don't care. I just wanted Queen Britney to perform. Not that tranny.

  18. 18

    WTF?! … I've been waiting since last year for this,… and no performance :'(
    I was so fuckin' excited to see what she wanted to do!
    Anyways .. love you Mother Monster. . #LittleMonster

  19. 19

    Interesting, wow Lady Gaga is a pervasive name on the net. overwhelming. overplayed. still awesome.


  20. 20

    thank god! She is so over exposed as it is

  21. 21

    Hey fatty, why don't you ask her why since your head is always in her ass?

  22. 22

    Hell yeah, I'm disappointed! Thirteen nominations and no performance from Lady Gaga? That is not cute!If anything, she should be opening AND closing the show. She and Beyonce should get together and do "Telephone" and Video Phone.Gaga, you must make it happen. Just saying!!!

  23. 23

    I'm glad I'll be rocking out at the pixies concert on the night of VMAs but I was looking forward to seeing her win.

  24. 24

    noo :(

  25. 25

    actually i am disappointed, she puts on a good show, plain and simple…although, she was going to preform her parp song "Alexandro"… I am not disappointed at all…

  26. 26

    thank fucking god.

  27. 27

    eek! what is going on with her left hand/arm??? those veins look very unattractive. that is a horrible camera angle or something!

  28. 28


  29. 29

    im fucking HAPPY

  30. 30

    too much exposure is a bad thing. we don't need to see her perform at every single music event. wait a bit, then have her again.

  31. 31

    then what the point of the VMAs oh great but i see why

  32. 32

    wtf? that is why i was excited for the vma's. mtv really need to smarten up. i am honestly fuckin pissed as im typing, how the fuck could they fuckin do that? are they outta their fuckin minds?

  33. 33

    Yeah, it's truly shocking MTV isn't going to milk the hype one last time. It'll be more half assed rappers and boy band reunions. Way to still be culturally relevant MTV/Viacom.

  34. 34

    thank god!!!!

  35. b...h says – reply to this


    She's a whore, drug addict and loser. No wonder MTV doesn't want her performing or presenting like kesha.. guess your beloved Gaga isn't worth having as anything..

  36. 36

    OK, on second thought, I just looked at the girls' tour schedule and its pretty brutal. Holy crap, that's a lot of dates! I don't know how she does it, but God help her. Yeah, she could use a break.

  37. 37

    She's feeling the pressure to impress, to always be original and cutting edge , but deep inside she knows it's all marketing bullshit. Stay home honey and have a cup of tea.

  38. b...h says – reply to this


    I'm not shy to upload my avatar… just can't be bothered. Again your beloved/drunk Gaga is a loser and drug addict/drunk…drug addict/drunk…drug addict. So Perez. stop defending her.. she is a drug addict/drunk. She has admitted that she'll die from alcohol posioning so why do you promote her to your young audience. Shame on you…..!!!!

  39. 39

    DISLIKE! ugh i was anticipating her performance!!!

  40. 40

    I figured this would be a perfect opportunity for Gaga and Beyonce to perform Telephone together, live on stage, for the first time (and probably the only) time.

  41. 41

    Re: b…h – shut the fuck up. All great music artists are drug addict/drunks. If you dont think so, in the words of the late great Bill Hicks "Take all that music from through out the years that has enhanced your life and burn it because the people that made it? REAL FUCKING ON DRUGS. Ok? Ok."

  42. 42

    Fucking good! So sick of her. Retire gag!

  43. 43

    I don't think the VMA's are going to be all that this year. I'm going to DVR that shit and skip through all the bullshit on purpose.

  44. n3lky says – reply to this



  45. 45

    Not the end of the world.

  46. 46

    Thank God!!!! I hope they get real artists instead!!

  47. 47

    Who the hell watches the VMAs anyways?

    MTV is to music as McDonalds is to food.

  48. 48

    is she going to be there at all? like presenting or anything????? no gaga whatsoever??? then im not gonna watch!

  49. 49

    i am no longer watching the VMA's.

  50. 50

    She's probably already been snagged up by "THE GRAMMYS". Isn't the rule of the Grammy's is in order to perform on their awards show you can't perform on another awards show thats a competitor. Not for sure on this but that would totally make sense as to why she isnt performing on the VMA's.

  51. 51

    Well fudge, I was really really looking forward to a performance by her- with hopes that she would top such an amazing performance that was Paparazzi.. But she needs some rest, shes everywhere!

  52. 52

    Re: Nicolás Paschiero – FATNEY SPEARS can't perform to save her life. She can't sing for shit and she's tossing her hair and shaking her tits isn't performing.

  53. 53

    then who the hell is gonna perform just rappers omfg no please. unless if it's eminem and rihanna then that's okay but the other one's no I don't think so.

  54. 54

    Thank God !

  55. 55

    Bottom line: nothings gonna top last years VMAs!

  56. 56

    Then i am not watching!!

  57. 57

    she needs to go hide under a rock. what a ridiculous person.

  58. 58

    Re: Jendah – You are a real fucking idiot. If u really wanted to u could find many performances of her singing, she's the sexiest singer ever. Sorry she offends you, but she's a sweet girl and you clearly don't remember younger Britney spears before the media killed her. Idiot.

  59. 59

    Re: Jendah – You are shit. I feel sorry for you.

  60. 60

    Re: Jendah – You just described lady gaga go look up younger Britney and look up her really singing. I bet u will feel stupid then.

  61. 61

    Seriously? That sucks! I was so looking forward to seeing what she was going to do! It's such a perfect format for what she does!

  62. 62

    Wow, people actually still watch the VMAS? LOL. The VMAS is nothing but a big joke and a popularity contest these days and has been for awhile now. The Grammys is the same deal. Lost their value. And, wtf is that on her arm? Gross! I'd get that checked out if I were her.

  63. 63

    VERY disappointed!

  64. 64

    good she needs to hide..she became like beyonce way too overexposed..

  65. 65

    gaga was the only reason why i was planning to watch. guess no vma's for me this year.

  66. 66

    Would have loved seeing her perform with an army of 100 gay men dressed in black and doing the Alejandro song…

  67. 67

    she is so fucking dedicated to her little monsters like meeee, she most likely has her own show that night… good for her i always miss the vmas anyway, its the only time MTV plays some damn music.

  68. 68

    Too bad! The performances this year suck! At least Chelsea is hosting.

  69. 69

    that should read "YOUR beloved caca"… don't drag me into your sick obsession with mediocrity.

  70. 70

    What is the point in watching the VMA's then??
    this is shit

  71. 71

    if it was anyone else, you'd be talking shit about how they backed out. fuck off mario.

  72. 72

    thank god
    im tired of this woman constantly being on this site

  73. 73

    i think ill actually watch it now

  74. china says – reply to this


    hell no!
    glad that the ugly skank won`t ruin the show. that`s it!

  75. 75

    LOL Britney? How the hell could she be performing? She doesnt even sing!

  76. 76

    Are you kidding me? She is nominated for 13 categories. She MUST perform!!!!!! As for the host, i want Russell Brand. He is hilarious.

  77. 77

    Maybe they can replace her with Sliimy?

  78. 78

    Poor little munsters.I guess mother tranny munster doesn't love you anymore.

  79. 79

    who gives a flying fcuk about the MTV machine or their manufactured artists.

  80. 80

    So what?! Shes too over exposed. She sings the same ol' hits all the time. Bring in some other artists..

  81. 81

    IT'S AN OUTRAGE!! I was so excited about Chelsea hosting & now I'm disappointed about La Ga Ga :(

  82. 82



    I don't have to watch this bitch again.

  83. 83


  84. 84

    noo!!! im sooooo glad she isnt going to be on there.
    I freakin hate lady gag-ga. She is terrible and should not be in the music industry.

  85. 85

    "Yes Virginia, there is a Santa Claus"….Now if she could just disappear all together…GAGA sucks

  86. 86


  87. 87

    i was really hoping she would, although im excited for chelsea!

  88. 88

    if that's your "wifey", shouldn't you know why??? just saying……..

  89. 89

    No disappointment. People don't need to perform every year it should be someone new and exciting!

  90. 90

    I am totally disapointed. Why wouldn't they give her a spot? WTF, she's the best artist of this generation.

  91. 91

    i won't watch the vma's now as a form of protes! it will suck and be boring if she's no performing.

  92. 92

    :( :( :(

  93. 93

    Well that SUCKS. =[ Is it business related???

  94. 94

    i am very disappointed that she wont be performing…her performance last year was probably the best vma performance ive ever seen…

  95. 95

    No GaGa?! Are they for fucking real? I thought she made it last year #GaGaForVMAs

  96. 96

    sweet! I may actually watch the VMAs now

  97. 97

    SAD but she needs to stop promoting her- SHE IS NOW THE WORLDS Nº 1 ARTIST - she is amazing- we love you Gaga.

  98. 98

    Might be worth watching this year.

  99. 99

    No gaga? I guess I'll watch now.

  100. 100

    Wow She completely deserved to do a performance this was her year thats not fair i am completely less excited 2 see the VMAS

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