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Quote Of The Day

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"Her music is like elevator music, as far as I'm concerned. All the gays are looking for something new. She's history!"

- Janice Dickinson on Lady GaGa, to Life & Style

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109 comments to “Quote Of The Day”

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  1. 1

    Wow…if Gaga is history…what does that make JD….the crypt keeper I suppose!

    That old wallet should be more polite…she isn't just yesterday's news..She is like last decades news….make that 2 decades or more I think…she's just old and there is no denying..in spite of her childish way post adolescent behavior

  2. 2


  3. 3

    ha! i dont usually agree with Janice..but…i like what she says here.

  4. 4

    is she talking about herself? & what gays is she talking to? Lol. Gaga is far from history, lady.

  5. 5

    it's true!
    She's not the Queen, or the princess, she is something else. A blessing.

  6. 6

    Gays my age ARE looking for something new. If you tell anybody now you love Gaga they groan and roll their eyes. She doesnt have the staying power of someone like Madonna. Maybe if she married Sean Penn or wrote a book on sex. haha

  7. 7

    I love Janice, I will always love her lol, she's cuckoo for cocoa puffs and I love it, but she's wrong here, Gaga aint going anywhere!

  8. YUCK says – reply to this


    I love gagas music (not her though) and I kind of have to agree with janet, if you think about it, it is kind of like elevator music. I cant get over how much she has copied madonnas career almost to a T, there is nothing original about her anyone with half a brain can see that, fun music though…

  9. 9

    STFU Janice. Isn't she like 60? Gawd.

  10. 10

    For the first time in life…I hope Janice is RIGHT!!! I'm SOOOOO sick of Gaga!!!

  11. YUCK says – reply to this


    Re: JackTheRipper – you're so right all the gays I know were over her about a year ago. she was interesting in the beginning now she is just cliche. all the gays know she followed the madonna blueprint. you gotta give madonna mad props even though she is washed up now, her act worked 25 years ago and it still works today.

  12. 12

    And thats why i called my cat JD :D bless her big mouth!

  13. 13

    Gosh, that was awfully mean-spirited… why even bring 'the gays' into this? Gay people shouldn't be set apart from everyone else just for musical tastes… I thought music was for everyone? And don't say "well, deaf people…" because Beethoven went deaf too! Janice, you sharp tongue you! x3

  14. 14

    why did you edit her quote perez. she was actually criticizing gaga not praising her like you do

  15. 15

    Janice's desperate attempt to get back into the spotlight since she is relevant? Impossible to say this statement seeing as the huge success lady gaga has accomplished so far..and stop picking on gay people.

  16. 16

    Ah good ol' Janice, Trying to stay relevant again i see….

  17. 17

    its true. I honestly think she's just a fad.

  18. 18

    that old bag of bones dosnt no jack. ugh gaga is hot i want more lol

  19. 19

    WHO is Janice Dickinson again … ? Oh, yeah…that FREAK-SHOW so-called former (and I do stress FORMER) 'super-model' (claims to have been the '1st' ever - yeah, right) who screwed more guys and did more coke than probably anyone in the 70s and 80s - her PRIMETIME. So bo-toxed that you can't tell if she is laughing or crying - one UGLEEEEEEEEEEEEEE Chick ! So, not surprising she is not in tune with what is hot these days. Even those of us who really don't care for Gaga realize she is what is in and relevant today, and Janice, dear, is NOT ! Just say'n ……..

  20. 20

    first thing shes ever said I agree with. gaga is so yesterday…or better yet last year.

  21. 21

    amazing words from the plastic queen ok that would love to own front row seats to a GaGa concert

  22. 22

    I am gay and I can tell you right now that I cannot stand that bitch…She acts like she is creating art when infact her music is nursey rhymes every song sounds the same. she is in for the fame and money by manipulating these gays. she talks about how she loves her gays and blah blah blah. when has she ever done anything for the cause??? Everyone is hating on xtina.xtina has done important things for the GLBT community and shown gays and transexuals in her music in a classy way unlike lady fuckme who uses gays in high heels and fishnet stocking engaging in an orgy ..I much prefer Ke$ha or Katy Perry…atleast they admit they are making generic pop music.

  23. 23

    Just like ALL the hot guys are looking for something new, Janice … ? They don't want so old Bag com'n on to them…'specially a FREAK SHOW !

  24. 24

    As if I need another reason to dislike Janice DICKinson…

  25. 25

    Janice is right.. it's boring music. Nothing innovative. Good for the gays for finally catching on what a hack gaga is

  26. 26

    I agree with Janice. Gaga is severely overplayed and all of her music sounds the same.

  27. 27

    Janice Dickinson is so old THAT she does not leave fingerprints anymore !

  28. 28

    LOLZ. . .b/c Janice speaks for all the little monsters, NEVER!!!!!!

  29. 29

    Everyone have been waiting for Madonna to return with her light pop,So GaGa decided to do it for Madonna.Unfortunately she copied Madonna in a weird way.Madonna was clasically sexual,she came out when we all had a need to see something outragiously sexual in pop culture.But in 21 century it's not relevant anymore to be hypersexual,explicit oriented on the stage….Also GaGa does everything in a weird schizo way.All men (BF) in her videos are dead at the end.Sorry,this is not for me.
    And Yes,all gays are looking for something new,not Madonna-Erotica typo style,coz we've seen it,it's history,we love it,but we want something new.

  30. 30

    Madonna "co-wrote" a lot of her hits and has some of the most PITCHY and awful live performances. Almost every thing GaGa writes turns to Gold, and she is a FAR better live singer than Madge. Janice Dickinson is just trying to leach off some of GaGa's fame by shit talking her to the press. Stuup[id.

  31. 31

    She's history? Ummm… Coming from Janice Dickinson. This means NOTHING. I guess being a Z-list (if that) makes people bitter. She is so Shiteous it's unreal. Honey got a sex change… she looka like a man. That's all folks. GAGA RULES!

  32. 32

    And since when is Janice sooo knowledgable about the gays anyways? WHat a fucking douchebag tranny.

  33. 33

    its the music industry you cant change anything about it
    its fast changing
    but gaga still has some good years ahead of her…

  34. 34

    janice dickinson needs to go shove a big dick in her fucking mouth, because the last time i check where is the bitch now?

  35. 35

    no JAnice, YOU'RE history and completely irrelevant

  36. 36

    Delusional hag. She's desperate for attention and press, so she says this about the most successful artist out there right now.

  37. 37

    she is history
    nothing new there never was

  38. 38


  39. 39

    i think part of gaga's "performance art" is copying madonna. once a novelty is introduced to a culture and succeeds it becomes a blueprint. she's simply exploiting our need for something familiar.

  40. 40

    P.S. There's a reason she is liked by so many people/widely popular - she has made a difference in countless lives (whether that be charity work or not)- her voice is absolutely incredible. Although many people are unable to hear her strong vocal talent in the songs, it is because that's POP MUSIC. That's just the way pop music sounds (i love the creativity and beats) and she does have the talent to back it up just listen to any of her live performances - amazing.
    It's just janice who doesn't like pop music, but hey we have a genre we aren't too crazy about.

  41. 41

    I agree GAGA SUCKS

  42. 42

    I can finally agree with Janice Dickinson.

  43. 43

    Shes going to go down in history. $200 million dollars for one tour? But her music is like elevator music, right? Fucking retarded bitch, I hope she drowns in her botox.

  44. 44

    hate them both

  45. 45

    Re: ToToJoe – Gaga co-writes all of her (very simple) music too so what's your point? And Madonna knows she's not the greatest singer. She admitted it. Gaga may be a much better singer than Madonna is, but do I have to list all the things Madonna is much better at than Gaga: entertaining, dancing, reinventing, innovating, songwriting, producing….need I go any further?

  46. 46

    This coming from a washed up old model who isn't even good looking anymore? Talk about delusional and I don't even like Lady GaGa :/

  47. 47

    Re: ToToJoe – lol if u don't think lady gaga co writes her hits u are a fucking idiot. Madonna is amazing performer a lot better than lady gaga. I've seen her three times and shes always so sloppy. I like her though. Lady gaga seems cool MINUS her crazy fans that talk shit about other performers. Let lady gaga be her own person and stop bringing Madonna into it.

  48. 48

    Re: BritneyLand – I agree :)

  49. 49

    ive always loved janice - not joking
    but this makes me love her more

  50. 50

    Lady Gaga is not history.She is making history.She got nominated 13 times at the VMAs this year.

  51. 51

    Janice Dickinson may be a lot of things but at least she's speaking the truth, especially in this situation. A lot of people like to kiss Gaga's ass and make her out to be something so big and important when there's nothing there.
    Everything she's doing now was already done before, and as for her music, we've heard it all before, and like Janice said: It's like elevator music, or nursery rhymes. Very simple stuff. She parades around in ridiculous costumes and she's so "artistic". LMAO! I can't believe people are actually falling for this shit. Her and her team are laughing all the to the bank.

  52. 52

    Without RedOne's production Gaga would be nothing. Her lyrics are crap.

  53. 53

    Wow. Hateful. =[

  54. 54

    Re: BritneyLand – AGREED!!!

  55. 55

    LOL at the fact that people compare Gaga to Madonna. Will Lady Gaga at 52 still be topping the charts and earning 450 million dollars on tour like Madonna? I doubt it!

  56. 56

    Down goes CaCa!
    Down goes CaCa!
    Make the best of the next 12 months trannyskank.

  57. 57

    her music DOES sound the same…

  58. 58

    history? wtf..Gaga is one of the biggest musical acts today!

  59. 59

    Janice who??? God, no one even knows who this bitch is anymore. She just wants attention cause she's so desperate for it and Gaga is hogging the spotlight

  60. 60

    She is performer that wears costumes and a Mandoona copycat.

  61. 61

    Gotta love Janice!

  62. 62

    hmmmm just out of curiosity, when's the last time Janice actually worked? hahaha I love GaGa & shes better then Madonna if not because of her vocals, for the fact she actually RIGHTS her own music. Janice is just jealous that unlike GaGa, she isn't going any where. Love you GaGa, Janice….yeah.

  63. 63

    BOO!!!! thats so untrue!!

  64. 64

    Re: Bordeaux – because the gays decide what is kool at the moment. its how disco started , hip hop and the teen pop stuff in the late 90's. thats why madonna, janet, kylie, britney, christina and all the other divas stick with them. the gays are their money makers and they keep them kool. the gays a loyal to the divas they really love. thats why madonna, kylie and janet are still popular. i mean their all like 40 and 50 and the gays still love them.

  65. 65

    But JD is so on point with this one. the weird stuff is getting old. and perze is not helping her with trashing other artist to bring her up.

  66. 66

    Janice, you feel a great disappointment in yourself for failing to accomplish more in your life….however, you can heal your soul by becoming aware of your bitter and mean spirited diatribes.

  67. 67

    THIS IS WHAT THE ARTICLE ALL SAID, LEFT THE COCAINE US OUT AGAIN!!! The self-proclaimed "world's first supermodel," Janice Dickinson, is "appalled" by Lady Gaga's remarks in a recent Vanity Fair interview, calling her a bad role model for the younger generation. "You can damage and hurt kids," Dickinson tells Life & Style. "The way she mentioned cocaine, I think she should really get spanked!" She also says,"Her music is like elevator music, as far as I'm concerned. All the gays are looking for something new. She's history!"

  68. 68

    THIS IS WHAT THE ARTICLE ALL SAID, LEFT THE COCAINE US OUT AGAIN!!! The self-proclaimed "world's first supermodel," Janice Dickinson, is "appalled" by Lady Gaga's remarks in a recent Vanity Fair interview, calling her a bad role model for the younger generation. "You can damage and hurt kids," Dickinson tells Life & Style. "The way she mentioned cocaine, I think she should really get spanked!" She also says,"Her music is like elevator music, as far as I'm concerned. All the gays are looking for something new. She's history!" I agree with JANICE!!!

  69. 69

    Janice is a freaking idiot. Always has been.

  70. 70

    I agree with Janice 100%!!!

  71. 71

    IT DOES LIKE ACE OF BASE…but it's still good!!!

  72. 72

    Janice, to all of the gays, YOU"RE history! where do u come up with this shit?! speak for your haggard self. xo

  73. 73

    yup, she's becoming old news. finally.

  74. 74

    That's funny Christina Aguilera did that look in 2004.

  75. 75

    Janice is so wrong lol

  76. 76

    Janice is just a jealous old bat! Lady Gaga's music is not elevator music, it's art and it's one of a kind. Everybody just loves to hate on Gaga. She's beautiful, successful, and she's taking over the world. Don't hate.

  77. 77

    Re: Eyes Crying Purple Tears – Fucking HATER! Gaga's music is anything BUT simple. Ever heard her song Speechless. Its one of the best songs ever. her music is deep and meaningful and losers like you just don't appreciate it because your jealous of Gaga's success and you know you secretly love her inside. everyone does. nobody can get enough gaga.

  78. 78

    Re: Be-Atch

  79. 79

    This Janice Dickinson has some nerve. Too bad she's the one that is going to be history pretty soon. Next article on Perez will be Janice Dicksinson died super model of the 30's how said (yeah right). I'll be reading that article.

  80. 80

    I hope its true Janice.

  81. 81

    Re: Eyes Crying Purple Tears
    You criticize GaGa's music as simple and like nursery rhymes, but you actually defend Madonna, who's had some of the most sing-song, repetitive, simple lyrics ever? Starlight Starbright, Tick Tock Tick Tock, Would you like to boogie woogie, and not to mention every other song is about getting on the dance floor.

  82. 82

    I don't think being compared to elevator music is especially flattering.

  83. 83

    Gaga is a musical genius , I like her even better then Madonna cuz she's odd looking, has a great voice, writes her music but at the same time has a mainstream sound that makes her so popular world wide.

    Why do you think Madonna steped away from the music scene and let her work with Steven Klein, Madonna loves GaGa and I bet she's a lil jelous of her talent.

    I love Janice but she's wrong about this one, plus gays are always looking for something new ;)

  84. 84

    Normally I don't comment, but I felt the need to step in!!! First of all, you people need to learn your pop culture. Dickinson isn't "Fame-whoring", she has ALWAYS been outspoken. People have called her the "bitch" for a reason. Why would she be doing that if she's already internationally known? For all you gays, I have many gay friends that don't like GaGa. FYI, her second album is basically an 80s knock off! Straight guys don't like GaGa for the reason that she reinforces the gay stereotypes. All she does is push gayness down people's throats. Like that will ever gain acceptance. Many gays are actually masculine guys that act just like straight men. I know because most of my gay friends are masculine, as I cannot stand femenine gays. Most people are starting to see through GaGa's facade. She is just a marketing gimmick. When top 40 music was getting bland, Interscope introduced GaGa and everyone went googoo for GaGa. Ironically, pop is now even WORSE because of GaGa, and true artists like Christina Aguilera are being snubbed while mediocre acts like Ke$ha, Perry, Rihanna dominate the charts. Furthermore, if it weren't for Madonna, GaGa wouldn't exist. Madonna paved the way for GaGa, and basically Germanotta is just repeating history, only that she will end up like Cyndi Lauper and not Madonna. For those you that think GaGa is a "musical genius" you need a reality check. A damn good musician can do much better than basically mediocre chord progressions.

  85. 85

    GaGa can BARELY carry a tune, she was pretty good in her EP and at Tisch too. But this "GaGa" persona cannot even sing live without transposing her songs. As if they reach near two octaves! She writes songs about riding dick, oral sex, and telling someone not to call her name? How does that help the LGBT community? It only imposes ignorance and reinforces stereotypes.
    Don't criticise Janice, since she isn't afraid of speaking her mind, she has oodles of experience, lived through the 80s and sees history repeating itself.
    So I'm guessing anyone that doesn't like GaGa or doesn't kiss her ass is now "fame-whoring"?

  86. 86

    You edited that quote!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Janice started by saying Lady Gaga is a f—ing idiot. The way she mentioned cocaine, I think she should really get spanked! You can damage and hurt kids. I’m appalled.”

    Haven't said anything about her admitting to cocain use!!! Perez tsk tsk tsk

  87. 87

    Fuck all of you. I guess lady gaga happens to sell her billions of records to herself then. Just like people hating on britney spears. PUHLEEASE obviously the bitch is doing something right.

    Get over yourselves. Im sure you all are fat ugly beer gutted losars who come on here to hate on people.

  88. 88

    Re: Melvillanie – LOL, Janice Dick-in-mouth.

  89. 89

    Re: kylielover02 – I suppose you're right. I only meant that gays shouldn't be set apart from the rest of us folks. I'm all for equality :D

  90. 90

    the thing i like about gaga is the fact that she can get political sometimes .
    but people on coke can scream the hardest screams .
    i love her style , but her songs … come on ….. it doesnt mix with her outstanding style .

  91. china says – reply to this



    sod off caca.

  92. @v@ says – reply to this


    She's not for everybody, but whether Janice likes it or not, Gaga's career is in the stratosphere, and she's far from history; and Janice can learn to at least respect something that she doesn't understand before pronouncing her edict of a death knell on Lady's career.

  93. 93

    sboth are assholes. gaga sucks. just like janice. ur so fake perez

  94. 94

    I'm not gonna bash Gaga but how much ingenuity does it take to come up with a song that just goes "allejandro allejandro" repeatedly??
    Gaga's fan base has changed. It started out with gays and now its kids, little kids, old people, moms and dads, etc. She is mainstream as Bieber.

  95. 95


  96. 96

    Janice Dickinson is a washed up HO BAG who wouldn't know talent if it bit her on her dried up ass.

  97. 97

    Re: AmbitiousMoFo
    Actually Rihanna and Katy Perry were dominating the charts before GaGa entered the scene, and if you want to blame someone for all the "mediocre" (but isn't mediocrity subjective anyway?) female acts on the scene, blame the one "who paved the way" rather than GaGa.

  98. 98

    Re: JackTheRipper
    It's just pop music. No need to try intellectualize it. She never said she was the next Joni Mitchell.

  99. 99

    Re: AmbitiousMoFo
    "Many gays are actually masculine guys that act just like straight men."
    And that's supposed to be a good thing?
    "I know because most of my gay friends are masculine, as I cannot stand femenine gays."
    So you're basically playing right into the stereotypes that you claim GaGa is reinforcing. Don't flatter yourself. Most feminine gays do not require nor desire your acceptance.
    "She is just a marketing gimmick."
    Everyone is in one way or another a marketing gimmick. Even the music you listen to is marketed to people like you.
    "Madonna paved the way for GaGa, and basically Germanotta is just repeating history, only that she will end up like Cyndi Lauper and not Madonna.
    History does have a strange way of repeating itself. Madonna may have reigned supreme over Cyndi in terms of sales, but wasn't Cyndi the more talented one? The better singer? There were so many other better female singers than Madonna , but they were largely ignored because everyone was so far up Madonna's arse and wondering what the next "shocking" thing she was going to do, yet she was no musical genius. She just made glorified ear candy. She was no better than Bananarama, Debbie Gibson, or Samantha Fox.

  100. 100

    Re: AmbitiousMoFo
    "For those you that think GaGa is a "musical genius" you need a reality check."
    She may not be a musical genius, but she is a genius in other ways: she has people like you and Janice and everyone else coming out and and discussing or writing essays about her. That's not genius, that's power.

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