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The Biebs 3-D Movie Is Going To Be "Epic!"

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Or so thinks director Jon Chu, who seems to be already making room for it on his greatest movies of all-time list, right next to the Godfather and Citzen Kane!

Justin Bieber's docu-concert flick is due in theaters next Valentine's Day and though the boy has more buzz around him than a beehive, Jon Chu wants to make sure every living soul on the planet comes to see this movie, even if you aren't a fan of The Biebs.

He excessively talked up the project in an interview, saying:

"[It's] a movie for his fans, a movie for people who don't know him, and we're gonna tell the underdog story of where he came from. Because it's a really fascinating story and it has a lot to do with our sort of digital lifestyle now. He was able to do what corporations try to do now when they use YouTube and they don't even know what to do with it yet. It's a pretty cool story for our time."

Yes, the history books are going to remember 2011 as the year the Bieber changed the face of cinema! Move over Avatar!

You need to simmer down and take it down a notch, bb! You're going to make a bundle off of Bieber Fever. Just be happy with that and relax!

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28 comments to “The Biebs 3-D Movie Is Going To Be "Epic!"”

  1. 1

    music have really gone to the dogs, so tired of hearing about this kid…………..

  2. 2

    ths is just horrible

  3. 3

    3d? are you joking? well I have 3 words for this…. WHAT THE FUCK?!?

  4. 4

    goddam. this is so dumb.

  5. 5

    It is not going to be as succesful as This is it. Justin Bieber is not as global as Michael Jackson.

  6. 6

    Stupid idea. What is the appeal to this kid? Oh yea, because Perez is a pedophille and clearly this kid is queer.

  7. 7

    this is just..beyond words..jesus hes what 15?..and hes making a freakin documentary? and memoires. sad really.
    music these days isnt even worth listening to its so horrible.what happened to it? to talent? to taste?

  8. 8

    im NOT a beiber fan at all so i may be a little bias when i say this but what is so "inspiring" about some kid who uploaded a video on to youtube? he isnt struggling nor did he have a rough childhood. no documentary or book needed, he just got lucky, plain and simple.

  9. 9

    Are you fucking kidding me asshole?

  10. 10

    Great. So stoked. [/sarcasm]

  11. 11

    you know nothing this kid is a joke.

  12. 12

    "Move over, Avatar?" As if! =P
    That's stretching it a bit! lol

  13. 13

    Re: fiona1978

    I definitely agree! xD

  14. 14

    Re: shaCHEER11 – I'm not one either, although i wish him the best.

  15. 15

    Mario you will end his career as you have GaGa's he doesn't need you to promote him. The more you post him the more people will grow tired of him just as they have with GaGa.

  16. 16

    Beiber, Gaga, anything Twilight related, and Miley Cyrus need to board a one way ticket for Mars exploration.

  17. 17

    My life is over…..this is how far music has fallen, a scrawny little 16 year old famous for only a year gets a movie about his life already…. on behalf of all us Canadians, I'M SORRY!!!

  18. 18

    WHAT A WASTE OF 3-D…….

  19. 19

    are these people kidding me?? I still haven't heard any of his music and don't care to!! absurd statement!

  20. 20

    Re: tallchick – you should be. lol. jk.

  21. 21

    I wanna know what's so epic about this kids life. They're going to drag out a story about a kid that one day went on youtube and uploaded a video. The end.

  22. 22

    Why do u have to b so bitchy about it Perez? Some of us can't wait to c this movie and yes to us Beliebers it will b epic and will b the movie of the year. So STFU!!!!!

  23. 23

    Re: fiona1978 – actually he is global. He has Beliebers all over the world begging him to come to their countries. Look at all the crowds of fans who came to c him when he traveled to other countries. The whole world has Bieber fever and theres nothing u haterz can do about it!!!

  24. 24

    Re: shaCHEER11 – He really did have a rough childhood. He was raised below the poverty line by a teen mom who's father was absent. Sometimes they didn't even have food to eat. Go on youtube and check out that vid where him mom was on a christian show before he got famous, talking about her painfull past and how God saved her. Its very sad and a must c.

  25. 25

    shaCHEER11: A reason why you should see this movie; cause you already said something that wasn't true about him. He use to busk in the streets to get money, for food, for his mom. His mom went through hard times when she was little, sexual abuse, ran away, and guess what? Had a kid as a teen. His parents split up at a young age; and it was just his mom raising him. You may not like his music, may not like how big he is, BUT you can't say he doesn't have talent. And if you think he doesn't, you'd be lying through your teeth.

  26. 26

    R.I.P music and MTV

  27. 27


  28. 28

    kay. to you dumb fuck haters, shut up. can YOU make a 3-D movie? do YOU have the success this kid does? yeah, DON'T think so. so yall shut your pie holes and cut some slack. i honestly think this is amazing for justin considering he's only 16 and came from a small town in canada. and no, i ain't just sayin that cus im a fan. im sayin that cus its true people.