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Chatting With…. Brian McFadden!

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Check out our exclusive chat with singer/songwriter Brian McFadden (above)!

We cover it all - from his upcoming attempt to crack America, Delta to Westlife and, of course, Kerry Katona!

And more!

Watch it all (above)!

P.S. He's like our sexier doppelganger! Twinsies!

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43 comments to “Chatting With…. Brian McFadden!”

  1. 1

    That song is shit!!! He sings through his nose all the time!

  2. 2

    hes not a songwriter and is bearly a singer.

  3. 3

    Who is this guy?? the one on the left I mean..

  4. 4

    You are the doing the chat thing - the way you talk and how you ask the questions is really lame . stick to.. um.. not sure what… SLOB!

  5. 5

    Does perez have a disease that makes you ugly and unlikeable?

  6. 6

    brian mcfadden is an absolute dick head… he's a rude selfish pig, he puts others down for his own entertainment plus his music is terrible…unfortunately he's living in australia at the moment, so he's everywhere here, on the radio and tv…

    come on perez you can do SO much better

  7. 7

    Shouldn't be laughing at the mother of your children Bri. You're a bit old for that now. xxxx

  8. 8

    Your pathetic attempt to cover up your horsehead with a combover is absolutley repulsive. And you have the sheer NERVE to criticise how other people look???? You look like shit warmed up pig vomit

  9. 9

    OMG. Perez you suck at interviewing. Really really bad. Please stick to what you know. You appear like a half wit and you don't let him speak at all. You cut him off every time you ask a question.

  10. 10

    'cheers bro'?! sounds like he's been living in NZ rather than Australia, ha!

  11. 11

    you really need to be removed from the gene pool

  12. 12

    Perez looks like a donkey

  13. 13

    Brian McFatten? He was a has been years ago - so he thinks he's going to crack America? Hahahahahaha haven't laughed so much since granny caught her tit in the mangle. Brian is a talentless, pig-ugly waste of space with a shit voice. He and Kerry were made for each other - two moronic, talentless no-marks.

  14. 14

    haters..why bother commenting? brian is a great singer n i hope he can be successful in the US..

  15. 15

    I love Delta! I really hope SHE makes it over here….truly a great musician..classy & beautiful as well.

  16. 16

    Not sure why this is filed under 'Anglophilia' when he clearly states he's from Ireland. They're different countries in case you didn't know Perez

  17. 17

    To say he's sexier than you suggests that you, too, are sexy; you ain't.

  18. 18

    Crack America hahahahahahahahah yeah right, people who are famous in the UK have a hard time cracking America so how the hell is this nobody gonna accomplish anything?

  19. 19


    So….Uh….Who Is The "WE" In All This?


    Mario Lavender's a "WE"?


  20. 20

    Those cheap ill-fitting T-shirts you insist on wearing make you look like a sack of potatoes with arms, pig-vomit. Just because it's free doesn't automatically mean it looks good.

  21. 21

    jesus perez, at least let me know when your ugly fat fug/pig/ass face is coming up. every time i see it i am severely traumatized and i truly believe my life is shortened. UGH.

  22. 22

    Re: No.Talent Blogger – hahaha. i think i love you

  23. 23

    If BARNEY RUBBLE and Yogi Bear's BOO BOO had a baby……

    YOU would be it.

  24. 24

    Re: graceelizabeth – but kerry katona is english and there isnt an irish category listed as one doesnt exist on this site…

  25. 25

    YAY! BRIAN. IS. AWESOME. =D love this interview xxx

  26. 26

    really like them both…such nice guys :) don't know why on every video i watch on here…..you guys are such negative nancys =D

  27. 27

    Seriously do not understand why all you people who log in to leave comments about how much you hate perez are even on his site in the first place. Prob just go elsewhere and get a life hey? McFadden is hilarious, and his auto-tuned music is way better than a lot of other shit that gets radio play these days.

  28. 28

    God perez, you have a face for radio and a voice for the barnyard, Im sorry that was offensive…to donkeys!

  29. 29

    I guess you didn't bother to challenge him over the homophobic radio comments made a couple of years ago, did you Pumpkinhead, you sycophantic toady. Among other things, he said "Saying pink is a form of red is the same as saying homosexual is a form of male." Also, that only gays should wear pink.

  30. 30

    who? Perez please stop posting about these nobody's from overseas.

  31. 31

    Brian is a really nice guy and he can sing really good live and sarah jane he is not singing through his nose. It would be really interesting to see what music the people that commented listen to. And Amych90 darl you seem young unless you have meet him you can't call call him a dick head it would be like me calling you a dumb bitch! :P

  32. 32

    Ha! This dirty freeloader McFatten would be hard up to crack a fat! (erection) What a waste of space-this guy is hanging out in Sydney doing SFA with his bestie Kyle-another fat bastard & riding on Delta Goodrem's coat tails.Piss off back to Ireland you rude fat fuck!

  33. Jen83 says – reply to this


    Brain is great, sure boy band singers are never that awesome or amazing with 'talent' but they're not all bad. He is good live and - The only bad press I see him having is his spat with an Australian Jurno who writes nothing but crap. Do I think he'll crack America ? pfft who the fk cares… Sorry American but you are far from the be all and end all of someones career (Robbie Williams as proof)…. keep loving your bubbles.

  34. 34


  35. 35

    yay… im soo glad Brian McFadden is over in the US!! He is amazing! gotta love his voice and songs!! he is one lucky guy.. coz he is with Delta Goodrem and all!! hahaha
    can't wait to see Delta back in the US releasing some songs too!! BRING IT ON

  36. 36

    ewwwwwwwww Perez has such an annoying voice, I can't even enjoy this 'interview'.

  37. 37

    He fucking sucks.

  38. 38

    That's Brian McFadden? What happened to him? He looks all fat and gay. He looks almost as bad as Perez

  39. 39

    The song sounds terrible

  40. 40

    haha that was cute. you actually came off likeable for once perez lol.
    i love Brian, him and Delta are so cute together.

    american people stop whinging, Brian is big here in Aus and in the uk, its like when you'se write about Heidi motag and snooki, we have no idea who they are and we dont care, but dont whinge as much as you guys do

  41. 41

    Re: europeansarepedophiles – The US isn't the centre of the universe! Bet you aren't even allowed a passport, or could even afford the air fare! Trailer trash!!!!!

  42. 42

    Love him, I have since I was like 12 though, so lol! That's 13 years. Woop for the Westlife mention

  43. 43

    Re: Valerie A Sizemore

    Ok, so the rest of my comment vanished. What's that about.
    'Just Say So' - Wall of Soundz album. Go buy it.
    'Anyone But You' - Set In Stone Album - 2008 release.