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Lilith Fair A Charity Success!

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Well there's an upside!

Even though this summer's Lilith Fair had to cancel a lot of dates because of poor ticket sales, the tour raised over $500,000 for North American charity organizations!

Sarah McLachlan says:

"I have a moral and social responsibility as a human being to give back what I can. Lilith 2010 was an amazing experience for me on so many levels. It felt so great to be back out on the road and sharing the stage with so many talented women. For me, Lilith has always represented a sense of community, and that's the greatest thing I take away from these shows.

"To be able to create an environment where both established artists and up-and-comers can join together, learn from one another and feed off each other's energy is such a great gift."

Silver linings!

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5 comments to “Lilith Fair A Charity Success!”

  1. 1

    That's really sad. most concerts make over that amount in ONE CONCERT. Okay, poor sales, cancellations, etc. Hope there wasn't too much taken off the top for 'expenses'

  2. 2

    justfax, that is the % that goes to charity, not the total that they made.

    We had to tickets to go see Lilith in San Fran. But the lineup was so bad we decided at the last minute not to go. So it is no wonder the tour failed.

  3. 3

    Sarah McLachlan is a total milf, and shes single now too :D

  4. 4

    Oh wait. I thought she called off the AZ show because of her "ideals".
    Her lame attempt at relevance was so transparent it was laughable.
    I'm glad it tanked.
    It sucked 13 years ago and would suck more today.

  5. 5

    Now take the money and instead of spending it right now, put the money in a fund bank account with these two requirements. 1. The interest goes out every month to help the charities, and 2. the bank can only loan the money to those same charities. That way the money is NEVER spent - not one cent, and money for the charity comes in every month FOREVER, and their is loan money for the charities too.