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Lindsanity's Lawyer To Spring Her From Rehab In The Next Ten Days!

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That's way sooner than we thought!

Lindsay's attorney, Shawn Chapman Holley, is aiming to get her out of rehab in the next ten days.

A probation modification hearing will be held on Wednesday in front of Judge Elden Fox. Apparently, La Loca's UCLA doctors don't think she needs a full 30 days there.

Uh.. Have they met her?!

An official at Morningside recovery, the much stricter rehab she was originally supposed to complete, said:

"It is hard to find a doctor to recommend somebody get out of treatment early, nearly impossible actually. I have worked in the field for nearly 20 years and this is the first time I have ever heard of it happening. Kudos to the Lohan camp for making it happen."

Holley is also asking that Lindsay's probation to be altered or terminated. She is trying to opt out of random drug testing for a year and the requirement that Lindsay refrain from alcohol.

WTF?! Who wants her drinking again?!

"She is ready to get out. Lindsay has had a lot of down time, and she is anxious to return to her life. Lindsay misses her family and friends tremendously. Lindsay simply wants her life back," claims a source.

We wish someone had her best interests at heart.

[Image via WENN.]

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39 comments to “Lindsanity's Lawyer To Spring Her From Rehab In The Next Ten Days!”

  1. 1


  2. 2

    Why keep making exceptions for this girl? Let her do the time she was ordered to do! Disgusting.

  3. 3

    Looks like she has learned nothing and will make money from this. Can't believe someone would say "kudos" to getting her released early. Her actions say she needs some kind of help.

  4. 4

    Damn. Now I have to recaculate my death watch. 30 days Minus 20 carry 5 = very very soon

  5. 5

    "…doesn't need a full 30 days there." WTF? Wasn't it suppose to be for 90 days?
    No wonder she is like she is, everyone around her enables this stupidity to go on.

  6. 6

    for what reason should she not have random drug testing? so she can do drugs again. what a reprehensible, enabling lawyer.
    just let her kill herself if she wants, just don't do it on the road and take someone else with you.

  7. 7

    "she is anxious to return to her (insane) life" - nope, she won't last long when everyone is telling her that she's just fine!!

  8. 8

    Her camp obviously still have enough money to buy her some doctors, so she can't be as destitute as people claim.

    You can only help those who want to help themselves. She obviously doesn't. So let her do what she wants, self distruct, and be the next dead Hollywood legend.

  9. 9

    Re: stickrat – I agree.

  10. 10

    People are so stupid: it has been said and said again, by the doctors (who are not paid by the Lohan clan), that she DOES NOT NEED 90 DAYS IN REHAB (is that clear?). SHE IS NOT A DRUG ADDICT AND NEVER HAS BEEN (is that clear also?). She was misdiagnosed and given the wrong tratments. And the medias, with moron Perez leading the parade, have blown this thing way out of proportions. Keep killers and rapists in prison, free Lindsay. Come on, get your priorities straight for once!

  11. 11

    I can't wait for MACHETE, but NOT because of friggin Lohan. She'll be the worst thing about it. But my point is, she will likely get out of rehab on the 1st and then rush right down to Austin to attend the MACHETE premiere on the 2nd as her first post-jail appearance, thus taking all the attention away from the AWESOME movie and AMAZING cast and making it all about her stupid antics. UUUUGH. I CAN'T STAND HER.

  12. 12

    good, maybe she can get all wasted and drive off the same cliff that doctor just did……….

  13. 13

    America's most glowing talent has been purified again! Get ready movie goers!. Rumor has it that the tacky Lovelace smut has been dropped in favor of the real klassy Jane Fonda bio-pic: "Infinito". Jane & Lids have been so close! There's nothing to stop you now Lindsay.

  14. 14

    Re: curiousred – Hey smartass, no one is talking about her being in prison, we're talking about her time in rehab! And as far as the "misdiagnosis" bullshit they're saying now, even if that is true and she has been on adderall this whole time when it wasn't needed, then she does need rehab to help her with the withdraw from that drug.
    Your comment "she is not a drug addict and has never been one" puts you in the catagory of STUPID PEOPLE - she was arrested with cocaine in her pocket!

  15. 15

    looks like everyone was making this into more than it was. lindsay likes to party and go clubbing, big deal. she's 23, everyone i knew at 23 was doing the same thing. if you didn't party your ass off in your 20's you're a loser.

  16. 16

    Shawn Chapman Holley must be getting A LOT of money or is banking A LOT of money on press alone to be pulling negligent strings to the detriment of the welfare of her client.
    I call that negligence and abuse of her position as lawyer to Lindsay. To me, it is the same fine line as a doctor prescribing medications a patient doesn't need even though the side effects can, and probably will, be quite harmful - if not lethal.

  17. TCYB says – reply to this


    Focusing on getting her out of treatment instead of focusing on her completing it. So fucking twisted. The girl is screwed,

  18. 18

    IMHO that doc should have his license revoked… wow it's amazing what having money and buying ppl off can lead to drastic consequences!

  19. 19

    Honestly, does anybody really care????

  20. 20

    Re: curiousred – You are an idiot. She runs int he same circle as I do, and she has a BADDDDDDD coke/meth problem. Ive been at parties where this girl locks herself in closets and does drugs for hours. She was falling down drunk every night, and just because she lied to drs to get the pills she wanted, does not mean that she wasnt abusing them. Shes an addict, a liar, and an abuser. She couldve caused fatal accidents and is too reckless. She deserves to be in rehab for the FULL TIME.

  21. 21

    Im pretty sure this chick will get out and wanna party. Now, since she hasnt actually been getting high like all the other rehab stints, her body wont be used to the amount of shit she used to do, so when she gets the gram of meth, 8ball and a handfull of pills, she will very quickly wind up to be the headline that everyone expects to read. Shes gonna indulge in the same repertoire and end up in the morgue.

  22. 22

    Dina is running low on funds. I give it six months tops until she's spinning out of control again.

  23. 23

    I'm officially done with the hypocrites in her circle, fans OR haters. ALL YOU DO is complain how much she needs rehab. All the courts do is say how rehap is the best thing for her. And WHAT happens? Jail is "too crowded" to keep poor little Lindsay, and they LET HER OUT OF REHAB EARLY??? That's like saying to Hitler, "Oh, we know you're sorry for what you did. Here, will you please babysit our Jewish children while we're gone?" Good GOD "System" Why are you so fuckin' Fucked the Fuck Up? Released EARLY????? Are you KIDDING ME???? Someone best call Forest Lawn, they'll be having a fresh young redhead needing a plot soon. Think I'm joking? Read the headlines a WEEK after she's out, then see who's joking. Seriously, the "system" makes me sick, and I'm now officially ashamed to be a native of LA, the grand armpit of hypocracy.

  24. 24

    saw a report that rehab was saying lindsay didn't have any withdrawl symptoms from alcohol or booze. DUH, bitch did her withdrawls in jail. are these really professionals she was sent to?

  25. 25

    Re: curiousred – Hey Curiousred, I mean, Dina…You're an idiot! You have to be on Lindsanity's payroll to make such an amazingly STUPID post! That's probably why her own mother wants her freed, so she can make that post rehab million for the first interview. Doesn't mommy get her management percentage? That's the only reason I can think of that she would forego her daughter getting the help she needs! Apparently momma needs to shop! What a loser!

  26. 26

    When she gets out and (God forbid) ends up hurting or killing someone after partying, the injured party or their families needs to go after her, her mom, her lawyer and all the doctors that were responsible for letting her out early!

  27. 27

    wow what kind of lawyer is that???? WHY should lindsay GET OUT of everything someone who ISNT famous has to do???? they are signing her death warrent seriously.

  28. 28

    [re=5289373]Re: fairwindsandfollowingseas[/re hell no.

  29. 29

    They must be paying people off!! She doesnt need 30 days? What a bunch of shit!

  30. 30

    Rejoice Dina - your wallet/paparazzi magnet is coming home to buy your fake tans and botox for you, as well as keeping the spotlight on you for a bit longer.

    Sickening - No-one really cares about Lindsay's issues and she was so far lost in denial that I seriously doubt any improvement has been made with them.

  31. 31

    If shes truly ready to return to the real world God Bless Her and I hope all the best, Good luck Lindsay : ) A lot of people care about you : )

  32. Jayla says – reply to this


    Hopefully she will be kept far from the Machette premier or it will turn into the freakin Lindsay Lohan is back from jail and the psycward party.

  33. 33

    I'm shocked this is really going to happen.. I mean i knew it would happen but damn not this early. Lindsey is going to go back to her old ways… This drug/alcohol addiction is a mental issue. If you don't treat it as a problem .. then in reality this all bullshit. Lindsey chance of relapsing if they take those restraints off is highly probable. Why in the hell would they want to let her off the hook.. girl look like she is 30 when shes 24 years old. Seriously I'm astounded that nobody thinks Lindsey need's intensive rehab. I just don't get it. I was in Lindsey's place once.. I was addicted to drugs and the ones she has a habit of but damn I had a lot of rehab.. and consulting; which opend up my narrow mind and let me see what reality i lived in.
    God..please save her from her enabling family..

  34. 34

    Wow, let's hope all those fighting for her freedom will be ready when she hurts herself or someone else. I f she does not need rehab who the hell does?

  35. 35

    awesome.. she never deserved the punishment she got. There was nothing wrong with her except being young and having fun.. If it were not for pigfaced fat fucks like mario sensationalizing something that wasn't even there…

    you like to pretend like she is a manic drug addicted whore, yet you run around with a drunk coked up slut like gaga and sing her praises? cannot wait for that bitch to be arrested and in rehab just to watch you commit suicide

  36. 36

    For a minute I thought people were being to hard on this family until I saw the mother on GMA and the father and all his double z list press. Who would pay$$ for the post jail interviews and what is it they are looking for her to talk about?I am really disappointed in LL. I don't think her or her family have a hope with her career now at all. There is nothing special about her now. Her whole scene is worse than Hiedi and Spencer. LL makes Tila T. seem like a legit star.

  37. 37

    One day she will regret this. Getting out early. Waay too earlly!

  38. @v@ says – reply to this


    Slap on the wrist for repeat drunk drivers with drugs on them. Weasel.

  39. 39

    If Lindsay (and her so-called attorneys, doctors, and family/friends) thinks that simply skating through these situations with her condition will make things go away…WRONG!! DEAD WRONG!! No addiction should be taken lightly. One may be young and resilient, thinking that they are in control. But the grim reality is that control (if they ever had it) is long gone. The sad truth is that next time it will either be a prison sentence or a body bag.