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Ticketmaster Listens To The People, Makes Changes

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Here’s some inneresting news that we’re kind of happy with.

Ticketmaster has pretty much become the “go-to” company for live events, but people have been complaining, so they’ve decided to make some changes. Here’s what they’ll be doing differently:

-They’re going to tell us final ticket prices much earlier on in the ticket ordering process. Also, they’ll let us know the full cost of our tickets upfront, without blindsiding us with extra service fees later on. Same amount of money, but less time and frustration, which is def cool.

-We’ll be given a 3-day return policy. Looks like up until a week before any given show, we’ll have three days to change our minds about the tickets for a full refund. At first, this will apply to Live Nation venues, but they’re going to try to expand it to as many venues as possible.

-They’ve created a new online environment for customers, Ticketology, where they’ll keep us updated with policy changes, industry news, and related news.

We’re feeling these changes, and we’re liking this trend of people & companies aiming to please the fans. First, Kanye West stops sleeping to drop new tracks for us, and now Ticketmaster is totally revamping themselves. We wonder who’s going to appease us next!

What do U think of Ticketmaster’s policy changes?

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21 comments to “Ticketmaster Listens To The People, Makes Changes”

  1. 1

    it would be nice if they told you how many tickets are left for the concert. i'd like to know how early i should buy my ticket if the show sells out or something.

    and they need to take away the service charges all together. it adds almost 15 bucks to a ticket.

  2. Dale says – reply to this


    this is complete bullshit! HOW ABOUT LOWERING TICKET PRICES?? Sounds to me like the only change is that now they are going to be more obvious now about ripping you off!

  3. 3

    Oh really now?
    Bitch please…..
    Now all they need to do is prevent third party ticket sellers
    from snapping up all the good seats as soon as a show goes on sale
    and allowing the said third party ticket sellers to sell those seats for triple and quadruple the price… (A cut of which goes into the performers pocket)
    PRIME EXAMPLE: Lady CaCa..
    I think thats the most important change that needs to be implemented
    Not the shit you just spout out in this Post…
    N. E. X. T. !!!!

  4. kbro7 says – reply to this


    I agree with Louie, this third party crap has got to stop. They are in on the deal and it only hurts us, the consumer. No real change will occur with Ticketmaster/LiveNation until this issue is remedied.

  5. 5

    Glad to see a company is kind of working at it…

  6. 6

    The resale market aside, TicketMaster is a full-fledged monopoly. No matter who makes money on second-hand tickets, TicketMaster will get their piece of every seat everywhere. And it isn't just concerts. Ever go camping? That's right! You HAVE to get tickets from TicketMaster.

  7. 7

    say hello to your bosses at Ticketmaster/LiveNation for us, Perez!

  8. MP says – reply to this


    I still think they're a monopoly and there needs to be more competition. Seeing a live concert shouldn't cost as much as it does. Personally I favor going back to the olden days where people slept on the sidewalk waiting to buy concert tickets.

  9. 9

    Ticketmaster sucks big bruised balls. They can say they are going to change all they want but its still a monopoly and the prices are out of control. NO band is worth 300 bucks for decent seats. And the added fees suck. Sorry but there needs to be another player in this game and give TM a run for their money.

  10. 10

    why hasn't anyone disputed the price gouging of the 'fees' ? There are multiple fees PER ticket! And what is the deal with an "Internet Convenience Fee" ? WTF ? They should give customers a DISCOUNT for using the web so they don't have to pay the Offshore Call Center to handle phone service. If you order 4 tickets - why a fee per ticket? I make one single internet transaction- it should be 1 single fee.

  11. 11

    what they need to do is allow competition so there are some competitive prices out there
    i paid over $200 for a mediocre seat through TM not even a broker!

  12. 12

    I hate that they call it a "convenience charge." How is it a convenience charge when I don't have any other options?

    Also, I tried to buy a John Mayer ticket and there was definitely $18 in fees. One was a stupid parking safety fee or something. Paying extra money is not going to get me out of the venue any faster! And you still have to fork out like $15 to park.

    Concerts are too expensive.

  13. 13

    Too late. I identified the frustration of ticket buyer being blindsided with all the extra fees after going through the entire process eight years ago. I talked to people at hows who were angry that the fees only appeared after a buyer was pretty much committed. It's taken a while for the anger of fans to catchup with the concert promotion industry, but now that it has, it will be very very difficult to reverse. They needed to do this a few years ago.

  14. 14

    This is perfect for the third party. They buy up all the tickets, try and sell them at some jacked up price, when they dont sell they return them. Things wont get any better until the third party is gone. I like the old way of waitling in line, gave people a fair shot at the good seats.

  15. 15

    Don't be fooled. They've taken away your ability to avoid the service charges when you walk up to the box office by not separating the "convenience" fee. It's another way to reach in your pocket and take everything.

  16. 16

    Too little, too late. Tickemaster has been charging exorbitant fees for years and now after much public backlash, they do nothing to reduce service fees.

  17. 17

    Too little too late. Time for a revolution in music and all the arts. PH check out the art revolution against this and other corporate arts that's coming out of Dallas.

  18. 18

    Still bullshit…as long as they charge their "convenience fee" I'll always try to avoid them. They are full of shit at Ticketmaster and make it too expensive to go to sporting/entertainment events. They ruin everything!!! I hate ticketmaster

  19. 19

    THAT'S IT??!!
    that's nothing!! what about the huge monoploy they opperate!
    what about the the service fees?? why are they so high and what's the reason behind it??? and what about keeping tickets for their employees??
    People have been complaining for DECADES and this is what they come up with? Man they really take advantage on how stupid we all are don't they!

  20. 20

    Re: webtesta

  21. baj24 says – reply to this


    Ticketmaster doesn't have any offshore call centers. All CS and sales calls are taken at call centers in WV and TX.