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Wet, Hot, American Werewolf!

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The Twi-craze has finally settled down and the Holy Trinity of Twilight are taking a much needed rest from the chaos. (for now!)

That doesn't mean we have to stop ogling the goodies!

Check out these EXTREMELY HAWT outtakes from a photo shoot Taylor Lautner had with photographer Michael Comte! (above)

Hmm! Hmm! Bendy!

U like?

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47 comments to “Wet, Hot, American Werewolf!”

  1. 1

    He's a bottom i knew it all along!

  2. 2

    This guy is So GAY ! Really - he is ! Sorry, girls, but he is !

  3. 3

    Love the 2nd pic where he is asking for it up the YAZOO !

  4. 4

    I wonder if David Geffen has a come'a'call'n … ? For a 'record contract', of course …..

  5. 5

    Hot !

  6. 6

    UGH! HE'S SO HOT!!!!

  7. 7

    DAMN! he's over 18 right?

  8. 8

    He looks like a llama. Seriously, only attractive from the neck down.

  9. 9

    Oh, for the love of God!! Can this boy get any hotter????? :)

  10. 10


  11. 11

    ubber hot! be jealous boys, be very jealous xD

  12. 12

    Now, that is HOT!

  13. 13

    i love the 2nd pose ..that's cute..hes anxiously awaiting a big dildo.

  14. 14

    Clearly being flat on his back is a position that suits Taylor VERY nicely…… YUM!

  15. jayzl says – reply to this


    gahhh. so sexy! (:

  16. jayzl says – reply to this


    Re: oldskoul


  17. 17

    I saw a quote today on another celeb site about Taylor it said…" I just wanna roll him up, stick him in my vagina and let him live there" Aenflex
    I concur!..lol

  18. 18


  19. 19

    Gayer than Liberace

  20. 20

    he needs to get rid of that potato nose

  21. 21

    Defff a power bottom…

  22. 22

    wonder when he'll come out of the closet? everyone knows he is gay.

  23. 23

    that second picture–it looks like he's presenting —hee hee

    definitely a bottom
    so cute

  24. 24


  25. 25

    sorry but he is NOT attractive…

  26. 26


  27. Merab says – reply to this


    oh boy…the second photo? WTF…..they call it being "artistic" …haha
    I like him anyway

  28. 28

    OMG Perez, this guy is seriously hot!!! i feel so guilty lusting after him because he is so damn young!!!!!!!

  29. 29


  30. 30

    yum! LOVE the nose job!

  31. 31

    Is he cumming in his own mouth?

  32. 32

    Pig eyes, pig nose, freakishly long neck. No thanks.

  33. 33

    OMG he's soooo hot!!

  34. 34

    the pose in 2nd pic is for female model, lol!!!

  35. 35

    I just do not see the big deal with this guy. He is very unusual looking, and not at all attractive.

  36. 36

    What's all the fuss with this guy? He looks like a cocky alpaca exercising?

  37. 37

    Yup, that second picture is a total "Fuck me Edward" pose.

  38. 38

    he looks like frankenstein. im so sick of hearing how he had to walk around with bags of hamburger to get buff. stfu frankenstein

  39. 39

    yum yum

  40. 40

    i just don't see the appeal of him..?

  41. 41

    OMG the second pic is so GAy

  42. 42

    So hot!

  43. 43

    Look up amanda palmer and join her mailing list. NOW

  44. 44

    this SHORT, semi-attractive if you like little boys , talentless wanna be actor needs to disappear already. hasn't it been 15 minutes yet??

  45. 45

    Where is Playgirl… This guy should pose all nude… Yummy !

  46. 46

    whoever calls him gay or doesnt like him
    are jealous guys,

    and completely wrong
    hes freakin hot

  47. 47

    Re: DSummerfan – too bad he'd never ever do it. hes not that kind of guy. hes sexy as fuck though