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The New Catwoman??? Will Marion Cotillard Be In Batman 3?

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We could seriously get behind this casting choice! She is flawless!

Casting rumors for Christopher Nolan's much anticipated Batman 3 are still running rampant, but this by far is our most exciting!

Sources at Warner Brother are reportedly claiming that Marion Cotillard has been offered the part of either Selina Kyle or Talia al Ghul in the upcoming flick!

Amazing! Right?

Well, unfortunately, that same insider also revealed that the actress "has had to turn down the offer as of now as she’s unsure whether the planned shooting start date of the next Batman movie will clash with other projects she’s either interested in or already committed to, despite the fact that she’s reportedly keen to re-team team with Christopher Nolan.”

So disappointing!

We hope that if this is true, that they re-coordinate some schedules here! There's not too many actresses that we would be this excited to see take on either of these characters, but she is DEFINITELY one of them!

What do U think?? Would U like to see Marion Cotillard in Batman 3??

[Image via WENN.]

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21 comments to “The New Catwoman??? Will Marion Cotillard Be In Batman 3?”

  1. 1

    I'd like to see a post without 100 errors……….."re-team team" huh???

  2. 2

    NO- NO cat woman and NO robin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. 3

    "Nice" (Nuff Said)
    Do You Sing!

    Do You Rap!

    Do You Rock!

    Need Instrumentals?

  4. 4

    NOOOOOO!!!! I can't stand that stupid MOLE in the middle of her forehead. It distracted me all through Inception.

  5. 5

    Oh Jesus yes! She'd be awesome at either of those roles.

  6. 6

    Bring back Michelle Pfeiffer and make Catwoman the ultimate cougar. She Owned that role and is still stunning in her 50s

  7. 7

    YES!!!! Let it happen!!

  8. 8

    yes! i adore her! she can do anything and make it look good. she is amazing!

  9. 9


  10. 10

    no Catwoman b/c Pfeiffer was perfect…but i'd love to see Talia show up and go after Bats for killing her dad…after she bones him of course.

  11. 11

    I called it right after I saw her in Inception. She would be perfect!

  12. Eris says – reply to this


    She's a good actress, but she can barely speak without her French accent, pls get someone who actually personifies the comics or introduce poison ivy and get christine hendricks!

  13. 13

    Its Warner Bros Mario and honestly its really annoying reading all your grammar mistakes, its ridiculous!

  14. 14

    She'd be awsome… since she's an amazing actress she can do almost any part!

  15. 15

    duh,marion will be in batman 3….i want catwoman and not thailia tho,,,

  16. 16

    oh I love her

  17. 17

    Oui ! Oui ! Oui ! J'aime énormément Marion Cotillard !!!

  18. 18

    I used to really like her before her Oscar and now it looks like she just wants to be famous… mehhh whatever. It is true that her accent will be super distracting

  19. 19

    Yes!!!! I love this woman.She is so pretty and talented! Definitely on of my favorite actresses.I hope she can do the role.She's a REAL actress and not some facade on Tv that no one can really relate to.

  20. 20

    ABSOLUTELY! I love how C Nolan likes to bring back actors to his other projects that are just fantastic actors. Fingers crossed for Joseph Gordon-Levitt as the Riddler!

  21. 21

    dont they ever get tired of having the same characters come back over and over in every version even though there are several other characters that they can go with?