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Frankentittays To Be No More! Heidi Removing HUGE Breast Implants!

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You can't undo what has already been done… unless it's your tittays!

As you can see from the cover of Life & Style this week, Heidi Montag wants a breast reduction.

Some might say she is finally coming to her senses.

We says she just has exhausted every option of plastic surgery, so now has to work backwards. Prepare for her to look the same as she did on the first season of the hills come 2012.


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39 comments to “Frankentittays To Be No More! Heidi Removing HUGE Breast Implants!”

  1. 1

    what this woman wont do to stay in the headlines…. reminds me of someone…. oh yeah that be you mario

  2. 2

    lol, 2012?? I doubt she'll ever get her original face back

  3. 3

    Thats the worst photoshop ive ever seen…

  4. 4

    I see you have been trolling O N T D again

  5. 5

    Spencer will sell them on ebay

  6. 6

    Too late. She's totally FUBAR. She has made such a freak of herself she might as well go for those triple H's that she was bragging about getting. Even with smaller breasts she'll still have the face of a washed up Hollywood porn star. I'm going to bet there are "complications" and we'll almost lose poor Heidi … almost that is … so then we can feel bad. It didn't work for Fantsia. It won't work for Heidi. I hope she and Spencer have a suicide pact.

  7. 7

    i wonder if they could undue the psychological damage done to her by being with spencer all that time….

  8. 8


  9. 9

    That's the least she could do to try to be "normal" again. :(

  10. 10

    At the tender age of 23, this Heidi woman is perilously close to becoming the American version of Katie Price/Jordan.

  11. 11

    It looks like they put her old face on her "new" body in this picture!

  12. 12


  13. 13

    Those are the only good looking thing on her.

  14. 14

    Hey isn't that your friend If-Elvira-Mated-With-An-Oompa-Loompa Snooki Snickers being outed for having a worst bikini body there in the corner?

  15. 15

    Geez- she'll need major clipping and tucking to take care of all the stretched out skin!!!

  16. 16

    she just wants publicity — and you and that rag accommodated her

  17. 17

    But she'll never get her face back to normal, ever, surely it's impossible? She had her jawline completely reshaped, that stuff doesn't just "go back to normal." Even if she LOOKED normal, she never would be because lets face it, all the unnecessary fame and the marriage to Spencer (who is totally nuts) would have left her anything but normal psychologically anyway :|

  18. 18

    Good, Heidi. I hope this is true. Heidi, you will feel much better if you do this. Good luck and find some inner strength. Stop worrying about how others see you and just try to feel healthy and balanced.

  19. 19

    This girl has got to one of the stupidest human beings on earth! Thought you wanted "H's" for "Heidi"??? What a dumb bitch!

  20. 20

    HA! is that your BFF Snooki's pic posed beside Kim Kardashian? Hillarious. Bowling Pin much?

  21. 21

    Wow. That is the weirdest picture ever! It looks like they took her head from a diffrent picture and put it on the body! Weird! But as for the whole breast implant thing, 1)It will take a work of magic to get her skin to cooperate and move to a smaller size. 2) I bet this turns into a Pamela Anderson like thing were she gets them smaller then bigger, smaller, then bigger. LAME. Also, i agree, with all the surgery and the way she expoilts herself she is like the US verison of Katie Price/Jordon!

  22. 22

    They will look like socks with tennis balls in them.

  23. 23

    It's too bad she still doesn't realize that she needs some serious mental help first.

  24. 24

    who's the girl on the cover???

  25. 25

    She'll say and do anything to keep people talk about her… she can't undo all the surgeries she had so she won't look exactly like she did before! She can remove the breasts but everything else is permanent!

  26. 26

    Of course she will film it….Life for Heidi doesn't exist if no one is watching. freak

  27. 27

    There is no way they are going to be able to remove them completely. He skin has stretched to fit the new size and there will be too much excess skin to completely remove them. They will probably take the implant out and do a breast reduction, but then stick a smaller size implant in. Her boobs will never be the same, she may as well just leave them alone!

  28. 28

    Anything for publicity. SAD! Guess she realized with a face like that playboy jsut wasnt going to happen even with big boobies.

  29. 'tude says – reply to this


    we can bash & pity her all we want, but she won't let us forget her. sigh….

  30. 30

    THAT DOESN'T EVEN LOOK LIKE HER!! I honestly hope all the stuff she did to her face fades in time, I miss the old Heidi, both in looks and in personality, I only hope we can get her back (if this story is indeed true) But leave my new friend alone, she truly is going through a rough time right now (yes, i said it, she and I became friends about a month ago)

  31. 31

    Please. She will go down to a smaller size but there is nothing she can do about the man made ass she bought or her cheekbones or her chin or her nose or all the sucking from her lower back. Looks like they darken the roots so it looks like she's going to become a country girl again. She and Spencer are two of a kind. She turned on her mother and father for fame that's what how much a loser she is…..

  32. 32

    thats good but her skin is probably all stretch marked out
    so too late

  33. J W says – reply to this


    i will believe it when i see it

  34. 34


  35. 35

    she can back track all she wants, but she wont look like her real self again.

  36. 36

    She will do anything for attention. Come on, you know she doesn't really mean what she's saying. She wanted to get them even bigger just a few months ago. Her and Spencer are trying to sell any story that will give them press. Too bad that this tabloid fell for this one. Everybody just needs to stop paying attention to them or giving them any kind of press. Can't all media outlets just ban them already? Who the hell buys a magazine to hear Heidi's story? Ugh, I feel disgusted just posting about them. Perez, can you please stop reporting on them? Please? I'd think that if a blog as notorious as this one were to stop reporting on them, others would get the hint and follow suit. Maybe I'm giving Perez too much credit, but if he announced he wouldn't write about them anymore, I think others would notice.

  37. 37

    Good for her!

  38. @v@ says – reply to this


    She wants to be able to work out again, and wants to go from a G down to a D or a double D. Even a D would be hard to work out with. For her frame, a C would be perfect, but a D would be do-able, but not a double D. At least she can admit that maybe it wasn't the greatest idea, and fix what's not working for her.

  39. 39

    good idea heidi. that skinny little alien with those huge boobs… her back probably hurts real bad lol.