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25 comments to “Khloe Takes A Dig At Scott Disick On Twitter!”

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    Just some more noise from some fat, worthless piece of shit Kardsahian.

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    whatever kourtney and khloe are as over as danielle staub - my new addiction of choice is hannah simone on wcg ultimate gamer. she looks kind of like a kardashian but way cuter, not plastic and is soooo smart and gamer-ific. check her out on syfy on thurs nights - and her co-host is a cold stone FOX - meow likey joel gourdin!!!

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    Everything abut Scott is horrible. He is a total manipulator. She could do so much better!

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    Im a huge fan of the show but I dont any of these people so who are we to judge Khloes choices so that fan that wrote in had no write to.

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    The thing is, no one, not even YOU, Perez, knows what is really real and what is fake on that STUPID SHOW, KEEPING UP WITH THE KARDASHIANS and that other show, K&K take Miami (or whatever it is) so, NONE OF US really know how bad OR GOOD it is between Kourtney and Scott (I will be honest, I can't watch the crap, but just 'hearing' about it, is enough). None of these 'reality' shows are real reality, but some, are very true to reality and some, like the HILLS are almost fiction.

  6. 6

    SO, anyhoo, whatever is going on, I actually, and I can't believe it, do agree with Khloe. If this crap going on between S&K is REAL, how many times does her family and friends have to say he is not good for her, and it is best for her and the baby if he is not around them full time? Some (idiot) women will not listen to ANYONE because 'THEY' can 'change' HIM. NO ONE 'understands' HIM, NO ONE except HER. and not even hitting her again and again and again with the facts is going to do ANYTHING. Even if he beats her, it will not do any good. You just have to watch out for the BABY if Kourtney is going to be a stupid idiotic moron. (that is, if Scott really is the abusive douche that everyone makes him out to be) if he isn't, SHAME ON E!

  7. 7

    Kloe is doing the right thing. I HATE SCOTT. He's a douche bag and Kourtney is stupid as fuck to be with him! So what that you have a baby with him! He doesn't respect you. Just because you have a child together doesn't mean you have to BE TOGETHER. Get a grip! Move on with your life. You're 31 years old and you're wasting your young years with someone you can't possibly spend the rest of your life with! Find someone better while you still look good OR dump his ass, let him "get better", then make him PROVE HIMSELF once he's supposedly better - which I don't think you can cure DOUCHE BAG ASSHOLE SYNDROME.

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    Personally, I don't find the allure of the dark Gabor Sisters. I can understand pro athletes joing to their booby pics in locker rooms. But beyond that? I don't understand one bit the interest in the Karadsians and their madam, I mean, mommy.

    And Khloe has got to learn to keep her big, fat trap shut. But I don't think she has ever been capable of that. While Scott may be a ridiculous loser, like, when didn't the Kardasians grow up around a TON of such people? They act so amazed by how lost and lazy HE is.

    My theory about Khloe is that she is VERY INSECURE in her marriage and sabotages Courtney's relationship in a subconscious effort to keep her "free" when the time comes that KHLOE winds up divorced (as she most definitely will).

    Siblings of their age who are so enabling and enmeshed have massive emotional problems. Time to BREAK AWAY Kardashians (one and all)!

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    I'm on Khole's side in this scenario. All she's trying to do is protect her nephew and sister from [this crazy,alcoholic,cheating,sociopath] SCOTT!

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    But Chloe needs to be a bit more diplomatic, like Kim for example. Courtney is literally in the middle of the cross shooting and all the help she receives from both sides does not equal to the amount of abuse she's receiving from both sides. And she needs to take care not only of herself, that would be easy, but she needs to protect herself and also take care of here baby boy. Not fair for her.

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    I love how catty bitches start sentences with"not to be mean but…"Both of these chicks are worthless wastes of space.Why do people give a shit?

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    3 DRAMA QUEENS in one family ! Please!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Team Khloe all the way. Scott is a douche and I would do the same for my sister.

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    I love Khloe! Shes the only one with real sense in the fam! I mean i watch the show and seems to me like Khloe has the sense to not want scott around her sister and more importantly her newborn baby… And anyways Kourtney treats her like shit. Poor khole being accused of being unsupportive when in reality shes been their more than anyone else and has dealt with scott and his bs.. Team Khloe!!!=) Shes the best part of the show!

  17. 17

    Kourt is an illiterate idiot, like the rest of her sisters. It's no wonder she ended up with this guy, who is only using her for her fame and money. It's not like she could have done any better, look at the idiots her sisters hooked up with.

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    Quote: My theory about Khloe is that she is VERY INSECURE in her marriage and sabotages Courtney's relationship in a subconscious effort to keep her "free" when the time comes that KHLOE winds up divorced (as she most definitely will).

    Siblings of their age who are so enabling and enmeshed have massive emotional problems. Time to BREAK AWAY Kardashians (one and all)!

    Well said! I completely agree with that analysis.

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    I think that Kloe has changed for the better since she met Lamar. She seems more down to earth and mature in things that really matter. I can see that she is only trying to help her sister. You can see that she loves her sister and is concerned for her because yes, Kourt is stupid, blind, and not using her head. She has a child now and that child does not need to be around a douche bag like Scott. Father or not there are times when kids don't need to be around them. I think this is one of the times when the kid is better off without the sperm donor around. Grow up Kourt. Oh and go to a therapist and learn how to talk without using the word LIKE. It's really making you sound as if you are 12 years old.

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    Ok Scott is the biggest douche bag ever. That said.. He is only 26 and needs to grow up. However him being abusive is not acceptable at all. Khloe HAS changed for the worse not doubt about it. She is even more bitchy now and her baby talk makes Mason cringe. She thinks she is this superior being and in reality she needs to SHUT HER FACE and let Kourt work it out herself. She should worry about her own self.

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    just more proof that this show is all scripted. who would stay with such a douche for so long

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    Re: Kazaam – What the fuck are you talking about?

  23. 23

    Re: TheRockChick – #20 agree 100%

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    Kloe would like Scott just fine if he were a black guy or even just a wigger like her brother. Truth is, Scott is going to be a successful businessman whereas Kloe and Kim are done once their 15 minutes is up and people quit buying their crappy perfumes.

  25. 25

    I think that Khloe is the only one who is being an adult in this whole scott situation…..Everybody else is just trying to make even more drama, and I do not believe that that is good for either Mase or Kourt…..So, go Khloe!!! she is a great sis!!