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Boy Contracts STDs From Used Condom In Hotel Room!

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This is awful!

A 4-year-old boy was on a weekend trip with his family to Six Flags in Atlanta when they decided to spend the night at the Wyndham Garden Hotel.

His grandmother awoke the next day to find him with a used condom containing semen in his mouth that was in the sheets of the bed!

A few weeks later, she discovered sores in his mouth and now he is undergoing tests to see if he contracted any STDs.


We hope he ends up being okay!

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89 comments to “Boy Contracts STDs From Used Condom In Hotel Room!”

  1. 1

    Thats fucking wonderful! Hotel rooms are fucking distgusting, no lie maids are lazy as hell! I stayed in one once where some nasty ass thru a used condom on top of the wardrobe, it wasnt like you couldnt see it.

  2. 2

    I can't quit gagging. Ughhhh!

  3. 3

    WOW, that's really fucked up…..poor kid!

  4. 4

    People are leaving your site idiot. I love today seeing only 12 comments, 2 comments, or on spme no comments - LOL

  5. 5

    Being tested for STDs isn't the same as having them Perez. If anyone you should know that.

  6. 6

    I just threw up in my mouth. Seriously.

    And that 4 year old must be a special child cuz thats too old to put random dirty used things that you find lying around in your mouth… especially in a hotel. BLEH!!!!!

  7. 7

    bad parenting.. not noticing and taking kids to such a shithole

  8. 8

    I hope he is ok, and that the hotel gets sued Big Time! So disturbing!

  9. 9

    I think that's the most horrible thing I've heard this year!! :( That poor kiddo! Way to go Wyndham… EPIC FAIL

  10. 10

    Perez, I wish I kept track of all your misleading headlines so I can list them here. Unfortunately, I'm too lazy for that. There's no need to sensationalize this story. It's gross enough as-is.

  11. 11

    Interesting, that's how Perez got started with semen in his mouth and never lost the taste.

    Perez knew he was gay since a diaper-less baby Perez accidentely rolled over on his pacifier in his crib.

  12. 12

    Well… I don't know about you.. but before I climb into a hotel bed.. I pull back the sheets and check it fully… I know people who have slept in lice and other types of bugs… I also bring my own pillow… I'm not trying to lay my head in someone else's drool… or even worse. This just proves my craziness isn't so crazy after all. Poor kid.

  13. 13

    Poor boy!

  14. 14

    I just threw up in my mouth.. That's DIIIISSSGUUUSSSSTTTIIINNNGGG!!

  15. 15

    Ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!! Disgusting!

  16. 16

    This story is gross and also sounds like bullsh*t.

  17. 17

    Poor kid, I really hope he's okay. :(
    How selfish and stupid of the people there before him–they couldn't even throw the damn thing away?!

  18. 18

    Sue their asses!

  19. 19

    Why would you put in the title that he contracted an STD if he hasn't been tested. Poor taste Perez; and also irresponsible reporting.

  20. LCM! says – reply to this


    do you mean STI's — lets try to stay current

  21. 21

    the title of this post is so terribly misleading i hope the grandmother sues you for slander……….

  22. 22

    Sounds more like he had contact with the family who then had to make up an excuse. I call bull**it on this story as being either totally made up or made up by the family.

  23. 23

    WTF? Hell No, i would sue i mean what if it was a condom with HIV or some kind of STD that could be fatal? SMH Sue that fuckin HOTEl

  24. 24

    Ok, two things…First, Perez, that's irresponsible of you to put in the title that he has STD's when that is not confirmed.
    And second, have you all seen how old this kid looks? Definitely old enough to know better than to stick things in his mouth. Go to foxnews.com, there's a pic.

  25. 25

    I do not believe this for a second. I have had 2 4 year olds and there is no way they would put a used condom in their mouth if they found one. Unless this was a mentally disabled child, I don't buy it. This woman is looking for cash.

  26. 26

    Something seems really off about this story. The few times I have checked in a hotel and found the room was not cleaned properly I notified the front desk immediately. I wonder what was the condition of the room when they checked in? What possessed the child to put a dirty condom in his mouth? The grandmother found it in his mouth, why didn't the child spit it out? Why didn't they seek medical attention immediately? Sounds a little like a con job.

  27. 27

    One: This story is not bullshit, as some of you are claiming it to be. I live not too far from where this happened, I know there the hotel used to be. It definitely happened. And yes, I did say where it USED to be. That building is no longer a hotel. Georgia State University purchased the building and turned it into student dorms. Not a smart move, if you ask me, but I have quite a few friend who attend GSU, and there's no question that this story is completely true.
    Two: The little boy is not mentally challenged. He thought the condom was a balloon. Simple as that. Kids don't know what the hell a condom is.
    And three: If you hate Perez so much, why are you helping him out by providing traffic on his site? Wow… not a very bright bunch, are you?

  28. 28

    HOW GROSS & SAD!!!!
    They need to sue this hotel

  29. 29

    What in the world has this story have to do with CELEBS or Hollywood? You're running this because it's gross and has to so with a CHILD and sex. You are ridiculously offensive even when you can choose NOT to be, you choose to run crap stories like this

  30. 30

    shouldn't the maid be doing her job? that is terrible, I hope the hotel gets sued >=(

  31. 31

    I call bullshit on this story. Everything sounds off. Also you can't contact HIV from a condom that has been exposed to air. On top of that FOX is reporting it and Mario is posting it so therefore nothing credible about this story whatsoever. Meh!!!

  32. 32

    Thats gross as hell. But did they ever think that the boy could be allergic to latex or the spermacide on the inside?? Just a thought

  33. 33

    hotels are disgusting and rarely clean……i don't care where you are or what hotel it is……..i've worked in hotels, i know these things……the cleaning staff is paid in pennies and rarely tipped as they should be which is part of the problem. these people clean up after people and their nasty kids, be considerate and leave them a couple bux at the end of your stay……unless you know they're an illegal, then to hell with em………

  34. 34

    Sue them

  35. 35

    Yeah, sounds like the 4 year old is pretty retarded to me. Putting shiz in your mouth at that age? Get to the back of the short bus son.

  36. 36


    he hasn't actually CONTRACTED anything, he's just being tested for STDs?

  37. 37

    most four year olds do know not to put things in their mouth in fact arn't they over that stage at 18-24 months of age? anyways something smells fishy here and i can see a law suit right away

  38. 38

    Re: DaRockz
    The HIV virus cannot live outside the body.

  39. 39

    This sounds a little suspicious. Like maybe the child was actually being abused & that's how he got something???

  40. deb21 says – reply to this


    the kid thought the condom was a balloon, don't trust the maid service, the only blame should be place on that hotel. Poor kid !!!

  41. 41

    What is wrong with these hotels????
    Clean the shit out of them or guest will stop staying!!!
    Just Saying!!!

  42. 42

    OMG That is soooooooooooooo Disgusting!!! My heart goes out to that poor little boy and his family!!!! I WOULD SUE THE SHIIIIIIIT OUT OF THAT FUCKEN HOTEL! AND I PROBABLY WOULD HAVE BEAT DOWN THAT MAID! Poor thing, reading that just ruined my whole morning!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  43. 43

    The kid is probably allergic to latex…Worst case scenario he contracted HSV1…80% of the population has it…And why would you post something like this?

  44. 44

    That is awful! Poor kid! Hope he's okay.

  45. 45

    Re: EmilyxSarah – Um, I don't know what you're talking about… but, that hotel is still there. Where are you getting your information?

  46. 46

    That is absolutly horrific. If that child gets herpes…he has it for life! That Wyndham Garden Hotel better be ready to open up the check book cause that's gonna be one hell of a lawsuit.
    Just goes to show that hotel cleaning staff don't always do their job. However, at some places we spend hundreds of dollars a night, we shouldn't have to check the sheets for dirty condoms or god knows what else!
    These hotels need to start regulating their staff and making sure things like this don't happen and that people are actually doing their job!

  47. 47

    Sue, Sue, Sue! And Perez, they don't know if he even has an STI yet. You Ass!

  48. 48

    OMG, that is absolutely disgusting (and sad), and they're going to be filthy rich, real soon!!!


  49. 49

    Re: retardo81 – he thought he was a balloon, a 4 year old doesnt know what a condom is…. n honestly if u see it n dont know what it is u cna asume that ..

  50. 50

    Re: RainyJ – Oh, you have a good question! How long can semen stay 'alive' anyway?

  51. YUCK says – reply to this


    this is old news. and yes, they need to sue this hotel chain for all they've got. if I had children I would be livid if this ever happened to my innocent little child.

  52. 52

    Re: Secret Message – I agree. I call BS on this story. Kid was probably molested by someone in the family.

  53. YUCK says – reply to this


    Re: your_kidding_right – I read on another site a few days ago, that the child thought it was a balloon. poor kid.

  54. 54

    good news is, swallowing in the future should not be a problem. bukkake sonnnnnnnnn.

  55. YUCK says – reply to this


    Re: April 20th – excuse me, but how would you know they are illegal? I live in LA and most hotels here all of the cleaning people are hipanic/latin. so tell me, how would you know and also does being illegal mean they didnt do the same work?

  56. 56

    You deviant butt-boys would post something like this! Sick bastards!

  57. 57

  58. 58

    That poor boy.

  59. 59

    Stephen Perino!

  60. 60

    Re: pienado – hepatittis can. In fact it can live outside of the body for 5-7 days, and HIV can live for about 24-48 hours, so if the condom had been left there less than 48 hours b4 the woman and her grandson got there then it is quite possible they boy could have HIV or Hepatittis! I really hope not, but what four year old still puts stuff in their mouths????

  61. 61

    To correct my last post, HIV can only survive for a few hours, however Hepatitts can survive up to a week!

  62. 62

    usually the the virus dies in open hair in minutes, hours………..hopefully this is the case. Poor boy.

  63. 63


  64. T.rex says – reply to this


    sores inside his mouth?? not exactly the MO of any STD i've ever heard of… I guarantee that grandmother was looking at the tastebuds on the back of the tongue, and called them sores.

  65. 65

    sounds like TOTAL B.S. to me. Did they also find a carefully placed roach in their salad as well??????? Desperate times make for desperate people….

  66. 66

    Oh, now you're stooping to Star magazine tactics. He's BEING TESTED, he doesn't 100% for sure HAVE IT.

  67. 67

    I guess I am the first to ask this question: Why wait til weeks before taking your kid to have him tested????

  68. 68

    I hope this little boy does not contract any STD at all.Poor child.He is so young and innocent.He probably tought the condom was a balloon.He does not know about sex and sexually transmitted diseases.The grand-ma should have been more careful booking her hotel room.If it is not clean,do not stay in there.

  69. 69

    Alright, I'm a little suspicious about this. First of all, which diseases can actually stay alive if the sperm has dried up? If any! How long was the condom there? If this is how it truly went down, then I feel outraged and anger for them. However, I have a friend who's family used to say that as a child she got an STD from a toilet seat. It wasn't until she was an adult that she realized that was the lie the family kept going b/c she was being sexually abused by a family member. I'd hate for this family to be put thru an investigation if it truly was just a condom left there, but at the same time, stranger lies have been told to protect perpetrators.

  70. 70

    Um aren't children past putting random things they find in their mouths by age 4? Especially something as disgusting as that. This child must be more to this story…

  71. 71

    I'm not surprised and I believe it. In one murder case a few years back, 38 different DNA profiles from 38 different men were lifted from a hotel's top bed cover. This was one of the hotels like Howard Johnson's or something, can't remember. It was on A&E's Cold Case Files. I was disgusted at the time and still am when I think of it.

  72. 72

    I hope you get sued you asshole. He is BEING TESTED. He has not yet said to have contracted anything. False in advertising, defamation….and plain idiocrazzzy.

  73. 73

    Absolutely disgusting! I have made it a point to NEVER stay in hotels.

  74. 74

    That's really sad. The hotel is disgusting and the grandmother could have been keeping a better eye on the kid.

  75. 75

    Omg! thats terrible!, the hotel should be sued!

  76. 76

    I am sorry, but what kind of retard sleeps in a hotel room that has no towels or soap and stinky sheets?? why on earth didnt she march down to the front desk and scream to get another CLEAN room?? seriously?
    also, I have taken care of kids that age, what the hell was a 4 year old boy doing picking up a used condom full of semen and sucking on it??
    weird ass kid if you ask me
    i have been around plenty of kids that age, and they wouldnt have done that…i mean there was stuff inside of it!!! didnt he wonder what that could be? like it might be poisonous for example? clearly he has never been taught not to put stuff in his mouth…what is wrong with people?
    teach your children, and watch them!!

  77. 77

    This is absolutely HORRIBLE. What the hell… SUE THE DAMN HOTEL!! and to the 1,764 people who "liked" this.. you guys are just plain horrible.

  78. 78

    I want to vomit about everything that is wrong with this

  79. 79

    Re: YUCK
    That last line was kind of ignorant. If you were vying for a job and it came down to you and someone who was here illegally, and then they got the job, would you be angry? Since you live here, and pay taxes, etc., and yet this other person took your job? No matter what type of job it is, the unemployment level is high in this country. Jobs should go to those who are here rightfully.

  80. 80

    So, this will be the end of business for the Wyndom hotel chain.

  81. 81

    source? sounds fake

  82. 82

    Why can't some shit like this ever happen to you?

  83. 83

    i hope he is ok

  84. 84

    perez he hasn't ”contracted”them, he is getting TESTED

  85. 85

    Re: karebear42047 – I'm getting it from the nine or ten friends I have that attend GSU and live on campus.

  86. 86

    Beyond nasty! This story is tragic!

  87. 87

    Not to say that anything can't happen in life but why is a four-year-old boy chewing on a stranger's used rubber? Is he a bit "slow" maybe?

    I could understand the story better if it were a baby or toddler found chewing on a stranger's used condom. But by the age of four? Why would a four-year-old even be tempted to put a semen-filled rubber into his mouth? It doesn't seem age appropriate unless he's curious about other things. But at four? You'd think he'd either have awakened his family or put the rubber in his grandmother's mouth quite frankly (oh they're so precocious at that age).

    And the details are sketchy. The four-year-old is on a Six Flags vacay with his family. But only grandma finds him chewing on a used rubber the next day?

    How do we know WHOSE used rubber it was actually? Or that it was from the bed or left by an earlier hotel guest?

    Was daddy on this family vacation perhaps? You have a used rubber, a child chewing on it, a grandmother witness only (seemingly) and you have a hotel being accused of some bad maid service.

    The pieces don't quite add up though. While testing the boy for diseases, are they testing the semen in the rubber for its DNA perhaps?

  88. 88

    EWWWWWWW !! That is terrible !!

  89. 89

    I think i'm gonna throw up !!! poor kid, i hope they sue the hell out of them !!!