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Heidi Afraid Her Nose Will Fall Off!

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What an idiot — ha!

Heidi Montag is worried that her new nose is going to fall off so she's been wearing surgical tape since she had the surgery performed!

She explains:

“I've had my nose tape on 24 hours a day since November. The tape is supposed to keep the swelling down and hold my nose in place the way Dr. Ryan sculpted it. I don't want my nose to fall off like Michael Jackson's.”

So stoopid!

[Image via WENN.]

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53 comments to “Heidi Afraid Her Nose Will Fall Off!”

  1. 1

    Haha Heidi's so funny. I hope it doesn't fall off!!

  2. 2

    So classy.

  3. 3

    Too much vagina swelling.

  4. 4

    sick. why do girls do that shit. fuck. keep your bodies as God gave them to you. my goodness.

  5. 5


  6. 6

    Quit crying bitch. You did this to yourself, now deal with and please leave the rest of us out of it.

  7. 7

    Its actual function is to keep her brain from rolling out her nose, apparently that has been a problem most of her life.

  8. 8

    hopefully her whole head will fall off

  9. 9

    She can't really be that stupid…right??…LOL
    MJ's nose didn't "fall off" either.
    It kinda appears that he wore a fake tip..because his cartilage might have collapsed …but that isn't "falling off"….IF that is true..because it didn't say anything about his nose in the autopsy report …if he had a collapsed nose, I'm pretty sure it would have been mentioned in the autopsy report. ….there also wasn't anything marked down about his nose in the diagram that was drawn out for the autopsy…They mentioned his tattooed eyebrows..so if if he had anything wrong with his nose it would def be there.

  10. 10

    hopefully evolution will eliminate her genetic line…….
    You can't fix stupid.

  11. 11

    She sure will say any and everything to gain attention. If she keep's Michael's name in her mouth she will have to worry about her nose coming off but it won't be due to her sugeries ;)

  12. TCYB says – reply to this


    She is seeking major attention. She is sick and needs help.

  13. 13

    What Do You Expect From Her?
    It's Heidi!!!!!!

  14. 14

    Re: MJ fan59 – oh and I forgot L.O.V.E lol I would never wish harm on anyone (Heidi included) but she seriously needs to shut her mouth. Her 15 minutes of fame are over so in order to gain atleast a second of it back, she on more than one occasion brings up Michael's name. Getouttahere.

  15. 15

    Why would you get your nose strip so small to the point where you could have future issues? Another regret Heidi?

  16. 16

    you know what, since her surgeries, she looks like every other woman in California now. There is nothing unique about her, her face is now completely forgettable.

  17. 17

    no respect for the dead it's disgusting! and i don't know why she's worried about her nose her whole body is grotesque

  18. 18

    What a fucking asshat she is.. Unless she had 10 surgeries like Michael did she has nothing to worry about. She is making it worse by keeping that on. She is supposedly living in Costa Rica so that tells me she went and had more surgery hence the bandages and her moving away. NO ONE IN LA or anywhere in the states would touch her for surgery so she did the next best thing moved. She needs to have a brain transplant. Maybe that will help.

  19. 19

    her nose dropping off is the LEAST of her worries

  20. Lyns says – reply to this


    Gross. Gross. Gross gross gross gross!

  21. 21

    oh heidi…how dumb are you? your nose cant actually "fall off" and michael jacksons nose didnt "fall off"… his nose didnt collapse i dont know where the hell she got this from.
    anyway…yes heidi you should be worrying about your nose falling off cause if you keep up this shit and talk about mj like that, your nose will come off in a way that is "non-related" to surgical conditions :P

  22. 22

    Heidi Montag and Michael Jackson should never be mentioned in the same sentence. Why don't you go back to negotiating your sex tape that's all your good for anyway.

  23. 23

    That is both equal parts sad and the disgusting. Why do people do this to themselves?! This person needs serious therapy. So does her equally crazy husband.

  24. 24

    Riiiight…..she wears this surgical tape 24 hours a day and so far no one has taken a picture of her since November wearing this surgical tape?

  25. 25

    She annoys the hell out of me!
    Whats her obession with being compared to Michael Jackson?
    "They gave me too much demerol like Michael Jackson!"
    "My nose is gonna fall off like Michael Jackson"
    "She's the next Michael Jackson" courtesy of the always amazing Spencer Pratt. Yeah fucking right!
    She's pathetic & if she name drops him ONE MORE TIME…especially while trying to shop around her slut sex tape I'm gonna be pissed!
    Michael was amazing, no one can even compare to him. On the level of a human, a performer or just in general.

  26. 26

    psh.Michaels nose never "Fell Off".That was just a stupid rumor made up by the media.They started it after Michael was at the trial and he had a bandaid on the end of his nose from a cut.god Heidi must be a lot more stupid than she looks.Apparently when they threw her into that Plastic that covers her body,Her brain plastinated.

  27. 27

    She should not even mention Michael's name at all. It's not her nose she need to worry about. She better hope those Size H don't bust open!

  28. 28

    i really hope this broad only ACTS this dumb because if she is serious she might actually be mentally disabled

  29. 29




    This is so FACEPALM-WORTHY!!!…
    Why would she even talk about MJ LIKE THAT??? How mean! =[

  30. 30

    It's possible that she's under the FALSE, BRAINWASHING presumption that MJ's nose fell off when in REALITY it not fall off and she, like many others FED off the SWILL that the tabloids were pumping out back then about MJ….

    Good grief! =[

  31. 31

    yeaaah so stoopid it makes me wonder why you even further publicized this shiz. and now i'm wondering why i'm replying.. fml

  32. 32

    She also thinks she is pregnant from french kissing boys and believes that if she plays with fire, she will piss the bed. LOL.

  33. 33

    there were rumors that they lost or someone stole his fake tip of his nose in the morge.

    and they had to wait for a new one befor the funeral

  34. 34

    You calling Heidi Montag an idiot is like someone with down symdrome calling another person with down syndrome a retard!

  35. 35

    Dumb? No she's way beyond dumb. She looked better before all the surgery, thick tart!

  36. 36

    Her new face is set to beast mode there, seriously, couldn't the doc have moulded it to settle into a smile or something?

  37. 37

    she was so pretty..now she looks like hoe and she's getting so stupid..she really needs help oO

  38. 38

    I hope everything falls off.

  39. Maio says – reply to this


    omg she so funny lol

  40. 40

    Stupid is, as stupid does!

  41. 41

    Michael Jackson's nose never fell off. She is really dumb.

  42. 42

    Then she'll have to put a bag over her face.

  43. 43

    two pieces of shit go nicely together.

  44. 44

    mikes nose did not fall off ! he had cartilage trouble.The media blown it out of proportion,like always.
    Heidi needs to stop comparing herself to mj.doesnt she realize he had more talent.kindness.and beauty in his little finger than she has in her whole body.
    That said.she needs help she was very pretty and she ruined herslef :( i hope she can sort her head out…

  45. 45

    FYI michael jacksons nose DID fall off! in eminems music video ;]

  46. 46

    [re=5298629]Re: michael jackson

  47. 47

    i hope it does, stupid ho

  48. 48

    I cannot wait to see her in 10 yrs. Joan Rivers II.

  49. @v@ says – reply to this


    I'll bet she's a gold member of the flat earth society.

  50. 50

    Thank goodness that she and Spencer did not reproduce!!!!

  51. 51

    Whether one would altering their own appearence is a matter of personal choice. However, it's intersting that this society tells women that to be considered beautiful they MUST be blond, thin, BIG boobs, J-Lo bootie, perfect features etc. Then when a woman transforms herself into what the society says she should be, they hate her. Funny. I wonder what you people would say if she looked like that naturally. I personally think she looks great!

  52. luluz says – reply to this


    She'll never have MJ's success, at least shell have his nose.

  53. 53

    ahahah! really stoooooooooopid! poor girl!