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The Saga Continues: Speidi Wants Couples Counseling!

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We don't know how much more of this crap we can report on.

Honestly, you know this is all BS. We know that this is all BS. But Speidi, well, their deranged minds have been so warped by the glitz and glam of showbiz that we doubt they know much of anything anymore…except that if they keep talking and making shit up, someone is bound to pay attention to them.

And in the end, that is all they really want.

This morning, the story coming out of Speidi Lie Factory is that Spencer Pratt wants he and Heidi Montag to go to couples counseling and sort things out. He reportedly still "loves" Heidi and will do anything to stop this divorce.

And what does Heidi say? She's down for it, as long as MTV agrees to film the sessions for a new show Spencer puts an end to this whole sex tape business.

Oh, and here's one we bet you haven't heard before. If they go to counseling, Spencer would like to receive additional treatment for, wait for it, "fame addiction!"

Wow! WOW!

You know, they say the first step to recovery is admitting you have a problem. Too bad in this case Spencer admitting he has a fame addiction is just aiding in the addiction!

Ugh! We really are so done with them! What do you say - boycott?!

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52 comments to “The Saga Continues: Speidi Wants Couples Counseling!”

  1. 1

    No, it is actually kind of funny. Keep us in the loop, please. And Perez.. you look fabulous!

  2. 2

    YES! STOP WRITING ABOUT THESE PEOPLE! You are just feeding the famewhoring machine everytime you write about what famewhores they are.

  3. 3

    Then WHY do you keep reporting on these nobodies Perez? You SAY this is the only reason they do it, and then you fing report every stupid thing these two do! Just STOP and maybe, just MAYBE they will!

  4. 4

    1) Stop reporting on these two. It is a waste of space
    2) They already went to counseling and filmed it for the Hills
    3) When will their 15 minutes end?????

  5. 5

    how about you stop posting things about them… maybe they will get the hint. we dont care, you dont care. so why post?!

  6. 6

    Reality stars will never be celebrities in my eyes. If it wasn't for coming on gossip sites, I honestly wouldn't know who they were. Quit posting stories about them all the time.

  7. 7

    Humph. Well you know what they say. The first step is admitting you have a problem.

  8. 8

    I agree with everyone - just stop writing about them. If no one cares enough to say what they're doing, then they will drift off into obscurity.

  9. 9

    I kinda love hearing about them. don't stop perez, you are the only one who still reports about the madness! everyone loves a trainwreck!

  10. 10

    Perez….stop feeding this monster and maybe it will just go away. I'm so sick of his ugly mug and her frozen face.

  11. 11

    UGH. You are the only person on the effin planet who still think that these morons are relevent. STOP POSTING WORTHLESS BLOGS ABOUT THESE ASSHOLES IF YOU ARE SO FUCKING SICK OF EM'!

  12. 12

    You are such a hypocrite. If you think they are bullshit, why are you still reporting on them? You act as if they are holding a gun to your head to report on them. Either you can't stop kissing enough ass, or you need to start reporting on things a little bit more interesting than these two attention seeking hollywood whores. Do us a favor and stop keeping their light lit.

    You are the only one really on it now, aside from the magazines.

  13. 13

    YES, I vote you stop reporting on these two idiots. Nothing they do is news worthy.

  14. 14

    Ditto on the STOP REPORTING ABOUT THEM. I'd rather scroll past (and totally ignore) a story about Octomom.

  15. trana says – reply to this



  16. 16

    YES… please STOP writing about these two FUCKTARDS.. FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. 17

    lets put an end to speidi…they make me want to vomit

  18. 18

    OMG!!! Why do we keep having to hear from these F*&^tards!?!? They do NOTHING good for society except for taking up space. They ARE NOT newsworthy. You are being their puppet for constantly wasting your time by writing about them. Who the eff are they? Stupid idiots that have you wrapped around their finger. They tell you to write and you ask how much? They are sooo greedy. Total fame whores. Please DO NOT report on these idiots anymore. Don't waste your time or ours.

  19. 19

    Please stop reporting! These people are disgusting

  20. 20

    I wish they would GO AWAY & SHUT UP !

  21. 21

    You're the one keeping them in the spotlight you dumbass.

  22. 22

    You're the one keeping them in the spotlight, please stop!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. 23

    Please please please stop writing about them.

  24. 24

    I wish you would quit putting posts about them. And of course this was the next step, b/c there prob was no sex tape w/ one of Hef's gold diggers to speak of so how far can they really take that hoax.

  25. 25

    Anyone wanna know what's gonna happen to them? Read the book "Survivor" by Chuck Palahniuk and you'll see. Not about a reality "couple" but a reality star and what his fame addiction lead to… demise. I swear, their lives is like re-reading that book over and over and over….

  26. 26

    STOP reporting about them. please.

  27. 27

    STOP reporting on these "people".

  28. 28

    Re: Size2Kay – And yet you're on PerezHilton.com right now taking time out of your day to post a comment even…love people arent all people entertaining, thats life baby, people among people

  29. 29

    At some point, we all have to feel accountable for perpetuating this nonsense by reading about them !!!! They are insane…..seriously insane. She isn't upset about the sex tape, SHE IS UPSET THAT SHE DIDN'T HAVE HER CREEPY, BARBIE DOLL BODY WHEN IT WAS MADE! What is wrong with THIS picture???!!!
    The other's comments are right… I love a trainwreck as much as the next person, but I feel that, somehow, we have contributed to their distorted lives by reading this stuff. We stop reading about them, they don't sell magazine articles, and they just fade away into the night…..ugh! I am so glad I don't have teenage girls who would be REMOTELY influenced by this two morons. Poor Heidi's mother….!!!!

    Okay, i WILL read about them under one scenario: THEIR EXORCISM!!!!

  30. 30

    Stop reporting then you twat! These two have got to be the most un-interesting people on the planet!

  31. 31

    Re: tubbie – I agree with everything you wrote!

  32. 32

    why do you report on these two? Please take them off the radar.

  33. 33

    I think what surprises me the most is that if it is true and they are faking this whole thing, then it means that they're still together. The fact that they've lasted this long is definitely shocking in my books. If two crazies can be together longer than most of Hollywood's couples…?

  34. 34

    Please stop reporting on these two. They are so transparent, it is stupid. Please, unless one of them kills the other, let us be done with them.

  35. 35

    Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh….close your eyes and picture this: Spencer is holding a big press conference with his f'd up "matthew mcconauhay-wanna-be-facial-hair-look" to announce they have reconciled AND NOBODY SHOWS UP CUZ NO ONE GIVES A #@*&!! how classic would that be?

    Do they we are so stupid that we believe any part of their twisted lives is REAL? They are 3-d cartoons …..and like so many other stars, they surround themselves with people who perpetuate their fantasy world. It is all FAKE, fake as her fugly tits and creepy "Night of the Living Dead" face. Spencer has delusions (I mean serious delusions) and is completely off his rocker. King Spencer (doesn't that just say it all?) has masterminded this whole scenerio and is selling both his and Heidi's souls to the hightest bidder. I think he is the devil incarnate…..

    I see those photos of her from season one of The Hills, and my heart breaks for her now. Where did that girl go? If she could move her lips enough to speak, I think she would say she is so so so sad. She is lost forever, I am afraid.

    I hope her super duper relationship with God can save her now, because nobody else can.



  36. 36

    Yeah don't write about them.

  37. 37

    No more Speidi!! I can't take anymore.

  38. 38

    Withh all of the problems in this world, who really cares about Spencer and Hedi?If perople like you keep reporting on them, they will never go away. This world has bigger issues than Speidi

  39. 39

    Perez…Please stop blogging on these talentless cockroaches…they serve no purpose to anybody but themselves…Heidi looks like a freak of nature and Spencer..well he is the very definition of DOUCHEBAG!!!

  40. 40

    No, please Perez stop posting about them. It's all fabricated, so you are reporting false entertainment news.

  41. 41

    YES! They are such insignificant idiots.

  42. 42

    With all the problems in the world and you report on these two despicable human beings. Please!! You should donate $1000 to charity every time you have the urge to write about them. Each time you write about them they make money. Stop giving them money and donate it to charity instead!!

  43. 43

    YES!!! stop writing about these loser fametards!

  44. 44


  45. 45

    Please Perez, stop this insanity!!! No more Speidi and free us from la Lohan.

  46. 46

    Please, please stop talking about them!!!!

  47. 47

    I am an avid follower - everyday. But it makes me sick what these "people" do. STOP reporting on them. Its what they want. Your feeding into their sick obsession with fame. Your aiding it. I've followed you for years and they are making me sick!

  48. 48

    I am SO tired of them! They both want fame. So what are they good at? NOTHING! Ugh! They annoy me, I hated them on The Hills. I don't want to read about them every where.

  49. 49

    Pleeeeease stop - at least for a while, and then it would be GENIUS if you caught up with them again one last time to report how pathetic their lives have become without their fame

  50. 50

    PLEASE stop talking about them. i don't give a shit about "Speidi" and spreading their BS, just perpetuates the vicious cycle. i KNOW you have better Hollywood gossip then that :)

  51. 51

    i seriously am contemplating buying a plane ticket from ny to wherever spencer is so i can knock that mofo out.. sure a couple fake stories might b cute but after years of it …its ridiculous. btw i aint stooping to his level but someone needs to knock his lights out.

  52. PDS says – reply to this


    Pratt: So Mario, per our agreement, here is $500 for continuing to report our "news" on your site.

    Mario: I hope these bills aren't all sticky like the last ones you gave me for "reporting" your break-up, Spencer honey.

    Montag: No, they're clean, I told Spencer to use a dirty sock when he jacks off thinking about corn-holing you, Mario.

    Mario: Which reminds me …